Angel Number 420: 4 Major Reasons You’re Seeing This Wondrous Number!

If you’ve been seeing angel number 420 appear frequently in your life, you should know it’s absolutely no coincidence! Loaded with blessings, harmony, divine guidance, and messages from your angelic guides, angel number 420 brings news of great and rapid change on the horizon.

But this isn’t any old change! This is a stream of welcome change – a free-flowing river that brings exciting new beginnings, adventure and more importantly, much-needed stability.

What no longer serves you is going to crumble at an almighty pace, and that includes negative thoughts, limiting patterns, and challenging obstacles.

What a beautiful and highly auspicious message to receive! Let’s dig a little deeper to discover exactly what your beautiful angels want you to know.


If you’ve been getting intuitive hits that your life is about to change for the better, you’re not wrong! All angel numbers are an opportunity to receive clarity, guidance, and inspiration from the Higher Realms, but despite these moments of clarity, you could also be experiencing periods of despair because nothing has materialised yet.

Angel number 420 specifically comes to highlight all your fears, worries, and doubts and tells you to trust the process. You are about to embark upon a magnificent journey of self-discovery which will require you to have patience, diligence, and perseverance.

The culmination of all your dreams, hopes, and desires awaits you but it will require effort on your part to bring them to fruition. But not in the way that you think!

Your angels are asking you to bring your mindset into harmony and balance – become the greatest version of yourself, and finally realize just how limitless you truly are!

Your angels desperately want you to know that you’re more worthy, more capable, and stronger than you think. With the right mindset and outlook, you’re capable of achieving even your loftiest, wildest goals.



420 is telling you your breakthrough is on the horizon – don’t quit before the big reveal! Your angels are lovingly supporting you as you leave the shallow waters for the uncertain depths, but don’t be afraid (even if you can’t swim) because they are saying that what is on the other side of this great crossing is what you have been praying for.

Don’t be alarmed by setbacks or what appears to be a bump in the road. Number 2 in this sequence reminds us of the nature of duality – without the dark there can’t be light!

These obstacles and challenges are nothing more than character builders, designed to highlight and reveal your true strengths and gifts in this world.

420 reminds you that nothing worth having comes easy and while you may need to loosen the reins a little and surrender to divine timing, slowing down as opposed to overdoing it is what will ultimately speed up your manifestations.


Never underestimate the potential in everyday occurrences. Have a sudden flash of insight, an inspired idea, or have an urge to be spontaneous?

Absolutely don’t ignore these seemingly random occurrences. You can be sure this is your angels at work.

This is how you angels help lead you toward your manifestations by making sure you’re in the right place at the right time!

Number 420 comes as confirmation to follow that sacred, intuitive calling wherever it leads and take notice of synchronistic events that occur on your path.

You are at a checkpoint in your life where your thoughts are more potent than ever, so pay close attention to what you’re thinking about – your dreams are materializing rapidly!


In Numerology, number 420 holds the energy of numbers 4, 2, 0, and 6 (4 + 2 combined).

Number 4 holds the key to a life that’s full of peace, stability, and structure. It represents your untapped potential, wisdom, and the world of logic and reasoning. It lets you know that already have the tools you need to succeed – don’t waste time looking outside yourself for answers (this won’t get you far).

Number 2 is a number of high vibration, prosperity, and abundance. It relates to harmonious partnerships, either business or personal, and represents co-creation. It reminds us of the basic human desire for connection. Read more about the meaning of number 2.

Number 0 is the infinite beginning and end co-existing. It represents your evolving spiritual journey – the need for clarity and further exploration and amplifies the numbers paired with it.

Number 6 is the humanitarian number, the way of the masterful teacher, and asks you, how have you been of service to others lately?

These numbers combined to make angel number 420 are telling you there is an opportunity in your near future to turn your creativity, passions, and natural talents into a source of great financial abundance for you. In doing so, you will also be of service to the collective.


Speaking of being of service, did you also know that seeing angel number 420 can act as a type of spiritual awakening? An awakening to your true purpose, mission, and divine intention on Earth.

When seeing angel numbers like this one, it’s possible you’re being called to step into your true power as an Earth Angel on Earth.

A loving, benevolent force for good, these beautiful souls uplift the vibration of humanity in the most fantastical way. I’ve linked my post on Earth Angels here so you can see if you resonate with the classic telltale signs!


