Starseed vs Lightworker: 11 Incredible Differences You Need to Know

Starseeds, lightworkers, light-bringers, Earth Angels, Empaths, with so many labels floating around the spiritual community, it can all seem a little confusing.

Perhaps you’ve resonated with the many traits of each and are wondering what the true difference between a Starseed and Lightworker is, if you are one, and what to do next after such a major discovery. In this post, we’ll cover it all.

In short, a starseed and lightworker aren’t the same thing, though they're linked. These terms are often confused with each other. 

What is a Starseed?

A Starseed is a soul that is believed to have origins elsewhere in our universe. Think different galaxies, star systems, realities, and even dimensions.

There are many starseed types including Pleiadian (the most common on Earth right now), Sirian, Orion, Arcturian, Andromedan, Lyran, Mintakan etc – all of which relate to a particular star system.

That’s why they’re affectionately known as the ‘children of the stars’.

Starseeds are predominantly old souls who have lived many, many lives before, though they often only have fleeting memories of them.

Their missions are twofold; one that exists as a collective i.e to change the consciousness of this planet and one that operates on an individual level i.e. their unique soul purpose.

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What is a Lightworker?

A lightworker is any soul that originated beyond the 3rd dimension. To give you an idea, humans exist in the 3rd-dimensional world.

Above all else, lightworkers are frequency holders. They mold, change and transform the fabric of society by bringing in more light.

What is this light, you might ask? It’s hard to quantify, but in essence, light is a non-physical energy source that comes from your higher self or consciousness. It’s hardcoded into the soul’s DNA, if you like.

Despite what you might have been told, a lightworker isn’t a singular soul, it’s a group of them. You can think of the term ‘lightworker’ as an umbrella, housing many different soul groups under it.

There are many different types of lightworkers too – which makes things even more confusing.

Here’s a diagram I put together to help explain things a little better.

starseed vs lightworker hierarchy diagram

You can see that Earth Angels, starseeds (all types), and even other soul groups can fall underneath the label of ‘lightworker’ so can all call themselves a lightworker. 

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Starseed Vs Lightworker – Are They the Same?

All starseeds are lightworkers, but not all lightworkers are starseeds.

They’re not technically the same thing. You can think of starseeds as a type of lightworker.

There are many subtle, yet powerful differences between a starseed and a general lightworker. The traits below mark the main differences between starseeds and other types of lightworkers.

Starseed vs Lightworker: The Key Differences


There’s an odd phenomenon whereby most types of lightworkers incarnate on Earth having a deep inner knowing they are here to work with the universe’s energies.

This manifests in the form of extreme empathy, a desire to help others, and a love for Mother Nature amongst other traits. These souls know this at a young age, as young as 5 in some noted cases.

Starseeds, however, typically start off with a feeling of being different, of not fitting in no matter how hard they try.

Their awakening process is extremely tough and challenging.

They feel a need to know more about their origins, their past lives, and their galactic soul family. The awakening process for starseeds involves many different stages, and is often triggered by a traumatic experience on Earth.

Other lightwokers, though they may face deeply painful scenarios, don’t need a trigger event to awaken to their full potential.

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Lightworkers source origins are closely connected to the Earth’s dimensional planes.

Whereas prior to their most recent incarnation, Starseed souls came from distant star systems, planets, and/or galaxies. 


Lightworkers are here to share and spread the light that is currently in existence through their higher consciousness.

Starseeds are also spreading light, but their main focus is to create and “seed” new systems of light originating from the “stars;” hence the name “starseed.”

This is why many starseeds are often seen as creative, yet misunderstood souls. They break and disrupt the old to pave the way for the new.

They work to awaken what is known as The Creator’s Light. The information, wisdom, and knowledge they bring to Earth are rooted in their galactic birthplaces.


This one is a little tricky to quantify. I almost didn’t include it, but it’s a commonality I’ve seen across my research alongside reading over a thousand starseed natal charts.

There are believed to be four recognized soul ages across our dimension; young soul, mature soul, old soul, and enlightened soul.

Though starseeds can be newer incarnations on Earth, they’re typically old souls on the whole. We’re talking thousands of years (or more!) old.

As other types of lightworkers were ‘born’ from realms and dimensions closer to the planes of Earth e.g. the angelic realms, it’s believed they’re closer in soul age to Earth souls.

We’re still looking at hundreds of years old though!

This difference is based on the wisdom and knowledge both soul groups possess – it’s vastly different.


Starseed souls draw their wisdom and knowledge from external forces not known on Earth.

Some receive information through energetic downloads, unexplainable contact with entities, and possess psychic gifts such as automatic writing, claircognizance, and astral travel.

This knowledge might even seem ‘odd’, ‘alien-like’, or ‘extraordinary’ when shared with other soul groups.

