Angel Number 5555 Meaning: 4 Powerful Reasons You’re Seeing It!

Seeing angel number 5555? This is one angel number you absolutely don’t want to ignore. Loaded with messages, key guidance, and profound wisdom, angel number 5555 symbolizes that major change is on the horizon.

But, this isn’t any old change – this is an almighty hurricane sweeping through your path, taking anything that no longer serves you or your highest good with it. And once it’s gone, it’s gone for good!

You shouldn’t be afraid of seeing this beautiful number though. It’s highly auspicious and filled with good fortune and luck.

Once old, stagnant energy has shifted, new energy can rapidly make its way to you – the kind of energy that creates worlds and births miracles.

What is the Meaning of Angel Number 5555?

Angel number 5555, your guides are telling you to prepare for change like you’ve never experienced it before. This divinely orchestrated change will bring clarity, wisdom, and a newfound sense of self.

Whatever your heart has desired most is being brought to you at a magnificently rapid pace. Your deepest, wildest, and perhaps even most buried subconscious desires are also being brought to light.

Your angels desperately want you to know that you are stronger, more creative, and more worthy than you can ever imagine.

They want you to step into your full power, your divine inner self – the self that says ‘I can do anything’.

Now is the time to step outside your comfort zone, embrace adventures and take intuitive steps before they logically make sense.

The key here though is to not worry too much about where you’re heading.

The beauty of number 5 (and in this case quadruple 5) is that it doesn’t demand a solid plan. It wants you to go with the flow, to see where the next adventure or leap of faith takes you.

Our human nature craves ‘knowing’ but 5555 asks you to delight in the joy of the unknown for a while. I think you’ll be surprised just how many riches, epiphanies and breakthroughs happen for you because of it! 

No matter what obstacles or challenges you face along your journey, revel in the fact that you’re safe and wholly supported. The universe wants to see you win.

With the power of quadruple 5 by your side, you should know that anything, absolutely anything is possible for you right now.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 5555?

Here’s where it gets super interesting. Spiritually, angel number 5555 relates to self-discovery and the inner self, but perhaps not in the way you had imagined.

The fives in this case tend to relate to searching for something that you feel has been missing for years if not decades of your life.

Yet spirit is here to remind you that true healing requires removing the very act of searching and seeking.

It requires an acknowledgment that you’re not lacking anything, so nothing else needs to be found. The very act of searching is what is providing the illusion of ‘lostness’.

4 Major Reasons You’re Seeing Angel Number 5555 in Your Life


I’ve always seen number 5555 to resemble the energy of waves at sea – with each 5 being a ripple.

Seeing 5555 is a sure sign that your wildest and greatest visions are being weaved into the fabric of the universe, ready for you to accept and receive.

More and more abundance, riches, creativity, light, and wisdom are being brought to you, with each and every wave that reaches the shore.

Now is the time to let all negativity and worry flow out of you. Your needs are being met, and always will be. A significantly fortuitous sign to receive.


Seeing 5555 means that the veil between the earth world and the divine realms is thinner than ever. You needn’t go through this change alone. You need only ask if you require assistance, help, or guidance. Where do you need their help?

Your angels and even ascended masters are offering support in the form of energetic downloads at this time. These downloads can reach you in a rather rapid manner.

You may see answers appearing in the lyrics of songs, you may have vivid dreams or you may ask a question out loud only for someone passing by, on the radio, or the tv to answer it seconds later. 


The energy of the divine feminine is that of flow, creativity, and ‘what will be, will be’. It’s subtle, nurturing yet strong in its effects.

It’s the energy of the goddess and can bring just as much abundance, prosperity, and success into our lives as the divine masculine.

Both men and women carry divine masculine and divine feminine energy within their souls. It needs only be embraced.

The message from your guides is to free more of the divine feminine within.

If you’ve been in a state of hustle, hard work, and burnout, your guides are wishing you to ground and center your energy, reassess your priorities and establish which thoughts are keeping you in this never-ending state of ‘do’ rather than ‘be’.

You’ll be surprised just how quickly things turn around for you when you decide to let go.


Your angels and guides wish you to know that the energy you have been emitting recently is high, clear, and unfiltered.

They want you to realize that moments of doubt, fear or frustration are normal, and are all part of your human experience.

But, they also want you to know that a momentary lapse in how you feel does not cancel out all that beautiful, high energy you put out into the universe before.

The message here is to keep your vibration and frequency as high as possible, not least so that you can witness your guide’s messages but also so you can receive what you have so carefully visualized. 

Additional Hidden Meanings to Note:

  • You’re coming out of the darkness (I saw a person emerging from a cave during visualization)
  • You’re doing much, much better than you think you are
  • Have faith in your capabilities and strengths
  • Now’s the time for a new adventure – great time for relocation and travel too!
  • Go with the flow
  • A time for self-expression – lean into hobbies such as writing, acting, painting, dancing etc
meanings of angel number 5555

Why Am I Seeing Angel Number 5555?

