Are You An Earth Angel? 39 Subtle Signs You Are, Mission & More

Have you felt different from others your entire life, as though you’re an outsider looking in, but can’t quite put your finger on why or what it is that makes you different?

Are you a highly empathic and sensitive soul? Do you feel like you’ve got a special mission to carry out on Earth, even if you’re not sure what it is?

It’s possible you’re an Earth Angel. 

It’s my hope that with this article you will discover a major part of yourself that has remained buried for years, if not decades.

Discovering you’re part of a vast community of wondrous Earth Angels is a life-changing experience. 

In this post, you’ll discover:

  • Your true soul origins
  • What an Earth Angel is
  • Subtle signs you may be one
  • Their guiding mission and purpose, and how to find yours
  • Challenges these souls face and overcome


Earth Angels are a loving, nurturing group of souls who agreed to incarnate on Earth to balance out the light from the dark. They are the closest thing we have to true celestial angels on Earth, though they’re not true divine angels.

Whilst they may not have lived in the divine realms, they can have memories that make it seem like they’ve lived previous lives elsewhere other than on Earth.

The true empaths, healers, and nurturers amongst us, they are highly sensitive beings and often feel different from people they’ve interacted with their entire life.

Earth Angels radiate pure, unfiltered joy into the world and are here to transmute heavier energies into lighter ones through their specific mission or purpose (more on that later).

The 3 main reasons an earth angel incarnates on Earth include;

  • Weaving in love and light to raise global consciousness
  • Help humanity, the planet, and its creatures through their personal mission
  • Assist souls on Earth in their awakening process


1. You Notice the Miracles in the Mundane

Have you ever stopped to look at the world around you and just stared in awe and amazement? The shape of the clouds, the smell of the dewy grass in the morning, the sight of the sun breaking over the horizon.

No matter what is happening in your life, you can’t help but notice the miracles that surround you each and every day. Little things that other people would miss make you smile.

2. You Absorb Other People’s Energy and Moods Quickly

Earth Angels are clairsentient beings. They can literally feel and absorb the energy of those around them, and it doesn’t take much exposure to do so.

Have you ever talked to someone who is experiencing real problems in their life, only to realize that you’ve walked away with a deep feeling of sadness, heaviness, and negativity, but can’t understand why?

You’re likely highly gifted in clairsentience.

You’re able to pull in their feelings to the point of downloading them into your own energetic system. 

3. You Struggle to Set Boundaries 

Speaking of absorbing other people’s energies, you struggle to set hard and firm boundaries when it comes to other people’s needs.

You’re a natural giver, you are a true carer, and want to do the ‘good’ thing to the extent of burning yourself out.

Physical and emotional burnout is something Earth Angels commonly suffer with. It takes time for you to say ‘no’, even if you know it’s probably for the best.

You can’t understand why people would ever want to take advantage of you. This is one spiritual lesson Earth Angels need to learn to be ‘successful’ in this lifetime.

4. You Sometimes Feel Naive and Vulnerable in This World

Guided by the laws of love, unity, and compassion, you struggle with the seemingly callous nature of this world.

You expect people to care and love the way you do, only to be shocked when it doesn’t happen. You might even think there’s something wrong with you (there isn’t).

5. You’re an Eternal Optimist

You like to see the blessings beyond the storm, even if no one else can. You’re a believer that things always happen for a reason.

6. Children and Animals are Naturally Drawn to You

Many Earth Angels have a pure and unfiltered aura; something which animals and children are naturally attracted to. They can sense your loving and nurturing nature.

You might easily be able to calm a distressed child or injured animal, where others can’t.

You might feel as though you can understand and communicate with animals and children even without words. A simple look into their eyes is all it takes.

7. You Have a Deep Love for The Natural World

Forests, oceans, jungles – Earth Angels have a natural affinity to nature. They have high vibrational energy which is dampened by the bustling nature of man-made cities.

They feel a sense of relief and calmness pour over them when they’re in sync with the natural ebb and flow of the Earth.

