25 Starseed Types: Which Star System is Your Soul Really From?

Did your soul really originate on Earth? Or are you of Starseed origin?

Close to 78 million beings on Earth were sent here from planets, galaxies, and star clusters far beyond our solar system. These intergalactic, Lightbringer beings are known as Starseeds.

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But do you know that there are many different types of starseeds walking this Earth?

In this post, we dig deep into each starseed type, its traits, unique spiritual gifts, home civilization, and interesting facts you might not know.

Which Type of Starseed Am I?

Chances are you’re reading this post because you already believe you are a Starseed. Now, you’re likely wondering ‘what type of Starseed am I?’. Hint: it’s likely more than one.

It’s rare for a Starseed to be a pure ‘breed’ of only one Starseed type. Why? Because starseeds have often lived multiple lives on many different planets, stars, and systems.

Most starseeds are what I call ‘hybrid starseeds’.

Unless you’re a brand new incarnation, you’re likely to have called many different places of the universe your ‘home’.

starseed types, souls that originate from distant light systems and galaxies

This list details the most common starseed types to reincarnate on Mother Earth, aka Gaia.

Which one do you think you resonate with the most? Let’s find out.

Starseed Types on Earth

Pleiadian Starseeds

Pleiadians come from Pleiades, a beautiful star cluster known as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45 in the Taurus constellation.

Pleiades is made up of hot blue luminous stars that have formed within the last 100 million years, so still new in comparison to the overall age of the universe.

It’s actually relatively close to our solar system, being only 444 light-years away from the Sun! Its sun, Alcyone, however, is thought to be 7x times brighter than ours.

According to many reports, on a crystal clear night, 14 stars out of the 1000 that have been discovered, can be seen with the naked eye.

pleiades starseed, a photo of the pleaides constellation

Purpose: According to Western Hermeticism, Pleiadians are considered the record keepers of the Earth. They are known to be highly knowledgeable and have advanced healing abilities.

The seven sisters of their star group are said to open ‘all those who seek’ a deeper level of consciousness.

It’s said that Pleiades is a “school of learning”, where beings from all corners of the universe can reincarnate to develop their understanding of the essence of nature.

It’s like the pit-stop ‘school of life’, where you discover meaning and purpose.

As far as why they leave Pleiades? Pleiadians are here to help the human race evolve, ready for the Golden Age transformation.

It is said that Pleiadians naturally exist in the fifth dimension, the birthplace of love and creativity.

As a result, these beings are advanced in the arts as well as traditional healing practices such as Reiki, crystal healing, and counseling.

Pleiadian Starseed traits:

  • Likely very ‘young’ in terms of soul age as their star cluster is relatively new. Yet oddly, can feel ‘wise and mature’ as an Earth being.
  • True humanitarians.
  • Strongly empathic.
  • Feel like they have a big mission on Earth.
  • Family-oriented. Very good with children and animals.
  • May exhibit strong feminine, nurturing energy
  • Gentle in nature
  • Averse to harm and violence
  • Perfectionists
  • People-pleasers, often to their own detriment
  • Very polite, soft spoken
  • Most likely to be INFJ, INTJ, INTP, INFP or ISFP personality on Earth.
  • Very drawn to astrology, spirituality, meta-physics, space, astronomy
  • Skilled healers, extremely gifted in arts, creative fields and counseling
  • Spreads love easily. Wishes everyone else was just as loving.
  • Can be highly sensitive people
  • May have Northern European or Norse heritage
  • Understands balance: yin/yang, light/dark, sun/moon
  • Might suffer with anxiety, depression and self-esteem issues when not in alignment with their true nature

Interesting Facts

  • They are more advanced than humans, but are a young Starseed race in comparison to Sirians or Arcturians.Look very Nordic by nature, light skin, light eyes and fair hair.
  • There are over 75 million Pleiadians on Earth at any time.
  • Pleiadians are drawn to water animals i.e. dolphins, whales.
  • They most likely incarnate as female on Earth, and exude intense feminine energy.
  • Pleiadians often identify with water zodiac signs i.e. cancer, scorpio or pisces.
  • They are found in roles such as spiritual mastery, psychology, healing, child care, as well as environmental fields such as ecology.

