Angel Number 1133 Meaning: 5 Extraordinary Reasons You’re Seeing It! (+Symbolism)

If there’s anything you should know about angel number 1133, it’s this; it’s a super auspicious sign of growth, expansion, and magnificent success!

It marks the start of so many new beginnings, and opportunities, and even relates to your wondrous soul purpose on Earth. In fact, it’s one of the luckiest angel numbers to spot!

Let’s dig deeper into exactly what your angels and guide wish to share with you!

What is the Meaning of Angel Number 1133?

Angel number 1133 not only means you’re absolutely on the right path but also that you’re on the brink of a major breakthrough! This isn’t a loud and brash breakthrough though, this is a subtle one, one that merges the mind, body, and soul back together after a time of disconnection and disharmony.

You’re returning to the very thing that matters most; you and your happiness. So many beautiful things will come together and shift for you in the next coming weeks!

Trust that you have everything within you to change the narrative of your story.

1133 also serves as a reminder of your unrelenting courage, strength, and determination! Right now, you’re being granted the gift of actionable movement, so begin taking steps forward – even if they’re super small.

Lean into your intuition and act upon the intuitive nudges you receive. Even if the path ahead seems foggy or unrelenting, know that you’re always being guided to the path of your highest good.

Trust me when I say that angel number 1133 is only ever a beautiful and wondrous sign to see!

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Angel number 1133?

This is a message that often gets missed with 1133. Spiritually, angel number 1133 not only lets you know that ascended masters are available to work with you at this very moment, but that now’s the perfect time to hand your fears, worries, and doubts over to them so they can release them on your behalf.

There’s a recognition here of the spiritual work you’ve already done too, and the angels are gladly assisting you on your path to long-term success – emotionally, mentally, and physically.

This is a major chance to finally leave the past in the past.

5 Extraordinary Reasons You’re Seeing Angel Number 1133


Anytime I see ‘1’s and ‘3’s’ together, I just know this is going to be a time of great opportunity, success, abundance, and potential. With the power of angel number 1133 by your side, you’re entering a new chapter or phase of your life.

But this isn’t just a normal chapter, this is a complete turning point – one that allows you to attract the opportunities you’ve been so desperately desiring for months, years if not decades of your life!

Now’s the time to get super clear on exactly what energy you wish to bring into your life. You can absolutely do this!


I love this message (mainly because it doesn’t appear that often)! Double 3 in this sequence lets you know that a divine ‘33’ manifestation portal has opened up for you – and you only.

This is a deeply personal energetic portal that connects you straight to the energy of the angelic realm and the Universal creator. It’s a body of endless possibilities.

Whenever you see 1133, set your intentions. If intend to have something and you will have it. Maybe not tomorrow. Maybe not next week. But I can assure you it will come. This is the power of the 33 manifestation portal!

Just as an FYI, you might also be working with Archangel Jophiel or Archangel Gabriel when this number appears.


With master number 11, it’s likely you’re going through a deep spiritual awakening or even a highly transformative kundalini awakening.

If you’ve been wondering what the purpose of all of this is, you might like to know that seeing angel number 1133 could be a sign that you’re a divine healer or lightworker on Earth, here to weave ancient wisdom and light into the fabric of society.

I see angel number 1133 as an even deeper awakening, one opening you up to the possibility of exploring your true cosmic origin. You might be a Starseed, an Earth Angel, or a similar celestial being.


With a strong emphasis on mind, body, and soul, angel number 1133 grants you the gift of being able to tackle obstacles and setbacks with grace and ease.

Whilst the size of the obstacle might not change, you might find your reaction to it, does.

With a deep inner knowing that you are always protected, you come to realize that setbacks are temporary phases along the journey and will always pass.

You’ll begin to notice just how powerful and capable you truly are.


This is an interesting one and a message that may or may not resonate with you, but I often see angel number 1133 when I’m being called to slow down and forget the very specific goals and outcomes I’m aiming for.

Whilst it encourages you to go after your dreams, it reminds us that it’s the journey of getting to them that is the most fun, not the end goal.

It’s human nature to reach that end goal, and then constantly want more. 1133 acts as a gentle reminder to appreciate that you don’t need to constantly be hitting those end goals to be happy in life.

Additional Hidden Meanings to Note:

  • You’re blossoming beyond belief (I saw a sunflower during creative visualization)
  • You’re doing much better than you think you are
  • Stay the course and keep going, you’re so close to victory!
  • Take some time to look after yourself regularly rather than slotting in self-care as though it’s a chore
  • A call to return to a more simplified routine or thinking pattern
  • A call to venture into nature more and ground your energy
  • Allow yourself to revel in your past successes – celebrate them!
meanings of angel number 1133


Number 1133 is a highly auspicious sign as far as career and professional life are concerned! It not only indicates something going in your favor, but also that career moves, switches, transitions, and breaks are all possible right now, or soon will be in the future.

Launching your own business or scaling an existing one is also likely to prove very fortunate, as is doing something creative.

Creative and artistic ideas especially get the spiritual greenlight here! Overall, a super positive message for career. 


I don’t typically like reporting on health because it’s so variable between each individual, but 1133 can indicate a need to investigate habits that are increasing your anxiety and worries.

Do you have a tendency to think the worst-case scenario all the time? Do you fret over the smallest things? I see 1133 as a reminder to ease back into the body through emotional and nervous system regulation. 


Again, a very fortunate message. With the absence of 2 in this sequence, and jumping straight from 1 to 3, we see the possibility for a sudden financial windfall or gain.

Whilst this might not be a huge amount of money, it could be enough to make a difference in your immediate future.

