Angel Numbers Meaning 101: The Most Complete & Definitive Guide

Simple, yet oh so mysterious. If you’ve ever looked at your watch and realized you’re constantly seeing 2:22, spied a number plate with 333, or seen a lock screen with 11:11, you’ve most definitely interacted with angel numbers.

On the surface, these numbers might not seem so significant, but these meaningful sequences carry important, life-changing messages that can completely revolutionize all areas of your life. In a massive way.

So what do they mean? What can they tell us? And how do we decipher the all-important messages we were meant to hear?

In this complete guide, I’ll be covering everything (absolutely everything) you need to know about angel numbers. Let’s dive in!

So first things first…


Angel numbers are a repeating sequence – or pattern – of numbers that hold a divine message. They’re loaded with wisdom, insight, and directionality, and are sure signs that angelic beings are working on your behalf.

They can show up as little signals from the universe when you’re on the right track, need to change course or you’re in need of support and encouragement.

You can see them literally anywhere; clocks, emails, signs, bills, receipts, songs – you name it. They can take the form of singular repeating numbers such as ‘7777’ or singular non-repeating numbers such as ‘1234’.

Despite what you might have read before, angel numbers don’t need to have 3 or more digits to be classified as an angel number e.g. 111. Angel numbers can absolutely appear as 2 digits or less e.g. number 77, 23, 2 etc. 


The verdict is still out on this, but there’s a theory many mediums & channelers subscribe to; the theory of numerology

The entire universe is based on numbers. Mathematicians, philosophers, and astrologers have long known this. For centuries in fact. Ever heard of Pythagoras?

Beyond boring you in math class, this brilliant mathematician believed that our reality is not just understood through numbers, but it’s a physical manifestation of their energetic vibration. It’s why numbers have long been deemed the ‘language of the universe’. 

Whilst some claim to be able to physically see their angels and guardian angels, the majority of us have zero clue who they are, what they look like, or how they even help us.

That’s why it’s believed spiritual guides, ancestors, and our higher beings use numbers to communicate with us (amongst other things such as animal symbolism & dreams!).

The practices and principles of numerology have been traced back to at least 800BC when royal inscriptions and secret messages were encrypted to keep them secret.

As angels work in different planes and dimensions, it’s thought that they use human tools and practices to easily reach us. Each number they reveal is said to carry its own unique energetic vibration, giving way to a heap of amazing, yet often cryptic messages.


Unlike many other esoteric practices such as astrological birth charts, soul urge, life paths, and zodiac, angel numbers don’t require hyper-personalized information such as time and place of birth to appear.

Whilst angel numbers can absolutely shed some light on your soul’s identity – confirming an Earth Angel awakening being just one of them – they generally correspond to how you’re moving through the world – minute by minute, day by day.

They’re instantaneous forms of guidance if you like.

Another core aspect of what makes angel numbers so special is how fluid they are; an angel number can follow you around for weeks, months, or even years, whilst other times, you might see a flurry of different numbers all in a singular day.

It’s key to note here though that it doesn’t make the number any more significant to see it for years as opposed to a one-time observation – there’s zero hierarchy within the mystical, yet magical world of numerology.

The key is that you’re paying attention to what you’re receiving.


One of the reasons I love angel numbers so much (and write about them literally every day), is because their meanings are deeply personal and vast.

One person might spot number 333 as a sign they’re doing amazing and to keep going on their current path, whilst someone else might see it as a message to keep hope, optimism, and faith during a rough time, whilst another might connect with it as a sign of blossoming love and divine connection.

When you see an angel number, my recommendation is to note it down in a journal. I keep an angel numbers journal with me and write down any impressions, thoughts, and feelings that crop up.

The key here is to not overthink what you’re writing, don’t overanalyze it. There will be times when you draw a blank or things don’t make sense – that’s perfectly normal and okay.

90% of the time angel numbers are part of a much broader, bigger picture – you’ll need to see a few of them to piece the entire message together. 


Generally speaking, here are some general guided meanings to help you make sense of the sequences you’re spotting.

0 – zeros are associated with magical new opportunities and beginnings that arise after a fresh start (think tower moments). You’re entering a brand new cycle of growth and expansion. Now is the time for those giant, heart-guided leaps of faith.

1one is the mightiest of mighty. It speaks of effortless manifestation and ultimate wish fulfillment. Plant seeds, make intentions, this is a spiritual greenlight from your angelic helpers to take aligned action. 