8. You are Triggered by Loud Noises and Experiences

Loud noises affect your well-being. They clutter your thinking and make it almost impossible to do what you do best; heal.

You prefer quieter, calmer environments. This might have been the same for you even as a child.

9. You Feel Like an Outsider Looking In

Earth Angels who don’t realize they are one often have a desperate need to fit into social circles and society as a whole.

They know that they’re different but can’t quite put their finger on what it is that makes them different from everyone else they see. From a young age, you’ve likely felt like an outsider. 

10. You Think in Possibilities

Creative thinkers and healers, these loving souls radiate pure joy and optimism. They are just grateful to be living life as we know it.

Similar to Lyran Starseeds, Earth Angels see Earth as a playground for their soul – a playground full of possibilities just waiting to be explored.

Negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs can take Earth Angels by force though if they’ve absorbed too many of them over the years.

11. Violence, Maltreatment & Injustice Troubles You

Seeing a stray animal, a person without shelter or the mistreatment of another human being deeply troubles you.

If you were to see a video or even hear someone talking about this kind of mistreatment, you instantly feel sadness, remorse, and regret for mankind.

You struggle to understand how anyone could harbor such hateful intentions in the first place. 

12. You’re Deeply Empathic and Highly Sensitive

You feel what other people feel in a way that you can’t put into words.

Whereas others offer sympathy, you are able to understand and feel what another person is experiencing from their frame of reference.

Without the right type of boundaries, you likely feel emotionally exhausted most of the time (without ever truly knowing why). You are literally embodying the emotions of tens if not hundreds of people at a time. 

13. You Have a Deep Fascination with Angels and Their Synchronicities

This might sound like an obvious sign, but Earth Angels have an intense relationship with the angels within the divine realms. You might see angel numbers like 333 or 111 everywhere you look.

You might understand the significance of angel hierarchy and order.

At the very least, you have a desire and willingness to delve deeper into these matters.

14. You’re Visited by Angels or Angelic Like Beings

Through the form of energetic downloads, Earth Angels can communicate with the angels in the higher realms. They are skilled at dreamwork, astral travel, and practices such as spiritual journaling.

Even if you’re unaware of your spirit guide team, you likely have more than one Guardian Angel you communicate with, perhaps even a team of them.

These beings might visit in your dreams, in a half-waking state, or when you are in most need of help and support (likely in the form of a human presence). 

15. You Embody the Energy of the Magician & Manifest Effortlessly

When in alignment with their most authentic self, Earth Angels are effortless manifestors. They carry the energy of the Magician in tarot; they have everything they could possibly need to make their life a living dream.

Their energy is naturally high which is what makes manifestation so easy for these incredible beings. The challenge is keeping their energy high when faced with adversity from other humans.

16. You’re a Born Healer and Caregiver

Healers are often mistaken as traditional healers, meaning careers which involve medicine, holistic treatment, or spiritual energy work. But, healers come from all walks of life.

They can break trauma chains that have run through their family for generations.

They can become the first millionaire in their family and heal self-limiting beliefs they have had surrounding money.

They can help others through the form of coaching, teaching, or guiding. Earth Angels are healers in every sense of the word.

17. You are Highly Creative

Whether you realize it or not, you have a wildly imaginative creative side just waiting to be unleashed.

Be it through music, arts, writing, or DIY, Earth Angels use their child-like joy to give birth to creations that help raise their personal vibration. Many of these souls turn their hobbies into a full-time career, and are very successful in doing so.

18. You are Selective Over Who You Let into Your Circle

You might have been taken advantage of in the past, and so now, you are selective over who you let close to you.

Through no fault of their own, Earth Angels have the tendency to think spreading their compassion, joy, and optimism to as many people as possible is the best thing to do.

This leads to confusion and rejection from those who aren’t yet ready to hear and experience your loving vibration. As a result, many Earth Angels feel isolated whilst still having a lot of ‘friends’.