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Sirian Starseeds

Since the dawn of time, the Sirius Dog Star, also known as Alpha Canis Majoris has been a focal point for many legends and myths, and there’s a good reason for it.

It’s often said that Sirius is the most important star in the sky when it comes to humanity’s evolution.

It’s believed that Earth is heading towards a Sirian culture at a rather rapid rate.

planet Sirius A and B sirian starseeds

These beautiful souls come from the planets Sirius A and Sirius B, with the latter being the brightest star in Earth’s sky.

Sirius B is a ‘water’ planet that is supposed to house dolphins, whales, and merpeople.

It vibrates at an incredibly high, non-physical, 6D frequency. It is widely believed that these two planets gave rise to the awakening of humans.

Purpose: Sirians are the peacekeepers and guardians of the world. Their sole aim is to watch over our evolution and guide us during times of turbulence.

Their secondary mission involves bringing divine harmony, love, and peace to all those who walk this Earth.

As watchers of the Earth, this benevolent soul group teaches us the true state of the universe and its lengthy history, filling in gaps in our knowledge, whatever field it may be.

Sirian Traits:

  • Drawn to the Sirius star system
  • Lead a simple, but spiritual life
  • Very open minded
  • Struggle to express personal feelings
  • “Gaia’s people”: very drawn to caring for our Earth during evolution
  • Very loyal as friends
  • Maintain a tight-knit circle of friends
  • Fantastic sense of humor and not afraid to act silly
  • Feel like they have a mission to save animals or nature
  • Drawn to lost civilizations, myths and legends
  • Calm and adjusted
  • Intense daydreamers
  • May be attracted to the ocean and water if from Sirius B
  • Have a difficult time expressing emotions in relationships

Interesting Facts!

  • Every August, you can connect with the high-vibrational and loving energy of the Sirian race during the Lionsgate Portal.
  • The Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids to align with the Sirius constellation, an homage to the Egyptian goddess of magic, motherhood and fertility.
  • They struggle to express emotions. Sirians find it difficult to open up.
  • They lead a very simple life. They’re not power hungry and rarely seek possessions, rather they value personal freedom.

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Arcturian Starseed

Arcturians are born leaders with strong personalities, and they form part of the most advanced civilization in our known universe

Originating from Arcturus inside the Bootes constellation, it is said that Arcturians built a prototype of how life should be lived on Earth within their own star system.

It is believed that this prototype is light years ahead of where Earth is now in terms of evolution.

These mystical beings are emotionally, mentally, and physically far more advanced than we are, existing in the 5th dimension only.

Arcturus in Bootes constellation

Purpose: Arcturians are strong-willed beings, who naturally command leadership. They are known as the builders, the architects, and the planners of the world.

They are here to advance and innovate, to move the world into a brighter, better future. Pioneers, they are incredibly dedicated to their soul mission.

These souls are most likely to work in logical thinking roles; science, technology, architecture, city planning, coding etc.

Surprisingly, Arcturians also possess emotional abilities. Many Arcturians are natural healers and possess the innate ability to become a Shaman, should they feel a calling.

They’re also incredibly gifted at divination and channeling.

Arcturian Starseed traits:

  • Drawn to Arcturus star system
  • Natural born leaders
  • Very charismatic
  • Incredibly telepathic, can receive information via the mind
  • Highly passionate about their work
  • Logical thinkers
  • Organisers and planners of the world
  • Great public speakers
  • Love attention, extroverted
  • May seem big-headed or egotistical if out of alignment
  • Highly intelligent and motivated
  • Often will climb a ‘corporate’ ladder on Earth (tendency to rise to the top)
  • Often found in fields such as: mathematics, data, science, communication, technology, medicine, engineering, architecture
  • Interested in how things work
  • Can be compassionate, but very guarded with their emotions
  • May seem callous as they’re not in tune with other people’s emotions
  • Gifted at the art of divination/tarot
  • Good channelers
  • Interested in the mathematical side of spirituality e.g. sacred geometry, natal charts (signs, degrees etc)
  • Often very confident, with a high drive for success
  • Wants to live in a world where spirituality and science can blend
  • Shows anger when they’re upset

Andromedan Starseed

Earth’s galactic neighbors, only 2.5 million light-years away! Andromedans are an incredibly loving, gentle, and telepathic race originating from the spiral-shaped galaxy of Andromeda, sometimes known as M31.

