How to Find Your Starseed Markings (In Depth Tutorial)

Do you feel an undeniable pull towards the stars in the midnight sky? A deep inner feeling that you just can’t explain?

It’s possible you’re a starseed soul incarnated on Earth, here to fulfil not only your personal soul mission, but your collective soul mission too.

But how do you truly know that you are of starseed origin or have had starseed incarnations in the first place?

Whilst there are many signs that point to you being a starseed soul, there is a shorter and more definitive way to tell; starseed markings. 

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Starseed markings aren’t bodily markings as many believe, but instead they are key alignments and events that appear in your celestial birth chart.

The position of the Sun, Moon, planets, and even our north and south nodes can uncover many hidden secrets and revelations about our true soul origin.

In this guide, you’ll discover how to find your starseed markings, and what to do when you’ve unearthed them.


I’ve read many birth charts over the years. Some of these are marks that I have found repeated again and again in starseed birth charts.

Some people who resonate with being a starseed have these markings in their chart, others not so much.

Please don’t feel disheartened if you don’t have these markings – they’re possible indicators, not rules.

There are thousands, if not millions, of possible marking combinations. These are just the most commonly known ones. 

Also, your birth chart is likely to reveal the most recent past life connections, rather than your soul’s entire background and history. Tracking ancient lineage is absolutely doable, it just needs more skill because the traces are faint and harder to detect.

In this post, we’re looking at maybe the past 4-5 incarnations (which can still span hundreds or thousands of years). Just something to keep in mind.


If you haven’t already got a copy of your birth or natal chart, this is the first thing you’re going to want to do.

Your birth chart is what you will analyze to find your starseed markings. I love this website to automatically draw up birth charts.

This site creates charts with detailed descriptions rather than the traditionally ‘hard to decipher’ birth chart wheel, so it’s a little more beginner friendly.


Reading charts is a skill in itself, one that will develop over time.

Luckily, the website mentioned above pulls all of your planet positions, houses, aspects, and nodes into a few handy charts which are easy to read. 

The first chart shows you what you’re most likely already comfortable with; your sun, moon, and rising (ascendant) sign, along with all your other planetary positions.

how to read your zodiac birth chart to find starseed markings

The first column represents the planet, the second column represents the sign you were born with for that planetary position, and the third column shows to what degree you were born under e.g. in this example, my sun is in cancer with a degree or aspect of 27°29′.

The Placidus Orb column is what you might know as ‘houses’.

If you watch tarot card readings on Youtube, you’ll hear some readers refer to your ‘placidus placements’ – this is the column they’re referring to in your birth chart.

The tropical placidus orb is just one of many fancy terms and house systems astrologers can use to find out what sign rules each house.

The first row shows your ascendant or rising sign e.g. mine is in virgo at 19°14′.

The second row shows your second house, third row third house etc.

Aspects are a little more tricky and advanced, but this chart makes them fairly simple to read.

how to read planetary aspects trine, conjunction, square in your birth chart

Here you’ll see terms such as ‘trine’, ‘square’, ‘conjunction’, ‘opposition’ and ‘sextile’ thrown around. To simplify things even further, I’ve gone ahead and linked out to a post which explains each of those terms in simple language.

E.g. My sun trines Jupiter at 0°35′ and has a positive value of 209.

But, my sun also squares both Saturn and Lilith at 5°33′ and 3°11′, and they both have negative values of -10 and -47.

Negative values usually suggest more stressful or challenging influences in birth charts whilst positive numbers show more easy-flowing energy.

These numbers can represent the challenges and gifts you will face in this lifetime based on your most recent starseed soul origins.

The last chart you’ll see is super simple and simply lists your true north and south node.

reading north and south node markings in birth chart

North node indicates your destiny, and where you should be heading in this lifetime, whilst your south node shows where you’ve been – it’s your past, something you’re trying to pull away from.

In this case, this person is a Leo North Node, but Pisces south node (in classic astrology). In Western or Modern Astrology, this person would be a Leo North Node, but Aquarius South Node. 

Personally, I feel more pulled to the modern version, but you can work with the one that resonates with you the most.

Okay, but what does all of this have to do with being a starseed? The signs and degrees on your chart are what we’re most interested in when looking for starseed markings.

Some signs are more common in certain placements, and certain degree positions can reveal exactly which starseed type you are (or at least one of your previous incarnations!).



