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How to Overcome Test Anxiety & Exam Stress

Struggle with test taking anxiety and exam stress? It affects thousands of students. Here are 4 top tips on how to overcome test anxiety and exam stress before and during your exam!

Straight A Student’s Ultimate Note Taking Methods

Want to improve your grades and learn how to get straight a’s? You can. This is one of my favourite cornell note-taking methods, ideal if you’re wanting to improve your note taking techniques! I show you the exact same method I used to achieve 45A* grades, including a step-by-step easy to follow note taking system! Yes, you need a system!

Career Development Plan: Why Every Ambitious Go-Getter Needs One! [Free Template]

Here’s the ultimate career development plan for your professional development, including a career development plan template, ideas and tips! Plus, grab your free career starter pack specifically designed for career exploration. These unique career resources will help you to find your next dream job! What are you waiting for?!

The Only Productivity Hack You Will Ever Need to be More Successful

Want to know how I save 18 hours a week? Good, you’re in the right place. This post features the best time management productivity hack for busy professionals and students! Learn how to be more productive and get more stuff done in less time with these simple, but effective productivity tips and hacks.

The biggest myth school ever taught you

You just might be surprised what the biggest myth school ever taught you is…If you want some idea as to what this powerhouse post contains, here are a few ideas! Designed with college students and young professionals in mind, this post shows you why grades don’t always equal success in the real world or in your professional life. Plus, I cover why ‘failure’ is a good thing!

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