Are You a Procyon Starseed on Earth? 28 Clear Signs, Mission & Energy Type

Have you always felt as though you just don’t belong here? Do you feel as though you were meant to carry out a specific mission?

Are you fascinated by the night sky and all its intricacies? If so, it’s possible you’re a Procyon, an incredibly rare starseed type.

I’ve wanted to write about Procyon starseeds for a few years, but have only now just gathered enough information to be able to do so.

If you’re new here, all of my starseed articles are based on birth chart readings and in-depth interviews I’ve carried out with that actual starseed type, rather than just channeled information.

My aim with this post is to give you a deeper, yet holistic look into this beautiful starseed race!

Who are the Procyons?

Procyon starseeds are the master builders, creators, and architects of this world. On the whole, they’re less spiritual than other starseed types, but interestingly, this gives them an amazing advantage over other races.

With their practical and grounded energy, they’re able to adapt to life better, though this might come after they’ve shed the heavy and dense energy that surrounds them on a day-to-day basis.

Procyons might not actually feel like a starseed despite feeling different. Their highly logical and analytical minds may first reject the idea of it.

They generally come to accept it after feeling very isolated from the general human population.

The Incredible Procyon Starseed Mission

Incredible beings of celestial light, Procyons feel a deep pull to not only help humanity but also help their own soul progress on its spiritual journey.

They’re deeply invested in personal growth and development and love to set goals for themselves. I’ve always found them to be quietly ambitious too. 

Unlike Arcturians, who will publicly go after their goals, Procyons keep their cards close to their chest.

Due to past trauma and hurt, Procyons are usually not quick to trust others, though they’re incredibly loving once they feel comfortable with someone.

a photo of the magic behind procyon beings
Are You Fascinated by the Stars?

They carry a dualistic mission; one that’s general to their overall race, and one that’s unique to them as individuals.

Interestingly, their collective mission varies (which is unusual, to say the least).

In my interviews, some felt a deep pull to innovate, work with technology, and work amongst the shadows, away from people in general.

Others, felt a deep need to usher in new waves of compassion and love through trauma work, energy healing, and writing. They’re very practical healers. 

28 Major Traits and Characteristics of a Procyon Starseed


This is probably one of the biggest signs that point to Procyon origin. Procyons are fascinated by the natural world and that includes its main elements; water, fire, earth, spirit, nature, lightning, wind, ice, and space.

They can study them for hours and where others see mundane, Procyons see magic.

I’ve always thought of them as the elemental morphers, gaining energy from the world around them.


Procyons love the warmth and energy the Sun can provide. In fact, they’re most likely to suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder) if they don’t get enough of it.

Procyons are known as solar souls, and unconsciously harness the energy of the Sun. The Sun mimics the bright, yellowish glow that the Procyon star radiates. You might feel drawn to live in a warm, sunny climate. 

Small note: A few articles have mentioned that Procyons are ‘masters of breathernism, meaning they solely live on light (no food or drink). This is incredibly dangerous advice.

Whilst the starseed soul goes beyond the physical, the body does not. The vessel still needs to be nourished.


You’re very practical by nature. Procyons are very hands-on people, and love tinkering around with things to see how they work. But more than that, they love to build and create new technologies.

They can be readily found in fields that use computer science, architecture, coding, and science to pave the way for new energy to enter this world.


You’re able to influence the energy of those around you in a positive way. Many refer to this as charm, wit, or having a good personality, but this is a true Procyon gift.

You’re able to physically intertwine with others’ energy and boost it. Procyons are capable of channeling their innate solar energy to fill a room with light. 


Do you have strong instincts? Do you follow your gut instinct even when others tell you not to? Though Procyons typically don’t believe they’re gifted, they do possess some psychic abilities.

You may also be attracted to the color purple and see it during meditation. This is a clear sign your third eye is opening up!

You might also spot repeating sequences such as 77, 0707, 777, or 7777, all symbols of a deep connection with the inner self. 


Procyon starseeds feel at one with nature. Whether they’re taking a peaceful hike through the woods or simply enjoying a sunny day in the park, there’s something about being surrounded by greenery that just makes them come alive.


It’s hard to feel like you really know yourself when nobody else seems to understand you. You try to explain your thoughts and feelings, but they just don’t seem to get it.

Sometimes they look at you like you’re speaking a different language. It feels like they’re not even hearing you. You feel desperate to find your real soul tribe.


Procyons are always seeking ways to make a meaningful contribution to life on Earth. They crave meaning and purpose. They feel as though they’re on a constant quest to figure out who they are on a deeper level.

Many work in the shadows doing ordinary jobs, but have a vision they’d love to live out. (I speak more about this in the ‘challenges’ section below).


