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Do you love making things? Then you’re in luck. With these easy and super profitable ideas, you can make money whilst being creative.

Not only that but who knows where this could take you. What starts as a simple way to earn extra cash could become a full time highly profitable business.

There have been many success stories of people starting a crafty business only to earn more than what their corporate job paid! Amazing.

But to do this you’ll want a game plan. The first part of that strategy is knowing what it is you want to make and sell. To help you out, here are 13 easy to make products that have proven to be super profitable.

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What Can I Sell to Make Money Fast?

This is the million dollar question (quite literally). Any way of making money (either online or offline) isn’t likely to result in thousands of dollars overnight.

Having said that, that doesn’t mean you can’t see success relatively quickly (within weeks even!), especially if you can bulk make your crafty products.

Ideally, you’ll want to calculate how much it costs you to create each product (factoring in the cost of added extras such as website hosting, business licences etc), and mark your profit margins from there.

Pro Tip: Think of ways you can make your product more premium and valuable to your audience so you can charge higher prices. I’ll give you some examples in the ideas below!

What Items Sell Well Online?

Lots! Great news for creative crafters, there are many products that sell extremely well online, and give a great return on investment.

I’ve included 13 of the most popular ideas below (which are always a hit with people). If you’re worried about a saturated market, try to think of a way you can add your own creative spin to stand out.

1. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are always a hit, and sell extremely well. They can be as simple or as complex as you like, and leave loads of room for creativity. You can make them with glitter, natural herbs or even essential oils. Take these DIY beautiful donut bath bombs – these would make great gifts.

From: DIY Donut Bath Bombs | A Pumpkin And A Princess

Pro Tip: One of the most popular bath bombs trends is the ‘secret surprises’ – add a small surprise to the middle of the bath bomb.

Once you have your base tools e.g. moulds, you can make dozens of these a day. Bath bombs can retail for $4 plus each!

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2. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets will never die. People are always looking for quick, yet personalised gift ideas, especially when they’re short on time.

Custom gift baskets are considered a more premium and high-end product, and so naturally command higher prices. Make sure to offer this as a service if you decide to run with this idea.

3. Candles

Candles are loved by most of us. Who doesn’t love a sweet scented candle? Fairly easy to make and customise, candles are an extremely profitable market, so why not tap into that market?

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4. Ceramics

Ceramics are always a firm favourite! Whilst they’re not the quickest product to make, the love and desire for them is undeniable.

Take a look at this beautiful mug from Sea Goat Ceramics. Her mugs have SOLD OUT. She’s built a page with a 60k following and can’t make these beauties fast enough!

You don’t need a big crafting workshop to make ceramics either, a work station works great in the beginning.

5. Jewellery

More and more people are turning to handmade items, and jewellery is no exception. Check out these beaded DIY earrings. How gorgeous are these?!

From: DIY Beaded Earrings | Just The Woods

With a rise in popularity, gemstone crafting wholesalers offer tools, beads, wires and even crystals at an extremely affordable price. It’s never been easier to produce professional looking jewellery at home.

6. Sweets & Cake Decorating

Sweeter edible items such as cookies, sweets and cake are always a favourite. There are so many people who prefer to eat homemade items as these often contain less preservatives than factory produced products.

From: Fox Brushstroke Cake | Taste Made

If you can cater for a specific market e.g. vegan, even better as this narrows your competition! Check your national law on selling edibles and get creative!

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7. Homemade Pet Treats

The pet food and treats market is worth $91.8 billion dollars globally. Yes, you read that right. We love treating our canine chums and furry pets, and the market shows it.

With more and more pet owners turning to natural, raw and healthy pet treats, you’d do well to take a slice of this mega industry pie.

8. Murals & Artwork

Love creating your own murals or pieces of artwork? Are you a whizz at photoshop? You probably already have tons of products to sell.

Not only can you sell directly to clients at art fairs, local gatherings and platforms such as Etsy, but you can also sell your images as stock photos, card art and more.

From: Mid Century Modern Wall Print | Melloi Art Prints

9. Photo Prints

Love taking photos? With an online social media presence, you could turn your prints into profit fairly quickly, especially if you tap into a niche market such as landscape or pet prints.

Don’t forget to offer custom prints too, as this is a premium service you can charge more for your photos!

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10. Sewn Items

Some sewn items take a while to make, but there are those that can be made relatively quickly and come with a hefty price tag. Some examples of these include curtains, embroidered napkins, tablecloths etc.

11. Soap

Soap has always been a popular handmade product that sells extremely well. Easy to batch make, handmade soaps (depending on the size and quality of the bar) can retail for between $5-$15.

From: Lavender Soap Bars | Kostkamydla

12. Digital Printables

Love graphic design? Have basic photoshop skills? Then yes, you can make money selling digital printables.

Sarah Titus has made over 8 MILLION DOLLARS selling printables on Shopify! Absolutely insane!

Added bonus? You don’t need any physical inventory. You can purchase a cheap and reliable software such as SendOwl to send your printables to your customers for you.

Psst – you can make money whilst you sleep (as long as you promote and market your digital products the right way!).

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13. Natural Cosmetics

With more and more chemicals and preservatives being added to our high street cosmetic brands, more people are turning to natural, fewer ingredient brands.

This idea does take a little time as you will want to create your own beautifying recipes, but if people love what you offer, you could easily create a super loyal following.

From: Vanilla Sugar Scrub | Suburban Simplicity

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How to Easily Start Your Own Profitable Craft Shop Online

1. Pick Your Product

Take a look at your creative skills and see which product business idea suits you best. Remember to think about what makes you happy too! This list is by no means exhaustive either.

2. Choose a Creative, Catchy Name

Brainstorm a creative, catchy and memorable name for your business. Don’t be afraid to choose something more distinct and outlandish. Often the weird and wacky names stand out!

3. Register Your Shop With Shopify For Free

When you’re just getting started, every penny counts. That’s why I love Shopify!

It’s free to set-up your seller account and incredibly easy to use. Only basic computer skills needed to build your shop, add products and upload photos.

You can register your shop name for free today (which saves your catchy name!), whilst you get everything ready!

4. Start Selling!

You’re ready to go! Once you’ve picked your creative idea, set up your Shopify store, and started advertising, you’re ready to start selling your beautiful handmade creations.