Are You a Mintakan Starseed? 30 Clear Signs, Soul Mission & Gifts

Are you attracted to the crystal clear water bodies of the world? Do marine animals fascinate you? Are you innately curious? Do you have an overwhelming sense of empathy and compassion for Mother Earth and her inhabitants?

Whilst these characteristics alone aren’t rare, it’s entirely possible you’re awakening to your origins as a Mintakan starseed on Earth.

In this guide, we’ll deep dive into who the Mintakan starseeds really are, their soul purpose, mission, as well as signs you might be one.


Mintakan starseeds are one of the many fascinating starseed types that exist on Earth. They are a warm, highly self-aware, compassionate, yet ancient soul group – in fact, they’re one of the oldest souls to occupy the Earth alongside the Arcturians and Sirians. This is what partly makes them so rare.

Mintakan energy is said to originate in the high vibrational frequency of the 5th dimension, with all Mintakan starseeds having once come from the ‘realm of Mintaka’. This energetic realm exists within Orion’s belt, inside the star cluster known as the ‘Three Kings’.

Many posts state that Mintaka was destroyed and so this is why many Mintakans have a deep-rooted sense of wanting to return home, but this isn’t wholly true. You can still see Mintaka in the night sky – it’s only 1,200 light-years away from our sun – but what is believed to have been destroyed is the star’s paradise-like qualities.

Mintaka was said to have waters so clear you could see the sand drifting along the ocean floor, marine life that lived in harmony, and spiritual communities that were centered around love, connection, and sensitivity. It’s a beautiful vision and one that makes Mintakans feel sad at the thought of not being able to return to.

Because of this, Mintakans often struggle with the harsh, denser energies of this world. They are quick to pick up on the contrast between the dark and the light.

In fact, they’re so painfully aware of the pain and suffering in the world that they often take it upon themselves to make this world a better place; be that action big or small. These actions aren’t always incredibly obvious either.

Imagining new worlds and writing fiction for people to escape reality, practicing self-love, healing inherited generational trauma, caring for a rescue animal – all of these actions might sound small in the grand scheme of things, but I can assure you they’re making a great impact in the fabric of society (read the butterfly effect to understand this more).


#1 You’ve been called ‘highly sensitive’, ‘empathic’ or have a deep sense of understanding of others.

You can read people’s body language with ease. You can tell when someone is ‘off’ even if no one else can. People feel like an open book to you. Vice versa, you might find people, even strangers, freely opening up to you. This is people picking up on your warm, open-hearted nature. You pick up on subtle nuances that many do not.

#2 You seek deeper emotional connections with people.

Interestingly, Mintakans are the starseed type most likely to want to form deep emotional connections with people. Whilst many starseeds are happy with solitude, Mintakans crave true friendships, unconditional love, and strong bonds.

It’s likely you’ve suffered extreme loneliness at some point in your life and are acutely aware of the pain and suffering that brings. As a result, you’re now actively building your social circle. You love the energy that the right people can bring into your life.

#3 You’re longing to ‘go home’

Unlike other starseeds who look up at the night sky with admiration, love, and wonder, Mintakans look up in hope of connecting with something that reminds them of their spiritual home. Many carry a sense of wandering or ‘lostness’ within their soul because of this.

Many Mintakans feel innately different and are searching for something that makes them feel loved, wanted, and grounded in this reality.

#4 You consider yourself a teacher, even if you do not participate in the act.

Wise old souls, Mintakans have a beautiful and harmonious teaching style. These are the kind of teachers that make learning enjoyable, fun, and freeing. You see yourself as a student of the world, here to help others discover more about their natural world.

Because of this, you are quick to pick up new skills, hobbies, information, and interests. You’re also just as quick to share them and feel a sense of pride in doing so. It’s as though you’ve done it all before.

#5 You feel calmer and freer near water (lakes, rivers, oceans). You’re especially drawn to islands and anywhere there is an abundance of water and/or animals.

Can’t pinpoint why you’re drawn to the ocean or the beautifully refreshing lakes and springs of this world? Mintakans draw their energy in from the world’s cosmic water bodies. If being near water brings you peace, calmness, and a wonderful sense of freedom, this could be one of many signs you’re a Mintakan starseed.

#6 You’ve been through something majorly traumatic

The soul healers of the starseed types, Mintakans know what it feels like to be dragged to hell and back. Mintakans have likely experienced a deep spiritual awakening and have completed many rounds of shadow work. This is what makes their gift of empathy and sensitivity so powerful.

#7 You love hard

The epitome of love, Mintakans struggle to understand how callous and closed off humans can be towards each other. You wish you could just tell those around you how much you truly loved them and what they mean to you without worrying about it coming across as ‘creepy’ or ‘weird’.

You tend to fall in love fast and hard, and struggle to understand why others don’t. You possess a rare love that is pure, generous and giving which can overwhelm the love deprived around you, effectively intimidating and shocking them.

#8 You have an uncanny ability to know things without realizing how you know.

Your intuition is spot on, and you have a deep inner knowing about events that happen in your life before they’ve even occurred.

You’ll likely experience somatic symptoms such as a sense of dread, excitement, butterflies, tightness in the throat, or in some cases a pure red alert feeling when something isn’t right. This is a true gift, an incredible ability that was given to you to be able to read the energies of what was, what is and what could be.

#9 You’re a people pleaser

You love nothing more than to see someone happy because of something you did or said. But, this has led to situations where you sacrificed your own needs to cater to others. Whilst you realize this drained your vibrant energy, you struggle to stop pleasing others because it seems so alien and foreign to you.