2two represents duality, balance, and alignment. If you’ve been seeking collaboration on a project, a mentor, or a guide, this number speaks of guaranteed connections.

3 – three is associated with magnetic curiosity, creativity, and talents. More often than not it signals a new financial opportunity that’s linked with your innate gifts and abilities. Out of all the numbers, 3 is the one most inexplicably linked with abundance and success.

4 – four always symbolizes stability in some way shape or form. Angel number 4 has roots with grounding and establishing solid foundations that were meant to last. This is one very practical number.

5 – 5 is the mother of all numbers. It signals change on the grandest of scales, but this is welcomed change. 5 appears especially during times when you know you need to take action but are too scared to do it; so the universe makes you do it anyway by throwing in some massive shifts. Cue your tower moments and major spiritual transformations.

6 – many see number 6 as one to be feared, especially in its triplet form, but 6 is anything but scary. It symbolizes empathy, nurture, guidance, and compassion. 6 speaks of finding a teacher or mentor who can take you to greater heights. It also talks about treating yourself with kindness and understanding.

7 – number 7 is the equivalent of hitting the angel number jackpot! It’s considered to be super lucky and highly auspicious, especially as far as career and finances go. New monetary opportunities are likely to arise as are unexpected payouts. Combining your passions with your spiritual talents is the perfect expression of this favorable energy.

8 – 8 is the ultimate symbol of our connection to the universe. It represents infinity, the higher self, the soul, and everything in between. For those who believe in an afterlife, 8 represents the tie between this life and the next and can symbolize a little nudge from a passed loved one. 

9 – the final digit in numerology, 9 is considered to be the ‘spiritual ender’; the point at which all chapters close. What many don’t realize though is that 9 is closely connected to humanitarianism, new life cycles, and expanding comfort zones. 9 is what many see before they embark on a new spiritual upgrade.


Seeing angel numbers everywhere is a very positive and auspicious sign! Your angels and spiritual guides want you to be happy. They want you to flourish!

They also want you to follow the trajectory your soul mapped out before you entered this lifetime – that’s why you’re being blessed with guidance from the universe.

Note that when you see angel numbers every day you’re likely going through some kind of major event in your life which requires more guidance than usual. It’s why you might see many angel numbers appearing one after another, each loaded with their own message.

But what if I’m not seeing any numbers or patterns anymore? Have my angels stopped communicating with me?


When you stop seeing angel numbers it usually means one of three things: 1) you’re in a bit of a funk, are overthinking, and aren’t allowing the space for angel numbers to appear, 2) your angels are communicating with you via other means e.g. animal symbolism, coins, feathers, dreams etc, 3) you’re not asking them to send signs, or 4) you’re in alignment with universal energy which means you don’t need as much guidance or support right now.

No longer seeing angel numbers absolutely doesn’t mean your angels have stopped loving you or working with you.

They are always, always, always by your side, and will go above and beyond to help you in any way they can.

If you’re worried about not seeing numbers anymore, I highly recommend letting go of worry, reconnecting with the energy and vibration of love, and then mentally asking your angels this:

“Angels, what is my next step? What will serve me in growing and ascending? What will connect with my heart center and soul purpose? Help me to step into my highest vibrational life. Help me to hone in on my truest, most successful, loving self. Send me signs. Guide me. Lead me. I am always open to your help. Thank you.’’

So now the question is: how do I understand angel numbers and their significance in my life?


I could write a whole post on decoding angel numbers, but essentially there are a few things you want to keep in mind when you spot one.

Firstly, if you believe it’s a sign, it most definitely is. There are zero coincidences when it comes to the mysterious workings of the universe. There’s a message your angels want to get across to you. 

Secondly, it’s super important to take note of how you feel and what you think when you see these angel numbers.

Emotions are energy in motion; they’re beacons of desire and act like your own internal guidance system – and your angels can get your attention simply by making you feel a certain way (clever, really). 

Let’s work through an example.

If you feel peaceful seeing angel number 5555 for example, it could mean many new waves of change are heading your way. Versus, if you felt unsure or uneasy seeing it, it could be a sign you need to change your path or direction in life.

The guides I provide on this blog can also help you make sense of why you’re seeing a particular sequence! 

Bear in mind that you can see many different angel numbers all at once! Seeing lots of numbers usually signals you have many types of angels and spirit guides working alongside you (as well as many points of guidance to pick up on!).

