Wondering if you’re an andromedan starseed? Do you feel a desire to travel the world? Are you drawn to the traditional healing arts and physical sciences? Do you feel like you’re here for a specific purpose but can’t figure out what?

If so, then keep reading. It’s highly likely you’re an Andromedan starseed incarnated on Earth.

What is a Starseed?

Starseeds are highly evolved intelligent spiritual beings from distant galaxies and far away star systems who incarnated into a human body.

Infused with DNA activation codes, Starseeds come to Planet Earth to heal some form of darkness, and to usher in a new wave of creativity, love, and understanding.

Not every starseed is here to heal though; some starseeds such as Lyrans come to Earth to experience life in a new 3D format to enable their soul to expand and learn key lessons. Some starseeds are also known as old souls or lightworkers.

Want to be sure you are a starseed? I’ve listed 32 signs you’re a starseed here.

Andromedan Starseeds

Andromedan souls are the true freedom seekers, quiet warriors, and perhaps even worriers amongst us. They’re highly intelligent, loving, and benevolent starseeds who emit an extremely high vibrational frequency.

Out of all the starseed types, Andromedans take the most time to adjust to Earth. As they naturally exist in forms up to the 12th dimension, Andromedans find it very difficult to match Earth’s heavy and dense frequency (the polar opposite to Lyran starseeds).

This change in frequency affects the ease with which Andromedans can incarnate on Earth. This is why they’re so RARE!

There are said to only be around 800,000 andromedan starseeds on Earth at this time, which is tiny in comparison to the millions of Pleiadian starseeds who call Earth their home right now! 

This frequency battle means they only retain a small percentage of their true energy which can be startling for some Andromedans. It’s why many of them feel lost, confused, and unsure which path to take in life.

andromedan starseed soul characteristics

They fear making the wrong decision and feel like they are missing a trick somehow. During their waking lives, they might feel a tug of war about what ‘they’re supposed to do’ versus what ‘their soul is calling them to do’. This, they find difficult.

Yet, what many andromedan starseeds don’t know is that they have the intelligence and wisdom of the universe living inside of them, ready and waiting for them to access at any time.

They are true beacons of light who are incredibly heart-centered and can master anything they put their mind to. 

A rare soul gift they have is their innate ability to access the akashic records whenever they want. A gift many would envy, entering the akashic records normally takes months, if not years of soul and mind training. Entering the akashic records after incarnation can help turn an Andromedan starseed’s confusion into clarity.

Similar to Pleiadian starseeds, they are natural-born healers infused with ancient knowledge and wisdom in the traditional healing arts such as reiki, herbalism, or star bathing. 

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Andromedan Starseed Origin – Where is My Soul From?

Earth’s galactic neighbors, only 2.5 million light-years away, Andromedans originate from the spiral-shaped galaxy of Andromeda, sometimes known as M31.

This galaxy is also home to the Pleiadians, Sirians, and Lyrans which shows you just how vast this system is. 

andromedan galaxy, where are andromedan starseeds from

The Andromedan galaxy has twice the number of stars of our galaxy, the Milky Way! In 4-5 billion years, Astronomers believe the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies will collide to form a giant supercluster.

Am I an Andromedan Starseed? 14 Major Signs That Confirm You Are

1. You have a childlike energy and aura

Andromedans have pure-childlike energy which is incredibly innocent. They are very playful and exhibit the following traits: curiosity, excitement, faith, and trust.

At times you can have a single-minded focus which those around you admire. You ask questions and aren’t afraid to show vulnerability. 

2. You’ve recovered from an incurable’ illness naturally

This is an odd one, and won’t apply to every andromedan starseed, but I’ve found some andromedan starseeds to possess an incredible mind-body healing connection.

My own story involves healing 5 years of debilitating illness using the power of thought, and bridging the connection between mind and body.

Andromedan starseeds are incredibly gifted healers, especially when it comes to the body. You’re likely fascinated by psychology, physical sciences, and unexplained medical mysteries.

3. You think in BOTH a creative and logical manner

This balance between the creative right and logical left hemisphere in the brain gives andromedan souls a unique position in the universe. No other starseed possesses this trait.

Similar to Pleiadian and Sirian starseeds, you’re full of inspired ideas. You’re drawn to the creative arts of healing, writing, design work, and anything else creative. But, you’re also masters of science and logic.

When balanced, huge strides can be taken towards achieving even the biggest of goals.

4. You crave true freedom

You value freedom, true freedom. The kind where you get to choose what you do with every single second of your day. Andromedans are likely to feel stifled in a restrictive 9-5 environment, and so often start their own business or become a full-time traveling freelancer.

