6 Beautiful Reasons You’re Seeing Angel Number 101!

Trust me when I say angel number 101 is the mother of all angel numbers. With life-changing energies of 0 and 1, it’s loaded with positivity, hope, optimism, and encouragement.

And if you’re seeing it, you should know it’s absolutely no coincidence!

Not only is it bursting with signs that you’re absolutely on the right track but it also means rapid forward movement, new beginnings, and deep alignment.

Let’s delve deeper into exactly what your guardian angels want you to know.


Angel number 101 means you’re at the turning point of something incredible! The Universe is bringing you into deep alignment with your goals, desires, and wishes.

Your biggest and loftiest goals are coming to you at an incredibly rapid pace, and soon you’ll be ticking more and more achievements off your list!

Anything is possible for you right now if you surrender your doubts, worries, and fears to your angelic team and believe in yourself.

It really doesn’t matter that things have gone wrong lately, you’ll soon be celebrating many successes and victories, both big and small. 

If you’ve been wanting to start a new project, launch a new business, relocate or move into a new apartment, angel number 101 is your spiritual green light to do so.

No matter what obstacles and challenges you face along the way, you have everything within you to succeed! This is a wonderful time of expansion, spiritual growth, and development on all levels!

Other hidden meanings to note:

  • Your life is about to get very exciting! (I saw a hot air balloon rising in front of a sunset during visualization).
  • You’ve hit a milestone in your life and are entering a new level of growth
  • Be a go-getter and keep your thoughts positive
  • Reconnect with your spiritual side and practices
  • An end to major obstacles and challenges
  • Your soul purpose is unfolding in a rapid manner!
  • Trust in yourself
  • Be on the lookout for new opportunities
the meanings of angel number 101



Angel number 101 is a beautiful call to forge your own path in this life, to listen to what your heart truly wants, and to go after it with pure courage and determination.

You’re not selfish for wanting more out of life. This is your life.

You get one shot at it. You don’t need to live it on autopilot in fear of what others will think or say. Now’s the time to lean into your intuition and ask where it wants you to go . 

a windy road path illuminated by a torch and compass
  • Where is it guiding you? 
  • What is it calling you to do, even if it doesn’t make sense?
  • What makes your heart sour and soul sing?


Are you dreaming big enough? That’s an odd question, but most of the time, we’re playing small because we don’t think we can achieve greater things for ourselves.

Angel number 101 asks you to think bigger and better than ever before, create a vision board that inspires you and take small baby steps in the right direction.

a hand-drawn illustration of two women sitting under a sunset

Go all in on yourself.

Trust me when I say things will work out much much better than you could have ever imagined.


This isn’t a message that comes through that often with numbers ‘1’ and ‘0’, but I felt the need to write it. 101 is a true spiritual reset, it’s a chance to reconnect with what’s important in our lives.

You might feel as though everything has been shaken-up recently, and can’t understand why.

If you’ve seen angel number 101 during this time, I’d say you’re going through a mini spiritual awakening, one that will open you up to your true potential.


I’m always hesitant to include this kind of message because you don’t need to be fully healed to receive copious blessings and opportunity from the Universe. You’re never truly broken, and Source will never cut you off.

But, whenever number 101 shows up it’s an invitation to rid yourself of the beliefs and thoughts that are not serving your upgrade, your future.

The beliefs that aren’t meant to follow you into your next miraculous phase of growth. Now’s the time to practice shadow work, inner child healing, and trauma journalling (or whatever resonates with you!).

healing the pain through compassion, acceptance, self love and journalling

‘I’m flawed yet the Universe still moves through me’, is the kind of energy angel number 101 brings into your life. No matter what needs to be healed and still surfaced, you’re always, always supported and divinely guided.


Did you know seeing angel number 101 is a sure sign that you’re inherently gifted? This doesn’t just mean spiritual or psychic gifts either.

There’s likely a creative skill, soft skill, or hard skill you’ve yet to discover. You’re likely sitting on a goldmine of talent that’s just below the surface, waiting to be found.

