Starseed Awakening: 15 Clear Signs You’re Going Through a Deep One

Do you feel as though your soul is here to live out a greater purpose? Are you constantly searching for the meaning of life? Do you believe you truly have something special to offer the world, even if you can’t pinpoint what that is?

If so, then you may be experiencing a powerful, yet equally confusing starseed awakening.

In this post, I’ll explore the 15 clear signs and symptoms that indicate you are in the midst of a magnificent starseed awakening, the 8 stages of this journey, how to activate your starseed powers and soul gifts, and more importantly what to do with this knowledge moving forward.

Let’s dive right in.

What is a Starseed?

A starseed is a beautiful, loving, and benevolent being whose soul has origins elsewhere in the Universe; think distant galaxies, planets, systems, and dimensions.

It’s believed that 30 or more starseed types exist, though only 19 are widely recognized in the 3rd Dimension aka Earth. And by widely, I mean less than 5% of the population are aware of them.

They are here to assist in the planetary awakening that is currently underway, though each type does it in their own special and unique way!

If you would like to read more about starseeds, I recommend checking out my post, What is a Starseed?, which covers the 32 major signs your soul has starseed origins.

What is a Starseed Awakening?

A starseed awakening is an intense process of remembering who you really are at a soul level. For most starseeds, this process begins with a sudden longing for something more – a greater purpose.

You may feel restless, unsatisfied, and disconnected from the world around you.

As you begin to question your life choices and search for answers, you may start to remember your true origins, or at the very least have a feeling that you’re different from most people.

This can be a confusing and frightening experience, but it’s also incredibly exciting! A starseed awakening truly is the journey of a lifetime.

During a starseed awakening, you will connect with your unique talents and gifts, begin to use them to make a difference in the world, and shed everything and anything that no longer serves you in your greatest quest of all; becoming your most authentic self.

15 Clear Signs You’re Experiencing a Starseed Awakening

Some of these starseed awakening signs and symptoms will relate to the present-day and others may stretch as far back as childhood. You don’t need to resonate with all of them to confirm you’re going through this transformation.


This is perhaps one of the greatest signs of a true starseed awakening. And one that’s not easily explained.

Experiencing uncomfortableness is your soul’s tender way of trying to tell you you’re not realizing your full potential (and it’s got nothing to do with ‘human success’). It’s what happens when your soul knows something’s not quite right.

It’s likely because up until now, you’ve been living a fairly ‘normal’ life. But as time has passed, your soul’s calling has become stronger and stronger, until it’s manifested as a daily feeling of discomfort.


The world somehow doesn’t seem even remotely familiar. Have you always felt like a stranger in this world, an outsider looking in on the mysterious and often bewildering goings-on around you?

Did this start as early as childhood? As you grew older, this fascination with the unknown only intensified, leading you to explore new places and meet new people. Yet, nothing ever seemed quite familiar to you; everything was new, strange – almost magical.


You have always been a natural helper. As a child, you were always quick to comfort a friend who was sad or offer a helping hand to someone who needed it.

This deep-seated desire to help others has stayed with you into adulthood, and you often find yourself drawn to occupations or volunteer work that allow you to make a difference in the lives of others.

You derive satisfaction from knowing that you are helping others to lead better lives, a key part of a deep starseed awakening.

Even in your personal relationships, you are always quick to lend an ear or offer advice when someone needs it. Your compassion and generosity are among your most admirable qualities.


You recognize that the world is a beautiful place, full of wonder and mystery. But you also can’t ignore the fact that it’s also a place full of problems. Poverty, hunger, disease, war, pollution…the list goes on and on.

As someone who cares deeply about the world, you can’t help but feel that it is your duty to do something to make the world a better place.

You likely experience intense visions of the role you wish to play in helping out (which is incredibly important to a starseed awakening)


This is an odd one, and it’s a symptom that I’ve only ever witnessed amongst starseeds, lightworkers, and Earth Angels. The general human population doesn’t seem to recognize this feeling.

Have you ever felt as though you’re running out of time to do something important? Whether that be discovering your life mission, finding out who you truly are, or relaying a significant message?

It’s highly likely this is part of your starseed awakening.

It’s a tough feeling to overcome, but it’s a signal of your greater purpose on Earth, and also a gentle reminder that whilst our soul lives forever, our human bodies don’t.


