Are you an Avian Starseed? 23 Major Signs, Mission & Traits!

Drawing upon the long-forgotten wisdom of the higher realms, Avian starseeds are the world’s ancient cosmic creators.

Divine, benevolent, and highly intuitive, these wondrous souls swept into the world to offer the gifts of joy, sensitivity, compassion, and higher insight. 

This article dives deeper into their mystical, yet wondrous energy. Its information isn’t purely channeled as you will see on other blogs.

Instead, it’s drawn from my own research of working with thousands of souls who identify with starseeds as well as my work as an astrologer having read thousands of natal charts over the years.

I try to take a very grounded approach to spiritual concepts so that they have real-world application in our everyday lives.

Before you read this post, you might like further background information:

Let’s dive right in.

Who are the Avians?

Avians are what I call the freedom seekers of this world. They’re the wanderers, the seekers, the freedom-loving humanitarians.

Here’s where it gets super interesting though. Similar to Blue Ray and Polarian types, they don’t call any one place home, either on this planet or even this Universe.

In fact, we’re not entirely sure where Avians truly originated from, other than they have ties to Lyran and Draconian energy.

avian starseeds are the wanderers of the universe

You might have read that their energy comes from ‘the central galaxy’ on other blogs, but this is a huge misconception. Which center? Which galaxy?!

Instead, I see them as more celestial bodies of energy, able to draw upon the energy of whichever star system or element they choose to work with. Pure transmuters. It’s one of the reasons they make such magnificent natural healers and shamans on Earth.

What is the Avian Starseed Mission?

Avian starseeds naturally have incredibly strong heart and solar plexus chakras, both of which are tied to emotions, feelings of safety, security, and well-being.

Their natural energy makes it incredibly easy to follow their heart-led calling or path, and because of their wandering nature, multiple paths often open up to them.

I call them the multipotentialites of the Universe, because no one direction particularly captures their entire interest. They feel most fulfilled when following multiple paths.

Notice how I said ‘ their natural energy makes it incredibly easy to follow their calling’ – the energy they possess whilst out of their human self is pure knowing.

In the human self, that’s another story. Wobbles, self-doubt, feeling trapped by the stifling responsibilities of a Capitalist system, all lead to an Avian starseed losing their natural ability to recognize and pursue their heart-led mission.

This is very similar to other types too.

What Energy Does an Avian Collective Weave into the World?

Innovation, peace, love, harmony, balance, compassion, and personal development, particularly in relation to independence.

Collectively, Avian starseeds help Earth-bound souls become spiritually freer. Not only that but because they embody love at its highest, purest form, their very being causes shifts in the collective.

Every time they do something meaningful to them, it causes literal ripples in the cosmos, and on Earth.

Interestingly though, whilst Avians carry this independent rebellious streak, I also see them as teachers; relaying the information to keep a soft heart soft, no matter what has happened in external life experiences.

23 Major Signs You’re an Avian Starseed on Earth

There are many Avian signs, traits, and characteristics, but these are the main ones. Please don’t be disheartened if you don’t resonate with all of them. Not all are needed to confirm Avian origin.

  1. You’re highly emotionally perceptive
  2. You love or long for true freedom
  3. You feel trapped in your human body or feel as though it’s too primitive and non-functional
  4. You’re in tune with the world’s natural rhythms and love nature
  5. You’re drawn to ancient civilizations, myths and legends
  6. You feel homesick or long for a lost land (but…)

Small side note here: You might not have a clue what or even where you feel homesick for. Because of the nature of Avian energy, you might feel as though you’re a nomadic wanderer soul.

One of the core features of an Avian’s life on Earth is being able to cultivate a sense of safety and familiarity within the unknown, and being content with the mystery and intrigue of it all.

an eagle soaring in the sky on a blue background
  1. You’re drawn to birds or bird watching
  2. You identify as an old soul
  3. You dislike labels and stereotypes
  4. You’re drawn to traveling, especially long trips
  5. You love challenge and adventure
  6. You don’t call any one place home on Earth
  7. The study of people fascinates you

It’s interesting because from my experience Avians have markings in their natal chart which lends to psychology and a good understanding of the human condition.

It’s as though they’ve been through the trenches themselves and so understand the power of the full spectrum of human emotions. Interpersonal relationships also fascinate them.

  1. You long to find your community of like-minded souls

Conversely, you might have spent a lot of time in isolation or in hermit mode. You might have also found that you were the black sheep or outcast of the family. I see this trait quite frequently amongst Avians.

It’s as though their Earth family could sense their differences, their desire to flee, and so wanted to hold them back; either out of fear of abandonment or having no-one to enable them anymore.

