Aries Spirit Animals: 6 Beautiful Guides & Protectors to Have by Your Side

Fiery, driven, and ambitious, Aries are the rightful leaders of the zodiac. Being the sign that kicks off the zodiac wheel, these audacious rams embrace the joys and pains of all the signs that come before and after them.

It’s only fitting that Aries’ spirit animals reflect their independent, courageous, yet uber-vibrant nature.

The spirit animals I’ve listed below are based on hundreds of 1:1 natal chart readings I’ve performed over the years. I believe these beautiful animals to be a direct representation of the sign’s higher self.

6 True Aries Spirit Animals to Keep By Your Side

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Known for their beautiful and elusive nature, Snow Leopards are the epitome of independence.

They’re not content with others calling the shots, and prefer to forge their own path in life. The Snow Leopard embodies Aries energy to a T, reflecting their lone ranger style of living, and being unafraid of making risky decisions in pursuit of true freedom.

Here’s where it gets interesting though and why I chose a Snow Leopard specifically over a general leopard; snow leopards are not known to be aggressive toward humans.

They’ll only attack when someone or something has crossed their boundaries, similar to an Aries.

Aries' snow leopard spirit animal on a colored background

What they represent: Adaptability, change, individuality, perseverance, courage, walking the lone wolf path, being your own creator

How it helps: The Snow Leopard boosts Aries’ natural solo streak and allows them to lead their own divine rebellion, living a life that’s true to them, and only them.

Snow Leopard spirit also encourages Aries to not let the world turn their beautiful soft side into hardened stone.


Free-roaming and traveling up to 20 miles a day, Sea Turtles are the wanderers, nomads, and seekers of the ocean.

Ruled by the fearless and feisty planet of Mars, Aries’ are strong-initiative takers and aren’t afraid to venture outside of their comfort zone and try new things in life.

These beautiful creatures express Aries’ readiness to experiment and be adaptable in face of adversity.

sea turtle spirit animal on a blue background

What they represent: Patience, inner wisdom, longevity, peace, nomadism, travel, freedom, truth

How it helps: Sea Turtle spirit encourages Aries to stay true to the path they have chosen and to have faith in their own instincts and gut feelings.

Sea Turtle also acts as a guardian spirit to Aries, offering them the courage, hope, and patience they need to continue even when life seems like a never-ending marathon of ups and downs.


Orangutan spirit sweeps in to offer Aries the gift of remaining calm, cool, and collected during particularly stressful and overwhelming times.

With their graceful presence, these magnificent creatures help Aries identify and express their emotions while urging them to think before they act.

It’s stereotypical to believe that all Aries are hot-tempered and fiery by nature, but if a situation like this should arise, Orangutan is there to help bring them back into balance.

Aries' spirit animal  orangutan on an orange background

What they represent: Motherhood, nurture, emotional regulation, self-compassion, soothing behaviour, affection, versatility

How it helps: Orangutan spirit encourages Aries to embrace their dual fiery yet cheerful nature, making sure both are kept in harmony with each other.

Orangutan also encourages Aries to take a step back and observe situations before blindly reacting.


Meerkats are true cheeky little chappies and represent Aries’ bountiful wit, charisma, charm, and social awareness.

Despite what stereotypes would have you believe, Aries’ are incredibly socially intelligent, often able to easily win friends and influence people.

The Meerkat spirit animal allows Aries to network and seek out greater opportunities, new horizons, and true connections

Aries' meerkat spirit animal on a green background

What they represent: Sociability, influence, power, authority, leadership, opportunity, charm, and networking

How it helps: Meerkat spirit honors Aries’ natural inner curiosity and social adaptability, encouraging them to keep themselves connected in social groups and not fall into isolation.


There’s no doubt about it, Aries has a remarkable fighting spirit. Resilient. Powerful. Headstrong.

In fact, they’re what I call the guardians and protectors of the zodiac, readily marching into battle against injustices carried out toward themselves or those nearest to them.

The rhinoceros perfectly channels this warrior-like energy, and enables Aries to stand up for themselves when needed. 

Aries' rhinoceros spirit animal on a grey background

What they represent: Persistence, dedication, inner fight, defeating and muting external struggles, coping through tower moments

How it helps: Rhino spirit boosts Aries’ assertiveness, determination, and natural desire to stand up for what’s right. They also encourage Aries to live life to the fullest, even if that means taking it slow and steady sometimes.


Dolphins are extremely playful animals, using kelp (and sometimes puffer fish) to engage in fun and games as a means of growing social bonds.

Not to mention, they’re uber-chatty and intelligent! Dolphin spirit encourages Aries to embrace their playful, fun-loving side, even when everything around them seems to be falling apart. 

a picture of Aries' dolphin spirit animal on a blue background

What they represent: Playfulness, fun, love, child-like curiosity, young wisdom, learning, teamwork, psychic abilities

How it helps: The dolphin shows Aries that it’s okay to be joyous and happy even when others are not; it’s okay to let their unique and extraordinary energy fly high.

Why Doesn’t the Ram Feature on this List?

I see the Ram as more of Aries’ general representation, rather than the energy it carries through its life. Similar to how a Virgo has a maiden for its zodiac symbol yet shares little traits with it.

It’s why I purposefully left it out of this list. 

What Does it Mean to See Your Spirit Animal?

Seeing any of these spirit animals, either in real life or through imagery is only ever a fortunate sign!

Native Indian belief systems believed that spirit animals visit us during stressful and uncertain times, offering hope, comfort, guidance, and the wisdom we need to connect with to take steps forward. 

These spirit animals are your guides, protectors, and way-showers, making an appearance to usher you into a new and exciting phase of your life, Aries.

You’re spiritually in tune with the Universe’s natural energy and rhythm when you see one.

If you spot one of these spirit animals, take a moment to reflect on what they represent and what message they might be trying to send you. What spirit can you call upon to aid you right now?

Can I Carry a Token or Symbol of My Spirit Animal With Me?

Some souls choose to wear a physical representation of their animal totem, while others simply keep the image in their mind as a source of strength and guidance. Others wait for it to appear naturally. 

There is no right or wrong answer here – please do whatever feels right to you. I personally wear one of my spirit animals in the form of a small silver ring and take it with me everywhere I go. 

There are many beautiful pieces of jewelry and other items available that can serve as reminders of your spirit animal, Aries.

You can also keep your spirit animal close by carrying its image with you in your wallet or purse.

Which Aries spirit animals do you resonate with most? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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