  • If you have repeating numbers in any of the degree or aspect positions e.g. in my example above, 5°33′ 3°11′, this is usually an indicator of psychic ability or starseed presence. 
  • 2 or more retrogrades (symbolized by the big R), indicate general starseed origin
  • 24°, 25°, 26°, 27°, 28° or 29° degrees in Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Cancer, or Capricorn is a strong indicator of Pleiadian origins.
  • 32′, 33′, 34′, or 35′ in Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, Sagittarius, or Virgo can indicate a Lyran or Andromedan connection
  • 0-10° in any sign can indicate Orion or Mintakan origins
  • 0° or 1° could be Polarian or Procyon origin.
  • Lots of 0°’s in any position could indicate Feline, Lyran, Anubis, or Annunaki origin
  • 25’, 35’ or 36’ could indicate Hadarian and Blue Ray souls
  • 50’, 51’, 52’, 53’, 54’ or 55’ tends to show old soul, Light Draconian or Light Reptilian races
  • 13°, 14° or 15° can indicate Avian origin

Note – these degrees or aspects can be in any part of your natal chart, including houses, planetary aspects or south/north node placements.


If you have a water sign in your south node, this is one, but very small sign, you could have starseed origins.

Most (but not all) starseeds have an empathetic, free-flowing side to them. This nurturing, loving energy comes from having a strong divine feminine influence in their past lives e.g. a water south node.

The only exception to this rule is with Virgo and Taurus south nodes. These placements can suggest a ‘newer’ starseed incarnation – souls who need to adjust and finetune their energy to this 3D world.

I’ve never really seen any *true* pattern with north node placements.

Having a fiery, driven, or change-making sign such as Leo, Aquarius, Aries, Sagittarius, or Virgo here is a possible sign of an impactful future starseed mission.


  • If Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus, Mars or Capricorn is strong in your chart (shows up 3 times or more), there is likely to be an Orion connection or Lyran. Orion and Lyra have lots of symbolic connections to Ancient Egypt. 
  • If Cancer or Scorpio are strong or are in a Sun placement, it’s likely a star child connection combined with many previous starseed incarnations.
  • If Virgo is strong there could be a Vega/Lyran connection.
  • If Libra is strong there could be an Andromeda or Arcturian connection. 
  • If Pisces is strong there is likely to be a Pleiadian or Venusian connection.
  • If Taurus is strong there could be a Sirian Connection. Sirius also has connections to Egypt and Native Americans. (Ancient Egypt was at its prime during the Age of Taurus).
  • If Aries is strong, an Arcturian or Cygnus connection is likely.
  • If Gemini is strong, Feline or Lyran is possible
  • If Aquarius or Uranus is strong there could be an Arcturian Connection.


Your sun sign is what you think of as your prominent zodiac. I don’t tend to look much at the Sun sign when giving readings because they’re so general and don’t tell us much about ourselves beyond surface-level personality.

All sun signs have the potential to be a starseed, but those with a water sign e.g. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces are most likely to resonate with and be in tune with their previous starseed incarnations, making it easier for them to connect with this celestial energy. 

Other signs in Sun that could indicate past starseed origin include: Virgo, Aries, and Sagittarius.

Aquarius is also one to watch out for. Now more than ever, those with Aquarius in their sun sign are likely to be the humanitarians, volunteers, and change-makers amongst us – leading us forward to the Golden era of Aquarius, said to start around 2032.


Again, water signs are significant here. But so are fire and earth signs!

If you have water signs, cancer or scorpio in your moon through to mars positions, it’s likely you are of starseed origin.

I’ve always found people with water signs in these positions resonate most with Pleiadian, mintakan, Blue Ray, Lemurian or andromedan starseeds.

Virgo or Taurus in Moon through to Mars are ones to look for too, as are Sagittarius and Aries.

Moon in houses 4th, 8th, 9th, or 12th house is extremely common with starseeds.

The 9th house in particular means you’re likely to experience messages from your spirit guides and soul family in your dreams.

  • Sagittarius in moon through to mars can indicate someone who is a visionary with heightened intuition and creativity.
  • Taurus in any of these placements is a true sign of being in tune with ‘gut feelings’ and intuition.
  • Gemini is another good indicator, especially if accompanied by other markings in the chart.
  • Having Leo or Virgo in these signs symbolizes against being a starseed i.e. it’s unlikely for someone with a true starseed origin to have these markings in their chart, mainly due to stubbornness (though not impossible if supported by other markings!).
  • Pisces is a fairly unreliable indicator in these positions – it needs to be supported by other markings.
  • Exceptions to the rule: Virgo Moons, Libra Mars, and Gemini Moons are said to be deep thinkers, open-minded, and empathetic in nature – all possible signs of being a starseed.


There are 4 main signs to watch out for in your jupiter and saturn placements. These include pisces, cancer, sagittarius and aquarius.

These give the strongest indications of starseed origins when complemented with additional markings.

A cancer saturn or jupiter in particular symbolizes very strong psychic abilities, intuition, and wisdom. People with this marking are likely to be an old soul or lightworker.


Those born with Virgo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Libra, or Gemini in the Uranus position carry the strongest starseed traits and characteristics. 


Neptune is the ruling planet of psychic abilities and intuition so any sign can appear here.