They have pure energy, almost child-like based on my interaction with them during meditations. I like to call them ‘the children of the Earth’ for this reason.

andromeda galaxy home to andromedan starseeds

Around 800,000 Andromedan souls exist here on Earth, which is tiny in comparison to other races.

They’re known as the quiet warriors, playing important roles whilst attracting little to no attention to themselves.

Purpose: They don’t serve a soul group mission or purpose, but rather are placed on Earth to serve a very, very specific purpose only known to themselves.

Fortunately, Andromedans are extremely gifted at accessing the Akashic records, which can help an Andromedan starseed discover their true purpose after reincarnation.

Andromedans need to take time to adjust to Earth. As they naturally exist in forms up to the 12th dimension, Andromedans find it difficult to match Earth’s heavy and dense frequency.

This change in frequency affects the ease with which Andromedans can incarnate on Earth.

This means they only retain a small percentage of their true energy which can be startling for some Andromedans. Despite this, they are incredibly heart-centered and are masters of anything art and science-related.

This balance between the right and left hemispheres in the brain gives them a unique position in the universe.

But, they may feel a tug of war during their waking lives about what ‘they’re supposed to do’ versus what ‘they want to do’. This, they find difficult.

Andromedan Starseed traits:

  • May or may not be drawn to Andromeda
  • Know they have a purpose, but might not know what it is
  • Have a light or white aura
  • Act child-like, innocent, but not childish
  • Introverted
  • Observers, tend to blend into the background whilst they watch others
  • True freedom seekers
  • Empathic, but guard emotions due to previous trauma and conflict
  • Have a strong desire to travel the world or visit 1 place in particular
  • Very creative, but also logical beings
  • Love anything creative or science related
  • May be found in any field
  • Might feel drawn to spiritual jobs: tarot readers, writers, reiki healers, counsellors, artists, teachers, musicians
  • Interested in meta-physics, spiritual practices
  • May suffer from deep rooted anxiety or depression if not in alignment

Interesting facts:

  • Their strong telepathic abilities open up new energetic pathways between galaxies.
  • When they want to, they have a strong sense of humor, and are full of joy and gratitude
  • They have a magnetic aura, which puts Earth souls at ease.

Orion Starseed

Orion starseeds originate from one of the most known and well-documented constellations in the universe.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of stars within the Orion constellation, with Rigel and the red supergiant Betelgeuse being just two of them.

orion star system

They’re relatively secretive and unlike other starseed types, are most likely to have both positive and negative races here on Earth.

They are true knowledge seekers, and whilst most believe this only applies to scientific fields, I believe they just love to learn, regardless of the subject.

They’re extremely logical beings and are highly mentally polarised. They’re very in tune with reasoning and practicalities as opposed to their emotions.

Orions are the complete opposite of Andromedans. They are the type of being that requires hard proof before they’ll freely accept a belief.

Their purpose on Earth is to help improve our civilization’s knowledge in fields such as science, technology, and medicine.

Their personal, spiritual mission is to open their heart center and learn to be more trusting. Not all Orion Starseeds are the same though. Ever heard of Mintakans?

Mintakans are a type of Starseed that originated from Mintaka, a planet that exists within the Orion belt.

They’re thought to be the original lightworkers and are here solely to teach us the value of potential. The potential in ourselves, the potential in others, and the potential of life.

The realm of Mintaka no longer exists, so it’s believed this is why many Mintakans, if they do still exist on Earth, feel even more homesick than other starseed types.

Remember when I said Orions have bad races too?

Greys, a particular sub-race of Orions are said to be stuck here reincarnating on Earth life afterlife.

This is due to their karma cycle and their interference with Earth beings in a previous past life.

They are believed to have traumatized and hurt humans which galactically means they’re stuck here karmically.

To clarify, Orions aren’t a bad Starseed type. They’re just different from other Starseeds in the way they think and function.

