Are You a Pleiadian Starseed? 21 Major Signs, Mission & More

Is it possible you’re a Pleiadian starseed? A loving, beautiful soul that has incarnated on Earth infused with pure Pleiadian energy and DNA? 

In this post, I deep dive into what a Pleiadian starseed is, their beautiful mission here on Earth, major signs that confirm you are one, their soul origin, plus how to make contact with your soul family.

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What is a Pleiadian Starseed?

Pleiadians are highly creative, loving souls who originate from the beautiful star cluster, Pleiades. They exist in the fifth dimension, born from a realm of love and creativity.

They’re both beacons of light and knowledge, here to help humanity move towards the Golden Age of Transformation.

a pleadian starseed with unique talents and earth mission

Encoded with true Pleiadian DNA and encryption codes, Pleiadian starseeds need to undergo a starseed awakening to trigger their natural-born abilities. And their abilities can be vast! 

Pleiades is known to be a central hub or ‘school of learning’ for ALL extra-terrestrial souls.

This ‘school’ is nothing like we can imagine; it’s said to evoke incredible nurturing talents, heal feminine and masculine energy imbalances and hone creative energy.

As a result, the Pleiadians have been inspiring the artist energy within humanity since the dawn of time. These abilities on Earth can show up in many different forms; from traditional healing arts, social care, environmental stewardship to creative expression. 

Often, Pleiadians have many gifts they aren’t aware of; ever found yourself trying something completely new only to find you’re surprisingly good at it? That is typical Pleiadian energy.

Whilst they’re not the masters of learning (orions and sirians have that advantage), they are adept at picking up new skills quickly. 

Words that describe Pleiadian starseeds best: nurturers, motherly, artistic, intuitive, knowledge keepers, joyful, sensitive, loving, transformative.

What is a Pleiadian Starseed’s Mission?

Pleiadians are here to perform a broad, but beautiful mission – to help heal and uplift humanity ready for the Golden Age of Transformation, which is meant to start in 2032 (though it’s heavily debated).

Every 2,160 years, Planet Earth enters a new astrological era. Around two thousand years ago, it moved from the Age of Aries, also known as the Age of Empires, into the Piscean Age, the Age of Idealism.

This time, it is moving into the Age of Knowledge, the Aquarian Age. 

Pleiadians are soul healers. Their heart and crown chakras vibrate at an incredibly strong frequency, and as a result, they’re naturally drawn to roles that involve healing and unification.

Think holistic coaching, herbalism, medicine, advocacy, even highly logical roles such as law where injustices need to be balanced.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking they play a supporting role. Pleiadian starseeds are very much the visionaries, darers, dreamers, and leaders in innovation and creativity. They embody the child-like artist waiting to be freed deep within our core.

They believe in the impossible and are masters at seeing new solutions to old problems. This is why they’re so fundamental to life on Earth at the moment, as we prepare to enter into a new age of ascension.

Many Pleiadians feel a sense of deeper purpose here on Earth as though they were here to perform a very specific role, but struggle to locate it. I think this is perfectly normal.

The idea of a ‘specific purpose’ or mission is a man-made concept that we adopt during our experiences on Earth.

Our ‘purpose’ or mission doesn’t have to be world-changing to mean something. To live, laugh, love, and bring light to your life and those around you, be it animals, humans, or even Mother Gaia, wholly embodies Pleiadian energy.

It radiates unconditional love, trust, and harmony. No matter what you do, whether it falls under typical healing practices or not, you can choose to display these qualities.

Am I A Pleiadian Starseed? 22 Major Signs That Suggest You Could Be

This list details the most common pleiadian starseed characteristics, but every pleiadian soul is different so you might have more traits than mentioned here.

1. Sensitive

You feel more sensitive than other people. You may have been told to ‘toughen’ up as a child or were called a ‘crybaby’. You’re sensitive to other people’s emotions and needs. 

2. Emotionally Intelligent

Can you read other people like an open book? Are you skilled at knowing when something’s wrong with someone even if they say it’s not. Pleiadian starseeds are extremely emotionally intelligent and can quickly pick up on subtle clues and nuances.

3. Intuitive

You often have a gut feeling that you can’t explain. It feels intense at times. You feel anxious when you don’t listen to it. You lean towards operating with your heart and not your head.

If you’re out of alignment with your true self, you might lead with your logical mind instead; the polar opposite of what true Pleiadian energy encourages us to do.

4. Amazing communicators

Pleiadians have a way with words. They naturally command charisma and charm but in a gentle, wise, non-manipulative way. They are wise elders, and often are more mature than their Earth age. They are very authentic and genuine.

