Angel Number 858: The 5 Messages You Need to Hear!

Seeing angel number 858? It’s time to take note! This is one angel number you definitely don’t want to ignore!

Not only is it loaded with unbelievable power, divine symbolism, and energetic wisdom, but it also hints at your possible soul mission here on Earth too.

Let’s dig deeper into exactly what your angels and guides wish to share with you!

What is the Meaning of Angel Number 858?

Angel number 858 is what I call a ‘core master number’ and it means that you’re at a highly transformative phase in your life, but this isn’t any old phase, this is a true breakthrough!

A whirlwind of change is on the horizon and soon you’ll be catapulted into a variety of different and exciting experiences; many of which will lead to a major improvement in your sensual, physical, emotional, and even financial world. 

Angel number 858 speaks of unworldly abundance, success, and positive forward movement too, so whatever your desires, ambitions, or goals, now’s the time to take giant leaps toward them.

Because of the ‘5’ in this sequence, this is fast movement too – no sitting on the sidelines until you feel ready to leap.

Your angels are not only letting you know that you’re ready now but also that you’re more than capable of handling any obstacle or setback that comes your way.

So much positive change, fulfillment, completeness, adventure, divine guidance, and love is on its way to you, and much, much sooner than you think too. This is a number that signals sudden miracles!

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 858?

Here’s where it gets super interesting! There are two core messages here.

Spiritually, angel number 858 represents the inner self, the part of us that connects to the outer world, but it can suggest an imbalance of sorts.

Usually, a 5 surrounded by ‘8’s in a sequence means that some kind of healing needs to take place, that there’s something triggering you or needlessly keeping you from living life to the full.

Grief, heartache, childhood wounds, betrayal – all are good avenues to explore. 

The second message is one you might not have been expecting – you’re an old soul on Earth.

Double 8 is a sure sign that your soul has lived many past lives within the Universe, be it on Earth or through the energy of other cosmic systems and galaxies (ever heard of a Starseed?).

Interestingly, starseeds are a type of lightworker who typically incarnate to weave their healing light through the fabric of society, so spiritually angel number 858 has deep links to healing.

5 Beautiful Reasons You’re Seeing Angel Number 858


This is probably the most important message that comes out of angel number 858. Have you been forgetting just how powerful you truly are?

Do you believe that life is happening to you, not for you? Are you worried what the future will hold?

In times of concern, worry, and doubt, your guides will send you angel number 858 to ground you back to source energy; the energy that creates worlds, gives way to new life, and honors miracles each and every day.

The ‘5’ representing the ‘self’ or ‘I’, surrounded by double 8 reminds you of your connection to universal energy.

858 untapped human potential

‘What was’ is the same as ‘what is’ which is the same as ‘what will be’. Everything is linked. No matter what life throws at you, you’re the creator of your eventual destiny. Never forget that.


Angel number 858 is a sure sign that your guides are ushering in a portal of unrelenting positive energy, love, and strength!

They can sense there’s been some hesitation to take divine, inspired action. You’ve likely not trusted your own intuition for some time, or have worried what others will think of you if you were to follow through on an idea, project or calling.

Or maybe you’ve held insecurities within your very being for so long that you’ve forgotten what it’s like to live without them.

This is your spiritual greenlight to follow that unknown path and birth your creation. Your guides are leading you in this direction for a reason, and they’re offering you so much courage to do so.


Think of this message as a course corrector. All too often we get caught up in following a path that makes good money, but doesn’t truly make us happy.

Whilst that can teach us valuable lessons and can be used as a stepping stone to greater things, it’s important to treat it as exactly that; no more than a temporary pit-stop.

If you could change your relationship with money, what would it look like? What beliefs around finances do you currently have that aren’t serving you?

It’s important not to lose your true self in pursuit of financial gain. Instead, use your infinite potential to make money doing something that aligns with your core values, practices, and visions.

This is also a message that you will get to where you want to be! This is especially true if you’ve worked hard for many years and overcome some tough obstacles to get to where you are now.

Keep your vision shining bright and it will manifest!


As I mentioned earlier, seeing angel number 858 signifies that a whirlwind of positive change is coming. 

These changes don’t have to be grand, or daunting; in fact, they’re most likely the improvements you’ve been wanting to manifest for a while.

There’s a reason the magnificent ‘star’ card in Tarot has 8 points; it symbolizes wishes granted, health improvement, hope, optimism, faith, and regeneration.

If you’re also seeing number 0808, 333, 1111, or 8888, expect changes in relation to success, prosperity, and wealth!


This is a big one, and one I know many will skip. You can’t live your greatest life if you’re constantly hating yourself, picking up on perceived flaws, and wishing your image matched that of someone else’s.

The universe doesn’t respond well to hate, jealousy, envy, or anger; in fact, they’re some of the lowest vibrational frequencies, and your guides know this.

Angel number 858 can symbolize a need to ask yourself one simple question throughout the day; ‘what would someone who loves themselves do?’. Small decisions, big decisions, small choices, big choices – this question applies to it all.

You’ll quickly discover how different your day-to-day routine becomes because someone who loves themselves (or can at least embody that frequency) acts accordingly.

