Starseed Blood Types: Unraveling One of the Greatest Mysteries

Many posts claim that starseeds have rare and unique ‘starseed blood types’ coursing through their veins, but (and there’s a big but), is there any truth to this?

In this post, we’ll explore this unusual, yet intriguing theory using a blend of science and alternative teachings.

Firstly, if you’re new here I highly recommend checking out my other posts on ‘What is a Starseed?’, closely followed by ‘19 Starseed Types: Where Did You Soul Come From?’ so that you’re all caught up on the background information used in this post.

What is a Blood Type?

A blood type is the unique composition and makeup of someone’s blood.

Essentially, it refers to the types of molecules found in the fluid that circulates throughout the body, and each type can be identified by a specific set of proteins, antigens, and antibodies (bear with me!).

Finding Your Own Blood Type

Determining your own blood type is relatively simple; you just need to visit your doctor for a simple blood test.

Once you know your type, you can take certain precautions to ensure that your blood stays healthy and protected from various illnesses or adverse reactions.

For instance, it’s believed that those with type O are known to have particularly strong immune systems and are maybe more tolerant of spicy foods than others.

But, here’s where it gets interesting.

What Are Starseed Blood Types?

Starseed blood types refers to individuals with specific blood types that make them more likely to be of starseed origin than others.

These starseed blood types include everything from A-positive to AB-negative and beyond (this beyond bit is fairly crucial).

These blood types are thought to be linked to our genetic origins on other planets and galaxies, reflecting the differences in physical and spiritual makeup between starseeds and other humans.

In effect, this means you can have ANY blood type and still be a starseed.

It’s just that certain blood types are more linked to starseed heritage than others. Makes sense?

Despite what many people claim though, starseeds don’t have completely unique blood types in the sense of ‘we’ve never seen this before’ kind of thing.

We’re not talking about fictional blood types such as Type C or Type S (as I read on someone else’s blog?). Whilst us starseeds feel different to the rest of humanity and may experience more symptoms than the average Joe, physically, we’re fairly similar.

But where starseed blood is said to differ is that they typically have rarer blood types that just don’t neatly fit into the typical blood categories thanks to uncommon combinations or the absence of certain antigens (or that’s the theory anyway).

I’ll go into more detail below.

A Quick Debrief on The Science Behind Each Blood Type

I’ve provided some brief descriptions of each blood type before continuing with the rest of the article.


Blood Type O (Positive) – Approx 35% of the global population. It’s the most common and the most in-demand medically.

Blood Type A (Positive) – Approx 30% of the global population.

Blood Type O (Negative) – Approx 13% of the global population. Labeled as the ‘universal donor’. This has an interesting theory behind it which I’ll cover later in the post.


Blood Type A (Negative) – Approx 8% of the global population.

Blood Type B (Positive) – Approx 8% of the global population.

Blood Type B (Negative) – Approx 2% of the global population.

Blood Type AB (Positive) – Approx 2% of the global population.

Blood Type AB (Negative) – Approx >1% of the global population.


There are hundreds of different antigens across more than 36 different blood systems. The possibilities for any number of combinations are endless.

For example, you might have AB positive blood in the ABO system, be Rh positive in the Rh system and be K positive in the Kell System etc, etc.

You have what’s considered a rare blood type if your blood is lacking an antigen (one of the spikes on your blood cells) that most people have.

One of the rarest blood types in the world is ‘Rh null‘. You’ve likely seen this one chucked around in the starseed Reddit forum.

And there’s good reason for it too – it’s sometimes referred to as ‘golden blood‘ and is honestly a scientific mystery. It lacks all possible 61 antigens, and only 43 people worldwide are known to have it.

Are those 43 people starseeds? Impossible to say, but what is known is that they are suffering from a vast range of ailments because of it.

If you have one of these rarer blood type combinations (Blood type A negative and below), it’s said that you’re more likely to have deep, hybrid starseed origins, and by that, I mean, you’ve incarnated many times, across many different systems and galaxies and so your soul DNA now has its own sequence going on. A classic old soul.