When Earth life gets too boring for them, they’re quick to draw upon their vast imagination to create a whole new world in their mind. They can spend hours playing out this fantasy.

This vision is usually filled with fast-paced, adventurous activities that involve social interaction and spontaneity. They might even suffer from maladaptive daydreaming which acts as a self-preservation technique. 


Like Sirian and Orion starseeds, Procyons are natural-born leaders. They command respect through charisma, wit, and drive, though they don’t do it with aggression.

They steer the ship into calmer waters whilst everyone else is panicking. They embody a very calming and tranquil energy during high-stakes situations.


Similar to Blue Ray starseeds, Procyons struggle with social isolation. Usually, they’ve tried their best to maintain friendships, but their sensitive nature means they end up getting hurt and taken advantage of.

This pushes them further into isolation, even though they desperately crave companionship.

It can be hard for Procyons to find people who understand the workings of their mind.


  • Very witty and charming
  • Culturally educated
  • Wish beyond your years (an old soul)
  • You have a deep longing to help animals and the environment
  • You’re a physically active and energetic person
  • You love adventure and travel
  • You have lots of hobbies
  • You get on well with Sirian and Lyran Starseeds (galactic neighbors)
  • Practical and analytical
  • Very loyal once in relationships
  • Handles stress well
  • Very intelligent (not just academically)
  • Thrive in new settings
  • Likely to have strong Earth or Fire placements in their natal chart (Virgo, Capricorn, Taurus, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries)
  • Doesn’t change their mind often
  • Though hates repetition and boring tasks
  • May be diagnosed with ADHD or ADD in their lifetime

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Procyon Gifts

Though generally less emotional than Pleiadian and Blue Ray types, Procyons have an incredible capacity for compassion and empathy.

Not only are they able to understand other people’s problems, but they’re the first to find solutions to them.

They’re quick to offer practical advice and guidance in even the toughest of situations. They genuinely love to help in any way possible.

They’re very skilled at technology and love delving deeper into the nitty-gritty problems society is facing.

They make wonderful computer scientists, coders, developers, analysts, architects, athletes, designers, and revolutionizers. Anything that requires attention to detail or determination, and they’ll flourish.

Procyon Challenges

Procyons have a hard time taking those all-important leaps of faith. They love to rely on facts and hard evidence as opposed to intuition.

Sadly, this means many of them never follow their dreams. Oddly though, those who I talked to knew they were sacrificing their goals for the sake of safety, and they hated it. It was as though they physically couldn’t stop themselves from doing it.

I have a theory for this. Procyons carry a similar energy to the Earth’s energy; meaning it’s heavy and dense. Sometimes it can feel as though they want to get rid of their body altogether.

It makes them feel incredibly weighed down.

Whereas other starseeds know their energy and vibration is much, much higher than that of the Earth’s, Procyon starseeds don’t. They’ve adapted so well to this environment that they almost blend in.

The true challenge for a Procyon lies in unleashing their true authentic nature and gifts again, whilst keeping their beautifully stable energy in check. It’s tough to balance.

a diagram of procyon starseed energy
An artistic representation of a Procyon’s unique, yet heavy energy field

Where Did the Procyons Originate From?

It comes as no surprise that Procyons come from ‘Procyon’, a bright yellow-hued star in the Canis Minoris Constellation.

It’s actually the 8th brightest star in our night sky, and is only 11.64 light years away so can be readily seen on a clear night!

It’s one of Earth’s nearest stellar neighbors, much closer than the Andromeda Galaxy (which is a staggering 2.5 million light years away!).

Interestingly though, very few Procyons seemed to have memories of this energy or past life. Many quoted ‘a place that was filled with bright yellow light’, and somewhere that had an ‘angelical feel’ to it, but above and beyond that, the description was very limited.
the procyon planet
I had an artist sketch out the planet and yellow energy that many Procyon starseeds described to me. How beautiful is this?

What Do Procyon Starseeds Look like?

You might have read that Procyon starseeds have dark or tanned skin with blue eyes and blonde hair.

These are general stereotypes that originated from a book written by a then-famous psychic in the 1980’s. Our understanding has changed a lot since then.

As with all starseed types, I personally don’t believe that a soul looking for true growth and expansion would choose a body based on its appearance alone.

A Procyon starseed can be any race, any color, be tall, short, slim, fat, have blue eyes, brown eyes, dark hair, light hair etc. I don’t believe there are any true defining factors in appearance. 

Are You a Hybrid Starseed?

Did you know that you can actually carry a beautiful blend of energy from multiple starseed races?

If your soul has lived many past lives or incarnations within different systems, dimensions, and galaxies, it’s likely you’ll resonate with more than one type. Whichever type you feel the strongest pull to is likely your most recent incarnation.

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