Are You A Sirian Starseed? 19 Hidden Signs, Mission & More

Do you have a deep love for animals and nature? Are you drawn to lost civilizations, cultures, and myths? Do you have a thirst for knowledge about the unknown, magical, and mystical?

It’s possible you’re a Sirian starseed, a rare starseed type that has incarnated on Earth, encoded with Sirian DNA and encryption codes ready to activate at a predetermined time.

In this post, I deep dive into what a Sirius starseed is, their beautiful mission here on Planet Earth, major signs that confirm you are one, their soul origin, plus famous Sirian starseeds who have left a substantial mark on life as we know it.

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What is a Sirian Starseed? Who Are the Sirians?

Sirians are a peaceful, loving but innovative type of Starseed. Known as the freedom and spiritual seekers, these souls originate from the planets Sirius A, Sirius B, and Sirius C, all located within the Canis Major (“Dog Star”) constellation.

On the whole, they are a very determined race, dedicating themselves to whatever they believe in.

I see them as true ‘heart-led warriors’, choosing to open their heart, mind, body, and soul to battling the injustices of this world, be that on an internal, small scale, or a much larger one.

Whatever their personal mission may be though, it has to feel meaningful and led by their intrinsic values otherwise they quickly lose energy and faith in their life’s direction.  

Interestingly, the Sirians are said to have great ties with Ancient Egypt, helping to develop the Great Pyramids with new technology and sharing their vast knowledge with the people of the land.

The God, Anubis, is also believed to have been a Sirian being. These are, of course, just theories, but interesting ones nonetheless.

You’ll also find their influence scattered throughout the Mayan Culture, Dogon Tribe of Africa as well as in documents relating to Atlantis, Sumeria, and Lemuria. 

Depending on how well they know someone, they might seem reserved or quiet at first, but inside they’re a beam of light and hope.

They struggle to express their emotions fully and often feel misunderstood by partners and friends.

For this reason, they value close-knit relationships (think quality over quantity).

Sirians can take time to blossom socially, but once they do they can be the most loyal, trustworthy, and reliable people you know. This is Sirian energy to the core.

They do get bored easily though. If they don’t have something to do, you’ll quickly find them fantasizing about new possibilities, and solutions and even creating new worlds in their mind.

They’re endless daydreamers, with incredible creative abilities.

With my experience of giving over 500 starseed natal chart readings, I personally see Sirians as more of the ‘doers’, rather than the ‘healers’, although they can be skilled in both areas.

Their calm, warm, and inviting aura makes them naturally diplomatic, wise old souls with so much wisdom to share.

am i a sirian starseed, watchers of Earth

On the whole, they prefer to look to the future, though can easily get caught up in the past if their Earth experiences have worn down their natural energy life force.

Whereas Pleiadian starseeds embody the divine feminine, Sirians embody the divine masculine. They carry what we call ‘father energy’, though you can be either gender on Earth.

Out of all the starseed types, they’re the epitome of responsibility, radiating elder vibes even if they themselves don’t value themself as a true, traditional leader.

Together, the Pleiadian and Sirian energy work together in harmony to achieve a similar mission and purpose.

Words I would use to describe Sirian starseeds best: builders, carers, knowledgeable, innovative, transformative, creators, fixers.

What is a Sirian Starseed’s Mission?

Sirian starseeds are true beacons of transformation, love, and unity on Earth. They’re the warriors, peacekeepers, and guardians amongst us and are divine catalysts of change.

Their collective soul family aim is to guide Earth, be that through working with the Earth, its elements, people, or animals, through times of turbulence.

When something bad happens, they’re the healers of chaos, ready and prepared to help in times of dire need. 

They take dense, heavy energies and transmute them into something more manageable, something bearable, something lighter.

I’ve always regarded them as the watchers of Earth as they possess this remarkable ability to watch over our evolution as we transform as a human race (whether that’s for better or for worse).

Their secondary mission involves weaving divine peace, harmony, and light into the darker sides of our society.

