Angel Number 123 Meaning: 4 Major Messages Your Guides Want You to Know!

Are you seeing number 123 everywhere you look? Angel number 123 always springs into your life when you’re on the edge of embarking on something brilliant.

It’s a literal wake-up call from the universe and signals wondrous growth, progression, and advancement in all areas of your life.

When you feel a call to step into something new, something completely different, and perhaps even something that feels frighteningly overwhelming, 123 is there to offer its welcoming, positive and guiding energy.

If there’s one thing you should know about this life-changing sequence it’s this; everything is working out in your favor. 

Let’s discover exactly what your angels and guides wish you to know right now.

What is the Meaning of Angel Number 123?

Seeing angel number 123 means you’re on a journey of great forward movement – in fact, this is perhaps one of the most auspicious and lucky angel numbers to see as far as life progress is concerned! 

You can achieve what seems like the impossible, and your calling (that beautiful niggling feeling that tugs on your heart), however absurd or illogical it may seem, is the path your soul was born to carry out.

Whatever goal, vision, or idea you have, now’s the time to put it into motion. Everything that is unaligned and has challenged you is now being shed.

It’s easy to say don’t worry or doubt the path ahead – after all, it’s human – but if you could only see how much abundance, success, happiness, and joy is coming your way, you wouldn’t second guess yourself!

Your guardian angel in particular wants you to know that right now you’re being fully supported by all of your angelic helpers in every realm – which doesn’t happen all too often, so this truly is a magical moment.

Seeing angel number 123 further signals you’re on the right track, and that everything will come to you in perfect timing.

Allow your soul and inner being to break free and follow your intuitive nudges of guidance.

New beginnings are on the horizon, and they are much, much closer than you think!

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 123?

Spiritually, angel number 123 means you’re going through a deep energetic upgrade, a high vibrational transformation, but this isn’t any old transformation.

This is kind of transformation that gives way to new direction, relationships, and complete freedom. It’s ripe with unexplored potential.

When one door closes we often feel upset or disappointed, but this is the Universe’s way of showing you that you’re worth so much more than what you were limiting yourself to!

You’re building such a beautiful life for yourself, but, and here’s what I would love for you to know; a beautiful life isn’t stumbled upon or found, it is built.

It is nurtured, over many years and refined through much heartache and suffering. The heartache and pain redirects us to a path better than the one we would have chosen for ourselves. 

Spiritually, 123 encourages us to see that a beautiful life isn’t lead from the head, but rather the beauty and intangible wisdom of the heart. It cannot be rationalized but instead merely felt.

A beautiful life isn’t immediately comfortable either. It’s riddled with ups and downs, and full of both the light and the dark. Perfection is not what we seek, but instead peacefulness, completion and adventure. 

123 asks you what are you willing to be uncomfortable for? What are you willing to surrender to? Do your dreams and goals align with your inner vision of peace and happiness?

Why Am I Seeing Angel Number 123?

Here’s where it gets super interesting; you’re only seeing 123 because you called this energy into existence.

Perhaps you asked your angels and spirit guide team to send you a sign that you’re on the right path, or you were seeking guidance on what step you should take next.

Seeing angel 123 is a strong confirmation from your loving guardian angels and helpers in the divine realms that you are much stronger than you think, that there’s no need to worry, and that the next step is always being revealed to you at precisely the right moment.

4 Major Reasons You’re Seeing Angel Number 123


Angel number 123 springs up when you know deep down you have suppressed your deepest soul desires and urges.

You’ve likely had an idea of what you’ve wanted to do, who you’ve wanted to be, but doubts, fears and have overridden your potential each and every time.

With angel number 123, you’re being called to finally shed all that is no longer serving you, to let your wildest dreams and ambitions take flight.

You’re done with playing small, and you’ve realized there are no rules in life other than to do what makes you happy.

You have a unique soul mission that is just ready and waiting to be claimed, you have everything within you to make this vision a reality. Believe it.


You were born with an imagination and a gift to be able to create and ‘mold’ your future with the power of your mind.

You have heaps of creative potential just waiting to be explored. If you’ve been comparing your skills to someone else lately, this is a sign to pull back your power and begin to love the uniqueness you bring to the table.

Spirit wants you to release all judgments you have of yourself, your skills, and your abilities.