5. Strong sense of purpose or unfilled purpose

Do you feel like you’re missing out on something special? Like you came here for a specific purpose or mission but you’re not sure what it is. You might not have undergone your starseed awakening yet.

Pleiadian starseeds often have a strong drive and devotion to their ‘raison d’etre’ or ‘reason for being’.

Note: I strongly believe the purpose of life is to simply enjoy, live and love. A purpose doesn’t mean a ‘world-saving mission’ like in movies.

6. Nurturing or Motherly by Nature

Opposite to Sirian energy, the Pleiades is home to the divine feminine or mother energy. You’ve most likely been called the mother of the group, or have nurturing qualities.

You offer kindness, warmth, and an aura of trust to others. You can be a male and still have feminine energy (which is a good thing!).

7. Strongly empathetic

Not only are you able to put yourself in someone else’s shoes, but you can literally feel what they’re going through. You embody and take on this energy for yourself, sometimes without even realizing it.

Even if everything in your life is well, but someone you know is suffering, this might lead you to take on their anxiety, panic, and other troubled emotions.

8. True humanitarians

You are drawn to helping in some way shape or form. You realize this world can and will be better. You feel drawn to helping people, animals, children, a charity, or other worthwhile cause.

Pleiadians often give time and energy to something close to their heart. They are the true humanitarians amongst Earth souls.

It’s also possible you’re a crystal child.

9. Drawn to healing arts e.g. reiki, color therapy, counseling

Pleiadian starseeds are highly advanced healers. Healing can take place in many different forms. You might be drawn to writing, journaling, counseling, childcare, reiki, sacred geometry, color therapy, crystal healing, heart chakra healing, medical services etc.

10. Loves spirituality, astrology, astronomy, metaphysics, space

You have a thirst for knowledge, and love discovering new information in the fields of astrology, astronomy, alchemy, and metaphysics. You’re drawn to the unusual and mystical, no matter how ‘weird’ it is deemed by society.

11. Strong aversion to harm and violence

You can’t stand seeing or hearing cruelty in any form. Even behavior many would deem acceptable e.g. seeing animals in a zoo, rattles you to the core.

You can’t understand how people can be so cruel to one another, to animals, and to Mother Earth.

12. Good with children and animals

Children and animals are naturally drawn to your calming and inviting aura. You feel like you can communicate with them via non-verbal means. They can naturally pick-up on your innocent and child-like energy.

13. Extremely skilled healers

You consider yourself a natural healer. You may have a soothing presence, warm hands, a deep understanding of others, despite not having lived through their experiences. You are able to find creative, out-of-the-box solutions to their problems.

14. Understands polarity and balance e.g. yin/yang, light/dark

Pleiadian starseeds, despite being predominantly feminine, recognizes when there’s an imbalance.

You understand that there can’t be light without dark, yin without yang, good without dark, that one cannot exist without the other. You realize that they are crucial to understanding when to embrace change.

15. May suffer with generalized anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem when out of alignment or in pre-awakening stage

Starseeds in general may suffer from this one. When you’re too bogged down in the trials and tribulations of everyday life and it’s stressors and forgetting who you are at the core, you’re likely to suffer from some anxiety, depression, or low self-esteem.

This is the same for those who haven’t gone through a spiritual awakening yet too.

16. Gentle in nature

Pleiadians carry an old, gentle energy. It can be likened to a grandmother’s nurturing aura.

17. People-pleasers

Often to their own detriment, Pleiadian starseeds are people-pleasers. Their gentle, loving energy can be taken as being ‘weak’ in a highly masculine society.

One lesson Pleiadians must learn is that ‘no’ is a complete sentence. If you’re going to suffer because of it, you shouldn’t do it.

18. Perfectionists

This goes hand in hand with the people-pleasing. You’re likely a perfectionist and will spend hours fussing over little, intricate details that don’t really matter. Another lesson for Pleiadians is to remember to see the bigger picture in life.

19. May be drawn to roles that involve mental, social, or environmental healing: think writing, counseling, psychology, environment, ecology, or social advocacy

You might be drawn to roles such as: writer, counselor, ecologist, social worker, nurse, biologist, teacher, mental health advocate etc. Typically, you’ll like roles that contribute to a better, healthier, and kinder world.

20. May be a water sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Because of their highly emotional and sensitive nature, Pleiadian starseeds are likely to have a lot of water placements in their natal chart i.e. sun, moon, rising, and south node signs.