This benevolent soul group, armed with thousands of years of knowledge and ancient wisdom, teaches us the true state and teachings of the universe and its lengthy history – which is why they make for excellent teachers and guides.

Sirians have a gift that other starseeds also do not necessarily have when they first enter the 3D nature of Earth; they retain most of their spiritual abilities and attunement.

Whilst this doesn’t necessarily mean they remember everything (as that would be physically impossible), it does mean they notice supernatural or psychic pressures earlier in life.

Clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance, and clairgustance are just a handful of the skills a Sirian may possess.

Am I A Sirian Starseed? 19 Major Signs That Confirm You Are

This list details the most common sirian starseed traits, but every sirian soul I’ve come across is different so you might have more traits than mentioned here.

an artistic interpretation of sirian planet energy

1. You are drawn to the Sirius planets and Canis Major constellation

Starseeds are typically drawn to their planet of origin or their last place of incarnation. If you’ve ever looked up at the night sky and felt a pull to Sirius A, B, C or the Canis Major constellation, it’s highly likely you’ve incarnated there at some point during your soul journey.

2. You are devoted to your path or career

Sirians are very determined beings. They get things done and aren’t afraid of tasks and challenges at hand. They rarely stray away from their path and feel a calling to devote their life to something in particular.

For Sirian starseeds this often involves working with animals, the environment, or creative arts.

3. You see the magic in the mundane

Simple, everyday things that most people miss, you see. You can find the magic in seemingly mundane things.

A small flower blossoming out of a wall, the sun peeking through the clouds, the smell of bread baking, little things make you smile.

4. Earth may seem boring to you

You feel like you’re missing something in your day-to-day life. Is this all there is? You realize how beautiful earth is, but sometimes it feels a little listless or even boring.

You crave and seek adventure and new experiences. You might read books as a way to feed your need to explore new worlds and dimensions.

5. You dislike social classification and stereotypes

Sirius is made up of lots of diverse and different energy types and beings. You can’t understand why human beings put labels on people and create segments within society.

You dislike the rigidness and injustice of it all. You believe in freedom, harmony, and peace.

6. You have strong belief systems, though freely accept others way of thinking

Sirians have strong thoughts and beliefs on how things should be done, but they’re not stubborn about it.

Whilst they will stick to their opinions and beliefs, they freely accept that others might not think the same way they do. You’re likely very open-minded.

7. You lead a simple but spiritual life

Unlike Arcturian starseeds, Sirians aren’t focused on materialistic possessions. They tend to lead a simplistic, spiritual life.

They typically hate anything that weighs them down and might even struggle with commitment issues.

You likely hate clutter or anything that stops you from living a free nomadic lifestyle where you can uproot and go on spontaneous adventures at any moment. 

8. You concentrate on the future and prefer to not look at the past

Blasts from the past are something you definitely do not cherish. Sirians are all about looking forward to the future.

When grounded into their energy, they realize that the past is the past, it cannot be changed nor rewritten.

The future holds a world of possibilities whilst the past is old news. You might be the type of person who has 1, 5, and 10-year plans (even if they don’t work out that way, you love making them!).

9. You seem reserved from the outside, but deep down you are lively and energetic

People often misunderstand your personality. You might seem shy and reserved, but on the inside, you’re a fairly active and chatty person with a gentle nature.

You come across as mysterious to a lot of people. You’re not an open book as some would say.

10. You have a close-knit circle of friends and relationships

You prefer quality over quantity when it comes to personal relationships. You’re drained by overwhelming personalities and value trust, honesty, and respect over attention-seeking, social-climbing traits.

You likely only have a few friends you would call ‘true allies’. You’re wary of letting new people into your circle before fully ‘vetting’ them.

If you’re anything like me at the beginning of my starseed journey, you might also not have any friends as you come to the startling realization that you were settling with incompatibility and toxicity.

11. You struggle to express your emotions freely

Sirians struggle to express their inner self and emotions freely to others.

You prefer to keep things bottled up, either because you don’t fully understand your emotions or because you don’t feel the need to share your feelings with those around you.