19. You Have Psychic and Earth Angel Abilities

Angelic communication, dreamwork, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, divination, and mediumship are just some of the psychic and angelic abilities which you may resonate with.

Earth Angels can have both what I call ‘earthbound’ and ‘divine’ talents. Earthbound skills are things like automatic writing, journaling, art, cooking, herbalism, gardening etc.

Divine talents are those associated with the higher realms; intuition, astral travel, dreamwork, akashic record meditation etc.


  • You had a troublesome childhood and learned what compassion, love, and patience meant by teaching them to yourself
  • You feel like you have a specific mission to carry out on Earth, even if you’re not sure what it is
  • You were mocked or teased as a child because of something that made you different
  • You come from a dysfunctional family
  • You have or have had low self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem
  • You get the sense that people think you’re different (but not necessarily in a judgemental way)
  • You feel called to teach or lead
  • You wish to work with the energy of the main archangels
  • You feel deeply connected with the universe, planets, stars
  • You feel safe amongst nature
  • You love astrology
  • You’re an old soul
  • You look up at the stars and feel a deep yearning to return home (you might also be a starseed)
  • Certain words, quotes and songs cause a surge of emotions to rise from your spirit
  • You believe that miracles can happen on a daily basis
  • You’ve healed yourself from some type of illness or chronic condition
  • You have suffered with anxiety or some chronic pain syndrome in the past
  • You feel grateful for the life you’re currently living
  • You feel imperfectly perfect

If you resonate with most of these signs, you can rest assured you are an Earth Angel.


Did you know that there are many different types of Earth Angels too? Below, I’ve listed the most common ones I’ve encountered and had the pleasure of working with.

Some of these you might recognize within yourself, or even those around you.


These are the angels who want to do everything and anything in their lifetime. They want to experience everything this world has to offer. These people are multipotentialites and rarely settle on one career.

They believe they have more than one mission to carry out in this lifetime, and often feel overwhelmed at the thought of choosing just one path.


Rattled by injustice and inequality, these souls are at the forefront of activism.

You’ll find them organizing peaceful protest marches, establishing organizations/charities, and scoping out careers that allow them to change public policy. 


Inspired by their own imagination, the creators see no limits as to what’s possible in this world. They love to bring new ways of doing something to the table.

These people are the designers, innovators, architects, and makers amongst us. They view life as a giant canvas for self-expression.


Adventurers are the wild and solo type of Earth Angel. They love trying new things, meeting new people, and most importantly, letting their soul roam free.

But, unlike the overachiever, the adventurer has a specific infatuation with travel and culture.

These are the volunteers, digital nomads, and live abroad kind of people. You might struggle to pin them down to one place in particular.


These are the counselor archetypes. They have a talent for listening and helping others reframe their problems.

They love to serve, be it through traditional healing roles such as medicine and therapy or non-traditional modalities such as writing, money coaching and public speaking etc.


Earth Angels who aren’t aware of their capabilities, talents, and authentic self typically fall into this category.

It’s very easy for Earth Angels to embody the energy of the hermit; someone who spends a lot of time alone and needs introspection to thrive.

As a way of defending themselves and their energy, these people believe it is better to be alone than it is to be misunderstood. And whilst we all need our alone time, this belief can get out of control and lead to isolation. 


Earth Angels’ overarching mission is one of compassion, love, and inspiration. Collectively, they are here to infuse optimism, light, and joy where it doesn’t exist.

They are the bringers of light because their energy and soul vibration is so pure.

This doesn’t mean they need to be fixing or doing all the time though; many Earth Angels carry a deeply personal soul mission within their DNA that requires them to just ‘be’.

A soul mission that allows them to be happy and experience what a physical 3D life has to offer.

By no means is this selfish or a waste of divine talent. The idea of ‘doing, ‘doing, doing’ is purely a man-made one. The celestial realms practice tuning into the flow of the higher self and doing what feels right.

That said, some Earth Angels are here as divine healers and they would feel lost without serving.