With Pluto, however, if you have Scorpio, Libra, or Sagittarius placements, you’re more likely to resonate with being a indigo, rainbow or crystal child, all types of starseed children.


This is where it gets a little more advanced, so you’ll need a proper birth chart wheel so you can which signs land in each house.

Here’s a good place to pull that reading. Once you’ve inputted your information, scroll down to the section that says ‘Planets and Points in the Houses’. This is what we’ll be analyzing.

House placements are usually strong indications of intuitive and starseed abilities. Please note, just because you don’t have these placements, it doesn’t mean you’re not a starseed. 

Ascendant Signs: Pisces, Scorpio, Virgo, and Sagittarius

1st House: Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto 

2nd House: Neptune, Black Lillith

3rd House: Uranus (*very common), Neptune, Chiron

4th House: Moon, Uranus, Pluto

5th House: Jupiter or Venus

6th House: Neptune (*BIG indicator), Saturn, or Uranus

7th House: Pluto, Mercury, Moon, Venus, or North Node

8th House: South Node, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto

9th House: Mars (*very common), Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Neptune, and Pluto

10th House: Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus 

11th House: Jupiter (*very common), Sun (*BIG indicator), Uranus, Mars

12th House: Moon, Mercury (*BIG indicator), Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North or South Node. 


Okay, so there are many, many trines and planetary aspects to watch out for when looking for a starseed presence in a chart! Far too many to list in this post.

That’s why I’ve linked to this handy resource which explains over 100 trines, squares, conjunctions etc to look for. 

In my experience, the most common trine would be the grand water trine, where all three water signs, pisces, cancer and scorpio are evident in a triangle trine shape. 


Finding your starseed markings can be a truly exhilarating experience! It’s like finding a part of your soul that you never connected with before.

Don’t worry though if you don’t have evident markings in your chart – not every starseed does!

Most starseeds simply have an inner knowing that their soul didn’t originate here on Earth. Sometimes, intuition alone is all that is needed to confirm suspicions.

Continue Your Journey of Discovery

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Charlotte Kirsten

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11 thoughts on “How to Find Your Starseed Markings (In Depth Tutorial)”

  1. When you say if a planet or sign is strong in the chart… what does that mean? 2 appearances? 3 or 4? I’m trying to read several charts and I’m just not sure what exactly “strong” means. Thanks!

    • Hi Lacy! Good question. There isn’t a hard and fast rule as to what a ‘strong’ influence looks like. But, in my experience, 3+ single zodiac signs (e.g. 3 x cancer), 3+ of the same element (e.g. water) or 4+ of the same planet is a strong influence. Again, you can be a starseed or have starseed origins without these influences. These are just general waypoints I’ve seen in many charts over the past few years.

      Hope that helps!

      Charlotte 🙂

  2. Dear Charlotte,

    You wrote this:
    “32°, 33°, 34°, or 35° in Cancer, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn or Virgo can indicate a Lyran or Andromedan connection.”

    How can I set the natal chart in this case?
    The sings are between 0 and 29 degrees, anyhow I set the chart.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Adam!

      Thank you for pointing this out – when I give those numbers I’m referring to the aspects i.e. 24° 33′ – I’m looking at those second numbers too when I give a reading. Those placement signs apply to all the figures that show up in your natal chart i.e. houses, planetary aspects, planets & north/south nodes. Hope that helps!


        • Hi Dorota – you’re absolutely right, there are no degrees in those numbers. The 33, 34, 35 placement is looking at the aspect (‘) i.e. the second half of the placement number. Hope that helps!


  3. Thank you for this detailed explanation! To look at it from the perspective of someone like me, who has never been into astrology yet, was very interesting and enlightening.
    if you ever want to check out an alien chart, maybe you’d like to take a closer look at mine. 😉
    Unfortunately the output isn’t able to name the origin I call home, but that would have been a really unexpected surprise, so that’s okay.

  4. Does anyone know if there is any link between being a triple Gemini and being a starseed? I was born at the break of dawn during a total solar eclipse so I m a Gemini sun, Gemini moon, and Gemini rising. My north node is also in Gemini.

    • Any triple or double signs in your big three e.g. sun, moon or rising is a good indicator of starseed presence. Gemini has ties with dualism and polarity, so these markings can indicate a recent Sirian, Orion or Arcturian incarnation. Hope that helps!


  5. I have a grand trine fire with Neptune(sag), Aries(Sun/Merc exact 21 degree conjunct retro), Leo(Saturn). My acendent is 4 Cap, moon 4 Gemini trine Libra north node.

    Mars on the cusp of Leo, Jupiter on the cusp of Cancer. Pluto and North node in Libra. Venus in Taurus opposed Scorpio Uranus.

    I have done astrology since about 8-10yo, mathematics, computer programmer since 1996, artist, musician and I have music apps up on the Android store since 2016.

    Nice post!



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