You can be happy one minute and sad the next. You may feel like you’re on top of the world one day, and the next day you may feel like you’re at rock bottom.

Emotional turbulence is a sure sign you’re experiencing energetic upgrades. The stripping back of everything you’ve ever known to be true was never going to be an easy process.


You know there is more to life than what meets the eye. As your vibration shifts, you start receiving an influx of signs from the universe.

You see repeating angel numbers, find coins in unexpected places, and hear meaningful songs at just the right moment. You begin to wonder if you are being guided by a higher power.

As you pay attention to the signs, you start to feel a sense of calm and focus. You feel more connected to the world around you and your place in it. The universe is speaking to you, and you smile every time you receive such a beautiful gift.


Weird pains in your body? Unexplainable headaches? Fatigue? If this sign especially resonates with you, I highly recommend checking out my Andromedan starseed post.

Many Andromedans struggle with what ‘Earth doctors’ call chronic symptoms but most of them are simply experiencing a stage of their starseed awakening – one that will enable them to become the greatest healers of all.


As a child, did you have a vivid imagination, one that loved to explore new worlds? Overtime, did you notice that many of your adventures seemed strangely familiar? Whenever you visited a remote forest or trekked across the high seas, did you feel as though you had been there before?

Many people are skeptical of these experiences, but it’s highly likely they were more than just fantasies.

In fact, it’s extremely possible what you were (are) seeing were memories that belonged to other lifetimes or even civilizations from long ago.

Children especially are incredibly receptive. They’re able to draw on the wisdom and power hidden within each dream, vision, or experience.


When it comes to making big decisions in life, we’re taught to believe that the path of reason is the best route.

You inherently know that the best choice isn’t found by analyzing every detail or weighing every option; it’s about trusting yourself, your in-built intuition, and your heart’s true calling.


Your dreams are imbued with hidden wisdom, magic, and guidance. They’re incredibly intense and vivid at times. You find yourself having many deja vu moments that connect back to your dreams.

This is primarily because your loving starseed family and soul group are sending downloads to you, it’s a form of communication.

As you face challenges in your waking life, you find your dreams offer new perspectives on how to tackle these problems from a different angle.


You are able to sense things that other people cannot and can often sense what is going to happen before it happens. You possess the rare and gifted ability to see beyond the physical world and into the spiritual realm.

Part of a starseed awakening involves opening yourself up to your powerful empathic abilities, being able to not only feel the emotions of others but also being sensitive to your own.


Are you entranced by the stories of ancient cultures and wisdom traditions? Whether it’s tales from Norse mythology or the teachings of ancient philosophers, have you always felt drawn to the wisdom that they carried?

This is a clear sign of a true starseed awakening. It could either represent a past life marking or the fact that you were given soul gifts from these ancient cultures and traditions.

For example, are you gifted in Astral Projection or crystal work? Both have roots in Ancient Egypt.


Whether it’s through meditation, visualization, Reiki, holistic nutrition, or somatic breathwork, you believe that these alternative practices hold incredible power when it comes to restoring balance and health.

For you, being attracted to alternative healing modalities is all about believing in the possibilities and recognizing their potential for bringing much-needed relief and transformation into the world.


As a starseed in awakening, you may feel pulled to join forces with like-minded starseed individuals who share your beliefs and goals.

Not only this, but you crave to speak and learn from other souls who understand you at a core level.

The 8 Stages of a Starseed Awakening

What’s interesting about a starseed awakening, unlike a typical spiritual awakening, is that those who are called to go through it, WILL ALWAYS go through it. There is no surrender or fallback stage.

Once you’ve opened your eyes to the possibility of more, you can’t unsee it. For some, the awakening process is a gradual one, while for others it happens quite suddenly.

Here are the 8 main stages of a starseed awakening:

1. The First Stage.

Marked by a deep-rooted feeling of disconnectedness from the world. This stage is likely coupled with a sense of general unhappiness, feeling alone and lost.

You crave meaningful change and have a feeling you’re here for a higher purpose, even if you’re not sure what that is yet.

2. The Second Stage.

What I like to call the ‘possibility stage’. Starseeds experience events and experiences that trigger them to become aware of their psychic abilities.