This is a life lesson for Sirians – they must embrace their emotions and be willing to share how they feel with others.

12. You love to daydream and would consider yourself a creative

You are a daydreamer, and love to come up with ideas and scenarios in your mind. You might be able to dream up worlds that feel so real you could almost live in them.

13. It’s difficult for someone or something to anger you

You rarely get caught up in drama or heated tension. You dislike aggression aimed at you, though you can quickly take a heated argument and cool it down.

You understand that anger from others is not a personal attack but rather a reflection of how they’re feeling inside. You hold a calm, inviting, and welcoming aura even during times of adversity. 

14. You have a deep love for animals and nature

Sirians, especially those who have Sirius A and B energy hardwired in their DNA, are natural animal and nature lovers.

Sirius B is said to be home to the ‘world of animals’, more specifically marine animals. Dolphins, whales, fish, you love the underwater world and its beauty.

Sirius A is typically more drawn to terrestrial animals, such as canines, horses, cats, and even more exotic breeds.

You appreciate nature and wish to keep it thriving for years to come. Seeing the destruction of this planet breaks your heart, as elements of it remind you of your home planet.

15. You think in possibilities, not problems

When faced with problems, you can easily come up with out-of-the-box creative solutions. You’re fantastically creative and often have people wondering, ‘why didn’t I come up with that?’.

You hate when people moan, whine, and whinge about their problems, especially when there’s a simple solution. 

16. You love to be silly and nonsensical at times

It’s believed that Sirian starseeds are always serious, wise, and maintain a stoic persona at all times, but this simply isn’t true.

Underneath those layers, there’s a person who loves to be silly, entertaining, and nonsensical. This side is often only shown to those they consider trustworthy. 

17. You’re drawn to magic, myths, and conspiracy theories

Documentaries and conspiracy theories about ancient civilizations, lost cultures and worlds fascinate you.

You don’t dismiss anything even if our society believes it to be ‘impossible’. You believe in things other people wouldn’t even understand. 

18. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge about the unknown

Sirians are highly knowledgeable and intelligent beings with an unrelenting thirst for knowledge.

You seek new information out on a daily basis and love to learn about anything and everything that interests you. You can spend hours researching things on the internet.

19. You’re drawn to roles that involve tending to the Earth

Sirians have an innate drive to care for the Earth. They carry a deep connection to Earth energies within their DNA.

As a result, you’re most likely drawn to roles that work with the Earth: farmers, gardeners, beekeepers, florists, herbalists, tea harvesters, park rangers, oceanographers, lifeguards, geologists, winemakers, landscape artists, gemologists, chefs, carpenters, bakers.

Other Signs that Point to Sirian Origin

  • Highly intelligent and knowledgeable (including the different types of intelligence such as social, ethical, linguistic, interpersonal etc)
  • Overthinker
  • Well-balanced temperament
  • At one with the world and the Universe
  • Effortless manifestor
  • The belief that there’s more to life than meets the eye
  • Well-developed Throat and Crown chakra (Root and Solar Plexus often need balancing)
  • Works with Archangel Michael and the color blue
  • Particularly drawn to the colors, red, blue, pink, and green
  • Gentle, kind, and wonderfully sensitive souls
  • More fearless than other types
  • A desire to understand drives their very being
  • Often introverted or hermit-like, though often out of choice
  • Fascinated by bodies of water e.g. lakes, oceans, rivers etc (could also link to Mintakan starseed too)
  • The most insightful and gracious of teachers
  • Often good with the spoken or written word and make wondrous writers
  • Drawn to divination, psychic learning, spells, and the science and magic of how it all works

Roles and Careers Suited to Sirians

I see these souls as ‘Gaia’s people’ or ‘Earth’s people’.

They are drawn to a range of roles on Earth, but you’ll most likely find them in careers that work with the Earth’s natural frequency and cycles of growth; think beekeepers, farmers, oceanographers, cooks, biologists, conservationists, gardeners, park rangers, ecologists, tea harvesters, entrepreneurs within these fields etc.