Orion Starseed traits:

  • Drawn to Orion constellation
  • Compassionate activists about things they’re interested in
  • Task-oriented and love their work
  • Most likely to be entrepreneurs
  • Dream of inspiring and leading others
  • True knowledge seekers
  • Love to learn
  • “Jack of all trades” – have a lot of knowledge about lots of topics
  • Often incarnate as Earth signs: Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn
  • Interested in science – biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy
  • Calm and adjusted
  • Very rarely get angry or show outbursts of emotion
  • Unintentionally may come off as cold
  • Hold logic above all else

Mintakan Starseed Traits:

  • Love being on Earth and so close to the water element
  • Drawn to the ocean and oceanic beings, whales and dolphins especially
  • Very kind and nurturing beings
  • Can be too flighty with their emotions if not grounded
  • Considered the original lightworkers
  • Interested in careers involving water e.g. oceanography, marine biology, natural resources and ecology
  • Are most in-tune with their Earth mission and purpose
  • Interesting Facts:

Most starseeds have at some point spent time in the Orion constellation.
Orion is classed as a learning station for other Starseeds.

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Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children

The ‘new’ kids on the block. Indigo, crystal and rainbow children are star beings who are born into the physical realm, remembering their divine qualities, gifts, and mission.

Their collective soul mission? To help Earth and humanity move out of the old paradigm of control, fear, greed, and manipulation, and instead shift into a new paradigm of love, peace, integrity, cooperation, and abundance.

It’s possible to be an indigo or crystal child (not necessarily rainbow, but I’ll explain why below), and still be various other types of starseed.

indigo, crystal and rainbow children illustration

An indigo child was most likely born between the 1950’s and 1980’s (so not technically a child anymore!).

You may have read that indigo children are sensitive, intuitive, and strong-willed innovators. That’s incredibly accurate.

They were the ‘rapid ascenders’, here to revolutionize our society and ways of thinking.

If you look at how different the 1940’s to 1960’s were in terms of ways of living, technological advancement, and acceptance of others, it’s clear to see the influence of the indigo starseed.

They lead the way for rapid and progressive change.

If you were born between 1980’s to late 1990’s, it’s possible you are a crystal child.

Crystal children are considered the ‘starseed’ group.

Unlike indigos and rainbows, crystals often have that signature feeling of homesickness, a classic starseed symptom.

A crystal star child is highly empathetic, deeply spiritual, and has a close connection to Mother Earth or Gaia. They’re the open-hearted healers; they can feel and heal at the same time.

Last but not least, rainbow children. It’s believed that rainbow children started appearing on Earth from 2000 onwards, though these timelines are estimates and not set in stone.

Rainbow children are spiritually gifted and know it. From a young age, they were fully aware of their capabilities.

What’s interesting though is that they have one ‘starseed characteristic’ not seen in any other type of soul; they’re free from karma.

It’s believed rainbow children haven’t lived a past life before and so cannot have accumulated any karmic debt to pay or spend.

It’s extremely likely this is their first incarnation.

Where they came from? Hard to say. Personally, I think they’ve had a close connection to ascended masters which exist in higher dimensions.

This could be why they haven’t lived a physical life before.

They’re the spiritual avatars, most likely to be the future teachers of the world.

It’s likely they’re still incarnating at this moment in time…but it’s possible we’re on the cusp of a new star child being ‘born’.

2020 was a year of complete upheaval and change; it’s this kind of phenomenon that can give way to a new ‘star person’ incarnation.

Other Starseed Types


Lightworker is a term that gets thrown around a lot. Lightworkers are special starseed souls who come from a variety of planets, realms, and star systems. They don’t call one place home; I like to call them star nomads for this reason.

Believe it or not, there are over 25 known types of Lightworkers. (I might cover this in a separate post).

lightworker signs and symptoms

They travel with one purpose; to help Earth and other worlds evolve.

It’s believed that once they’ve served their purpose, they either die and reincarnate into a different galaxy or energetically receive another mission within their current life form.

Their primary purpose is to spread love, light, and kindness. There is no maliciousness behind their behavior.

What makes them so unique? They aren’t beholden to any culture, race, or planet. They solely work for the light.

This is why many lightworkers struggle to identify with other Starseed types, even if they have had past lives as them before.