Similar to number 303, you’ll spot angel number 5555 whenever you’re in a period of deep transition and transformation – a time when you morph from the caterpillar into the metaphorical butterfly.

This is your time to become who you were always meant to be. To become what your soul always craved from day one of being ‘birthed’ into your miraculous and beautiful body. 

You should know that you called this energy into existence. Angel number 5555 doesn’t come around too often.

In fact, you might only see it a handful of times in your entire lifetime.

Your loving angels, spirit guides, and life protectors have presented this sign to you to let you know that you’re on the cusp of creating an incredible life.

But first, you must let the shedding process take place. Then, you must trust yourself enough to take that all-important leap of faith.

The leap of faith that will send you hurtling towards your best, most glorious self in the most spectacular fashion.

Number 5555 can represent phenomenal changes ranging from a promotion, job advancement, a switch of careers, a budding new relationship, an exploration into who you are as a person as well as reclaiming power over your own destiny.

Career and Professional Life

5555 brings an interesting message as far as career is concerned. It not only lets you know that positive change is imminent but it also encourages you to keep your options open.

Try not to wedge yourself into a corner thinking that’s what you need to do because of societal pressures.

If your soul is craving more freedom, are there other avenues you can explore outside of your normal working hours?

  • Can you move into a new field?
  • Can you network and explore new possibilities?
  • Are you being drawn to a different avenue but worry about how it will pay the bills?

5555 encourages safe, but joyful experimentation. You’ll never know unless you try.


If you feel the call to do so, 5555 can be a major sign to heal the inner self, the part of us responsible for our own emotional regulation and well-being.

The fives in this case represent our senses and nervous system. I see it as a major sign that true transformation is possible for you should you choose to do the inner work. 

Wealth and Finances

5555 always symbolizes change where finances and money are involved, and for some that can seem like a super scary message, but trust me when I say that this is only welcome change!

It typically signals an end to minor or even major troubles and sometimes indicates a sudden financial windfall. This is also a fantastic sign for solo businesses, suggesting an increase in clientele and orders!

What Does 5555 Mean for Love and Relationships?

5555 brings a shake-up to all meanings of the word ‘love’. It asks you to not only shake things up in your current relationship but also to rediscover what it means to love yourself.

If you’re in a relationship, this energy is asking you to take time to reassess what’s important to both of you and to bring more spontaneity and adventure into your love life.

It speaks of embracing freedom, childlike curiosity, exciting experiences, and the inner explorer. Who were you before you entered this relationship?

Whilst it’s important to let love flow freely, you’re being reminded not to lose yourself in this connection either. What brings you joy, happiness & peace? How can you bring more of that into your life?

55:55 is a mirror master number too which means you are highly compatible with each other on a soul level – you ‘mirror’ each other’s hopes, dreams, wishes, and even fears.

But, it’s likely you also both require alone time to really flourish. It’s always best to focus on yourself first before attempting to fix what requires a joint effort – that way, both of you are able to see and acknowledge the root cause of the problem.

For singles, 5555 signals a need to truly know who you are at the core before attempting to search for love externally.

As I said, 5555 is a mirror number meaning you will continue to see in others what you first see in yourself. As someone looking for love, it’s time to continue your practices of self-care, self-worth, and self-value.

You are a remarkable person with so much to offer, but first, you need to know what you bring to the table (and also know your worth when it’s time to walk away!). You need to fully and wholly realize how amazing you truly are so you accept nothing less than the best.

Once you do this, the right person becomes very easy to attract into your life. Almost effortless, in fact.

If you’ve had a negative experience with love recently, number 5555 reassures you that this won’t be the case forever.

Those connections were removed from your life because they weren’t able to provide what you truly needed – unconditional love, respect, value, and trust.

5555 is the epitome of loyalty – your angels are encouraging you to not lose hope in this quest. A true connection is coming.

meanings of angel number 5555 for health, wealth, career

5555 & Twin Flame Connections – What’s the Message?

It’s believed that every person on this planet has a soul match or an exact duplicate of their character aka twin flames. Despite what many think, twin flames can be platonic and many even exist as beautiful friendships.

The energy behind number 5555 means you’ll absolutely know when you’ve met this twin flame connection; it will be like a lightning bolt has struck you and you’ll wonder how you lived without this person for so long.

This relationship will carry wondrous traits such as joy, passion, reliability, thoughtfulness, and maturity. I also see this as an old soul pairing, one that has likely connected in past lives before.

Despite what many believe, angel number 5555 doesn’t signal twin flame separation – it simply resembles a change of some sort to the dynamics of the relationship, usually for the better.