The healing arts would also fall into this bracket too.

Hands-on work is very appealing to Sirians as they get to ‘feel’ and integrate with the sensations of the world they live in. They can quite literally harmonize with the land, ocean, and air.

The closer to nature they can get, the better. 

Modern Practices for Connecting with Sirian Energy

the spiritual practices to connect with Sirian soul family energy

01) Dreamwork and Interpretation

Dreamwork involves exploring the rich and symbolic world of our dreams, and tapping into the wisdom and guidance that they can provide.

Sirians in particular tend to enter vivid dreamlike states very often, engaging the depths of their subconscious minds and hidden truths that aren’t so obvious in their everyday life.

I highly recommend keeping a dream journal, tracking the patterns and themes in your dreams as well as the symbols, numbers, and archetypes you experience.

Dreamwork can also involve engaging in active dream practices, such as lucid dreaming or dream incubation, where we actively seek to shape our dream experiences for specific purposes, such as problem-solving or creative inspiration.

Sirians can become extremely adept at this practice!

02) Nature Healing and Mindfulness

Whether it’s taking a walk in the woods, sitting by a babbling brook, or simply admiring a beautiful sunset, nature has an incredibly calming effect on Sirian energy.

It encourages these wondrous souls to ground back into their natural selves through a deep, mindful connection.

03) Hands-on Creative Projects

Hands-on creative projects tap into that primal Sirian life force, helping them to not only express their innermost thoughts and feelings but also their innate creativity!

Whether it’s painting, gardening, or sculpting etc allow your imagination to run wild and create something reflective of your inner world.

04) Reiki or Usui Holy Fire Reiki

With such a pull to the natural elements of the world, Sirians can benefit from Reiki practice, especially Usui Holy Fire Reiki which involves gentle purification of the mind, body, and spirit through working with source energy. 

Crystals to Work With For Sirian Energy

Blue Calcite: Blue Calcite has an incredibly strong connection to the Sirian star system, representing the color of the main Sirius star. It helps with spiritual communication and understanding of higher wisdom.

Labradorite: Labradorite is known for its iridescent flash of color and will help you connect to your higher self and its dimensions.

Selenite: Selenite is a high-vibration crystal that can help you connect to your higher self and the spiritual realm, including the Sirian star system.

Moldavite: Moldavite is an extremely powerful crystal that gives ways to complete transformation in order to heal and ascend. It helps ground Sirians into every area of their physical body.

Kyanite: Kyanite is known for its beautiful vibrational frequency. It particularly helps Sirians connect their heart system to the third eye chakra to promote insight and increase connection to the natural world.

Invoking Sirian Presence and Guidance

A simple Sirian Invocation I created.

You might experience sudden pops of color or flashes of insight after use or just experience a warm, comforting feeling. You can speak it out loud or just use it mentally; whatever works for you.

Sirian source, I ask you assist me in my journey toward spiritual growth, evolution, and understanding.

Surround me with your loving presence and guide me onto my highest path of light, consciousness, and love. Help me to open my heart and mind to the wisdom and knowledge that you collectively chose to share with us.

I gracefully invite you to share your divine knowledge, so that I may become more aware of my connection to the universe and the beautiful role I play within it.

I ask that you bless me and my loved ones with your powerful, benevolent energy and help us to align with our highest purpose, whatever form that may take.

I offer so much gratitude for your magnificent presence and welcome your guidance as I continue on my journey of growth and transformation.

If you wish to send signs and messages, please do so in a clear, but gentle manner.

Where is the Canis Major Constellation in the Sky?

The Canis Major or Dog Star constellation is positioned southeast of the Orion constellation, roughly 8.6 light-years away from Earth.

It looks as though it follows Orion across the skies. Because of this, the dog is seen as a hunting companion to Orion.

canis major constellation in the night sky, dog star, sirius star A and B

Sirius A is the brightest star in Earth’s skies, glowing 25 times brighter than our sun. It’s also 2 times bigger than our sun.