If, however, you have one of the more common blood types, that doesn’t mean you’re not a starseed.

In fact, it could simply mean you’re a newer incarnation (hello Pleiadians), and it could be entirely linked to your mission here on Earth.

Blood Types and a Starseed’s Soul Mission – What’s the Link?

There’s an interesting theory floating around, and one that seems fairly plausible. It’s believed that the more common starseed blood types (O-, O+, and A+) are somewhat linked to a starseed’s individual and collective soul mission on Earth.

These blood types are easy to donate and are in the most demand worldwide. It’s said that starseeds who have these blood types make for great ‘distance’ healers; for example, the average type O- person can help 8 people with just one donation because they’re universal donors, meaning all blood types can receive their blood.

Rare and less common blood types are said to make certain starseeds ‘coveted healers‘, meaning their blood type determines certain starseed gifts, traits, and abilities they might inherit (as well as determine what spiritual path they follow), rather than who they can directly help.

Andromedan starseeds for example usually have a story of healing from some type of chronic or unusual symptom.

Whilst this may or may not be linked to a rare blood type (we can’t be sure), it is linked to the story they might go on to tell and narrate for the world.

And so, in some ways, it’s believed that the blood type directly influences the traits, personality, and mission of a starseed. A long-held Japanese belief further supports this.

Now for the part you’ve likely been waiting for.

Starseed Blood Types – A Deep Dive

Each of these starseed blood types is said to correspond with different planetary systems and connect us to specific qualities like creativity, strength, intuition, message, or healing.


Type O’s are said to be some of the most empathic and compassionate of starseeds. Though for some reason O negatives are sometimes branded as cold, and uncaring when in reality it’s likely introversion.

It’s said that this type is very psychic, carries the lineage of Lemurian, Atlantean, and Mintakan heritage, and has the most ties to crystals, indigos, and rainbows.


Type A’s are believed to be extremely loyal, trustworthy, and intelligent. They’re the creators, makers, and dreamers amongst the starseeds (hello Lyrans, Sirians, Orions, and Arcturians, amongst others).

Some say that it has ties to Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to Earth, though no one can neither confirm nor deny this. These starseeds too are very intuitive, emotional, and benevolent.


Type B’s are a very special, specific type of starseed. They can be found amongst all starseed types, though there seems to be an overwhelming number within the Arcturian, Sirian, Andromedan, Maldek, Light Reptilian, and Draconian beings.

These starseeds have an innate deep sense of compassion, authority, and justice. They are fairly logical, but are intensely creative when they want to be. These beings have a strong connection to Mother Earth and the natural world.


Type AB is said to be a result of a mutation between A or B blood types. The theory surrounding this type is unusual; a starseed with this type is said to have no true connection with any one physical star cluster, system, or galaxy.

It’s believed these starseeds are the true wanderers and nomads amongst us (blue ray and polarian starseeds are likely to resonate with this). They typically operate from a place of non-duality, and easily identify with the term ‘old soul’, suggesting they have lived many lives before.


The grand master of all starseed blood types. You’ve likely read about this one in forums.

Having Rh negative blood simply means that your blood cells lack a certain antigen, though it’s considered to be fairly rare. Only around 6-15% of people in the world are Rh negative.

Some maintain that this blood type is a sure sign that you’re of starseed origin, whilst others believe it’s just one potential characteristic.

One thing that is interesting though is that those with this blood type not only have a strong connection with paranormal and supernatural theories, but they also report having felt like an outsider their entire life. A classic starseed sign.

Wrapping Up

According to theory, there are distinct blood types that correspond to the energy signatures of our starseed ancestors. These blood types are said to hold the keys to your past lives and the lessons you came here to learn.

Each type is characterized by its own set of strengths, weaknesses, and dominant traits, making each being wholly unique.

We’ll never truly know if certain blood types can confirm starseed origins, but one way you can tell is by looking at your birth chart for typical starseed markings.

Your astrological chart, alongside this information, can help bring some much needed clarity to the situation. 

Wishing you lots of light and love on your journey,

Charlotte x

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