With double 3 here, so much auspicious energy surrounds finances right now. Calculated investments are also likely to pay off in the long run too.

meanings of angel number 1133 for health, wealth, career

What Does Angel Number 1133 Mean for Love and Relationships?

In a relationship and like where it’s going? 1133 is a sure sign of a relationship soaring to new heights, especially as far as commitment is concerned.

You’ll likely notice a deepening connection with each other over the next coming months, with some major milestones possibly thrown into the mix.

Think moving in together, launching a business, getting a pet, relocating etc. There’s also a huge possibility for smaller, subtle milestones too e.g. doing more hobbies together, greater communication, and oneness. High compatibility here.

In a relationship but not entirely sure about it or feel it’s toxic? 1133 calls you to do what’s right for you and your needs. If this is something that can be fixed and deep down you want it to be fixed, then great, you can both work on that.

But there’s also a need to acknowledge the reality of the situation here.

  • Are you the only one keeping the glue together?
  • Is it a one-sided effort?
  • Do you feel appreciated, loved, and valued?

If not, your angels are offering you the courage you need to do what feels right. So many more opportunities and genuine connections can become available to you when you let go of the very thing holding you down.

Single? 1133 is a beautiful sign for singles! The message is twofold here though. If you’re happy being single and don’t want to find someone else just yet, keep doing you.

Lean into things that foster self-expression, self-love, and pure, unfiltered joy. The right person will connect with you when you’re ready to put yourself back out there again. 

If you’re seeking a connection with someone, know that 1133 paves the way to a connection with someone who deeply adores and values you. This is someone who practically mirrors your soul, but in the best way possible.

Rather than triggering you, they’ll work to understand every layer and depth of your being.

I do sense though there could be a difference at play here – age, nationality, race – something different, but something that unifies and strengthens your bond.

Angel Number 1133 and Twin Flame Relationships – What’s the Message?

1133 is a highly auspicious sign as far as twin flame relationships are concerned. Not only can it signal a twin flame reunion is on the horizon but it also speaks of an undeniably compatible twin flame relationship!

This is someone who attempts to understand the workings of your mind, body, and soul, but as a way to understand, not torment.

This is also likely someone who brings out the best in you and can show you new things, experiences, and situations. This is definitely a connection that pushes both of your comfort zones, but in the best possible way. 

Experiencing a twin flame separation? I wouldn’t worry too much! 1133 is typically a sign of a temporary twin flame separation and one that gives rise to an even greater twin flame reunion in the future.

I will note though, I’m a strong believer in multiple twin flame theory, meaning depending on our own soul growth, we have different soul pairings open to us at any one time, so it’s possible you might come into contact with a soul more suited to you than the one you’re currently separated from.

Numerology Behind Angel Number 1133

In case you’re new to the practice of numerology, what I’ve detailed below is the energy you invite into your life every time you connect with angel number 1133. A connection is simply a sighting of it.

numerology meaning and breakdown of 1133

Number 1 – Number 1 is the master creator, the opportunist, the dream weaver. It represents endless possibilities, potential, independence, freedom, originality and self-reliance. It also speaks of creating our own path in this lifetime.

Master Number 11 – Number 11 is one of the strongest ties to the spiritual realms (aside from number 77), and represents our spiritual self. It speaks of wisdom, sensitivity, intuition, old soul knowing, true past life connections with other people, and lightworker roots.

Number 3 – Number 3 is the epitome of abundance, success, opportunity, and manifestation. It represents self-expression, communication, enthusiasm, dreams coming true, and social wellness. It’s also ruled by Jupiter – the planet of abundance! (See a more detailed meaning of number 3 here).

Master Number 33 – Number 33 is the ultimate sign of wish fulfillment! Not only does it represent a connection to the ascended masters and angelic realms, but also our own ability to turn goals into a reality. 

Can you see just how amazing angel number 1133’s meaning truly is?!

The Spiritual Significance and Symbolism of Angel Number 1133

This is where it gets super interesting! In tarot, number 1 is linked to the magnificent Magician card, whilst number 3 is tied to the Empress.

spiritual symbolism of numbers 1 and 3 showing Magician and Empress card

Both cards not only let you know that you’re the creator of your own destiny, but that you hold the power, tools, and resources to create such a wonderful and abundant future.

Whilst that might seem overwhelming that everything is already within you, it’s also a giant blessing! You’re not lacking anything you need to transform your ideas into a reality. Growth and success are assured.

I Keep Seeing 11:33 on the Clock – What Does It Mean?

Many blogs are quick to say that this is a warning sign from your angels, but this couldn’t be further from the truth! Seeing 11:33 on the clock is a sign you’re divinely protected and loved, and are being watched over right now.

It can also be a sign or message from a passed loved one or pet (again, only ever a comforting sign they’re still with you). Consider it a gentle nudge or wink. 

What to Do After Seeing It

To connect with angel number 1133’s energy, I highly recommend the following practices:

  • Hone in on your greatest desires and wishes – what do you really want to bring to life?
  • Tune into your intuition – where is it telling you go next? Try to leave fear out of it.
  • Take baby steps forward!
  • Practice self-compassion, forgiveness, and healing the nervous system
  • Work to let go of the past and whatever hold past experiences have over you
  • Have fun! Connect with joy. Do something that makes you come alive, even if it’s only for an hour or two.

Other harmonious numbers to watch out for include: angel number 3131, angel number 0303 meaning, angel number 0101 meaning, angel number 1110, angel number 101, angel number 303, angel number 1313 as well as 1111 and 333.

These numbers can also hold additional guidance you were meant to hear on your journey.

I also recommend looking up the meaning of angel number 8 too as 1133 when reduced equals 8 (1 + 3 + 3 + 3 = 8).

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