  1. You’re a visionary, or at least have strong ideals
  2. You’re drawn to finding your core purpose

This is very strong in Avian starseeds likely due to the fact that their natural energy is one of remembrance. Their soul knows the way yet the human self struggles to connect with its own intuitive hits and guidance. This causes a lot of frustration and overwhelm for Avians.

  1. You’re a knowledge seeker
  2. You have a lot of symbolic dreams or participate in dreamwork

Lucid dreaming and dream incubation come to mind here. Dream incubation involves being able to actively change the content of a dream and interact with it as though you’re in a waking state.

It’s a very refined and hard skill to pull off, but Avians seem to have it as a natural gift.

  1. You’ve gone through several spiritual awakenings
  2. You’re a voracious reader and soak up new information like a sponge
  3. You’ve experienced a starseed depression or Dark Night of the Soul
  4. You’re more productive at night – a night owl
  5. You might have been diagnosed with ADHD or neurodivergent thinking patterns

Traits of Avian Starseed Energy

traits of avian starseed souls on earth
  • Intelligent
  • Child-like curiosity and wonder
  • Drawn to hands-on creative arts e.g. writing, painting, ceramics etc
  • Free-spirited
  • Loyal
  • Honest
  • Good attention to detail, though usually not perfectionists
  • Love or have a desire to go with the flow
  • Prefers non-routine over pure structure and order

Who are the Blue Avians? Is there a Link?

Yes! Blue Avians are a sub-group or type of Avian starseed, though I would say they’re slightly more spiritual in nature.

They tend to work in the shadows and don’t draw much attention to themselves. They’re what I call the ‘quiet leaders’ of this world, and are very much the old souls amongst us.

They carry an elder energy, one that imparts much wisdom to a select few. Interestingly, they don’t tend to feel as homesick or out of sorts as their younger Avian counterparts.

a representation of blue avian starseed energy
I asked an artist to draw a representation of how I see Blue Avian Energy after working with it! Notice how it draws upon the energy of lots of different star systems.

Blue Avians see this world as a playground for the soul, often experimenting with manifestation and energetic work. They’ll likely dabble across many spiritual fields – whatever piques their interest.

Blue Avians likely will have faced many traumatic experiences in this lifetime to the point of which they wonder if they’re cursed.

Of course, this isn’t the case, but their many incarnations on Earth lend to rapid soul growth and expansion, which often means they find themselves in experiences that are less than desirable to the human self.

I’ve Heard of Avian Starseed Markings – What are These?

Avian starseed markings are placements that can be found within the natal chart. A natal chart is a snapshot of the stars and planets at the precise time you were born.

Certain placements within this chart can indicate Avian origin. I’ve linked to my natal starseed markings blog post here.

What Do Avian Starseeds Look Like?

You might have read that Avians carry very birdlike features, small eyes, ‘talon-like fingers’ and tend to be Caucasian. I’m not so convinced on these kind of sweeping statements.

So many beautiful Avians I’ve come to know and work with don’t have any of these sort of features. Some are tall, short, fat, thin, have blonde hair, have dark hair, light skin, dark skin, have big eyes, small eyes – there’s no real pattern.

I don’t believe starseeds on Earth seeking expansion, joy, love, compassion, strength, and solidarity would choose a soul based on its appearance alone. 

How Many Avian Starseeds Exist on Earth?

Whilst we don’t know the exact number, it’s very few. Avians are a rare starseed type, possibly only spanning into a few thousand on Earth at any one time.

Myself and other natal chart readers recently noted in fact how rare it is to have an Avian grace our presence in a reading! 

When Did Avian Starseeds Arrive on Earth?

These are old souls for sure. Some will say billions of years ago, but humans aren’t that old, and given they will take a human-like form to perform a specific mission, I’d say it’s closer to the dawn of human history.

We’re looking at roughly 200,000 years ago.

A Starseeed Hierarchy? Does it Exist?

You might have also read that Avians and Blue Avians are at the top of a ‘starseed hierarchy’, leading all of the other types that exist.

A hierarchy is a very human-centred approach to power and authority. Starseeds are divinely all at one with each other, they’re part of this beautiful Oneness with the Universe so no true hierarchy exists.

In fact, they call upon each other’s specialisms and traits to further aid in eachother’s individual and collective missions. No one type is better than the other.

Are you an Avian Starseed? Let me know if the comments if some of these signs resonated.

Are you a Hybrid Starseed?

I also highly recommend checking out my other starseed blog posts too. Starseeds tend to draw their cosmic wisdom from more than one-star system, depending on previous incarnations. I’ve linked my posts below for easy browsing.

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