Each angel number can mean something different for everyone; tapping into your intuition is a great way of discovering what message you were meant to hear. Sometimes you’ll find the answer or solution appearing right in front of you, as if by ‘magic’. 


‘I wonder what my angel number is’ is a question I receive a lot, and I think it’s time to clear up some confusion. We all have a number that follows us from birth to death – some call it their angel number, but more commonly it’s known as a life path number.

They’re not entirely the same thing, though some sites only use one term which is where the confusion arises. 

This angel number or life path number is the path that our soul has chosen to follow in this lifetime for spiritual growth and expansion. Some believe this number was granted to us by our guardian angel (which again doesn’t help clear the confusion!).

To calculate your personalized angel number, you simply need to take a look at your birth date.

I’ll use July 20th 1998 as an example.

Start by adding each number together: 7 (July) + 20 + 1 + 9 + 9 + 8 = 54

Next, add the resulting 2 numbers together: 5 + 4 = 9

This results in number 9, which means this person has a life path number 9 – the path of the heart based warrior.

Now you might be asking yourself, so what now? Well, this number is incredibly significant as it has a major impact on every area of your life (relationships, financial success, career, healing – you name it).

When I first found my life path number I wanted to learn what it meant for me (without paying a ton of money to see a numerologist in person).

That’s why I went to numerologist. Let’s just say that my 70-page report was deeply revealing! I’ve always been a bit skeptical of reports like this, but they created the most detailed (and scarily accurate!) thing I’ve read in my life.

It just made so many events in my life click. Also found out I was a path 9 humanitarian with an old soul (crazy how much sense that made to me!).

This report helps you make soul-aligned choices, stop self-defeating behaviors and discover why you do what you do so you can move towards a brighter, more successful future.

Highly recommend trying it for yourself. It’s always so enlightening to figure out which spiritual path your soul is embarking on (not to mention can make certain things just fall into place).


To round off this definitive guide, I’ve compiled a list of questions you might want to know the answers to. And oh boy, are some of them good ones!


Angel numbers aren’t usually warnings. I mean, warning is a very strong word, and makes it sound like you’re doing something wrong.

You can never be on the ‘wrong path’ per se, just one that’s less suited to your soul’s plan of growth and expansion.

Certain angel numbers though can tell you to change course quickly. There’s no such thing as bad angel number to see so you should never be scared to spot them!


They can be! When angel numbers appear we don’t always know who’s sent them, though archangels and ascended masters generally send mirror numbers such as 303, 1313, 1919, 737 etc to grab your attention. Angel numbers can be sent by any of the helpers on your team.


You can find angel numbers in the most ordinary of places; from bills, receipts, lyrics, timestamps, postcards, number plates, dreams, books, tv, emails – anywhere there’s a chance to see repetitive numbers.

Some people will chalk this up to what’s called ‘amygdala hyper-focused illusion’, a type of fancy processing in one of the brain’s centers whereby whatever you focus on you see more of.

But for many others, seeing angel numbers is a direct result of the universe intentionally offering guidance and support as you navigate a mission that’s far greater than any mundane day-day circumstances.


I love this question. Firstly, if you’re seeing angel numbers when thinking of someone there’s a very good chance this person is on the same energetic wavelength as you, and here’s where it gets cuter; they could also be thinking of you at the same time.

The universe works in synchronicities, a term first coined by psychologist Carl Jung, to mean ‘meaningful coincidences. That’s why seeing an angel number at this moment of time is usually a very positive and good sign to receive!

It can signal a deepening connection (be it romantic or platonic), a breakthrough in some sort of disagreement, or simply that they’re missing you.


Numerology is the study of the relationship between numbers and events; you can consider it a tool. Angel numbers are divine messages from our angelic helpers.

We, therefore, use numerology to be able to decipher and understand what the angel numbers mean – so in effect, there is a difference, though the two are closely related.

I sincerely hope this guide has provided you with the answers and clarity that you seek! I’m more than happy to answer any other questions you might have. Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to respond as quickly as possible.

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For her work, she's been named UK Womenspire Woman of the Year, awarded the title of Yale Young Global Scholar, and featured as an expert across major networks such as, Best Life, Oprah Winfrey Network, BBC, Soul & Spirit, Psychology Today, Pop Sugar, Well & Good and Cosmopolitan. You can find her on Twitter.

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