Lightworker Starseed Traits:

  • Feel alienated, regardless of what planet or star system they are one
  • Must learn to adapt to new environments
  • Live for a higher purpose
  • Often are highly rebellious and don’t follow ‘norms’
  • Highly intuitive beings
  • Very sensitive and in tune with their emotions
  • Have an innate drive to help others
  • Most likely are old souls
  • Might have had a difficult childhood
  • Highly creative and artistic individuals
  • Suffered trauma early in life
  • Lead a ‘natural’ lifestyle; avoid chemicals as much as possible
  • Gifted in lucid dreaming, astral travel and channeling
  • Understand the purpose of duality
  • Often a magnet for problems or problematic people
  • Experienced a deep spiritual awakening
  • Strong manifestors, ability to manifest quickly and effortlessly

Lemurian and Atlantean

Lemurians and Atlanteans are believed to be the first starseeds ever to originate on Earth and mingle amongst human forms.

Lemuria or the Island of Mu, was thought to be a large continent that sank under the Indian Ocean eons ago.

Atlantis was thought to be a ‘city of legends’ thanks to its popularization by Plato.

Now, however, it’s believed that Atlantis was a civilization, not a city.

Both were vast continents populated by advanced beings that developed technological, philosophical, and healing technologies.

Unfortunately, another starseed type lived amongst them. Dark Reptilians. It is said that this Reptilian race destroyed their home by cultivating disease, famine, and greed.

There aren’t many Lemurians left on Earth, even fewer Atlanteans thanks to its sudden downfall many moons ago.

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Maldek is rarely documented, perhaps because there are only a few known references to this planet in ancient astronomy scriptures.

Long before Earth came to be what we know today, it is believed that Maldek was a planet in our solar system with an endless supply of water and greenery.

The reason its civilization died out? It relied on robotic technologies…much like today.

Its people became lazy and sick, riddled with disease. Through future incarnations, they relocated to Earth, vowing to not make the same mistakes again.

Maldeks are found to play specific roles on Earth, educating humans to make better choices in health, politics, and technology.


Lyran starseeds were the oldest souls in our known galaxy. The reason I say were? It’s highly unlikely any first-generation Lyrans exist anymore.

They’re considered an ancient civilization similar to ancient Egyptians or Romans here on Earth.

We know they existed at some point, but now only descendants exist.

Lyrans weren’t the only starseed type to live on Vega, the brightest planet within the Lyra constellation. Felines, another ancient civilization lived with them.

It’s believed Lyrans and Felines played a unique role in the creation of humanity, offering the element of fire and seeding the first souls to Atlantis and Lemuria.

Feline and Lyran Starseed traits:

  • Natural authoritative energy
  • Hold ‘elder’ energy; wise and serious
  • Keepers of ancient knowledge; love anything to do with history
  • Drawn to magick, advanced technology and metaphysics
  • Very passionate, but grounded
  • Strong sacral and root chakra
  • Quiet nature, may seem distant
  • Love food, drink and pleasure (good time people)
  • May have a feeling of being stuck here as they can’t ‘go home’, no matter how many times they reincarnate due to the downfall of the Lyran planets
  • May have a connection with cats or ancient Egypt
  • May feel drawn to travel to Egypt, the closest connection they have to ‘home
  • Often incarnate as fire signs: Sagittarius, Leo or Aries

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Blue Ray Beings are fairly mystical in the sense that we don’t know a lot about them other than gathered information from those who believe they are ‘Blue Ray’ incarnations.

Blue Rays are said to be highly sensitive souls that are empathic in their nature. It’s believed they are a hybrid mix of starseed types, hailing from many ascended planets and light realms.

Their purpose isn’t to necessarily heal or help others but rather to help form like-for-like communities.

They’re here to set the stage for other starseed types to come to planet Earth and to ensure that Starseeds collectively work together when reincarnated.

Based on their characteristics and ‘gatekeeping mission’, it’s possible they are a mix of Pleiadian and Sirian starseed.


The theory of Venusian starseeds comes from the concept that Venus, the planet before ours in the Solar System, once housed life.

Life doesn’t mean ‘humans’.

It’s believed that Venusian starseeds aka the Hathors live in the fourth dimension and are here to teach love.

Why? Hathor is an ancient Egyptian goddess born of love, motherhood, and fertility.

It’s said she was the one who awakened Venusian starseeds to perform their very specific duty.

Other Less Known Types Include:

Are All Starseeds Good?

