Angel Number 1818 Meaning: 5 Beautiful Reasons You’re Seeing It! (& Symbolism)

If you’ve been seeing angel number 1818 everywhere recently, take note! This is a powerful sequence filled with opportunity, progress, abundance, and achieving your wildest, biggest dreams in life. It even has ties to your soul origins on this beautiful planet too.

Let’s dive right into its deeper meanings!

What is the Meaning of Angel Number 1818?

Angel number 1818 means that you’re a highly sensitive, spiritually in-tune soul, one that is steadily but surely making so much progress on their life path.

You have incredible potential within, so please don’t doubt yourself! Trust your capabilities, skills, and strengths. 

Now’s the time to go all out on your desires, ambitions, and goals. If you feel the calling to do so, leap outside of your comfort zone and lean into any bright, new beginnings that connect with your heart, mind, body, and soul.

Magical results are taking form and will be much, much sweeter than you expect!

Angel number 1818 also sweeps in to remind you that your part in this divine partnership with the Universe is being rewarded even if you can’t see it yet.

1818 tends to deliver results completely out of the blue, so try not to worry about how everything will come together. 

Trust me when I say that angel number 1818 is a highly auspicious and fortunate sign to see!

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 1818?

Here’s where it gets interesting. Spiritually, angel number 1818 means you’re eternally connected to the divine. It has links to the infinity symbol.

1818 reminds you that the energy that creates worlds and births miracles is within you.

Don’t forget the extraordinary potential available to you when you adopt the mindset of completion and abundance.

‘I already have everything’ is the motto of this number.

5 Major Reasons You’re Seeing Angel Number 1818


Your idea? It demands creative expression. You likely already know what I’m talking about. Even if your idea isn’t fully formed or is vague in its direction, you have a vision of what you’d love your life to look like.

Seeing angel number 1818 is a giant spiritual green light to make that vision a wondrous reality. You have everything it takes to do so.

This is a heart-led calling, one that the soft warrior within wants you to connect with. Follow it.


This is a message you might not have been expecting, but you have intrinsically deep connections to the old world!

The double 8 in this sequence suggests that your soul has experienced at least 20-50 incarnations on Earth, potentially even more.

These incarnations plunged you into many spiritual awakenings, and I sense you’ve likely been on the verge of, or have experienced a highly transformative kundalini awakening too.


I love when this message appears. As 1 and 8 are at near oppositive ends of the numerological spectrum, it indicates an inner struggle of some sort, usually relating to control, perfectionism, worry, or healing.

Now’s the time to heal your need for total control, let loose, and enjoy the exhilarating ride ahead. Trust me when I say everything will work out for you if you allow Spirit to become your co-creator.

The universe cannot work for us if we’re always busy nudging it out.

Also, there’s a message here about acknowledging that there is no perfect time to heal – trying to seek absolute safety before you act is a self-defense mechanism and one that will keep you stuck.

Relative safety is all that is needed to make great strides right now.


Angel number 1818 appears to let you know that a beautiful, divine manifestation portal has opened up for you. Now is a time to hone in on your desires and get crystal clear on what you wish to manifest.

There’s also a subtle message here surrounding ‘enough’. Align yourself with the idea of an abundant mindset, one that knows this world is rich and teeming with resources.

There is always more than enough to go around, and you are always enough too.


You’re going through a period of deep inner transformation, one that other people might not understand.

This transformation marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life, one that will lead you to connect with like-minded souls, beautiful opportunities, and a more empowered version of yourself.

By showing you angel number 1818, your angels are asking you not to be afraid of this tower-like moment, but instead embrace it for the magnificent gifts it’s bringing you.

What seems like it’s falling apart, is actually the great coming together. 

Additional Hidden Meanings to Note:

  • You’re a humanitarian, lightworker soul (I saw a person rescuing animals during visualization)
  • You’re working through a karmic debt from a past life (this might give way to some turbulence, but it’s near completion)
  • Struggle doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong
  • Lean into your intuition
  • Great time for travel and making long-term arrangements
  • Lots of new beginnings on the horizon
  • You’re going through a Universal wake-up call
  • Make time to cherish your spiritual practices e.g. tarot, astrology, automatic writing, dream incubation etc
meanings of angel number 1818


As far as career is concerned, angel number 1818 is a very positive and fortunate sign to see! It promises increased authority, inner leadership, and assertiveness.