In this case, their soul purpose involves transmuting heavier, darker energies and transforming them into lighter ones.

I’ve always called these beautiful souls ‘Moon Seeds’, as they’ve agreed to incarnate here to work with the darker side of the world’s psyche which is never to be taken lightly.

These loving souls often have a turbulent childhood and face heavy trauma in the early half of their lives.

Though painful, this experience enables them to heal themselves to then share their story with others so they too can heal. It’s partly why Earth Angels are so empathic. 


Discovering you’re an Earth Angel is one thing, but what do you do with this knowledge? How are you supposed to work out what you came to do? It’s a good question, and I’m afraid not one I can answer for you. 

Earth Angel’s are either born with the innate knowledge of their soul mission, or it comes to them after having gone through an Earth Angel spiritual awakening.

If there’s a piece of advice I could give you it would be this; whatever idea or path seems the most crazy, most wild, and most free is the path you were always meant to walk.

These souls are bound by no earthly limitations. They’re effortless manifestors. They can wield the power of the divine realms to make anything they wish a reality. 

Whatever speaks to your soul or makes you feel full of fear is the very thing that will pull you out of your human shell and into your Earth Angel one.

Fear is a good indicator as to where your mindset limits lie; it shows where you’re cutting yourself off from the infinite well that is universal power. Follow the path you fear the most to find your most authentic self.


Earth Angels don’t look any different to a regular human, though they can hold a certain angelic quality about them. A bubbly personality. An uncanny optimism. A pure, child-like joy. 

Similar to starseeds, a soul seeking expansion and growth won’t choose a ‘body’ based on its looks, but instead, it will choose someone based upon agreed soul contracts, the body’s energetic blueprint and past lives.

An Earth Angel will choose to incarnate into a body that has potential for growth and healing.

Earth Angels can be tall, short, fat, thin, have defining features, or none at all. If you resonate with Earth Angels, please don’t think you need to have purely angelic-like qualities to be one – you absolutely don’t! 


I don’t like to generalize what features or characteristics Earth Angels have as everyone is different, but from experience, these are the most common defining traits.

  • A white, golden yellow or green aura
  • A smile that brightens up their face
  • Child-like innocence
  • An insatiable curiosity & thirst for knowledge
  • A rare perspective and outlook on life
  • A joy bringer
  • Secretly an introvert, even if they appear outgoing
  • Quietly confident
  • Humble
  • Brings the best out of those around them (or jealousy and envy in unevolved souls)


Earth angels are predominantly brown-eyed, reflecting the general Earth population, though they can also have blue, green, hazel, or even grey-colored eyes. 


Earth Angels do fall in love, but oftentimes with the wrong people. These souls are trusting, and always try to see the good in someone, even if it means burying the red flags under the carpet.

Plus, because of their nature and way of being they have a tendency to attract ‘broken souls’; souls who are misguided, need healing and drain other people’s energy. It’s true that opposites attract. 

If you ever meet another Earth Angel, you’ll know what I mean. Earth Angels are purer than pure, completely innocent and carry an undeniable sense of hope.

They’re shrouded in mystery as very few people understand what to do with such a beautiful spirit. It’s why they have a hard time with love and relationships.

Not all hope is lost though. The key to finding a compatible relationship as an Earth Angel is setting boundaries and honoring your own values and worth. These souls need to put themselves first before extending that loving energy elsewhere. 


You might be surprised to know that an Earth Angel’s guardian angel can walk the Earth in the form of a person.

If you’ve ever caught a stranger’s eye and felt an instant, but unusual connection to them, it’s possible you were experiencing a guardian angel sighting.

This connection will feel kind, friendly, and unusually warm. It’s not the same as seeing someone you’re attracted to or catching someone staring at you, only for them to look away.

Instead, it will seem like you’ve known them for a long time, or can’t quite put your finger on where you’ve seen them before. You might even have a feeling that this ‘person’ is your guardian angel disguised as another Earth Angel.

It’s a type of interaction you don’t come across very often on Earth, if at all. 