Additional Hidden Meanings to Note:

  • You’re breaking heavy karmic cycles (I saw a chain being broken during visualization)
  • You’re navigating an unknown path but have everything within you to make it a success
  • You’re connected to the old world and its magick (e.g. tarot, astrology, crystal work, herbalism, shamanism)
  • Time to forgive yourself and let go of feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment
  • You’re an Earth Angel or at least have closer ties to the angelic realm
  • You’re working with Archangel Uriel or Archangel Zadkiel
  • You’re doing much better than you think you are
  • Don’t be afraid to lean outside of your comfort zone and try new things – experiment!
  • A great time for big commitments or leaps e.g. travel, relocation, moving in with someone etc
meaning of angel number 858


858 is a super positive sign to spot as far as your career is concerned! Anything change related is sure to be a great success – promotions, networking, presentations, career switches – going solo and launching your own business also gets the spiritual greenlight here.

There’s also a message here relating to monetizing and improving your work-based skills. Continue to invest in your strengths, skills, and talents! You never know what will appear once you do.


There’s a huge need here to put an end to the cycles that are knowingly and unknowingly harming you. Are there bad habits you’re clinging to? Are you doing something that’s bad for the body, mind, or soul?

Now’s the time to work on releasing those tendencies. There’s also a link here to healing any anxious, worrisome, and fearful thoughts too.


Similar to the significance of 1001 and 1110, the significance of 858 in regard to finances is resoundingly positive! It typically indicates abundance (with the overwhelming power of 8), and signals that a drastic, yet positive, financial change is coming.

If you are currently struggling to make ends meet, your angels are indicating a positive change in the way you earn money. This is a sign that you will soon have what you need.

meanings of angel number 858 for health, wealth, career

What Does Angel Number 858 Mean for Love and Relationships?

If you are single, seeing 858 can indicate that a beautiful divine connection is coming..and soon too! This may or may not be a soulmate connection, but it will be one that brings you much happiness, joy, and fulfillment.

The double 8 in this scenario relates to finding someone who is an equal match; someone who shares many of your core values.

You may have yet to experience the profound partnership created but are well on your way to encountering this person.

You might also have something different about both of you e.g. nationality, race, language etc, but this difference brings you even closer together.

If you are in a romantic relationship and like where it’s going, seeing 858 can indicate taking the relationship to new heights!

Whilst this can mean pledging a deeper level of commitment, it can simply mean infusing more fun and joy into the connection. This could also indicate that you both met each other in a past live too, and are only now able to reunite as a true couple. 

In a relationship, but not sure where it’s heading? 858 can suggest that there’s too much ‘baggage’ in your relationship.

It is likely you both are carrying emotional and mental baggage from previous relationships, or have your own deep insecurities that are affecting your connection.

Remember how I said angel number 858 has strong ties to inner healing? Well, it plays out here too.

You both are meant to transcend this bond with one another and help each other to realize their full potential as a human being.

That said, 858 doesn’t encourage you to stay in a toxic relationship. It wants you to recognize your worth, your values, and your motivations for being with someone – if they’re making you unhappy, now’s the time to re-evaluate your connection. 

Angel Number 858 and Twin Flame Relationships – What’s the Message?

858 is a true symbol of the twin flame connection. In fact, it’s one of the more potent and lucky twin flame numbers to spot!

In case you’re unaware, twin flames are intertwined souls destined and contracted to be in one another’s lives to teach lessons, embark on profound spiritual change, and mirror unhealed trauma.

You can have many twin flames in the world at any one time, based on your energetic blueprint, if you like. The more you ‘upgrade, expand, and grow’, the more ‘options’ are available, energetically speaking.

With 5 at the center of 88, 858 indicates a powerful twin flame reunion grounded in this lifetime by worldly pleasures.

This connection is or was likely brought together by shared passions and interests, especially in relation to travel, art, and adventure.

This twin flame reunion is definitely an old soul pairing, one that stirred many moons ago, and will likely continue to interact with one another for many past lives to come too. 

If you’re experiencing a twin flame separation, I wouldn’t worry! The 5 in this sequence suggests that this partnership is turbulent at the best of times. It likely has a lot of ups and downs.

The ‘8’s’ surrounding it though indicate the eternal nature of your strong bond, and if both souls wish to be reunited, they will come together under an even greater twin flame union.

The Numerology Behind Angel Number 858

numerology meaning and breakdown of 858

Number 5 – Number 5 is the number of fast, positive change! It speaks of adventure, transformation, higher learning, going with the flow, and adaptability. 

Number 8 – Number 8 is the master opportunistic, the dream weaver. It represents abundance, karmic cycles, wealth, achievement, professional success and long-term continued growth.

Master Number 88 – 88 is the epitome of a strong connection with the divine realms. It speaks of personal power, courage, determination, old soul ties, financial abundance, and ultimate manifestation.

Combined, can you see just how powerful the meaning of angel number 858 truly is?! This is the energy you’re inviting into your life after seeing it.

Spiritual Significance and Symbolism of Angel Number 858

I love combining tarot with numerology to give more depth to its meaning! In tarot, number 8 is linked to the Strength card, whilst number 5 is tied to the beautiful Hierophant.

spiritual symbolism of a hierophant and strength card tarot 858

It’s not easy to see a natural link between the two, but I see this as a subtle message to keep persevering, to keep improving, and discovering what makes your soul light up with joy.

If you feel called to do so, I also see it as a sign to get a mentor or counselor who can guide you forward to your next step with clarity.

What Should I Do After Seeing Angel Number 858?

  • What adventures would you like to bring into your life?
  • What do you wish to manifest and see become a reality?
  • What changes do you want to make?
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Do little things that bring you joy and happiness
  • Keep taking positive strides forward
  • Do the inner work and heal

I also highly recommend keeping an angel number journal to note any other signs and synchroncities you spot. Some angelic messages don’t make sense until they’re paired with another number.

Other harmonious angel numbers to watch out for include:

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