If you’re in a position to do so, stand up for what you believe in. 1818 can also lead to career switches, changes, promotions, a successful solo venture as well as contract and legal proceedings going in your favor. 


Very specific message here! With the number 8 being linked to our spiritual higher selves as well as our subconscious mind, now is the perfect time to sync your mind and body back into harmony.

As we’ve been raised in a society that looks at the body as separate systems as opposed to holistically, you might also be experiencing medical gaslighting.

Trust that you know your body and what’s not normal for you. Continue to find a practitioner who understands your concerns.


1818 is perhaps one of the best financial omens to spot! New beginnings and potentially new income streams are opening up to you soon.

If you haven’t already planted the seeds to do so, now is the best time to start those projects.

Number 8 is all about finding opportune gaps in the market, sudden financial windfalls, taking calculated risks (emphasis on calculated) as well as success and professional progress!

1818 is also the signature hallmark of a wildly successful humanitarian entrepreneur. Just be careful not to measure your self-worth by how much money you’re bringing in.

What Does Angel Number 1818 Mean for Love and Relationships?

Single? Number 1818 encourages you to lean into independent energy for a little while as the Universe works to align you with an energetic match.

Patience is absolutely the message here, but it does have its rewards! 8 is linked to stable soulmate pairings as well as true love on the horizon…and it’s much, much closer than you think. 

In a relationship but not sure where it’s heading? 1818 encourages you to reflect on your values, long-term goals, and ambitions and note where they fall in relationship to your partner.

  • Do you see yourself with this person a year down the line, 5 years down the line, 10 years?
  • Are you settling because you’re afraid of being alone?
  • What is it that’s making you unsure?
  • Is it a gut feeling, or something stronger than that?

It’s asking you to notice what you feel and sense in this relationship and take action based on what feels right, rather than what your logical mind tells you to do.

In a relationship and feel it’s going well? 1818 is a sign your love has the power to soar to new heights! That said some changes could make the world of difference.

Get to know each other’s love languages. Find out what makes each other tick. If you both feel ready to do so, make that next major milestone move e.g. moving in together.

This number is also incredibly fortunate for weddings, engagements, long-term commitments, and partners who stay by your side through thick and thin.

Angel Number 1818 and Twin Flames – What’s the Message?

This is one powerful twin-flame message! 1818 speaks of a divine twin flame reunion unlike no other.

This is a raw, immensely spiritual relationship with a connection that speaks beyond words, feelings, and anything that can be physically seen or witnessed.

These are souls who were destined to meet and continue to meet throughout their soul’s infinite journey. 

Experiencing a twin flame separation? There could be some power struggles here with the double 8, as well as frequent challenges to authority which could lead to temporary twin flame separations.

I see these as more playfights though, ones that encourage you to see the true strength of your bond through distance and time alone.

The message here is that you both have the ability to bring the connection back into harmony and balance no matter the situation.

meanings of number 1818 for career, health, wealth and love

Seeing 18:18 on the Clock? It’s Actually a Mirror Hour

Another interesting point, if you’re seeing angel number 1818 on the clock in the form of 18:18 (18 minutes past 6), you can consider this a divine synchronicity from your guardian angel.

A simple, but loving reminder they’re with you, working to support and guide you at this very moment in time. I see this as a little nudge towards one of the many messages above. Take what resonates.

The Numerological Breakdown of the Energy Behind Number 1818

Number 1 – represents independence, bright beginnings, the root of all opportunity, self-leadership, determination, motivation, taking action rather than reflection, ‘Aries’ fiery energy.

Number 8 – represents the old world, magick, the spiritual self, higher connections, power, authority, success, professional real-world progress, materialistic gains as well as resilience against obstacles.

Because both of these numbers are doubled in this sequence, you can expect its influence to be amplified in your life. More messages may appear in the next coming days and months.

What to Do After Seeing It

  • Focus on your main goals and ambitions – what do you want to become a reality?
  • Hone in on your manifestation practices or create a new one to harness the power of this sequence
  • Go all out on yourself, and trust your inner instinct
  • Think about the legacy you want to leave behind or create
  • Heal your nervous system and inner state to see changes in your outer world
  • Practice self-love and compassion as much as possible
  • Believe you already have what it takes (because you do!)

I also highly recommend keeping an angel numbers journal so that you can keep track of all the messages you’re receiving. Sometimes messages only make sense when paired with other numbers.

Harmonious angel numbers to watch out for include: 

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Have you been seeing angel number 1818 recently? Which messages resonate most with you? Let me know in the comments below.

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