If love has been on your mind lately then number 420 comes to tell you harmony within your relationships (whether romantic or not) is possible.

However, don’t be surprised or even upset if certain friends drop off the face of the Earth, or romantic interests fizzle out. This is all part of what is coming to you and anything that no longer serves you is being cleared to make room for the new.

The message here is to not resist change in any way shape or form! If you did everything physically possible to maintain that connection, and then it falls apart, it wasn’t meant for you.

If you want to know what 420 means specifically to your current situation, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who was on your mind when you saw this number?
  • Are they a positive influence in your life?
  • Do they respect your boundaries?
  • Do they treat you with love, mutual respect and trust?

Remember 420 is all about building long-term stability and solid foundations, and this message wholly applies to love too.

420 is asking you to get clear on what is and is not serving you so you can free yourself of old baggage. Where you are heading requires complete faith and trust, holding onto the past will only delay your future.

Be excited for new people the Universe will bring into your life – this includes romantic interests you haven’t encountered yet (exciting stuff!).


If you are hoping for a twin flame connection or are already in a Twin Flame relationship and are wondering what 420 signifies (does it mean reunion or separation?) the message you need to hear is, redirect your focus.

Don’t occupy your mind with fear-based thoughts, these are not serving you or your Twin Flame journey.

Just as the energy of number 2 represents harmonious union, 420 tells you reunion is possible but should not be your end goal.

In fact, the Angels are telling you that by turning your attention inwards and honoring yourself, your Twin Flame will naturally gravitate towards you.

Remember, as with any Angel number, the message is specific to you. 420 is not to be taken as confirmation that he or she is your Twin Flame (if that’s what you’ve been asking) but as an opportunity for introspection and deeper clarity on the answers you already hold within you.

Don’t get caught up in the labels because your Twin Flame will appear in your life when you least expect it -that is what Angel number 420 wants you to know.

Focus on what you love and trust the journey, things will unfold in ways you can’t even imagine.


Wondering what Angel number 420 means for your manifestations? The potency of number 0 here symbolizes your untapped mystical powers. If you’ve been manifesting quicker than usual then 420 is telling you to meet the universe halfway and become a conscious co-creator by getting uber clear on what you want to manifest.

Don’t underestimate your power! You are at the pinnacle point of manifesting your dreams, the pendulum now swings in your favor and you will soon reap the rewards of your hard work.

420 is reminding you of your connection to the Universe. It wants you to work actively with it and spend less time thinking about the hows, and more time thinking about what you want to manifest. You have to be in the driving seat but at the same time allow the Universe to steer the car.

Now is the time to get creative with your manifestation routine. Make a vision board, script your dream life, and actively play your part in magnetizing your desires towards you. This is what Angel number 420 is telling you here.


The numbers that make up Angel number 420 are significant in the Bible. The creative energy of number 4 relates to the Book of Genesis where it is said that God created the Sun, Moon, and stars on the 4th day.

Number 2 in the Bible represents union between man and wife and refers to the sacred marriage between the feminine and masculine energy (hieros gamos) in Twin Flames.

Number 0 represents the infinite knowledge, wisdom, and power of God and all of Creation.


The most important thing to do when you see 420 is to stop and pay attention. Don’t try to overanalyze the significance or you will lose the meaning altogether.

It will be helpful to carry a journal or notebook with you – you can even make notes on your phone to keep a record of when this number occurs.

Take note of the time too because this may also be significant to you.

If it’s not convenient to meditate at the exact moment you see 420, don’t worry. Keep a note of it and remember to make time later to connect with yourself to best receive the message.

Sit down somewhere you won’t be disturbed and allow guidance to come through. Don’t dismiss anything no matter how abstract it may be, there could be a message in that.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What were you thinking about when you saw the number 420?
  • How did you feel at that moment?
  • What has been on your mind recently that you have been worrying about?
  • What colour comes to mind when you think of this number?
  • Does a specific Angel appear in your mind when you think of 420?

It’s important not to push yourself for an answer. If nothing comes to you then trust the message was received and make it a habit to reflect on any Angel number you see from now on.

Harmonious numbers to watch out for include angel number 414, 1414, 0404, and 424.


Angel number 420 is telling you not to give up. Don’t be discouraged by experiences from the past, they were all necessary to get you to this moment in time where you are ready to embark on the next chapter of your journey.

Your biggest breakthrough yet is just around the corner – relax, and trust the process!

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