Practice getting comfortable with saying, ‘I am me, this is who I am, I am creative, the only limit is what I believe is my limit’.


Now is the time to take action. Whilst you’ve been calling in the loving energy of number 123, the universe has been aligning many opportunities, connections, and relationships for you.

These opportunities will flow into your life with ease. Under the influence of angel number 123, you will be amazed at how simple everything suddenly becomes.

You are an effortless manifestor (and always are, though this type of wondrous energy peaks around new moons).

Whatever you wish to become true will happen as long as you stay true to what you wish to manifest, rather than focus on what you don’t wish to manifest.


Doubts, worries, fears, ‘what ifs’, all need to be pushed aside if you’re to follow your true soul path.

But the key here is to realize that your mind has just been influenced by societal thinking – suffering, pain, fear, doubts, it’s all an illusion created by someone else that your mind has just decided to witness and embody for itself.

What is happening in someone else’s world doesn’t need to be your reality.

You can live a life full of joy, happiness, and true abundance (whatever that looks like to you) without heartache and pain.

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of what is holding you back, you’ve just got to surrender, release and let go to get there.

Your angels, divine timing guides, and life protectors are all with you, always nudging you to move past what keeps you stuck.

Additional Hidden Meanings to Note:

  • You’re being too hard on yourself – you’re doing much better thank you think (I saw a giant sunstone during visualization)
  • You’re going through a deep spiritual awakening (or even a kundalini awakening)
  • Time isn’t running out
  • Archangel Jophiel is connecting with you
  • Perfect alignment with the opportunities you were destined to connect with
  • A passed loved one is communicating with you, offering you the love and support you need
  • Trust in your talent, it will lead to expansion and the realization of your creative gifts
  • A reminder to bring your mind-body-soul connection back into harmony
meaning of angel number 123

Raw Energy Behind Angel Number 123:

  • Optimism
  • Faith
  • Peace
  • Keep going (a message of strength and endurance)
  • New beginnings
  • Harmony
  • Balance
  • Rapid growth
  • Personal development and transformation

The Spiritual Significance and Symbolism of Angel Number 123

I always love delving deeper into the realm of tarot and astrology to give angelic sequences even greater meaning.

In tarot, number 1 is linked to the powerful Magician card, whilst number 2 is tied to the High Priestess and number 3 is represented by the mighty Empress.

spiritual symbolism of a magician, high priestess, empress card tarot 123

In astrology, number 1 is linked to the magnificent Sun, number 2, the Moon, and number 3, Jupiter.

The Sun drives our ego, our motivation, our willpower, whilst the Moon shapes our internal thoughts, feelings, and everything we’ve buried under the surface. 

astrological meaning of 123

The astrological meaning behind 123 is fairly unique; notice how it focuses on both our inner and outer worlds (what people see on the outside versus what we feel on the inside).

When Jupiter, the planet of abundance, is also thrown into the mix, we see a wondrous message relating to complete and total life transformation. You have absolutely everything within you to succeed! 

Together when we combine both tarot and astrology, we see the message of fast, forward action, no delays, letting go of doubt, turning within for answers, and interestingly, recognizing that your thought patterns may not represent reality; in other words, you could be thinking the worst based on past experiences, but the truth is that you’re the only person blocking yourself right now.


Angel number 123 signals wonderful advancements in your career or business. Promotions, a new career path, more opportunities for personal development as well as pay rises are on the cards at this time.

If you’ve been dreaming of launching your own business or personal brand, this is a spiritual greenlight from your guides to do so!

Watch out for any ‘out of the blue’ invites too – you never know who you could meet.


The advice here is to get creative and try to get out of your head! Rumination and worrying come when we’ve been through so much in the past, and now it’s become internalized within the body.

Try to stop worrying about things you cannot change.

Creative play and hands-on activities such as gardening, writing, and cooking can help bring your body back into a more flow state.

Wealth & Money

Angel number 123 is always a good sign as far as money and finances are concerned! It signals a steady, but certain increase in wealth and physical assets over time.

It aims to bring more financial security into your life, so watch out for more income streams becoming available to you within the next few months.

It also indicates an increase in non-physical wealth too, including adventures, experiences, and treasured memories!


Angel number 123 means manifestations are easy and effortless right now. In fact, a rare ‘123’ portal has opened up for you.

