7 Major Reasons You’re Seeing Angel Number 0101

One thing’s for certain – angel number 0101 is loaded with potential. If you’ve been spotting it throughout your day, you should consider yourself lucky. Not only is 0101 a heightened, mirror number, but it’s incredibly auspicious.

In fact, if you’re seeing angel numbers at all, you should take this as a clear sign that your angels, spirit team, and protectors are ready and waiting to help.

Angels or spirit guides may use angel number 0101 when trying to communicate very specific messages; here are 7 major messages they might be trying to tell you.

meaning of angel number 0101 in spirituality



The combination of numbers ‘01’ always signals a breakthrough is at hand. In the background, your guardian angels, life guides, and divine timing guides have been pulling all the pieces of the jigsaw together to align you perfectly for this momentous event.

If you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut, unsure of which path to take, or have been seeking guidance, this is a sure sign you’re being led to some sort of breakthrough.

Breakthroughs can happen overnight, so make sure to note any dreams you can remember. If you can still remember your dream, or even elements of it, it likely wasn’t just a dream but rather a message from higher sources or the other side. 


0101 is what I call a ‘lock and key’ number. When drawn, it shows what resembles a key in a lock or door. I’ve illustrated it below so you can see what I mean.

angel number 0101 opportunities

Except, this isn’t an ordinary lock and key number, it’s doubled. When a double occurrence like this is seen, it almost always is a sign from your angels or spirit guides that opportunities at this time are heightened or even doubled.

If you’ve been manifesting or seeking an answer to something, be sure to take note of an unusual sign that comes your way.

Opportunities presented by the universe might not be incredibly obvious at first glance: keep an eye on any doors that may be opening and don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’ even if you can’t see the full path ahead yet. Your guides are with you every step of the way.

This is a number commonly seen with miracles and abundance.


Similarly, if your guides think you’ve missed something important, they might be seeking your attention. The universe is benevolent and so despite what many believe, it will try to give you every possible chance of circling back to pick up what you might have left behind.

This could be a golden opportunity, an answer you were seeking from your angels, general guidance, or even a fated meeting of a soul family member.

When you see angel number 0101, take note of what time of day, when, and where you saw it. This can give you clues as to what your spirit team is trying to get you to take notice of.

You’ll often find signs appear close to what it is they’re trying to make you aware of. 


I first saw this angel number when I was seeking a new career path. At the time I felt as though nothing made sense, and a heavy feeling of despair settled over me in every waking part of my life.

Just 2 days later, I had one of the biggest epiphanies of my life. It was an incredibly subtle change in terms of the change in career, but it was everything I was asking for and more.

It was one of those, ‘I don’t why I didn’t think of it sooner’ moments.

When angel number 0101 pops up, you can be sure that your angels are reassuring you that you’re not truly stuck. They’re encouraging you to reframe a situation or scenario, and change your attitude or beliefs – often the smallest of tweaks make a whole lot of difference.

If you feel like you’re trapped in a cage or a never ending loop, your guides are clarifying that it is you who put yourself in the cage. Freedom and independence is, and always was, yours for the taking.

This is a gentle reminder that what we believe to be true isn’t always our reality. 


A common reason you’re seeing angel number 0101 is because your guides are asking you to remain open to their messages, thoughts, and ideas. It’s incredibly easy to ‘accidentally’ switch off to the messages our angels have, and we never really notice it until the messages are gone.

Similar to seeing angel number 1001, the message here is to keep your thoughts aligned with the divine and the loving energies of your guardian angels and life guides.

Doing so will lead you to a wonderful wealth of resources, opportunities, energy, and clarity. Only you and your guides alone know what is best for you. 


‘0’ in numerological terms is associated with infinity, a sense of eternal oneness and the realm of divine potential. It’s the gateway between our conscious reality and the magic and mystical world of the unknown, or what some call the ‘universe’, ‘source’, ‘God’ or ‘higher self’.

Number 1 is a powerful and potent symbol of birth, creation, new beginnings, and miracles.

Put together and doubled, these two numbers are truly a powerhouse combo when it comes to energy. It seeks to show you that higher knowledge and even access to the akashic records are available to you now more than ever before.

0101 is effectively a green light from your angels and ascended masters. If you’ve started something new or wish to, follow your instincts and trust your intuition for your higher self can guide you much better than another person on this planet.


Remember how I talked about angel number 0101 being a mirror number? That’s exactly what twin flames do – they mirror you. Angel number 0101 could be a sign that you’ve encountered a twin flame.

They are often fated relationships, be it romantic or platonic, that serve a purpose in your life. This often includes soul growth, exposing or healing traumas, and even soul conflict.

These types of relationships generally aren’t soulmate or soul matches – they’re often too draining to maintain for a lifetime, but they teach valuable and critical lessons your soul may need to progress.

To clarify, twin flames are not the same as a toxic or co-dependent relationship – they can absolutely be filled with love, passion, and affection, it’s just they often fizzle out as each of your souls grow.


Spotting 01:01 on the clock is associated with the Guardian Angel Elemiah. Elemiah is part of the Seraphims angel cluster, the highest order of angels.

Her virtues and powers are said to aid those seeking their life mission, happiness, and internal discovery. She is a true enabler of new changes and fresh starts and is a guardian angel many associate with success and protection.

The days when you’re most likely able to feel her energy or presence are 24th March, 6th June, 20th August, 1st November and 12th January, between the hours of 1:00 and 1:20am. 


0101 is a very promising number for those either currently in a relationship or singletons seeking one. Double 1, making 2, is the number of union and matrimony.

If you’re a frequent tarot user, you’ll know that the two of cups is the ultimate card to pull when it comes to relationships – not only does it represent a perfect harmonious union, but it also symbolises finding a mutually supportive, loving, and balanced relationship. 

Seeing 0101 in this case is a very lucky and endearing sign from your angels that love is on its way or that you’re in a happy and contented relationship. 


As with all angel numbers, some have intricate and often hidden meanings depending on when they were spotted, when and by who.

Here are just a few more reasons you might spot this powerful number:

  • You have a talent for diplomacy and at this moment in time can settle any conflicts or disputes in your professional or personal life. You have the strength and know-how to become a mediator or intermediary in this scenario.
  • 0101 is associated with both the two of cups and the Magician in the world of Tarot. You are entering a new cycle, be it romantic or professional, that requires creativity, solutions, and ideas, of which you have in abundance. This is a very lucky sign!
  • Your intuition is incredibly heightened. You can quickly gauge the energy surrounding a situation or person. The ‘0’ charges the energy of the number ‘101’ which is connected with deep intuition, inner strength and collective thoughts.
  • Good news in relation to a financial transaction or state of affairs.

Harmonious Numbers to Watch Out For:

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