Wondering if you’re a Lyran starseed? Do you feel a pull to old magick, metaphysics and the element of fire? Do you feel like an old soul with an incredibly strong intuition? If so, keep reading.

What is a Lyran Starseed?

Known as the original keepers of ancient knowledge, Lyran starseeds are highly intelligent, evolved beings originating from Vega, the brightest planet within the Lyra constellation. 

Rather interestingly, it’s highly unlikely first generation Lyrans exist anymore. The lyran civilization is considered ancient, it’s the galactic equivalent to Earth’s ancient ‘Romans’ or ‘Egyptians’.

We know they existed at some point, but now only descendants of their bloodline exist.

The original lyran energy was believed to have been wiped out during the Draco-Lyran war, an energetic war against greed, power and control.

The remaining lyrans decided to flee their homeland, entering reincarnation cycles in other star systems such as Pleiades, Sirius and Orion.

This is why many Lyran starseeds feel a connection with the term ‘old soul’ – it’s extremely likely they’ve lived many, many lives on other planets, galaxies and systems before reincarnating on planet Earth.

With their original civilization being wiped out, you’d think they would feel a strong sense of homesickness like the Mintakans. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unlike any other starseed, Lyran and to some extent Feline starseeds feel very at home on Earth. They love the chaotic nature of Earth life, and the undeniable freedom that comes with it.

They are the true pleasure seekers amongst us, revelling in this planet’s food, drink, culture and oddities.

Their old, wise self recognises that there is no point in looking to the past, or yearning for what was. Instead, they only choose to look to the future and live in the now.

However, some younger Lyran starseeds have noted feeling stuck or a sense of uneasiness about their next reincarnation, as it’s not possible for them to ever go ‘home.

Lyran Starseed Origin – Where is My Soul From?

Lyran starseeds originate from Lyra, a small constellation sometimes visible in the night sky. 

It’s bordered by Vulpecula to the South, Hercules to the East, Draco to the North, and Cygnus to the West. 

In star maps, it’s represented by a vulture or an eagle carrying a lyre, one of the lyran starseed activation symbols. 

The most famous star in this constellation is Vega, which is also one of the brightest stars visible from Earth. Lyra is known as the ‘Falling Eagle’ or ‘Falling Vulture’ to astrologers.

14 Major Signs that Confirm You’re a Lyran Starseed

1. You’re an old soul

Lyran starseeds carry an undeniable elder energy. An energy that’s serious and wise and everybody knows to respect.

Unlike younger souls, you know that there are things you can change, and some things that are best left alone. You trust that whatever is meant to be will be.

2. You trust in the flow of life

You have a deep inner knowing that everything in life will work out, despite the ups and downs you may face along the way. You believe that you have the inner strength and knowledge to handle any obstacle thrown at you.

Whilst you feel the need to control your life at times, you always end up resorting back to a state of flow. You will excel even in the harshest of conditions. 

3. You love anything to do with history

Lyran starseeds have an insatiable thirst for history, especially ancient history. This reminds them of their background and heritage. You’ll likely feel a weird connection or sense of belonging when learning about old times. 

4. You’re a very passionate person on the inside but…

You don’t let this passion overthrow your deeply grounded nature. You carry a very balanced masculine and feminine energy, although you can quickly adapt your energy to suit the task at hand.

You do act on your inspired ideas but unlike Pleiadian starseeds or Andromedan Starseeds don’t feel the need to act on them straight away in a hurried nature.

You know that passion, as with any feeling comes and goes. You prefer to act when the time feels right to you.

5. Your sacral and root chakra are strong

Your sacral and root chakras are the strongest within your chakra system, although the rest of your chakras are fairly balanced.

You might be drawn to the color red, in recognition of the fire element Lyrans founded, and due to the strength of your root chakra. Orange might also be a color you’re attracted to.

6. You love to have a good time

You’re a true pleasure seeker, enjoying everything that Earth has to offer. You love food, drink, culture and everything in between. You love experiencing new things and love to have a good time.

One thing to note here through is that Lyran Starseeds aren’t usually reckless with their behaviour. You’re likely to enjoy the finer things in life, even aspiring to live a life of luxury.

7. You feel drawn to lost lands and ancient civilizations

You can’t wait to learn more about the lost lands of the world. You love anything to do with myths, legends and have a fondness for conspiracy theories. You believe in things many Earth souls would believe are ‘wacky’ or ‘out there’.

