Angel Number 707: 5 Beautiful Messages You Need to Hear!

One thing’s for sure; angel number 707 is incredibly powerful, and is loaded with divine messages and guidance that can completely change your life.

Not to mention, it’s one of the rarer sequences to appear!

Angels generally only show this mighty number when you’re on the cusp of a breakthrough, an energetic upgrade, a new way of being, or are about to experience a true, deep awakening!

And there’s an action they want you to take…


When you see angel number 707, you can be sure you’re on the right track. This highly fortunate sequence means that you’re going through an intense period of spiritual growth, but this isn’t any old growth.

This is the kind of growth that will give you the courage to overcome obstacles, take that all-important leap of faith, and finally believe in yourself.

Right now, you’re being gifted with the spirit of freedom and fast, forward movement.

But, 707 asks you to do this one thing; reconnect with yourself. 

Truly reconnect with yourself. What do you truly want in this lifetime? What will *really* make you happy? What parts of your inner self have you been neglecting that now need to come to light?

This is a beautiful opportunity to assess and reflect, a pivot point, to make sure you’re leading a life that’s actually true to you. Angel number 707 is a truly wonderful message to receive!


707 is a number that has always fascinated me. Why? Because 1) it doesn’t show up often, and 2) it’s a palindrome.

Palindrome numbers are highly auspicious numbers that can be read backward just as they can be read forwards – and they remain the same.

This in itself carries an inherently beautiful message of spiritual continuity; that no matter what happens in your external surroundings or your external world, you cannot ever truly lose yourself. 

Things can completely fall apart and you’ll always find your way back again. You’re beyond blessed when you see this number.

Life is a state of constant ebbs and flows, but at the end of it, you’re still whole.

Other hidden meanings to note:

  • You’re freer than you think (I saw a woman in a pine lodge in the middle of a beautiful forest during visualization, but she believed she was stuck, when she only had to open the door to see just how free she was)
  • Solutions are coming to you. Fast.
  • You possess psychic abilities that are yet to be fully tapped into
  • You’ll overcome the challenges and obstacles that are testing you
  • Time to hone in on your intuition, where is it trying to lead you?
  • A closer connection to God, Higher Powers or the Universe
  • You have unlimited potential
  • Call upon your creative, innovative spirit and weave your destiny
the meaning of angel number 707



707 can appear when your guides are asking you to view your life as one big giant canvas; a canvas you’re free to design however you wish.

This is a higher call to explore the deeper aspects of your innermost being, not with judgment or with the view of healing, but with compassion and child-like curiosity.

Once you free yourself from the shackles of judgment, you become more open to learning new skills and integrating new ways of being, resulting in a more content and happy life.


A perfect blend of the 4 feminine elements; wind, fire, earth, air, and the 3 masculine; hindsight, insight, and foresight, 7 is reminding you of your wholeness.

Seeing angel number 707 represents your natural-born ability to create abundance in your life; an ode to your ability to manifest opportunities brimming with potential.

You truly have all the tools and skills within you to make your vision a reality. The question is, how are you going to use it?


Similar to angel number 333, 707 signals the quickening of your personal evolution and power. You might feel like your life is hard to control, especially if you’re desiring set outcomes.

Your angels are asking you to move with the flow; now is the time to let go of all preconceived ideas and notions and just enjoy the ride.

Trying to figure things out, find logical explanations, or guess what will happen based on reason and fact won’t provide you with the happiness, joy, and security you seek.

Your job is to stay the course even if the pace of these changes makes you feel dizzy and overwhelmed. The universe will only give you what you can handle.


Like a caterpillar morphing into a beautiful butterfly, you’re going through intense stages of metamorphosis, spiritually speaking.

You’ve long sown the seeds of transformation and now you’re being called to surrender any faulty beliefs, paradigms, or ‘shoulds’ that have been imposed on you from a young age.

You’re likely experiencing a deep spiritual awakening, of which there are many stages.

You’re being asked to continue to focus on your envisioning your higher self, soul mission, and life purpose at this moment in time.


This is not a message that will resonate with all, but I felt the need to include it given the appearance of double ‘7’.

If you’ve ever felt as though your soul did not originate from Earth, it’s possible you may be a starseed – a highly spiritual, sensitive, and intuitive being here to morph and transform the energy within the world.