Angel number 101 signals it’s time to venture outside your comfort zone, try new things, and experiment with new hobbies. Embrace the world and everything it has to offer! You never know which path you will be taken down if you do.


Angel number 101 is intrinsically connected to the health of your mind as opposed to just the health of your body.

It encourages you to make sure that what you’re mentally and emotionally consuming is beneficial for your growth and spiritual journey.

Tune out of negative conversations, turn off the news and focus on injecting more positivity into your life. Practice more self-compassion, self-love, and acceptance. Your body and mind will infinitely thank you.


Angel number 101 is the number of the master builder, and it’s highly auspicious where career and personal fortune are concerned.

If you’ve been seeking a promotion, a career change, or wanting to ditch your 9-5 altogether, angel number 101 sweeps in to tell you all of these opportunities are on the horizon for you.

If you make positive changes in your life, you can expect a sudden inflow of money in the next coming weeks!

Now’s the time to launch that dreamy business, start that personal brand or go all in on that side hustle. These income streams are only set to grow!


Here’s where it gets super interesting. Did you know that you’ll ONLY see angel number 101 when you called this energy into existence? Yes, really.

Your angels send the exact guidance you need to hear at precise moments in time based on the energy you give off.

a woman calling angel numbers into her life through energy work

By showing you angel number 101, your angels are responding to all of the hard work and effort you’ve put in recently. You’re a master co-creator with the Universe, and 101 is just further supporting your potential!


Angel number 101 and love is a match made in heaven! This is the kind of love that feels safe, secure and allows you to be emotionally vulnerable without worrying about being taken advantage of. It feels comforting and warm, reassuring and reaffirming.

If you’re single and looking to find a new partner, 101 is a clear sign that your prayers have been answered. A soulmate connection could be on the horizon, or at the very least someone who is an ideal match for you!

As to when it could happen? Likely very soon. Remember 101 is all about ushering in new beginnings. This is a highly fortunate sign to receive if you’re single!

If you’re already in a relationship and feel it’s going in the right direction, 101 is a green light to take it to the next level, but there’s a slight warning with it. Any changes need to be done in a steady and patient manner.

I sense there could be a partner who’s weary of commitment or being rushed, so waiting for the right time to do so is crucial.

Long term though, this is a fantastic sign for moving in together, popping the question, starting a family, relocating as a unit, or even starting a business. 

If you’re in a relationship, but feel trapped or as though it’s not what you wanted, angel number 101 brings welcome relief.

It nudges you to do the right thing for you; if you know deep down this isn’t the relationship you want and it’s become too hard to fight for it, surrender and let go. You’ll do more damage holding on.

I wouldn’t worry about not being able to find someone new either! 101 opens up a portal of opportunities and new matches for those who believe they deserve better.

The Universe has already aligned you with another partner, but it can’t deliver them to you if your energy is invested elsewhere.


Did you know that angel number 101 is a palindrome number? It can be read backward just as it can be read forwards. This in itself carries a beautiful message of realignment with your twin flame.

For twin flames, angel number 101 indicates a powerful twin flame reunion, one loaded with trust, respect, loyalty, and commitment. This is especially true if you’ve been separated for a long time.

There’s lots of joy, warmth, and tender love in this connection, and you’ll know when you’ve laid eyes on them.

If you’re yet to meet your twin flame, 101 is a sure sign they’re not too far away!


  • Hone in on your desires and wishes
  • Create a giant vision board for yourself
  • Reinvest in yourself
  • Run through my guided shadow work journal prompts (a healing technique)
  • Practice self-compassion, self-love, and acceptance
  • Take small baby steps forward, even if you can’t see the path ahead
  • Believe in yourself

Oh, and make sure to be on the lookout for other harmonious angel numbers too!

These include: angel number 543, 707, 303, 111, 0101, 1110, 1001, as well as 0909 and 1525. These significant numbers are symbolically tied to angel number 101, and could provide you with the advice you need during the next level of your journey.

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