#10 You’re regularly let down, taken advantage of, or feel disappointed by people

Not everyone carries the same values, character, and outlook on life as you do. People with mal intentions mistake your friendly, bubbly, and innocent nature to be a sign of weakness.

Little do they realize, this is one of your most desirable qualities. It’s what makes you stand out from the crowd, it’s what hypnotizes those around you.

Unfortunately, less evolved souls will try to dim your flame, either through jealousy or spite. So much so, you might feel as though it only ever happens to you due to the frequency and harshness of the ‘attacks’.

#11 You are searching for a deeper meaning or purpose to life, but can’t quite figure out what that is. You have an innate feeling that you are here for a specific reason.

You believe we’re here for a reason, be it to live up to our full potential or to simply love and enjoy this physical 3D world. Whilst all starseeds are searching for a deeper meaning to life, you likely feel as though there are many things you came here to achieve. You might even wish you had multiple lives to do it all with.

#12 You have a deep desire to live near the coast or on a boat.

You yearn to bring more independence and freedom into your everyday life. You feel boxed in and anxious in cold, impersonal built-up cities. The lack of structure and ‘normality’ doesn’t bother you in the slightest. The idea of spontaneously uprooting sets your heart alight with wonder and anticipation.

#13 You love all animals, though marine animals hold a special place in your heart.

The sheer sight of an animal makes you go all ‘googly-eyed’. You stare at them in awe and sheer amazement. You think they’re the most elegant and beautiful creatures on Earth and can’t understand why humans would ever want to hurt them.

You likely support animal charities, sustainable brands, and eco-friendly initiatives.

#14 You like the finer things in life, and aspire to a certain way of living, especially as far as your home is concerned.

Mintakans have a strong desire to replicate the beauty of their homeland within their life, be it their home, who they surround themselves with, or the locations they choose to live and travel.

This includes traveling to see breathtaking scenery, living a vagabond lifestyle, redecorating a home to make it cozier, switching to healthier foods.

#15 You’re a quick and effortless manifestor.

When in full alignment with your true energy, manifestations come to you seemingly out of the blue. At times, it can feel as though you’re making many leaps forward at once.

Other Mintakan Starseed Traits & Characteristics:

  • You sense you radiate a different type of energy than others because people are drawn to you, even if you’re not sure why
  • You have an insatiable curiosity
  • You feel extremely deeply, you believe more so than the average person
  • When things hurt you, they really hurt you and you struggle to move on
  • You’re open-minded, especially when it comes to new theories and supernatural claims
  • Life feels meaningless without a close circle of friends and family, they mean the world to you
  • You are ambitious and have clear cut goals for your life, you love nothing more than defeating a challenge
  • When you say you’re going to do something, you commit to it and do it
  • You’ve learned to go with the flow of life and try many new things at once
  • You’re an amazing communicator, not only because you know what you want from relationships, but because you sense other’s needs and can read them like an open book
  • You take on other people’s problems unknowingly, which has led you to get hurt in the past
  • You’ve attracted many ‘broken souls’ and emotionally unavailable people who weren’t true energetic matches for your soul
  • You love discovering the ‘hows and whys’ of the universe and have a deep fascination for the natural world
  • You have a naturally creative side that needs to be unleashed for you to feel calm
  • You’re a free spirit that could easily live the nomad lifestyle, roaming the Earth one day at a time (van life & surfing spring to mind)


As Mintakan souls ‘age’ on Earth, they often settle on one of two core realizations (and this is what makes this soul group so interesting!); 1) the world needs a new order of harmony and balance or 2) the world needs no further order or control, life is an experience to be lived fully – accepted as is.

I’ve met Mintakans who fall into both camps, with many believing in both stances at some point in their lives. Mintakans are often likened to old souls, but there are ‘younger’ and ‘older’ old souls.

Younger old souls have an overwhelming feeling of taking massive action in this world – they believe they need to save it, even though they’re not sure how.

Older old souls may have once felt this way, only to realize this way of thinking comes at a mental and emotional cost. Always being acutely aware of the ‘wrongs’ in this world can lead the sensitive starseed to develop apathy for life, though, for some, it can be the motivation they need to inspire change and radical action. Both approaches are valid.

From a numerological perspective, Mintakans often walk a life path 9, life path 7, or life path 6 (though they can follow others too). These paths are filled with spiritual wisdom, nurturing energy, and most importantly, bringing beauty to the world around them. These beautiful souls will walk the path of compassion, service, and justice.


Mintakans often struggle with finding their soul mission on Earth, not because they don’t know what it is, but because they’re often already living it. After all, you can’t find what was never lost.

This baffles Mintakan souls as they often believe they don’t know what they ‘came’ here to do. It’s a very strong and real feeling for many starseeds.

From my experience, Mintakans find their path by going with the flow, tapping into their ‘watery nature’, trying new things, and not being afraid to say ‘yes’, even before it makes sense.

Where Mintakans go wrong is by controlling or attempting to control every scenario and situation they find themselves in. This line of thinking stifles a Mintaka’s beautiful imagination, free-flowing nature, and adventurous spirit.


Mintakans can apply themselves to all areas of life and society, but they’re especially gifted at work that involves a humanitarian element i.e. caring for others, animals, or the environment. The desire to help is deeply encoded within their DNA, and they love nothing more than seeing someone or some being thrive.

Fields that work with the natural cycles and rhythms of the Earth are particularly suited, as are roles that involve discovery and never-ending learning.

Continue Your Journey of Discovery

Wishing you lots of love and light on your journey,

Charlotte x

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