Just like humans, there are those who are ‘benevolent’ and those who are ‘malicious’ by nature. It’s the same with Starseeds.

Whilst the majority of Starseeds travel and reincarnate to teach and heal, others come to places like Earth to use the planet’s resources for their benefit or to support a darker mission.


Dark Reptilians are dark starseeds. They are shapeshifters who reincarnate on planets to obtain control for selfish benefits.

It explains why as starseeds, many of us cannot understand how some people can be so cruel and malicious.

It’s something I always wondered about until I learned about Reptilians.

Their sole purpose is to manipulate societies, cultures, and technological development.

They do this by depleting a planet’s resources, as well as committing crimes against humanity.

Note: Dark Reptilians are different to Light Reptilian starseeds.


Draconian starseeds, or dracos for short, hail from the Draco constellation which is only around 303 light-years from Earth.

One star within the Draco constellation called Thuban was actually considered a guiding North Pole star during the 1st millennium on Earth.

Associated with dragons, draconian starseeds are a reptilian subrace.

There are evolved Draconians who only wish to help raise humanity’s vibration, and there are unevolved Draconians who have incarnated on Earth with the sole intent of harnessing resources for their own gain and personal power.

They have a military-style energy, with their main agenda being to come forth, conquer and multiply.

It’s rare for evolved Draconian starseeds to want to stay within Draco. As they are the minority on the planet, they often flee to other systems to escape.

Draconian and Reptilian Starseed traits:

  • Can be power and money hungry if out of alignment
  • Commanding and confident personality type
  • Chameleon like effect; can blend into most environments
  • Very adaptable
  • Strong sense of duty to their career or mission
  • High physical stamina
  • May entertain a dangerous or very physical job e.g shark diver, mountain climber, adventurer
  • Expert in body language and communication
  • Limited psychic ability and spiritual healing powers
  • Has high respect for their community
  • Dislikes authority higher than them
  • Very guarded with their emotions
  • Strong and stoic

Can I Be a Mix of Starseed Types?

Absolutely! Starseeds have often lived many past lives. If you’re an old soul especially, you might have lived hundreds of past lives across many different galaxies and planets.

It’s likely you would’ve developed a mix of traits from all the systems you’ve been a part of!

Starseed Physical Traits and Abilities

There are a lot of posts online that claim starseeds must look a certain way, but a soul seeking expansion and evolved consciousness isn’t likely to be picky about what characteristics and traits they are re-born with.

The original starseed civilizations might look a certain way i.e. big forehead, wide-set eyes, thin face, etc but incarnated starseeds aren’t matched with a ‘body’ based on looks.

Souls are matched with a being based on many factors including energetic blueprint, aura, and akashic records, but physical appearance isn’t one of them.

Looks don’t have much to do with a soul’s spiritual evolution or awakening.

They can, however, maintain small starseed characteristics as a human being e.g. large eyes, longer necks, more angelic looks, but they don’t typically look ‘odd’ or ‘look the same’.

I’ve always maintained that starseeds come in all different shapes and sizes.

The same goes for abilities. For example, just because Orions are knowledge seekers, it doesn’t mean that they are stuck to science and technology fields.

Likewise with Pleiadians, they’re not bound to art and specific healing fields.

Whilst Starseeds have a group mission i.e. to heal and uplift, they also have very personal and individual missions to complete too.

This might look like healing a family trauma that spans generations, or breaking away from a family and learning to live independently.

Starseeds can be depressed, joyful, happy, limited, expansive just as much as they can be dancers, teachers, politicians, doctors, librarians, writers, sportsmen, crafters, bloggers etc.

They all have very different abilities, skills, and talents.

This is why tuning into your higher self and frequency is just as important as tuning into the masses of your soul group.

A Starseed’s Challenge on Earth

Part of your Earth plane’s existence is to release anything that no longer serves you. This includes Earth’s societal pressures, the urge to keep busy with unnecessary noise, and the clinging to things that have kept you stuck until now.

Starseeds, especially, younger incarnations need to change ‘age-old’ patterns that are keeping them bound to their comfort zone. It serves no one if your light is kept inside of you.

You can learn to release stagnant energy with joy. Starseeds have the incredible ability to let go of anything with ease, if only you let yourself do so.

