International Story Brand Strategist, Copywriter & Speaker

Want unforgettably authentic messaging & copy that enchants your audience, expresses your value effortlessly & of course sells?

My Approach

I’m all about authentic story branding, creating more positive impact in this beautiful world, and powerhouse ‘connective’ copy (read: amazing words that convert browsers into buyers) that gets your message hitting the right ears, sounding like sweet, sweet music and it feeling so good that your audience WANT to buy not just the song, but the whole album.

They turn up for all your concerts, buy your merch, and hang around waiting for autographs (okay, I can’t promise that will happen)…but you get the picture.

Effectively, I craft clever copy, magnetic messaging & compelling content that gets you seen, heard, and understood by the right people…BUT I help you do it without sounding ‘salesy’ and in a way that connects you WITH your audience, not alienates them.

Bringing your brand to life

We dig deep to uncover a magical narrative that captivates thousands if not hundreds of thousands, or even millions of hearts (and wallets).

We craft a mesmerising brand story that speaks to your audience on a deeper level, like a freezing cold ice cream on a blazing hot summer’s day kind of level. 

We tap into the untapped gold mine that is human connection and we unleash the power of true self-expression, solid content strategy, magnetic messaging, and authentic storytelling.

We swap hustle for flow, and establish a clear-cut, powerful, laser-focused content & messaging strategy that builds a passionate, raving army of hardcore fans and clients that fall head over heels in love with you and your brand.

We make you stand out in the sea of noise, turn the tides and open the floodgates to let your dream clients pour in.

We show your audience why you’re the peanut butter to their jelly, the guiding light they’re so desperately seeking.

We create a blueprint that focuses on bringing your big vision to life in the most authentic fashion.

We make your brand unforgettably authentic.

Meet Charlotte

aka storytelling aficinado, total writing fanatic & book hoarder…

Charlotte is a highly sought-after international brand story strategist, copywriter & speaker.

Charlotte left the corporate world at the ripe ‘old’ age of 19, having secured positions working at CERN, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London and even the UN.

She tapped into her creative writing potential, launched a successful online business, and became a published writer and 9 times award winning public speaker all before the age of 20!

In the first 3 weeks of launching her business in a highly competitive field, Charlotte generated over 1,100 new high quality leads organically without the use of paid advertising – that by the way, even double opted in for her content.

Her first published article on the blog was shared over 700 times in the first 14 days of launching!

This wasn’t a fluke. Why? Because it happened again on her second post – 236 shares in the first 2 days of hitting publish.

Her website’s traffic spiked to over 8,000 unique visitors in less than 30 days of a brand new website.

By the end of the month, Charlotte was fully booked, and she even had to create a waitlist.

With the right strategy, authentic story branding, magnetic messaging and human connection is that powerful.

Charlotte has since been awarded the Womenspire Award 2018, won national acclaim at speaking events, been covered by 2 major broadcasters, named one of Wales’ most inspirational women 2018, and was selected to become a Yale Young Global Scholar.

The power of an unforgettably authentic message completely transformed Charlotte’s business and life, and now she’s making it her mission to help business owners and corporations transform their brand into a wildly successful venture that is not only fulfilling by nature, but gets their content to convert like crazy.

Unforgettably authentic brands are…


In today’s fast paced, data driven, overly automated society, human connection is the new premium. 

People don’t buy products or services. They buy into dreams, beliefs, experiences, hopes, and transformation.

They buy into the way you make them feel.

Brands that tap into the power of human connection ultimately win the game of business.

Dynamically Different.

Ever heard ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’?

That’s a sure-fire shortcut to being a brand that follows the crowd to nowhere (and not in a ‘we see ice cream up ahead’ kind of crowd).

Being dynamically different means not being afraid to buck the trend, to innovate, to try something new.

Being completely and utterly fearless in the pursuit of true self-expression, in the pursuit of discovering what sets your soul on fire. 

Purposefully Profitable.

Think being human means sacrificing profits? Think again.

People who perceive brands as human are 2.1 times more likely to fall in love the brand, are 1.6 times more likely to purchase, and 1.8 times more likely to recommend it to someone else!

You can’t afford to not embrace being human.

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