3 Major Reasons You’re Seeing Angel Number 1255! (Meaning & Symbolism)

If there’s one thing you should know about angel number 1255, it’s this; it’s a divinely timed message to trust that the decisions and life changes that are happening in your life are happening for your highest good!

You’re being asked to wholly trust and put faith in the universe and the choices you have made up to this point. Nothing is random!

The choices you’ve made may have seemed random and chaotic at times, but you’re being reminded that every choice you make is leading you to live out your true soul purpose on Earth. 

Let’s dig deeper into the wonderful messages your angels wish to share with you!

What Does Angel Number 1255 Mean?

Angel number 1255 means that intense, but profound change is on the horizon for you – the type of change that ushers in a wealth of hidden blessings, joyful opportunities, and answered prayers, even if you find yourself needing to take a leap of faith to receive them.

Whatever you’ve been dreaming of doing, now’s the time to put it into motion! Double 5 in this sequence lends to fast, forward movement.

Don’t doubt yourself here, put your plans into motion, even if it means taking baby steps.

With the power of number 1 on your side too, so many new beginnings and fated opportunities are yours for the taking should you choose to listen to your intuitive hits and nudges!

Seeing 1255 or similar angel numbers such as 1355 is always a sure sign of success too. It’s a loving confirmation from your angels that you’re on the right track, and are divinely supported by your entire spirit team in the higher realms. 

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 1255?

Spiritually, angel number 1255 brings an interesting message. Many interpret its surface-level meaning as encouraging more balance and harmony in your life, but there’s a much deeper meaning here; 1255 asks you to go with the flow, adapt to change, and to inject more spontaneity into your everyday routine!

We’re not talking about abandoning responsibilities here, but instead, finding little ways to bring out your own inner happiness.

It’s a gentle reminder that all we ever have is now, so make sure to revel in small moments of joy.

3 Major Reasons You’re Seeing Angel Number 1255


The answer to this one is a resounding yes! Seeing angel number 1255 is a highly fortunate and auspicious sign to see when you’re considering making a life change or significant decision.

Angel number 1255 has a tendency to appear during challenging times, times where you feel lost and you’re wandering off the beaten track – your angels want you to know that everything is indeed working in your favor.

The lack of ‘3’ and ‘4’ in the number combined with the jump from numbers ‘2’ to ‘5’ signals that there was or still is likely a lot of doubt, worry, and hesitation surrounding this change, but your guides want you to know that you made the right choice, or the decision you’re currently pondering is right for you.

This is the major spiritual green light you’ve been waiting for!


1255 often shows up at times of complete upheaval or when you’re at crossroads in life.

Whilst this time can seem extremely confusing, it’s actually trying to prepare you for major breakthroughs; be it on a career, financial, emotional, or soul level.

I’ve always seen double ‘5’ as a good thing because it carries the immensely transformative energy of both the ‘tower’ and the ‘judgment’ card in tarot.

Many fear the tower for the destruction it can bring but your angels want you to know this; what the universe lets fall was only ever built on a weak, unstable and false foundation to begin with.

This type of destruction often involves the shedding of false beliefs, an unfulfilling job, an incompatible relationship etc – anything that truly isn’t aligned with who you are at a core level or who you want to become.

Before you panic though, you should know that this tower energy is always coupled with ‘Judgment’.

Judgment brings the energy of a deep awakening, a new sense of self, a new perspective, and a new path amongst financial success and other worldly desires.

By seeing 1255, you’re being asked to let go of what was – let go of a need to have permanency attached to everything, let go of beliefs keeping you stuck and instead look at your life right now as an adventure.

Something to be lived, and experienced through meaning, joy, and aligned action.


Angel number 1255 is a sign from your loving angels that it’s time to embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration to rid yourself of all limiting obstacles standing in your way.

Your guardian angels want you to know that the most significant obstacles are the ones you have embedded deep within your psyche over the years based on past experiences and traumas.

You’re now reaching a significant stage in your journey, and so now it’s time to unlearn harmful behaviors and patterns holding you back.

Your guides want you to know that you’re never alone during this process, and that even though these experiences are difficult to work through when they resurface, they’re coming up so that you can begin to live an emotionally freer and happier life.

Start with inner child work before you take on the more complex and challenging shadow work. 

Additional Hidden Meanings to Note:

  • Release old fears, doubts and worries
  • It’s a time of rebirth and transformation – lean into the life you wish to create
  • Don’t worry about seeing the full path ahead, you only need to take steps in the direction your heart calls you to
  • You’re doing much better than you think
  • Sudden expansion of family i.e. pregnancy announcement, engagement
  • Express yourself using hobbies and creative outlets – don’t worry about monetizing them
meaning of angel number 1255


As far as your career is concerned, 1255 could be a sign that it’s about to take a major positive turn. In fact, this number could suggest that you’re on the brink of a breakthrough in your professional life.

Whatever idea or path you’ve wanted to take, now’s the time to do it! 1255 also encourages you to be open to new ideas, new skills and avenues – don’t hem yourself into one path and one path only! 


For health, 1255 presents a rather simple message; take time to review your habits and truly ask, ‘is this serving me?’.

If not, it might be time to let it go, or better yet, replace it with a healthier alternative.

Number 1255 can, and I say this with caution, also sometimes represent a sudden improvement in health and overall fitness, or the lifting of an ailment or illness.