8. You’re drawn to the arts of magick and divination

You’re naturally skilled at more or more psychic abilities; divination, tarot, elemental magick, fortune telling, clairvoyance, just to name a few.

You’re more likely drawn to older methods of magick e.g. candle magick as opposed to newer, modern forms e.g crystal magick.

9. You’re an effortless manifestor

Manifesting comes easy to you, almost too easy. You have to be careful what you say out loud or think as you know the universe is only too keen to grant your wishes. Every cell in your body naturally vibrates on a higher frequency.

You most likely resonate with 777hz or 888hz when listening for pleasure. You are what others might call ‘naturally lucky’, but you know luck has got nothing to do with it.

10. You’re an independent person

Fiercely independent, you hate relying on other people for anything. You are the type of person who believes it’s better to do something yourself, and do it well. You appreciate boundaries in your relationships and crave alone time to recharge. 

11. You are quietly confident

Lyran starseeds are most likely to carry off that quietly confident energy. Unlike Arcturians, you’re not open about feeling confident.

You rely on your aura and energy to speak for itself. You’re what others would call ‘humble’, perhaps even ‘too modest’.

On the flip side, if you’re out of alignment with your true self, you might lack confidence and embody a low self-esteem.

12. And a little impatient when it comes to results

Remember when I said you’re an effortless manifestor? Well, that comes at a price.

You sometimes expect results to come quicker than they should, and forget that you’re living in a 3D dimension where energy is dense and less free-flowing. You get impatient when things don’t happen as fast as you would like them to. 

13. You love adventures and spontaneity

You value your freedom and love spontaneous adventures, surprises and trips. You realise that it’s all part of the experience on Earth, that your soul gets to enjoy a physical, 3D world.

You see the world as a playground for your soul. You may feel drawn to visiting the Earth’s most spiritual places. 

14. You’re fearless in pursuit of your dreams

Whilst negative and self-sabotaging thoughts can creep up on you, you’re not the type of person to let them override your positive, optimistic outlook on life.

You recognise that you’re simply experiencing a feeling that is common on Earth, or better yet, you acknowledge that you’re absorbing other people’s energies that don’t belong to you. You’re emotionally and intuitively intelligent.

Lyran Starseed’s Mission & Purpose on Earth

Lyran starseeds truly are an oddity, but in the best possible way. Compassionate yet authoritative, wise yet caring, lyran starseeds encompass the best of what the human race has to offer. 

With that in mind, some would argue that the Lyrans have already performed their unique mission and purpose – it’s long been believed that Lyran and Feline starseeds played a unique role in the creation of humanity, offering the element of fire and seeding the first souls to Atlantis and Lemuria. 

On a personal soul level, Lyrans are here to embrace abundance and freedom on every possible level.

They must learn to tap into their strong intuition, and trust where they’re being led, even if it doesn’t make sense.

The intelligence of the universe lies within their soul DNA and they must trust that no matter how rough the seas become, they can weather anything providing they tap into that higher knowledge. 

Do Lyran Starseeds Have a Natural Affinity with Animals?

Yes! Lyran starseeds are likely to be drawn to animals, or perhaps it’s the other way around.

Animals, especially cats, birds and small rodents are attracted to their gentle, warm and inviting aura. This is said to be due to their close connection with the Feline starseeds.

Lyran Starseed Activation Symbols

The most common Lyran symbols are the Lyre and the harp.  Associated with the Greek God, Orpheus, the lyre is symbolic of entertainment, fun and feasts.

Together the lyre and the harp represent the Lyran’s abundant and playful nature. It’s an ode to them enjoying the good things in life. It’s also a sign of their creativity and grounded passion.

What do Lyran Starseeds Look Like?

As I’ve mentioned in my previous starseed posts, I don’t believe a lyran soul seeking expansion will choose a body based on its appearance.

A soul chooses a person based on its energetic blueprint, soul activation codes and past life experiences. A lyran starseed can reincarnate into any body shape or size, and with any characteristics. 

Are you a Hybrid Starseed?

Many types of starseeds feel drawn to more than one race or type of starseed. It’s possible you’ve collected or harboured energy from many different star systems and galaxies as your soul has matured.

Please feel free to check out my other starseed posts to see if anything resonates. If so, it’s highly likely you’re a hybrid starseed here to carry out than one mission.

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