It’s hard to put into words just how powerful angel number 0808 truly is. Carrying a magnificent blend of energies, ‘0’ and ‘8’, number 0808 is the symbolic lifting of the fog.

What has kept you down and feeling stuck has now been lifted, and a miraculous path has been cleared. Now’s not the time to dawdle though, by showing you 0808, your angels are wanting you to embrace this journey of growth with open arms – you’ll be beyond blessed if you do.

Let’s delve a little deeper into exactly what messages your angel team wish to share with you.


Number 0808 speaks of significant expansion in all areas of your life – especially where personal development and connections are concerned. Major change is fast approaching, but this isn’t change to be afraid of!

Don’t be surprised just how quickly the universe sends the opportunities you’ve always wished for your way when you embrace the trail of crumbs it’s left behind, and you decide you want better for yourself.

You may notice a strong drive to go inward, to spend more time with the workings of your heart, to tune in and detach from the broken rhythms the outer world tries to impose on you. This is a time to establish your own rhythm, and allow natural action to unfold.

With angel number 0808, your angels want you to know that any action you take is supported and divinely timed so there is no need to worry about taking a wrong turn.

the meaning and significance of seeing angel number 0808



You know when you really want your life to be different but you’re desperately clinging to the old because it feels safe and comfortable? Well, this is a sign from your guardian angel that that’s about to change – for the better.

Whatever changes and decisions you’ve been avoiding making in your life because of fear, you’ll now have no choice but to address them.

Change sounds incredibly daunting but sometimes our lives have to be completely shaken up, changed, and rearranged to relocate us to the place we’re meant to be.

You’re being guided in the direction that will allow for greater prosperity, genuine connections, and freedom. Just to be clear though (so you’re not too scared), this is welcome change. You’re not necessarily looking at a tower moment here!


This is an extremely interesting message and one I love writing about. ‘8’ represents your eternal connection with source energy, but because it’s doubled, this intense energy is amplified.

Double 8, in this scenario, therefore represents what I call companion energy e.g. the present self that is merged with the past self. This is what is known as an old soul.

In simple terms, an old soul stems from the belief that our bodies are containers for spirit, and so an old soul is simply someone who continues to reincarnate in order to complete karmic ties or unearth new lessons.

These souls are beacons of grace, light & wisdom. Seeing angel number 0808 could be a simple, but loving reminder of your soul origins.


Number 0808 can appear when you’re being asked to not only meet your soul in the space of forgiveness but to hand over your most significant fears to your angelic helpers.

With the help and support of your angels, you are always surrounded by peaceful energy; energy that loves you just as you are. You need only ask to let it in.

This divine love allows the universe to fill your spirit with blessings and helps you to embrace the path of least resistance. The key here is to be patient with yourself!


It’s no surprise that ‘0’ in tarot is represented by the magician card. The magician is believed to be the ultimate symbol of wish fulfillment.

With the power of double 0 on your side, your angels are asking you to take a leap of faith, put your trust in the universe and lean into your intuition when deciding which steps to take next.

That niggling feeling in your heart is there for a reason – and it’s leading you towards something far greater than you could ever imagine.


This message may or may not resonate, but if you’ve felt out of place since a young age, and believe you’re on Earth for a specific purpose, it’s possible you are an Earth Angel or Starseed (of which there are many types, including star children!).

I highly recommend checking out the links I’ve tagged above to see if anything clicks. In this case, 0808 reveals a special message of soul and divine purpose awakening.


An interest in metaphysical, spiritual, philosophical, and anthropological subjects could arise or deepen.

Similar to seeing angel number 7777, your angels are granting you deeper access to new sources of knowledge as your connection with your natural intuitive skills enhance.

This new knowledge will allow you to hit those big, lofty goals you’ve set for yourself, so prepare to energetically upgrade over the next coming weeks!


Angel number 0808 usually appears as a message to let love in – which might sound odd, but hear me out. When we’ve faced rejection after rejection, heartbreak and disappointment, we tell ourselves ‘that only us matters from now on (singular)’.

In effect, we retreat into ourselves like a hermit. This is a resounding message from your angels to tell people how you really feel, to not worry about being too much, or caring too much.

We’re not here long enough to get caught up in playing other people’s mind games. Those who are meant to stay in your life will show up for you and will know how to handle your greatness with love, care, and respect.

Remember, you can be the whole package and still not be appreciated because you were dropped off at the wrong address.

Let people show up for you, and most of all don’t forget to connect, connect, connect. Connect with the people who make you feel heard and seen. Connect with the moments that bring a smile to your face. Connect with the things that make your heart sing with pure joy.

Your angels want you to open your heart center so you can fully give and receive unconditional love – because you deserve it!


This is a wonderful sign for twinflames! Number 8 in this scenario speaks of a beautiful love that spans infinity.

When two hearts are meant to be together, no matter how long it takes, no matter how far they go, no matter how tough it may seem, their infinite, undying love for each other will always reign victorious. 

I’ll give you a fair heads up though, this is an intense relationship! There’s a lot of conscious transformation and healing work to be done so that you’re whole in yourself before this twinflame union.

Despite what many believe, twinflame partnerships aren’t ego-based nor are they codependent – they don’t need the other person to make them whole and happy.

If you haven’t already, you’ll likely face some separations whilst you work to strengthen your own connection with spirit and your divine purpose.

Dealing with your mirror can be frightening but this highly aware and conscious relationship will bring you much joy, happiness, and love as you both seek to create a foundation that’s indestructible. 


It’s believed that 0808 is a one-of-a-kind spiritual number in relation to the teachings of the Bible.

According to scripture, spotting 0808 is a sign from God that your recent thoughts, prayers, and wishes have been heard. Similar to the number’s overall meaning, it is symbolic of fresh starts, eternal wisdom being given to you, and life changes. 


Number 0808 is highly symbolic – it speaks of opportunities, new encounters, and connections, but possibly also signals a newfound awakening. A type of awakening that allows you to understand and connect with your soul origins on a much deeper level.

It’s a very auspicious and lucky number to see! I hope this post has brought you some peace and comfort in helping to decode the meaning of seeing 0808.

Of course, please take what resonates and leave the rest behind.

Sending you love & light on your journey,