They can’t wait to meet like-minded people, despite their quiet and more reserved nature.

5. You feel connected to one place on Earth in particular or love to travel

Andromedan starseeds are the true nomads amongst us. They hate staying in one place too long and often feel the pull to travel to new locations regularly.

This desire to constantly be on the road stems from the fact that their galaxy is so vast and interconnected. Existing in the 12th dimension, they could easily experience ‘life’ in other parts of Andromeda. 

6. You’re empathic but guard your emotions at times

You can read other people like an open book. You understand complex emotions because you’re a ‘feeler’ yourself. You notice when something is wrong with someone before they verbally express their feelings.

But, you’ve learned to guard your emotions at times for fear of looking weak in a ‘mute’ world. You can’t understand why being emotional is seen as a bad thing, and wish people would be more open.

7. May suffer from anxiety, feeling lost and low-self worth

Andromedan starseeds have a tendency to feel lost in this world due to the mismatch of frequencies between their home and their new residence.

Not only does this lead to a feeling of confusion and inner chaos, but it leads to an unshakeable anxiety and feelings of low self-worth and esteem.

This is simply a result of being out of touch with your star family, something 99% of andromedans face when first entering Earth.

8. You have a strong connection with water and nature

Because of your white, bright, and childlike aura, animals of all shapes and sizes are drawn to you. You also have a deep innate affinity with nature, water, and everything mother Gaia has to offer.

andromedan starseed signs and traits

You might dream of living a life where you’re surrounded by nature. Cities and busy, overcrowded areas seem foreign and overwhelming to your delicate energy.

9. You are drawn to tales of lost lands and ancient civilizations

You are drawn to the tales surrounding the ancient cultures and civilizations of the world. You’re fascinated by the rise of Ancient Egypt and the mysterious influence of alien technology surrounding its building.

You might feel a soul calling to visit a spiritual place with high vibrational energy e.g. Sedona. 

10. You lead a simplistic, non-egoistic lifestyle

You prefer to live a simple, understated lifestyle. The thought of fame doesn’t appeal to you. That’s not to say you can’t earn lots of money, you just choose to remain quiet about it. You’re not the type of person who is power-hungry or who seeks to manipulate people.

11. You’re a natural teacher and guide

You’re a natural-born leader, but unlike Arcturian starseeds, you’re not overpowering with it. You come across as a wise, talented teacher who can guide others in their mission or purpose on Earth.

Coming from the Andromeda galaxy which is home to 3 other starseed types, you’re likely to contain a wonderful and insightful mix of knowledge from all three systems combined. You have a lot of untapped knowledge just waiting to be shared with others.

12. You have a good balance between masculine and feminine energy

Souls existing in the 12th dimension naturally have well-balanced masculine and feminine energy.

If you’re a female and can embody that ‘action, hustle, authoritative’ energy then it’s likely you’re balanced, providing your emotional side is in check. Vice versa for males.

13. You’re more introverted than extroverted

Andromedan starseeds tend to be more reserved and are known as the quiet warriors. They aren’t afraid to speak out when something needs to be said, but on the whole, prefer to blend into the background and observe. This doesn’t mean they don’t play important roles though.

14. Love adventures and spontaneity 

Nothing bores you more than a mundane routine. You love adventures and spontaneous activities and trips. This comes with a craving for true freedom. 

What is the Mission of the Andromedan starseeds?

The collective mission of Andromedan starseeds is to bring peace, harmony, and light to the darkest corners of Earth. Their sole aim is to remove all hostile extraterrestrial presence (e.g. Dark Reptilians) amongst humans.

With their innate abilities, gifts and talents, they are here to raise the vibration of humanity ready for the golden age of Creativity, which is set to start in 2032.

On a personal soul level, their individual mission varies person by person, but it usually involves guiding, teaching, or healing in some way shape or form.

Many andromedan starseeds embody the artist or freelancer energy which means they struggle to stick to a mundane 9-5 routine. They usually job-hop until they find their true, inner calling, which usually involves working for themselves.

Andromedan Starseed History – An Unusual Connection with Lyrans?

The Andromedan star race has a fascinating history. Andromedan starseeds or humanoids are said to be direct descendants of Lyrans who fled to Andromeda from the Lyra constellation.

They fled during the Lyran-Draco wars, in which the pursuit of greed, power, and control forced the lyran race to flee to other nearby systems.

Are You a Hybrid Starseed?

If you’re like many starseed beings you’ll feel an innate pull to different starseed types. This is because your soul has gathered clusters of energy from many star systems and galaxies during previous incarnations.

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