Other types of lightworkers e.g. shamans, mystics, will generally pull upon the forces of this world and work with elemental magic, animal symbolism, or ancient civilizations to work their light.

Small note, lightworkers can express the exact same gifts and spiritual abilites as starseeds can, it’s just the origin of the wisdom is different.


Unlike other types of lightworkers, starseeds typically feel an intense pull to ‘return home’, even if they can’t pinpoint where that home is.

Many look up at the stars with longing in their eyes, wishing they could return back to their purest state. This is very unique to starseeds.

Many Earth Angels, witches, psychics, seers, and shamans never relate to this feeling. They very much feel at ‘home’ being surrounded by Mother Gaia (or Earth).


This is a tough pill to swallow, for myself included. As I mentioned earlier, lightworkers are frequency holders, and so they work with the energy of the room they’re in.

This means they’re able to raise the vibrational frequency from the level it’s already at, in other words, they match it and work upwards.

This is the main reason most lightworkers come across as very likable, happy, optimistic, and sociable people. They *almost* blend in.

Starseeds, however, generally don’t. Others notice a difference in behavior, way of thinking, or even energy.

Many starseeds keep very small social circles as they come to learn they’re not always well-liked. I’ll add this is through no fault of their own.

There’s nothing wrong with these souls – they’re just as compassionate and loving as other lightworker types.

The difference? As their intense empathic abilities awaken, they act as a giant mirror, reflecting back people’s core words and inauthenticity.

They reflect back everything other souls think they can’t have, be or do. Cue the jealously, hate, and envy. 

Of course, this phenomenon can be triggered by all soul groups to some degree, but it’s very strong amongst starseeds.


A lightworker’s energy remains fairly stable and constant throughout their lifetime. It will have a very terrestrial, earthly, nurturing feel to it.

Still very sensitive and intuitive, yet very open. Even when they’re going through a tough time, they’re able to effortlessly maintain a fairly positive, high vibrational frequency.

Starseeds can also carry this beautiful energy, but it tends to happen during the later stages of their awakening – as they come to accept their place on Earth.

In the beginning, their energy can come across as flighty and unstable; as though they’re trying to escape. Mental health struggles are common as they desperately seek answers and question their existence. 


Don’t get me wrong, all types of lightworkers have a deep desire to help others; be it people, animals, or the planet.

But, how strong the desire to act is, differs between starseeds and lightworkers.

Lightworkers generally feel they must help; it’s rooted within their DNA.

They see this as their core mission, and usually have a clear path to creating that purpose. They struggle to see purpose beyond helping.

Starseeds, do have a desire to help, but there’s usually a caveat to it; they don’t know what to do to help, and at the same time, are desperately aware they have to help themselves first. 


Lightworkers have a huge advantage over starseeds when it comes to adjusting to the Earth’s energies.

In fact, many lightworkers have little to no adjustment time because they are born from this very realm.

Earth’s natural heartbeat rhythm is the frequency of 7.83 Hz, also known as the “Schumann Resonance“.

A lightworker’s magic, power, and abilities all are attuned to work with the existing vibrational frequency of this planet.

Starseeds typically struggle with adjusting, and they know it, too.

Emotions feel like concrete bricks tying them down, they feel trapped within their 3D body, the world feels small or even boring to them. It’s like sensitivity overload for starseeds.

Adjusting requires a lot of time, patience, understanding, and more importantly, healing. 


Perhaps the key differentiator between a starseed and any other type of lightworker lies within their sense of belonging; or lack of.

Most lightworkers feel rooted to Earth, bound by duty, but they possess a deep sense of belonging.

Starseeds may never feel as though they belong on Earth, though they can come to love their limited time here. They can discover that Earth truly is a playground for the soul.

Non-Lightworker Starseeds and the Exceptions

Just a quick side note for clarity, some starseeds never feel the pull to share their light publicly with the world, and that’s totally okay.

In some instances, just being here, grounding their energy, is enough to contribute to the change in the fabric of humanity.

Being of service doesn’t always mean ‘doing or giving’, sometimes it just means ‘being’. You’ll sometimes hear these called ‘non-lightworker starseeds’ though I’ve never really liked that label. 

Rainbow and diamond children (both types of starseed) are perhaps the only exception to the main traits listed above.

They incarnate free of any karmic debt and so generally have a much easier time adjusting to Earth and following their soul mission.

Which Soul Group Are You?

Now for the exciting part! If you related to the starseed traits more so than the lightworker traits, you’re a starseed lightworker.

If you related to more of the lightworker traits as opposed to the starseed ones, I highly recommend looking into other soul groups such as seers, shamans, witches, Earth Angels etc. 

Continue Your Journey of Discovery

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