With Christmas looming around the corner, and people already getting into the holiday buying fever, it’s no wonder creators, crafters and even amteur DIYers have been ramping up their gift production.

Did you know the average American spends between $700-$1000 dollars extra at Christmas? Similar in the UK, with the average household putting down an extra £800!

More importantly around $200 of this will go on gifts for spouses.

To help you capitalize on this very important, and prosperous season, we’ve put together this list of 13 easy Christmas crafts to make that sell like crazy. 

Showcase your creativity and earn a little extra money whilst doing so by DIYing these best-selling items, lifted directly from Etsy, Ebay, Amazon and Christmas market trends. Let’s jump right in.



If there’s one Christmas stat you should know it’s that 47% of women say they want jewellery as a Christmas gift, with it ranking first on many women’s wish list.

Before you groan and think ‘I can’t make finely crafted jewellery’, you should know that we’re not necessarily talking about diamonds and gold here.

Of those 47%, 35.8% said they would prefer handmade jewellery, rather than mass manufactured.

This is great news for small businesses and amateur DIYers.

You can either go for novelty, and make Christmas themed jewellery, or tag onto a leading trend; crystal jewellery. Think rose quartz, red jasper and citrine, all beautiful stones.

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DIY Advent Calendars

Searches for DIY advent calendars rocket year by year, with quirky and unique varieties often taking the market by storm.

Shoppers in particular are looking for more clever ways to countdown to the big day.

Take a look at this best-selling DIY advent calendar on Etsy.

It’s clever, allows the buyer to be involved by setting up the calendar, and is totally different to what you would find in a store. Instant hit.

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Christmas Hot Chocolate/Cocoa Kits

The key to success with this christmas craft money maker? The more unique, the better.

If you can transform a regular hot chocolate cocoa kit into a mini Christmas gift hamper for children or even an adorable gift from a partner, you’re onto a winner.

If you can personalize and turn it into a luxury gift, even better. Take a look at these unique and super clever reindeer hot cocoa cones and Christmas cocoa baubles to get your ideas flowing.

Personalized Pet Tree Ornaments

If you’re going to sell Christmas decorations, you’ll want to give people a very good reason to buy. Why?

A recent survey found that a whopping 52% of US, Canadian and UK shoppers don’t buy Christmas decorations every year. In fact, many only change their decorations every 5-7 years!

The key to combat this non-buying slump? Personalization.

These personalized pet tree ornaments are a great example; these are things shoppers KNOW they can’t get in the stores and so are more likely to purchase.  

Unusual Christmas Tree Ornaments

Christmas tree ornaments christmas crafts to sell

If you really want to make some home Christmas decorations, stick to the tree.

The Christmas tree takes pride of place in most homes, and we’re more than 40% likely to switch up our decorations on the tree every year.

These cinnamon stick tree ornaments are especially beautiful and easy to make.

Plus, they smell amazing and lend themselves to a perfect handmade gift idea.

Christmas Themed Candles

christmas wishes christmas candle

Can you find a quirky way to reinvent the traditional Christmas candle?

How about making wax melts in the shape of a snowflake that fills the home with the smell of freshly made hot cocoa?

Or transforming a regular candle into a Christmas winter themed one?

Whatever you decide upon, you’ll want to make sure you’re tackling a niche market. Something that people would be hard pressed to find at a regular home store.

Personalized Letter to Santa

In case you haven’t noticed personalization is a real money maker, with more and more people seeking new ways to add a personal touch to a store bought item.

With a printer, simple graphic design software such as Canva and perhaps a stamp maker, you can recreate this genius christmas craft idea.

Want to make this more passive? Invest in CORJL, a software that allows the customer to personalize their item without your help.

Hook it up to your Etsy or Shopify store and watch the sales roll in whilst you sleep. You can, of course, do the work yourself if you prefer to ship items.

Christmas Home/Cake Decor Supplier

christmas mini tree baking and home decor

If you’re super clever you’ll realize there’s a LOT of crafters, bakers and DIYers searching for the right supplies to make their Christmas gifts and ideas.

They all need to find their decorations and supplies from somewhere.

Become a craft supplier and outsmart the market this year.

This is perhaps the easiest ‘Christmas craft’ money making idea, as you’re not physically making the items yourself.

Take a look at these simple Christmas baking/home decor mini trees. They’re best-sellers.

Handmade Personalized Christmas Cards

Christmas card sales are something set to grow this year according to Deloitte.

With many of us not able to see family members in person, we’re seeking novel ways to add a little festivity to the lives of those around us.

A handmade personalized card does exactly that.

Oh, and if you can add a little humor into the mix, you’re sure to rake in the sales.

On average, personalized cards make 4.5x more sales than a mass manufactured card, and command a much higher price point. Win-win.

Christmas Gift Wrapping Add-On

Have a gift for dressing up presents? Put your crafty skills to use by offering a Christmas gift wrapping service as an added extra.

You can still offer your services on sites such as Etsy and the Facebook Market in addition to selling your unique Christmas crafts to make money.

With 1 in 3 of us saying that we love buying gifts, but hate the wrapping of them, you might just be surprised just how many people will take you up on this offer.

You can charge an extra $5-10 for this service, more for a higher end luxury service.

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