Experiencing a twin flame separation? I honestly wouldn’t worry too much. Because of the mirrored nature of this number, 5555 suggests that you’ll eventually come back into harmony with one another, and it gives way to an even greater twin flame reunion.

The Numerology Behind Angel Number 5555

You might question why I break down the individual digits in an angelic sequence but it’s because this is the energy that you’re inviting into your life when you connect with the number.

Here’s what you’re bringing in with 5555.

numerology meaning and breakdown of 5555

Number 5 – Number 5 is the master adapter. It thrives under pressure and can easily adapt to challenges and trying situations. It’s also curious, social and adores freedom to be itself.

Master Number 55 – Number 55 is the number of the seeker, the nomad, the wanderer. The soul that is constantly searching for the next adventure. It doesn’t cope well with routine and gets bored incredibly easily if its external environment stays the same for too long. It craves excitement.

Number 555 – I’ve always associated number 555 with the ascended masters and the higher realms. Though it’s not a traditional spiritual number, it does suggest that manifestation and positive change are well on their way to you. So much divine help is at hand here!

The Spiritual Significance and Symbolism of Angel Number 5555

I try to incorporate tarot with numerology as much as possible to give more depth to its meaning. In tarot, number 5 is associated with the magnificent Hierophant.

spiritual symbolism of a hierophant card tarot 5555

Whilst it’s not always easy to find a message here, I see it relating to your inner wisdom, sensitivity, and spiritual power.

Not only can this represent you being a natural teacher or guide here on Earth but it can suggest you’re a lightworker, Earth Angel, or celestial starseed here to weave your unique light into the fabric of the Universe.

Because the number is quadrupled, I sense you’ve likely felt this spiritual calling or awakening for quite some time, you just weren’t sure how to respond to it.

Doreen Virtue’s Wisdom

Doreen Virtue, a well-known spiritualist who could talk with angels, stated that number 5555 was ”one of the most extraordinary numbers’’ she had ever encountered.

She believed it was one of the rarest angel numbers to see, and so, called it a true gift from the universe, the divine or God – whichever you choose to believe. A miracle in the making.

5555 Biblical Meaning

Whilst 5555 and numerology aren’t directly mentioned in the Bible, the singular number of ‘5’ is mentioned 318 times. In simple terms, this means there’s a high level of urgency to the message God or the Universe wants you to receive. It signals that the message or lesson will keep repeating until it is heard.

What Should I Do After Seeing Number 5555?

  • Consider what change you wish to see in your life. Get creative with this exercise! No area is too small or too big.
  • Do you desire more financial security? Deeper connection with your body and self? The courage to follow the path you’ve always dreamed of?
  • Create a manifestation board or ritual that allows you to set your intentions
  • Ask the angels for divine guidance and help
  • Think about the next adventures you want to pursue and go after them

Remember, the energy behind angel number 5555 is life-changing. Use it to your advantage. 

Secondly, consider any other angel numbers or signs you’ve been seeing lately. If you’ve kept an angel or dream journal, this would be the time to review it.

Look for harmonious numbers such as: angel number 1234 (read about why you’re seeing 1234 here), 123, 1551, 535, 515, or 1919 (amongst many others). Each of these will hold unique guidance and advice you may want to incorporate too.

Angel numbers are often a small part of a bigger puzzle. Our guides communicate with us in many, many different ways. 

Lastly, don’t forget to dream big, ask for a guiding vision if you’re struggling to imagine one yourself, and take time to rid yourself of any limiting thoughts, worries, and energy. Where you’re heading, you won’t need them anymore.

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Celebrate seeing such a wondrous sign – you’ve come a long way.

Wishing you lots of love, light, and prosperity on your journey!

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  1. I just gave notice at work where I have been for the last 15 years and now I am seeing these numbers. I am scared but also excited going from feelings of dread at losing it all and then jumping to feelings of elation at the possibilities of an abundant and dynamic future. Thank you for publishing this site. Cheers!

    • Hiiii!! I just wanted to confirm that doing that was the first step to the freedom, love, joy, and peace you have been longing for… the life you truly desire and are meant to live is not the one you were living.
      And I’m saying this because I felt the exact same way you did! I turned in my notice on Sept. 15 and right when I was handing my resignation letter to the office, my eyes were drawn to the tiny numbers on the screen in front of me which read:
      Sept. 15
      It was crazy because it had only been a month since I started to see “Angel numbers” and I was so new to everything. Anyway, I was scared out of my mind but still did it and let me tell you that this has given me the MUCH-NEEDED time to get to know myself and what truly makes me happy. Anyway, just wanted to give you a bit of encouragement and a huge congratulations on such a huge step! Wishing you the best on your new life journey, Harry!

      Just discovered Charlotte and OH MY GOD am I grateful to have found such a beautiful soul.
      Thank you Charlotte!


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