Whatever you wish to attract is possible! Set the intention and release all expectations of arrival.

Remember to apply the universal law of action too, taking baby steps toward your goals.

Why Am I Seeing Angel Number 123 and 1234 Together?

This is such a powerful combination which I call ‘the flickering light‘ due to them being one digit away from each other!

Seeing 123 and 1234 together means you’re ready to make a giant spiritual leap. This is a time of subtle, yet mighty changes and by showing you both numbers, spirit is giving you a major greenlight to proceed!

You’ll likely see number 123 before or in combination with angel number 1234, which carries a similar but amplified message.

A Deep Dive Into the Numerology of Number 123

It’s often said that those who understand and work with numerology hold the keys to unlocking the center of the universe; themself.

That’s why I’ve included this mini deep-dive into the numerological significance of seeing angel number 123.

numerology meaning and breakdown of 123

Angel Number 1 is the pinnacle of all beginnings. It’s the root of all opportunities in our lives. It’s an innately powerful symbol of action, courage, and aligned decisions.

It marks the start of brand new pathways & broadened horizons. The beginning of the explorer’s journey starts here.

Angel Number 2 represents duality, balance, and cooperation. It’s the assister, the helper, the number that offers divine support & encouragement. 

Angel Number 3 is the mother of all numbers. It represents the holy three, carries the vibrations of ascended masters, and is loaded with abundance, success, riches, joy, and happiness.

It’s the number of true wish fulfillment, manifestation, creativity, and self-expression.

Combined, can you see just how mighty and powerful number 123 truly is?! 

What Does Angel Number 123 Mean in Love and Relationships?

Angel number 123 is a super positive omen when it comes to love! It signals either a new relationship filled with spontaneity, love, and pure joy or a fresh start in an existing relationship.

If you’re in a relationship and like where it’s going, number 123 lets you know now’s a great time to deepen the connection and take your relationship soaring to new heights!

Moving in together, meeting each other’s friends, spending time with the family, going on vacation together, getting a pet, popping the big question – all of it is possible with the power of this sequence on your side.

If you’re in a relationship but aren’t sure where it’s going, 123 indicates a time of reconciliation. You’ll likely experience heightened communication, a willingness to be better people, and an urge to grow closer as one unit.

Whilst there may be ups and downs, the key message here is to release all expectations and existence of how, when and things will progress in your relationship.

Desperation or control only pushes what you want even further away. That goes for singletons looking for love too.

Single? 123 wants you to keep your hope and faith alive. You will meet the right person – someone who will mirror back the best qualities of yourself and vice versa.

Loosen your grip and shed all preconceived beliefs you have surrounding love. Continue to live your life as freely and as happily as you can.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll ‘bump’ into another kindred soul.

If you’re currently in a toxic or unsuitable relationship, angel number 123 calls you to do what you know is right and let go.

You deserve nothing but respect, love, harmony, and more importantly someone who truly values you.

Call back your energy so you can invest it into someone who can make you happier.

meanings of angel number 123 for health, wealth, career

What Does Angel Number 123 Mean for Twin Flame Connections?

Angel number 123 is a positive sign that a soulmate relationship or twin flame is within reach – and as it signals progression, it could signal that this relationship is ready to move to the next level of commitment.

Despite what many believe, this number doesn’t signal twin flame separation, if anything it speaks of a greater, divinely timed twin flame reunion. 

If you’re yet to meet your twinflame, number 123 represents the universe aligning the stars to orchestrate a fated meeting between two souls.

With the power of 1 and 3 joined by the balancing energy of 2, these are souls who are likely creative, spontaneous, curious, and generally optimistic.

It’s a beautiful energy to experience, and it’s not something that happens very often!

If you see 123 after or before meeting someone, take note. Your angels are wanting you to be fully aware of this relationship, be it a romantic or platonic one.

This person has been brought into your life for a specific reason. 

123 and Twin Flame Separation? What You Need to Know

If you’re currently experiencing a twin flame separation, number 123 reassures you that it’s during moments of separation that the depth of your connection truly shines.

Remember, separation is not the end but a necessary step toward growth and transformation.

As the Universe works its magic in your connection, take time to reconnect with your own essence, passions, and dreams.

Use this time to heal, to learn, and to find your own inner strength. The bond you share is unbreakable, and as you each evolve individually, your reunion will be even more powerful.