21. May be drawn to water and marine animals if originally from Lemuria

It’s believed that Pleiadians were one of the first beings to populate the long-lost land of Lemuria. Lemuria was said to be a water continent on Earth, full of marine animals. You might love dolphins and whales in particular.

pleiadian starseed from lemeuria

Can I Contact the Pleiadians?

Yes! You can. The best way to reach them is by tuning your internal body or soul system with their frequency. 

One thing to note though, which confuses many people, is that Pleiadians are not people. If you were to travel to the Pleiades constellation, you would not find a group of people living in a civilization like ours. What I’m really referring to when I talk of the Pleiadians is Pleiadian energy

If you were to contact the Pleiadians, you are contacting and communicating with an energy field; often referred to as the P Field (Pleiadian field) for short.

Interestingly though, this energy field can interact with you in any matter or form that’s comfortable. It’s why many associate Pleiadian energy with an angel-like being or a ball of blue light that comes to them in their dreams or half-waking state.

It will show up in the most comforting way possible to you as an individual. 

You might think that contacting extra-terrestrial energy is scary, but remember you’re not reaching out to aliens, but rather your star family. They’re your closest kin in the universe, they’re not hostile and unfriendly as mass media portrays ETs to be. 

Pleiadian love is unconditional. It holds no threat to you, demands nothing of you, and withholds no appreciation from you. 

What Do Pleiadian Starseeds Look Like?

This is a good question and is highly controversial in the spiritual community. You might have read that Pleiadian starseeds are Scandinavian looking by nature, with blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin etc. 

But I don’t think this is true. This concept came from a book written in the 1970’s by a channeler, who saw Pleiadian energy in a human format.

Like I said earlier, this energy can come to you in a way that’s comfortable for you. This is an individual interpretation, not a generic feature of the Pleiadians. 

I don’t believe a soul looking for expansion and ascension, here to perform a beautiful mission would choose a body based on its features and looks.

Soul energy is not fickle, it’s not caught up in the 3D nature of life.

Souls are ‘matched’ to a body, a vessel if you like, based on its genetic blueprint, its karma, and predetermined life experiences.

Tall, short, dark, light, fat, thin, any person can have Pleiadian energy within their DNA.

The Pleiades in Ancient Greek Mythology

Greek mythology has a beautiful and creative story as to how the Pleiades came into existence. It’s said that the seven bright stars commonly seen within the Pleiades represent the seven daughters of Titan Atlas and the Oceanoid Pleione.

The daughters were pursued by an aggressive hunter named Orion until Zeus, worried for their safety, transformed them into a cluster of stars so they couldn’t be found.

Can I See The Pleiades Cluster? 

Yes! Also known as the Seven Sisters and Messier 45, the Pleiades is found within the Taurus constellation, roughly 440 light years away from Earth.

pleiades starseed, a photo of the pleaides constellation

Despite what many believe, there are over 800 beautiful blue stars within the Pleiades cluster. On a super clear night, you can see many of the stars with the naked eye.

A sure sign you’re of Pleiadian origin, or at least carry some form of Pleiadian DNA is feeling drawn to the Pleiades constellation

The constellation only formed around 100 million years ago, which is super young in comparison to the overall age of the universe.

As the stars within the Taurus constellation are burning a hot luminous blue, souls originating from Pleiades are said to be ‘young’, or at least young in terms of soul age. They could still be hundreds if not thousands of years old.

Are You a Hybrid Starseed?

Many starseeds feel a connection with more than one starseed type. It’s possible you’ve lived previous ‘lives’ in other star systems and collected a cluster of energy.

Read through my other starseed posts to see if you resonate with those too. If you do, you’re likely a hybrid starseed.

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  1. Beautiful and very accurate according to My Life experience. Thank you for sharing the gift of Knowledge. Now, maybe, More will See US as a gift instead of something to fear. I appreciate you

  2. I’ve always felt I’m from the Pleiades. But I also feel strongly attached for the Arcturian energy. I love the concept of having more than one energy cluster into yourself helping you fulfill your mission. Both star clusters give me the power and drive I need to create my life and fulfill myself. The lessons the planets bestow on me through their cosmic manipulation are incredible. I cannot wait to truly discover how to harness the energy of these two long lost homes and identities.

  3. thank you for this, charlotte! literally everything you said resonates. i’m so pleiadian i even have a patch of freckles on my arm almost exactly in the shape of the seven sisters. interestingly, i didn’t even notice the pattern of the freckles until i was in my 20s. we wake up when we’re supposed to, eh? 😉

  4. I associate with this energy very much and in my birth chart My Sun sign is at 29 degrees Taurus, at the exact same degrees as the Pleiades star cluster. 🙂


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