The Magical and Mystical Sirians

Many have thought of the Canis Major as the mythological dog, Laelaps, who had the power to catch anything she chased, which is uncanny given how determined Sirian starseeds are.

The energy of wizards, shamans, healers, witches, mystics, and elemental beings is believed to have been ‘produced’ there.

Mythical animals such as unicorns, griffins and etc. are believed to have root origins in Sirius too.

Sirian Symbols

There aren’t any true Sirian symbols per se, but we do know from some limited surveys and studies that those who resonate with this beautiful energy are specifically drawn to these symbols.

sirian symbols
  • Do they represent the advanced technological know-how and wisdom Sirian energy brings to Earth?
  • Are they more akin to ley lines?
  • Or are they closer to one of Earth’s ancient languages?

It’s completely open to interpretation.

Famous Sirian Starseeds

Sirians have accomplished a lot throughout Earth’s history. There isn’t a definitive list of Sirian starseeds so I’ve used my intuition to guide me, and this is the initial list I wrote down whilst channeling through automatic writing.

  • Albert Einstein, physicist
  • Sylvia Earle, Oceanographer
  • Pythagoras, philosopher
  • Plato, philosopher
  • Aristotle, philosopher
  • Newton, mathematician & astronomer
  • Marie Curie, physicist & chemist
  • Tesla, inventor
  • Louis Pasteur, biologist
  • Leo Tolstoy, writer and avid beekeeper

What Do Sirian Starseeds Look Like?

It’s believed that there are many variations of Sirian beings: from feline-like beings, blue-skinned beings to lion beings to elementals and merpeople.

Bear in mind, when contacting the Sirian race, you’re not contacting ‘people in a civilization’ necessarily, you’re contacting Sirian energy. 

If you’ve read my other starseed posts, you’ll know that I believe that a soul seeking expansion and growth won’t pick a body on Earth based on looks or features.

I believe this concept of starseeds looking a certain way on Earth came from a channeler’s book written in the 1970’s.

A Sirian being representing Sirian energy came to this person in a dream or meditation trance state, and had pale blue skin, an elongated skull, bright eyes, body markings, and wings. 

Sirian energy will show itself in a way that feels comforting to you. This is why there are so many different accounts of what Sirians look like.

Just remember that whatever you see is how your soul family has decided to present themselves to you. There’s no right or wrong answer.

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Are you a Hybrid Starseed?

Many starseeds feel drawn to more than one starseed type. As a Sirian being, it’s extremely likely you’re a hybrid starseed, having had previous ‘lives’ in other star systems and galaxies where you’ve been subject to more than one energy type.

Feel free to read my other starseed posts to see what resonates with you.

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  1. I am a Mongolian. Wanted to share that we’ve a mythology of our own telling us that the father of ours Borte chono coming from the Sirius, Canis Major, and the mother of ours Goo Maral coming from the Betelgeuse, Orion. We Mongolians live in a round shaped architect, have abiding nature respecting customs, and give such importance to the deep blue color. I believe we are Sirians.

    • Wow, what you’ve just written is amazing to me…I have a draw to Sirius and Orion & find myself looking at them all the time. After reading the above it seems clear that I obviously have energies & personality traits of both energies. I believe I have 2 spirit guides & that they share or help develop these energies…I communicate with them on a daily basis in a comforting way, they advise me…I find what you have said about circular architecture & the colour blue makes real sense to me as is equally shared by me. I too, am fascinated by the symbolism of circles, to me it symbolises the cyclical nature of life & energy, neverending/infinite. Blue has always been my favourite colour, not only because of it’s obvious link with the sky & the sea but it represents nature to me. I am an air sign….Aquarius, the water carrier & I have learnt marine biology. I enjoy nothing more than gardening & nature conservation concerning plants & animals. I also believe you are Sirians & feel an affinity with what I have seen of the Mongolian people & the ancient Eygptians specifically Osiris & Isis & the blue skinned budhas I have read about. I have a very pale complexion with an obvious blue tinge that people comment on!!


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