You begin to develop a stronger connection to the spiritual realm. You are increasingly aware of your power as a divine creator.

3. The Third Stage.

Remembrance and self-discovery. This stage marks the point at which either (and this is important, because not all starseeds experience both) 1) you begin to remember your past lives and/or 2) you begin your journey of ultimate self-discovery.

At this stage, you’re desperate to discover more about yourself, your path, and your purpose here on Earth.

4. The Fourth Stage.

A mini awakening. This is when starseeds start to awaken their life-force energy. You’ll start to see glimmers of your full potential.

5. The Fifth Stage.

The Shedding Crisis. Ah, this little gem. This is an interesting and not well-documented stage.

Here starseeds begin to embody their divine nature and start to embrace their true identity. This looks like starting to question old conditioned habits, feelings, and negative thinking.

BUT, with this comes a mini-identity crisis, as you realize you who once thought you were no longer exists. You realize it was a fabrication of an identity built on early trauma, experiences, and societal conditioning.

6. The Sixth Stage.

The Void. Spiritual no-man’s land.

After some heavy soul-searching and some mini-breakthroughs, you feel no wiser about your purpose on Earth. If anything, you feel even more lost than before.

You question where your magical new beginnings are, and how everything links up. You wonder why you were chosen to lead such a monumental task. Consider this your spiritual test. The void is the space between utter joy and total despair.

It’s normal to feel as though you’ve completely detached from the spiritual world during the void – just like anything in the world, there are ebbs and flows.

With a ton of fake guidance on the web making spiritual awakenings sound easy, it’s no wonder so many feel disillusioned. This stage is asking you to push through.

Here, you either push onward and crave a deeper meaning of yourself and your soul or you quit and fall back to stage 1 of a starseed awakening.

7. The Seventh Stage. Deep Healing.

If stage 6 highlights anything to starseeds it’s that they need to heal. This important stage involves deep inner work; think shadow work, child work, trauma healing, identity re-creation, and massive shifts in perspective.

Interestingly, this is the stage at which many starseeds discover their soul gifts. They discover what makes them come alive.

8. The Eighth and Final Stage. Breakthrough.

The final stage represents the point at which you can say you’re happy, the kind of true happiness that doesn’t rely on outcomes and material success.

You will likely have realized by this stage that your soul purpose is one that’s created, and not found.

You’ll have also discovered that it’s simpler than what you expected it to be. Expect deep alignment, daily miracles, and an immense feeling of gratitude.


Not in the slightest! These starseed awakening stages aren’t linear, meaning at any point you can freely flow between them.

For example, once you’ve reached the eighth stage and have been there for a while, it’s likely you’ll flow back to some of the lower stages so your soul can keep growing, expanding, and learning.

How to Cope with Your Awakening Experience

Awakening as a starseed can be a disorienting and confusing experience. It can feel like you suddenly have a foot in two different worlds – the world of the mundane and the world of the magical.

You may find yourself drawn to activities that nurture your spiritual side, such as meditation or energy work.

At the same time, you may also feel a need to anchor yourself in the physical world through grounding practices such as spending time in nature. The key to coping through a starseed awakening is to find a balance between these two worlds.

Allow yourself time to explore your new identity as a starseed. But don’t forget to take care of your physical Earth-bound needs as well.

Are you going through a starseed awakening? Let me know in the comments about your experience!

Wishing you lots of courage and strength,


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  1. OMG Charlotte, that article was clearly delivered specifically to me at that time by my Starseed sisters!! I cannot tell you how excited I am to now know 110% that I am a Starseed. Woohoo ❤️??❤️??❤️ I am a reiki practitioner, founder of Natural Health and Well-being Magazine launched 20 years ago. I missed the signs back then. It took my husband getting cancer and me learning how to heal him that really got my attention. We beat it completely naturally and the synchronicities have been ridiculous, teachers plonked in front of me, tools provided. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your wisdom. I’m home, something I’ve been wanting so much, only for a visit mind, I’ve got many years of healing work ahead of me and I’m excited!!!!

  2. Hi Charlotte! Yes! I believe I am a Pleiadian starseed. I’m 62 and have had a lifetime of experiences and feelings that bring me to this conclusion. I would love to learn how to continue to nurture this reality.


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