Starseed Activation and Awakening

Starseeds house a plethora of wisdom and psychic abilities deep within the core of their being. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘what are my special abilities?’, it’s highly possible you’ve been in hibernation mode.

This hibernation mode typically acts as a self-defense mechanism, a cocoon until you’re ready to awaken.

Fortunately, all intergalactic beings are encoded with ‘starseed activation’ encryptions that will unlock and clarify their unique talents, abilities, and knowledge at a predetermined or spontaneous time on Earth.

This is what’s known as a true starseed awakening.

Once activated, starseeds can make remarkable advancements in all core areas of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes of existence.

They can barrel through earth-bound limitations, fears, worries, and obstacles like never before.

They shed their Earthly ‘skin’ with ease, allowing them to shine like a magnificent beacon of light, ready to propel humanity into the Golden Age of creativity, love, inspiration, and healing.

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Charlotte Kirsten

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment! It’s completely normal to distrust yourself in the beginning. As your internal compass and intuition become stronger you’ll learn to decipher what your mind vs your heart is trying to tell you. Always best to listen to that inner knowing, even if you can’t explain how you know something. If you feel drawn to multiple starseed types, it’s possible you’re a hybrid starseed; one that has gathered energy from multiple star systems. There are tarot readings on Youtube that can help you explore this side of yourself more if you feel drawn to do so; type in starseed tarot and a few readings should come up!

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

      • My God! Dear Charlotte, Thank you so much for all this priceless information! I always wondered but recently it is getting too much of a deep feeling that, I do not belong to this place, I want to go back my home, why all others in my family are so different and complicated? Why am I different from all these? Why can’t they be just simple at heart with each other and what not! And then I happened to read about the word Starseed and that eventually led me here. I can’t tell how I felt while reading the 32 signs of being a Starseed!! I resonated with ALMOST Every single point and I am still surprised how you have put it so well and in such a realistic ways! Salutes to you! I am a counselor by profession and I always felt an obligation to help others be it anywhere, until my energy was drained completely. It is only after I met my Twin Flame, who taught me how to create boundaries and be more practical, I am more balanced now. A lot is going inside these days, synchronicities are at peak. I have a LOT TO SPEAK but I am being just very grateful about your post. Thank you so much, be blessed always.

        • Thank you for your contribution Pahal, and for sharing your story! Starseeds are usually very drawn to the healing arts so it makes perfect sense why you felt pulled to that career. Oddly enough, I’m a psychotherapist in training too. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Very interesting Charlotte. I too believe that we need all the help we can get in taking care of and loving our planet but it’s difficult to decide what to do personally. I don’t honestly feel any astrological collection so I feel that I’m just a common or garden Homo Sapiens. I’ve read some of the Icke stuff but apart from his first book I feel that he’s gone too far in his assertions and I don’t take him seriously.
    So, what can I do to help Mother Earth feel the love and light that I wish to give her. Of course, I can pray for her but is she affected and helped by that? Who knows? I would appreciate any suggestions and help

    • Hi Christopher,

      Thank you for leaving such a thoughtful comment. I think a lot of us feel this way as far as the Earth is concerned. And sometimes, I think we have a tendency to let the weight of the entire world sit on our shoulders (metaphorically speaking, of course). Small actions do add up as a collective, and I’m never one to believe that all hope is lost – but perhaps what’s happening to Earth is a spiritual lesson for humanity in itself; if we can’t look after what provides for us, perhaps we shouldn’t have it at all.

      If you don’t feel any resonance with starseeds, you might feel more of a pull towards Earth Angels? They feel very much attached and protective of Mother Earth and Gaia. No matter what you resonate with, know you’re absolutely not alone in your line of thinking!


  4. Wow everything makes sense now. Don’t know what to say, where to go from here, what to read, what and who to believe. Shah I gotten this far so just to believe in my intuition. Things are rapidly changing in me as I’m reading.
    My heart and soul is leaping with excitement right now.
    Thank you so much for your help. Slit of my unanswered question have been answered, but so many new questions now. Thank Again Donna Kay

  5. Finally the puzzle pieces have fallen into place. When I looked up at the constellation of Orion I long to go home. And now I patiently wait for this life contract to end so I can go home. Thank you ?


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