I’m Seeing 123 After a Breakup – What Does This Mean for Me?

Right now, your angels are calling you to move forward, to make strides in a new and different direction. Most things in this life are temporary and that includes even the best thing; love.

We only have a certain amount of time to know human love, and all the lessons and hurt that come with it. Embrace where you’re at, at all moments in time, during the good and the bad.

The heartache? The insecurity? The grief? Run with it, but also free yourself from it.

For whatever reason, this relationship wasn’t meant to last a lifetime. The cosmos never willed it, but trust me when I say that the cosmos is weaving its infinite magic elsewhere.

In this dimension, but in the future, you’re already being woven into someone else’s story. Remain hopeful.

Does Seeing 123 Mean a Person Misses Me?

Typically, yes! Seeing 123 when thinking of a specific person can mean that they miss you. That said, it all depends on your current connection.

If you’ve been through a rocky time together lately, 123 can be a sign to redirect your focus, to root your energy into something or someone else.

Remember, 123 is always centered around YOUR inner growth, development, and progress, so whatever message you were meant to hear, will always be what is best for you, not someone else. 

What to Do After Seeing Angel Number 123

  • Make a commitment to rid any heavy emotions, relationships, jobs, or other commitments that are weighing your spirit down
  • Hone in your dreams, ambitions, and goals
  • Go all in on yourself
  • Focus on bringing positive experiences into your life and discover what it is that truly sets your soul alight
  • Be creative! Do things that make you come alive
  • Understand what triggers your fears, doubts, and worries, and work to resolve them

Secondly, make a note of when and where you saw the number. Keep a journal of all the repeating numbers and synchronicities you see in your waking life.

Every number you receive is a part of a much, much bigger message.

Depending on which life guide is sending the message (you can have over 11 types of guides on your spiritual team), guidance can span days, weeks, months, if not years!

⭐Harmonious numbers to watch out for include: angel number 1234, angel number 414, angel number 1122, angel number 2211, angel number 1255, angel number 1212, and angel number 5678.

All of these can give you greater guidance on your journey ahead!

FAQ – Further Common Questions

I’m Seeing 1:23 On the Clock – What Does it Mean?

Seeing 1:23 on the clock is a sure sign of celebration and praise from Archangel Jophiel! Jophiel is the archangel of positivity, beauty, wisdom and happiness.

They sweep into our lives to offer us the gift of child-like joy and peace! Whenever you see 1:23 on the clock, know that things will start turning around for the better very soon.

123 and Doreen Virtue – A Message From Your Guardian Angel?

If you’re well versed with the miraculous world of angel numbers and numerology, you’ve likely heard of Doreen Virtue – a famous angelic channeller.

Virtue claims that 123 is a magnificent sign to receive from your guardian angels – a little nod and wink that they’re around.

Seeing 1:23 on the clock carries the same beautiful message.

Whenever you see 123, make a wish! Your guardian angel is offering you immense, powerful, and directed energy to make your dreams come true.

123 Prophetic and Biblical Meaning – What Do I Need to Know?

Whilst 123 doesn’t feature directly in the Bible (in fact, no numerological sequences do), some believe this number discusses the importance of keeping faith and trust in the plans Spirit has laid out for you.

It also has ties to the Holy Trinity (the father, the holy Spirit, and the Son).

It might not seem as though everything’s coming together, but it’s important to remember this: you trust the pilot to guide you to your destination even though you can’t see them, you trust the bus driver to get you somewhere safely even you don’t know them – it’s the same principle with the universe.

Is Angel Number 123 a Good Sign for Pregnancy?

123 carries strong home and family-oriented energy and is a wonderful sign to receive for those looking to conceive and carry a healthy, full-term pregnancy.

It speaks of progressive growth and hitting key developmental milestones through the gestation period. This is especially true if this is a miracle baby. 

No longer Seeing Number 123? Here’s Why!

If you’re no longer seeing number 123, don’t panic! Angels send specific patterns and sequences until the message is heard…then they’ll usually start another sequence.

Or, they might start sending you messages via other means such as animal symbolism, coins, or feathers.

This doesn’t mean you’ve lost your path or you’re doing anything wrong! The universe is always communicating with you – the key is to pay attention to the subtle signs.

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