This article might have even been ‘sent’ to you to trigger your starseed awakening. There are many different types of starseeds, but Pleiadian starseed is what sticks out the most with angel number 707.

The Pleiades constellation, also known as the ‘Seven Sisters’ has 7 identifiable stars visible to the naked eye. Seeing 707 could be a gentle nudge from your soul family – perhaps it’s time to unearth your true nature on Earth.


This is a wonderful time for new beginnings! If you’re considering a career switch or moving into something more aligned with your spiritual and personal values, go for it!

Promotions, networking, and starting a side hustle are all possible too.


As far as health is concerned, 707 encourages you to get back to basics, and start setting small, but attainable goals.

Think about your Mofa (motivating factor) and imagine the vision you have for yourself coming true. What baby steps can you take today that your future self with thank you for?


This is a wonderful message for wealth! Number 7 is ruled by Neptune, the planet of artistic, creative, and imaginative endeavors.

Whatever your mind can imagine can become a living reality, and that includes financial security.

Whether you desire a large sum of money you can pass on for generations or enough to be able to live comfortably, 707 is a positive and highly auspicious omen to achieving your goal.


707 can speak of needing to move forward alone. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to split up with your partner if you’re in a relationship, but it does mean you need to focus on yourself.

  • Do you struggle to see where you end and the other person starts?
  • If you were to break-up, what would be left of you; the real you?
  • Have you become too lost in the relationship that you’ve lost sight of yourself along the way?

Your angels are asking you to practice the art of non-attachment; whatever happens, it’s okay, because you were fine before they came into your life, and you will be fine without them too.

This isn’t a message to distance yourself from love, but rather give some of your wholesome, magnificent love to yourself first before you give it away to another soul.

For singles, this number usually appears when there’s a situation bordering on unhealthy obsession.

  • Is there someone in your life you’re lusting over?
  • Are you trying hard to ‘change someone’s mind’?
  • Are you chasing their attention?
  • Or are you simply obsessed with the idea of someone loving you, so much so that it consumes your mind?

This is a tough message to surrender such energy.

Whilst you’re busy knocking on the door that’s not for you, your guides are lining up more fated meetings, synchronicities, and better energetic matches – you need only let go to receive.


This will be one mighty spiritual connection under the influence of powerful 707. And it’s likely on its way fairly soon, if you haven’t already met them!

This connection will force you to awaken to your untapped potential and will ignite a deeper passion within you.

It will push you to do better, be better, but also relinquish all that’s inauthentic.

Even if the connection wasn’t meant to last a lifetime (as twin flames sometimes don’t), it will open up a world of possibilities you never even thought were possible.

This journey demands spiritual, mental, and emotional growth.


Since ancient times, ‘7’ has been deemed one of the luckiest numbers in the world, especially within Western culture. It speaks of ancient, hidden truths, wisdom beyond our years, untold stories, and voyages within.

It, therefore, comes as no surprise that angel number 707 is represented by the magnificent chariot (7) and fool (0) in tarot.

Both of which have associations with power, unlimited potential, spontaneity, and triumph.

the connection of the fool and chariot card in tarot to angel number 707
The Fool and Chariot Card in Tarot

It’s a deeply spiritual number that represents flow, naturalness, love, balance, and harmony; it’s no coincidence there are seven wonders of the world, seven colors of the rainbow, seven chakras, seven planets within our solar system, seven days in a week, seven seas, seven continents etc.

707 is a reminder that everything in this world is interconnected, and that you’re a part of this magnificent eco-system.


Not at all. 707 is a highly auspicious and positive angel number to spot. The reason some question this is due to a Chinese belief that 7 is an unlucky number.

August, the 7th month of the year, is known as ‘ghost month’ in China. This is the month when Taoists and Buddhists believe the realms of ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ are open, and so the deceased are able to visit the living.

Then, there’s also the fact that ‘7’ sounds like the word ‘to deceive’ in Mandarin.

But no, 707 isn’t an unlucky number.


  • Hone in on your desires, what do you want to become a reality?
  • Do the inner work, and free yourself from self-sabotage, perfectionism, doubt, and needless worry
  • Make those much-needed changes, starting with the smallest first
  • Read up on spiritual awakenings to understand more about what you’re going through

⭐ You might also spot master number 77, number 737, 747, and 717 after this sequence. All of which will give you the guidance you need to hear to continue the next phase of your journey.

Have you seen angel number 707 recently? If so, which messages resonate with you?

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