I believe I saw one of my guardian angels in human form once. I was in my early teens, around the age of 15 and I’d just had an argument with some of my friends. I was very upset and had tears streaming down my face as I left my friend’s house.

It was turning dark outside and the street lamps were just flickering to life. Luckily my friend’s house wasn’t too far away from my parents.

Just as I turned the last corner to go home, a young woman appeared. She started talking to me and asking if I was okay as I walked down the road. Her accent was plain but different, she didn’t come from the area I lived in. She had an unusually friendly and warm demeanour.

She never tried to come close to me. She simply smiled and walked opposite sides of the street with me to make sure I was okay.

Now, this could have been a friendly stranger, but here’s what fascinates me. 1) I never saw her again, she wasn’t a local that’s for sure. 2) She wore all black. 3) Just before I turned into my parent’s driveway, I went back to the road I last saw her on to thank her for her help, but she had vanished.

It was a long road, with nowhere to turn off other than go into a house, but as I said earlier, she wasn’t a local. I knew everyone in those houses.

I’ve never experienced anything quite like it since. 


According to prophecy, it’s believed there are only 144,000 Earth Angels roaming Earth. Based on their unique personality traits and characteristics, an encounter with one is very rare.


Now you’ve found out that you’re an Earth Angel, it’s time to discover how to use your unique skills, talents and divine capabilities to create a life you love.

Thriving on Earth as an Earth Angel isn’t as frightening as it may seem. It comes down to a few core factors:

  1. Understanding that you are inherently different to other people and embracing it, celebrating it even.
  2. Setting firm boundaries so that your precious energy isn’t sapped by other less evolved souls.
  3. Taking the time to rediscover your own vitality, personal power, and wellbeing. No act of self-care is selfish, even if that means saying ‘no’.
  4. Vowing never to dim your light to fit into the box that other people want to put you in.

You are truly a loving and beautiful soul that deserves to be happy and free. Believe it and claim that energy. More so than ever before, you have the intelligence of the entire cosmos within every cell and fiber of your body.

It’s time to fully step into your authentic power and reveal the magnificent being that you are. 

Wishing you lots of light and courage on your journey,

Charlotte x

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Charlotte Kirsten

Charlotte is a renowned Trauma Psychotherapist, Astrologer, and Founder of Typically Topical. With a background in psychology, astrology, and esoteric practice, her soulful guides are read by over 300,000 people every month.

For her work, she's been named UK Womenspire Woman of the Year, awarded the title of Yale Young Global Scholar, and featured as an expert across major networks such as, Best Life, Oprah Winfrey Network, BBC, Soul & Spirit, Psychology Today, Pop Sugar, Well & Good and Cosmopolitan. You can find her on Twitter.

13 thoughts on “Are You An Earth Angel? 39 Subtle Signs You Are, Mission & More”

      • Hi Charlotte. I am very fascinated by your article because I was recently told that I may be an earth angel. I knew of my differences all of my life and as I got older i would pick up other energy around me. I found myself wanting to be alone a lot because I always felt drained. I always felt as an optimist and love to make people laugh. I also have a lot of energy and love to exercise. I spent a lot of my years addicted to pain pills or alcohol. I was a functional addict and always had a job but always felt like I was hiding myself or trying to change the way I thought. I guess trying to fit in to the world around me. I am a registered nurse and have been for 14 years. I sometimes will know how people are feeling before I make contact. I am a home health nurse and will sometimes pick up energy inside there home. I was in a car accident when I was 20 and hit really hard. My air bag came out, but my soul was ejected from my body. I never felt the air bag and I can still picture the back of my head/back when my face HIt the air bag. Everything was black and white when my soul was extracted . I am 42 know and last year I had a woman knock on my window when I was sitting at the gas station. She asked me to take her to her apartment that was a few blocks over. She wanted to sit behind me, so I got out of the car and cleared her a spot. She sat down and I spoke to her about jobs and how she should not be getting into vehicles with strange men that may take advantage of her. She pointed to some apartments that were over to my right and as she got out of the back seat she said, “God Bless you .” I looked over my left shoulder and she was gone. She disappeared. I believe she was an angel. I also have caught several orb pictures inside my home. I go walking a lot and have a cemetery near our house. I have had anxiety attacks out of nowhere and have felt jumped by spirits. I have finally started to take control of my differences by taking care of myself physically, spiritually,emotionally and mentally. I have suffered severe depression/anxiety over the years. I still struggle, but feel more centered with it all. One of my patients told me that I maybe an earth angel and started to do research. She helped me…

        • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your personal story. Based on my own experience with guardian angels, it’s highly likely this encounter was an ‘Earth sighting’. They usually come to us in times of need or when we need to hear a very specific message. Earth angels are very in tune with spirits, both benevolent and those who are lost.

      • Charlotte, this is an incredible article. How come you do not want to publish your last name so credit can be given to your work in the event someone wants to cite it? Outstanding. I work with many healthcare providers who are Earth Angels but don’t know it. I came here as one and at age 3, my parents realized ‘something’ was very different about me. I am now age 68 and have worked as a Spiritual Lightworker for many decades, in addition to varied other professions (as you were right on about). Master Photographer and Professional Artist.

  1. Hi Charlotte,

    My name is Estefanie and I’d thought to share my experience on why I think I’m an earth angel.
    Ever since I was a little girl I hold this vivid dream. It starts off with me as a little girl, in line with children of ages 4-8 years old, in a large field of what looks like tall brown grass. I was in line to speak with ” God ” about what I wanted to be or do in my life here on earth. I’m not sure what I personally said to him but I know he sent me to a different direction. Then It moved on to me going down hill on my bicycle to a place where I call my home. It’s so vivid in my head as of right now.
    I am blessed with the gift of seeing messages through my dreams and I quiet often have really intense dreams and I remember it clearly when I wake up. I am also blessed with colored green / blue eyes and I found out that I have an angel ring on my eyes. Where there is a darker blue / green rim around your eyes that fade into a lighter color. Oddly enough I also have back ” angel wings ” either that or my back structure is very messed up, haha.
    I know that I’m never alone and I know that i serve a purpose here on earth.

  2. Hi Charlotte
    First I would like to Thank You for a very helpful, interesting and beautiful written article. I’m living in Scandinavia Sweden ?? Europe and my name is Mikael.
    I will write more in a couple of days if it’s okay with you.
    I recognised myself in basically everything that you’ve written about. A feeling of reading a story about myself.
    At the moment I’m a bit exhausted after a year of a little bit too much drama in my personal life. But it’s okay.
    Feeling great feelings of gratitude towards you and the beautiful text I’ve just read.
    Starting to get very late in the evening over here in a cold Scandinavia.
    Blessings and Prayers of Gratitude for finding out your site:)

  3. Hi, I wanted to tell you, Charlotte, that I loved your article, not sure I am an Earth Ángel, but it might seem like I might be….news to me. I’m trying to save my mother from an abusive relationship. Been trying many years…so far I’m not successful but I keep trying
    Take care,

  4. Hello. I have felt like I was different since a very early age. Certain, unusual, and unbelievable events have occurred since I was little. For example, when I was 7, I was swinging on top of a tire swing, not inside it. When I got off, I literally walked 7 steps in the air before I touched the ground. Throughout my school years, I was bullied and made fun of. I was miserable and depressed. I once brought a kitten back to life that was dead. I know for a fact I am an empath. I have recently began frantically searching to find out where I fit in. What am I and how can I strengthen and utilize my gifts?

  5. Hi my name is andrea and i love and understand abit better. Still so much i need to no and learn about its like you havw written my life and im ammazed.. its inly trough God that lead me here..i was Google looking up angels.. your guidance is appreciate. Thank you so much.

  6. Hi Charlotte. Came across this article and just wanted to say thank you. I think I have finally found some answers I have been looking for. Appreciate you!


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