It might not seem like it but 1255 is a super positive number as far as wealth generation and money go! Not only are new beginnings or chapters on the horizon, but the master number 55 in this sequence suggests sudden, but positive change that will bring your financial situation back into balance. 

What Does Angel Number 1255 Mean for Love and Relationships?

1255 has a dual meaning when it comes to love and relationships. It’s almost a ‘you know what you need to do’ kind of message. There’s likely something you’ve been burying – some kind of hard or even daunting decision you know you’ve needed to make.

Maybe you know your relationship isn’t working out as well as it should be or maybe you know you won’t meet someone staying in every night but feel worried about putting yourself out there again. 

As I mentioned earlier, number 1255 is all about change. Change in itself is neither good nor bad, it entirely depends on your perspective.

If you’re in a relationship, this change could represent taking your partnership to the next level, be that moving in together, making it official or popping the question. 

Alternatively, if you feel your current relationship is on the rocks, and it’s causing more suffering than joy, seeing 1255 can indicate a need to part separate ways and walk your own path.

Whilst being single again may seem scary, your angels are reassuring you that more riches and blessings will come your way once you make the decision to put yourself first.

The person you’re with isn’t the only or last person in the world who will love you.

If you’re currently single, you can take 1255 as a highly auspicious sign that your next relationship is right around the corner. And this isn’t just any kind of relationship either, it’s one that perfectly matches the amount of soul work and energy you’ve put into yourself over the past few months or even years of your life.

This could be a twin flame meeting, or a fated soul union and partnership. Either way, you’re being asked not to worry about what is coming next for you.

In both instances, 1255 carries incredibly beautiful, loving and supporting energies with it, so whatever change you FEEL you need to make, you can rest assured you’re doing the right thing.

meanings of angel number 1255 for health, wealth, career

What Does Angel Number 1255 Mean for Twin Flame Connections?

For twin flame connections, 1255 offers an inherently beautiful message. It symbolizes a deeply divine and sacred union, one fused together with the raw passion, yet gentleness of true love.

Though you might need to be prepared for some serious ups and downs in this twin flame relationship; the turbulence of the double 5 combined with the forward-thinking 1 means that there’s also something happening in the relationship, be that progress or otherwise.

There’s very little stagnation here! That said, you always have the power and divine courage to work through even the toughest of obstacles and challenges together.

With enough work, you’ll both be in a position to come together for an even greater twin flame reunion.

Experiencing a twin flame separation? 1255 reinforces the ‘eventual come-back together’ message above, but suggests that some changes are needed to encourage this reunion. It’s possible you both need to heal your deepest triggers first.

The Numerology Behind Angel Number 1255

numerology meaning and breakdown of 1255

Number 1 – Number 1 is the epitome of new beginnings. It’s the master creator, the dream weaver, the destined path. It represents opportunities, independence, making a mark on this world, and leaning into your own skills and talents.

Number 2 – Number 2 typically represents harmony and balance, but it also represents duality, the subconscious mind, determination, courage, making decisions, and divine cooperation.

Number 5 – Number 5 is quite possibly my favorite number. It’s the number of rapid, but positive change and transformation. It speaks of fast movement and action.

Master Number 55 – Number 55 is an amplification of number 5, given it appears twice. This beautiful number gives way to an even greater transformation, usually involving all areas of your life. This is a time to truly hone in on your greatest desires and ambitions in life.

The Spiritual Significance and Symbolism Behind Angel Number 1255

I LOVE combining other forms of spiritual practices to give way to an even greater meaning. In tarot, number 1 is tied to the mighty Magician card, number 2 is linked to the High Priestess, whereas 5 represents the mystical Hierophant.

spiritual symbolism of a magician, high priestess and hierophant card tarot 1255

The message here isn’t all that simple to detect but if we dig deeper we find it’s this; you have absolutely everything it takes to turn your life around, no matter what has happened.

Lean into your intuitive nudges rather than listening to the outside world and don’t be afraid to take your knowledge and skills to another level. Higher education or additional study is also encouraged here.

My Personal Experience with Angel Number 1255

I’ve seen angel number 1255 everyday for the past 6 weeks which makes complete sense given that I’m going through my own crossroads tower moment.

Everything I previously held and regarded to be true has recently come into question; on both a career and emotional level.

Whilst the application of the divine message is different for everyone depending on their life circumstances, the core meaning behind 1255 remains the same; have trust that what’s happening to you is actually happening for you because you’re on the verge of a truly significant and deep breakthrough!

What to Do When You See Angel Number 1255

The one thing you should know about angel numbers is that they rarely ever appear on their own as singular events. And by that I mean they appear alongside other angel numbers and signs e.g. feathers, animal symbolism etc.

That’s why I like to keep a journal and make a note of when, where and how many times I’ve seen that sign pop up.

I also like to note what I was thinking at the time of seeing it – you’d be surprised at how many instant answers you receive from your loving angel team but miss. 

Angels never stop giving you guidance. Ever. By keeping a journal over a period of time you’ll start to see recurring messages, guidance, and patterns appearing. These are likely messages you’ve been missing for months, if not years of your life! 

The key takeaway for angel number 1255 though is one of remaining trustful even if you can’t see the next steps, because on the horizon there will soon be lots to celebrate and be grateful for.

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