If you’re new to Etsy or are thinking of starting an Etsy shop, this guide helps you suss out what the most profitable things to make and sell for extra cash are right now.

These are 12 things that always sell like hotcakes on Etsy based on Etsy trends, google searches and bestselling reviews.

These aren’t based on seasonal trends, but rather something you can build a real, profitable business from, generating income all year round.

Let’s jump right in!

1) Kid’s Stickers

Selling stickers on Etsy is just what you need to look into if you’re interested in making some extra cash while you let your creative juices flow.

If you have the *smallest* creative bone in your body, you can easily turn some simple designs into stickers and sell them on Etsy.

Kid’s stickers in particular are actually the #1 bestselling on Etsy right now, and they have been for a while.

Let’s face it, what kid doesn’t love stickers?

It’s an evergreen niche with a lot of potential for profit, especially if you offer downloadable stickers parents and families can print and cut out themselves.

The best thing about selling stickers?

Unlike t-shirts and mugs, they can be used on a variety of surfaces e.g. laptops, desks, fridges, books etc. The options for customization for the customer are endless!

This saves you time and money on shipping, and boosts your profit margins. Win-win.

Scope out the competition on Etsy and see how you can make stickers that stand out from the crowd.


Oh, and they don’t have to be traditional stickers either.

Simple wall stickers sell very well.

Check out Simple Shape’s bestselling wall art below.

2) Unique Candles

Candles are always a ‘hot’ seller, but there’s also high competition, so to find your way in this saturated market you’re going to want to make your candles unique.

Take a look at Astral Boutique’s crystal candle for example.


Whilst you could argue this mainly appeals to people into spirituality and personal growth, it’s unique, beautiful and would make a fantastic gift.

This type of candle would easily stand out in the many candle listings on Etsy.

Consider changing the shape of the candle, color, or texture to spice things up a little.

Or, add funny prints to the candle stickers like this brand did.

3) Jewellery

More and more people are turning to handmade items, and jewellery is no exception.

With a rise in popularity, gemstone crafting wholesalers offer tools, beads, wires and even crystals at an extremely affordable price.

It’s never been easier to produce professional looking jewellery at home.

A guy called Alex Moore makes an EXTRA $3,000+ per month selling handmade rustic nature themed jewellery for men.

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4) Wellness Pet Treats

Wellness is officially making its way to our beloved pets.

Pampered pets are a growing trend with searches for pet gift baskets growing by 13% alone last year.

The pet market is a 90 BILLION dollar market, so you’ll definitely want a slice of that pie.

Think organic treats, well made toys, handmade shampoos for sensitive skin, and even pupcakes! Pet treats are all the craze right now.

5) Baby Headbands and Bows

Very specific but baby headbands and bows for some reason sell like hotcakes on Etsy.

Just look at this listing from Lacuna Baby, they’ve made at least 1,228 sales on headbands alone.


Pretty bows, colorful ribbons, simple designs, they all sell well on Etsy.

If you can find a gap in the market and differentiate yourself from other shops, even better.

6) Natural Cosmetics

With big companies adding all sorts of nasty chemicals to our cosmetics and skincare products, it’s no surprise more and more people are turning to local, handmade more natural products instead.

To stand out in this market, think premium, natural skincare.

Vegan, animal cruelty free products are the way to go.

Better yet, if you can find a way to make natural skincare affordable for the average budget shopper, you might have just found yourself a real money making idea.

7) Digital Prints

Love creating your digital prints or pieces of artwork? Are you a whizz at photoshop or have basic graphic design skills?

You probably already have tons of products to sell.

Check out Melloi Arts’s Print Below.


Not only can you sell directly to clients at art fairs, local gatherings and on platforms such as Etsy, but you can also sell your images as stock photos, card art and more.

Just make sure to make it obvious whether it’s something they will physical receive or a digital download to avoid bad customer reviews!

8) Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are always a hit, and sell extremely well. Lush, a multi-million dollar brand built their empire on them.

One of the reasons Lush were able to do this? They provided a unique experience, that at the time was hard to find anywhere else; from bath bars to bubbly bombs, they created vibrant and highly sought after bath products.


Take this beautiful unicorn themed bath bomb by Pearl Bath Bombs.

These would make a great gift for any unicorn loving person!

Oh, and the great thing with bath bombs on Etsy? They don’t have to be complex.

Sometimes the simple designs do extremely well!

9) Personalised Gifts

If you’re looking to sell products with a seriously high profit margin, personalised gifts are it.

People will pay way over the product’s mark-up price just to have it personalised with a name, date or photo.


If you have the technical know-how to engrave or digitally print photos onto products, you could easily start a profitable Etsy business.

Take a look at this personalised dog bowl which is a bestseller on Etsy.

10) Soap

Soap, like bath bombs will always be a hotseller, but unlike candles, people aren’t just looking for quirky kinds, although that will certainly help boost your profit margin.

Take a look at these beautiful soap gems made by Ecoroots.


Notice how they’re plant based, organic and are ‘soothing to the skin’.

People really are straying away from labels that include more than one word they can’t pronounce.

11) Craft Supplies

If you think like an entrepreneur, you will realise that all these craft people who make and sell things for Etsy need supplies.

If you’re not crafty yourself or don’t have the time to churn out DIY crafts all the time, why not become a craft supplier.

Find some wholesale distributors, source the minimum amount of stock required to set up an account with them and start selling.

This business will have higher start-up fees than the rest of these ideas as wholesalers often have a minimum layout fee, so make sure to do your research on which craft supplies sell well first.

12) Invites & Printables

Whether you make gold gilded wedding invites, or simply offer a flexible way for the customer to personalise their own invites digitally, the digital download market on Etsy is hot.

Birthday invites, holiday themed invites etc all sell extremely well.

Make sure to offer different sizes and don’t forget to take custom orders!

Lots of people on Etsy will pay more for custom invites.

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