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Welcome, seeker. You’re home. I’m Charlotte, a Trauma Psychotherapist, Celebrity Astrologer, and Psycho-Spiritual writer. Aka the voice you’ve been reading this entire time.

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I founded Typically Topical as a creative outlet for the musings of my work. As a trauma psychotherapist and professional astrologer, I frequently found myself delving deep into all sorts of topics including shadow work, inner child healing, and behavioral psychology as a way to aid my clients’ healing journey.

I quickly discovered many aspects of psychology and spirituality complemented each other. Both fields could help add depth to our complex feelings, thoughts, and emotions, and could help us to express those bigger picture visions.

As a lifelong believer in the spiritual world, I decided to blend my two passions together, drawing on both the grounded and practical nature of psychology and science as well as the metaphysical nature of spirituality.

That was 3 years ago. Since then, Typically Topical has grown into an award-winning resource with over 300,000 visitors every month.

About Typically Topical

Typically Topical is an award-winning spiritual wellness brand inspiring radical life change through spirituality, angel numbers, astrology, tarot, and more. My aim is to explore what it means to be human through conscious living, healing, and positive encouragement.

About Charlotte, Typically Topical’s Founder & Author

Charlotte is a full-time trauma psychotherapist, master astrologer, and award-winning psycho-spiritual writer.

For the past 5 years, she has specialized in astrology, tarot, numerology, and starseed research in particular. She’s an accredited member of the API (Astrological Psychology Institute) and has gained certifications in shadow mastery, numerology, and angel numbers.

Charlotte also holds an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from UWTSD, the only academic degree in the world to examine our true relationship with the cosmos.

Since suffering much loss and trauma in her own life, Charlotte has dedicated her time to helping others find unconditional love, strength, and inner light in even the darkest of places.

Charlotte Receiving her Womenspire Award

For her work, she’s been awarded a UK Womenspire Award, Yale Young Global Scholar Award, been featured as an expert by major news outlets such as Cosmopolitan, Today.com, ITV, and the Western Mail, and was invited to speak at Cambridge University as a thought leader back in 2015.

You can find Charlotte on Linkedin and Twitter.

Press Features & Expert Commentary

Charlotte is regularly contacted to provide expert insight on a range of spiritual and psychological topics.

Here’s a small sample of her press features:

Guiding Principles

Here are the core principles that guide my work:

  1. Free the seeker within
  2. Be true to yourself
  3. Heal the shadows within
  4. Make your dreams a reality
  5. Be passionate 
  6. Embrace and accept yourself
  7. Reconnect with the Soul
  8. Transform fear into faith
  9. Create your own path
  10. Love the world and planet we’ve got

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Editorial Policy (A Note on Quality)

I only ever publish original and quality writing. Many sites out there tend to respin work they find on other blogs, unfortunately resulting in a long chain of copycat content.

Let’s face it, you didn’t click just to read the same thing.

As the foundation for all published blogs, I spend lots of time combing through expert sources, such as scientific studies, research (where applicable), and peer-reviewed articles to find up-to-date and vetted information. No cookie-cutter approach here.