Angel Number 551 Meaning: 4 Amazing Reasons You’re Seeing It!

Angel number 551 sweeps into your life to signal one thing; you’re going through a huge spiritual shake-up! Massive shifts are happening for you.

The overall message behind this wondrous number is one of transformation, independence, progression, and freedom.

Expect more opportunities, major life changes, and a deeper sense of clarity over the next coming week. Let’s dig deeper into exactly what your angels wish to share with you. 


A beautiful, yet rare message, angel number 551 reminds you that you’re the creator of your destiny. The ability to change your life starts and ends with you.

But here’s the key! The Universe doesn’t want you to try harder. It doesn’t want you to do more and add more things to your to-do list.

It wants you to breathe, to surrender, to flow with your intuitive instincts. Be open to things feeling easier and more magical than ever before. What does your intuition tell you about your next move? Where is it leading you?

Now’s the time to assess and reflect on where you’re heading next. Make those big, bold decisions! Expand your comfort zone.

Reconnect with your visions and goals, and take positive steps towards them. Regardless of what anyone else thinks, hone in on what’s right for you.

Beautiful new opportunities are heading your way if you take steps forward! Angel number 551 is truly a wondrous message to receive!

a diagram showing the meanings of angel number 551



Angel number 551 calls you to forge your own path in this world, the path that is right for you, even if it means you do it alone.

As you grow, you’ll come to realize that not everyone was meant to stay in your life forever. Not everyone will share your vision, nor understand it.

If those in your circle don’t like to see you win, it’s time to build a new circle. Your angels are busy matching you with the right people; people who love, value, and respect you. That initial loneliness will fade in due time.


The potent number 1 in this sequence reminds you that your thoughts directly create your reality. Your guardian angels are blessing you with so much positive energy.

In fact, they’ve opened up a beautiful 55 portal to help you make your dreams come true. Now’s the time to hone in on your manifestation practice.

When a negative thought pops up, consciously choose to replace it with something lighter. Choose something that makes you feel you’re heading in the right direction.


This is a beautiful message and one that doesn’t come around all too often. The root of perfectionism stems from a desire to feel loved, appreciated, and accepted.

By showing you angel number 551, your angels want you to know that you don’t have to be perfect to be valued, to be worthy, or to be recognized.

Are you overgiving in the hopes of being liked? Would you apply the same pressure you apply to yourself to someone else in your life?


Interestingly, angel number 551 can also act as a call for self-discovery. It calls you to strip away everything that’s not important, acknowledge your qualities and traits, and look at how you show up in the world.

Are you hiding away because you feel you’re too much or not enough for other people? Your guardian angels want you to embrace every aspect of yourself; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Seek to grow closer to your own soul and reconnect with your truths.


  • You’re on a beautiful journey upward (I saw a hiker scaling a mountain during meditation)
  • Learn to accept people as they are rather than what you hope them to be
  • Believe in yourself! You’re much more capable than you think.
  • Embrace that when things don’t work out your way, it doesn’t mean failure
  • Trust in divine timing
  • Remain optimistic about the future
  • Know that you’re never stuck where you are
  • A chance to express yourself and break away from the crowd
  • You will bounce back from setbacks


Angel number 551 asks you to make some drastic changes to your overall lifestyle. And we’re not just talking about diet and exercise either.

It asks you to examine everything you consume; physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Are you letting other people’s negativity affect your energy? Are you overworking and hustling to ‘get ahead of the game’? Are you filling your mind with positivity? 551 calls you to slow down and reassess. 


Change where wealth is concerned can seem alarming, but when combined with auspicious number 1, it’s only ever a good sign!

551 represents new opportunities for financial investments, more income sources, and better overall financial management.

You might also receive an unexpected influx of money over the next few weeks.


551 can indicate phenomenal changes at work, including better relationships with your manager, a new promotion, or even a whole new career change.

If you’ve been wanting to ditch the 9-5 or swiftly side-step into a new career, now’s the time to do so. You’ll be infinitely rewarded for doing so.

Successful self-employment is also on the cards too, especially where service-based businesses are concerned. 


If you’re currently in a relationship but are facing problems, 551 encourages you to speak your truth with your partner.

Watering down your thoughts and pain so that you can keep the peace isn’t taking the moral high road, it’s a form of suppression.

Now’s the time to be more open and honest, and broach difficult topics. If one conversation is all it takes to drive someone away, it’s time to reconsider who you’re devoting time and energy to.

If you’re in a relationship but feel it’s heading in the right direction, number 551 asks you to connect with one another on a deeper level.

Understand each other’s love language, traumas, desires, wants, and needs. Go back to the beginning and add a little spontaneity, curiosity and playfulness back into the relationship.

Major changes such as moving in together, getting engaged, planning a family, or even getting a pet are on the cards.

Single? Angel number 551 asks you to be careful about putting potential partners on a pedestal.

When you love yourself more than the potential of a relationship, you allow the Universe to make room for the right person to find you.

When you do find this person, you’ll know it! This is the kind of relationship where you’ll feel as though they were made specifically for you. One half of a cosmic soul.


Are you giving away your energy, twin flame? Are you being made to believe that you’re the problem in the relationship?

You have a heart of gold and your intentions are pure, but if you’re giving it to the wrong person, it will continue to break you.

Beware of false twin flame connections. With the intensity of double 5, it’s easy to believe you’re reunited with your twin flame, but if you’re being gaslighted or have a gut feeling something’s not right, take a step back.

Set your boundaries. If you’re destined to be together, you won’t lose your twin flame, you’ll only lose manipulators and liars.


Act on the guidance that resonated with you and connect with the energy of this beautiful number.

To do so, ask yourself these questions;

  • How can I be more true to myself?
  • Am I honoring my goals and visions, despite what anyone else thinks?
  • What does my future look like?
  • Where is my intuition telling me to go next?
  • How can I expand my comfort zone?
  • Do I believe anything is possible for me?
  • How can I love and cherish myself more?

I also highly recommend keeping a journal or notebook where you can jot down any other angel numbers and synchronicities you receive.

Angels rarely send just one message. In fact, they usually send many numbers throughout the day, as well as symbolism in the form of animals, flowers, and colors.

Make a note of what you see. It’ll help you decipher the wider message your loving angels want to relay!

You might see angel number 550, 515, 552, 558, or even 1111 or 2222 after this sequence, which will provide you with further guidance forward.

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