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Fun Fact! That’s kind of why we called ourselves Typically Topical, or TypTop for short.

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We LOVE cozy home interiors, dreamy home DIY hacks, epic food recipes, the latest beauty and style trends, anything related to travel, making money and family.

All of our posts are aimed to be as in-depth as needed, but as actionable as possible.

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Who’s Behind the Magazine?

Hi! I’m Charlotte, a former United Nations Writer, content editor and 2 x entrepreneur. I’m currently living in the UK, but dream of being able to up-sticks and travel around the world with my shadow side-kick, Greta, a black Spanish border collie.

For my work around the magazine, I’ve been awarded a UK Womenspire Award, been featured by major news outlets such as BBC, ITV and the Western Mail, and was invited to speak at Cambridge University as a guest thought leader back in 2015.

Magazine Awards and Editorial Policy

Our goal is to provide accurate, reliable, credible, engaging, and balanced information online for our readers. This means all of our editorial content is produced independently, and free of bias from any influence or advertiser.

If we write about it, it means we genuinely like the product. Our posts consider both the pros and cons (if applicable) of a topic, so you can make an informed decision.

On top of that, we make sure to reference and cite source information. We want to make sure you’re getting the best, most relevant, high quality and up to date information there is. 

You’re absolutely in good hands with us.

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