12 Best Crystals for Starseeds: Connect With Your Cosmic Roots

Wondering what the best crystals for starseeds are? In this in-depth blog post, I’ll tackle this age-old question!

Why Are Crystals Important for Starseeds?

Crystals have long been revered by starseeds as a powerful means of connecting with their cosmic heritage.

These remarkable stones help to amplify cosmic energy and channel it into our world, allowing us to tap into the celestial bonds that bind us together across the vast expanse of space and time. 

In addition, crystals help to clear away mental fog and open our minds to greater cosmic understanding.

With the aid of these magnificent gemstones, we can feel more deeply connected to the stars and to our place in the universe. That’s why it’s essential for all starseeds wishing to reconnect with their cosmic roots to include crystals in their spiritual practice.

What is a Starseed? Am I One?

In simple terms, starseeds are special souls who have incarnated on Earth in order to help raise the vibration of the planet and assist in the shift to a higher consciousness.

They often feel a deep (extremely deep!) connection to the stars and a longing for their true home.

Before we dive into the main body of this article, I highly recommend checking out my other blog posts ‘What is a Starseed?’ and ’19 Starseed Types: Where Does My Soul Originate From?’ to get caught up on all the background information.

12 Best Crystals For Starseeds

I’ve spent the past 4 years connecting with starseed energy and reading starseed birth charts (including having met most starseed types!), and while all crystals can be beneficial for us starseeds, there are some that are especially attuned to our needs!

All starseed types can work with these crystals, though I’ve also noted where individual crystals may be best suited to a certain type.

With these crystals by your side, you’ll be able to connect with your cosmic roots, ground your energy and begin to activate your starseed mission on Earth.

12 pictures of the best crystals for starseeds

#1 Ametrine: This powerful crystal is a must-have for starseeds who are working to remember their past lives. Ametrine helps to clear karmic debris and opens the door to starseed recall.

In ancient cultures, this crystal was believed to enhance transcendent experiences and help a soul access higher realms with greater ease.

Best Suited to: All starseeds, especially Pleiadian, Lyran, and Sirians

Alternative Crystal: Moldavite (I don’t always recommend Moldavite to everyone purely because it has a very strong and powerful energy, which can feel overwhelming at times. If you use it, make sure you’re checking in with your own energy field!)

#2 Apophyllite: This crystal features a remarkable hexagonal shape and an energy that encourages cosmic awareness and connection, aiding starseeds in tapping into their innate gifts and talents.

In particular, Apophyllite helps to facilitate meditation, intuition, the opening of the third eye chakra as well as astral travel and out-of-body experiences, allowing starseeds to listen inwardly and connect with the subtle guidance of their higher selves. 

The Tibetans have long used this stone as a means of relieving stress, anxiety, and worries too.

Best Suited to: All starseeds, especially Venusians

#3 Celestite: A great all-rounder. As its name suggests, Celestite is a highly celestial stone that helps starseeds to connect with their star family and other members of the angelic realm (mainly guardian angels and archangels).

With its deep blue hue and star-like crystalline structure, this mineral helps us to feel more centered in our intuitive abilities and in tune with divine guidance.

Moreover, it helps us to purify our intentions, boosting our ability to manifest what we truly desire in life. This crystal also aids in accessing past lives and understanding the soul’s journey and mission ahead.

Best Suited to: All starseeds

#4 Danburite: A lesser known crystal for starseeds. Danburite is a high-frequency crystal that helps starseeds remember and tap into their true purpose and origins.

How it does this? It’s believed to connect and bridge the gap between the heart and crown chakras. It’s also an extremely powerful crystal for clearing negative energy and promoting positive vibes.

Best Suited to: All starseeds, especially Orion, Mintakan & Andromedan

#5 Flourite: Another essential, yet multifaceted crystal for starseeds. Fluorite is an excellent stone for balancing and harmonizing the energy centers of the body.

It helps to cleanse and purify the chakras, which can be important for those who have experienced trauma or negative energy in their past lives.

Flourite also helps to protect against negative influences and provides a shield of psychic protection.

For many centuries, flourite has been recognized as a stone of peace and serenity, which can be helpful for those who are adjusting to the harsher, denser energies on Earth.

Best Suited to: All starseeds, especially Avian, Hadarian & Starseed Children

#6 Lapis Lazuli: Lapis Lazuli is an excellent tool for attuning to your spiritual abilities and heightened senses.

Its high vibrational frequency enhances cosmic connections and communication with beings from other realms, making it ideal for starseeds seeking guidance or insight.

Additionally, this stone encourages deep self-awareness and self-expression, allowing starseeds to tap into their true nature and unlock their full potential.

Best Suited to: All starseeds

#7 Larimar: Larimar is a beautiful blue stone that helps starseeds to connect with the beautiful oceanic energies of the planet.

This crystal also promotes peace and tranquility, making it ideal for starseeds who are feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of life on Earth.

A beautiful stone to work with if you’re looking to soothe emotional turbulence and ease stress and anxiety.

Best Suited to: All starseeds, especially Lemurian, Mintakan & Blue Ray

Alternative Crystal: Aquamarine (another beautiful stone with the same purpose!)

#8 Moonstone: Moonstone is a highly feminine and mystical stone that helps starseeds to connect with the goddess energy within. It allows for an uninterrupted flow of energy throughout our energy centers.

Not to mention it can help us to release old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us so that we can embrace new ones aligned with our highest potential. 

This crystal also aids in accessing starseed memories and understanding the soul’s purpose.

Best Suited to: All starseeds, especially Pleiadian and Procyon

#9 Obsidian: Obsidian is strongly connected to the element of Earth, making it a wonderful ally for grounding and centering yourself. 

This incredibly powerful protective stone helps starseeds to shield themselves from negative energies, psychic attacks and helps to cleanse the auric field.

Its’ true power lies within its ability to help you access buried emotions and traumas that may be holding you back from your spiritual growth. Similar to Moonstone, Obsidian also provides support during times of change and assists in releasing old patterns and beliefs.

Best Suited to: All starseeds, especially Arcturian & Sirian

#10 Selenite: Selenite is well known for its ability to act as an amplifier, ensuring that you can receive and transmit messages from your guides and guardians with greater clarity and intensity. Beneficial to starseeds, this crystal also helps raise your vibrational frequency.

Best Suited to: All Starseeds

Alternative Crystal: Flame Aura Quartz

#11 Sodalite: If you are drawn to the blue hues of sodalite, it may be because this is a stone of the Throat Chakra. It can aid in communication, creativity, and accessing your inner truth.

For starseeds, sodalite can be an important crystal for facilitating contact with your higher dimensional guides and attunement to your star family. 

Best Suited to: All starseeds, especially Polarians

#12 Turquoise: Turquoise resonates strongly with the energy of the element of water, helping starseeds to connect more deeply with this powerful force of nature.

It also encourages openness and fluidity in one’s thoughts and emotions, enabling starseeds to communicate clearly with others despite any initial awkwardness or hesitancy.

Turquoise also enhances intuition and clairvoyance, giving starseeds heightened sensitivity to subtle energies around them.

Best Suited to: All starseeds


  • Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) – an attractor of good luck, success & abundance
  • Galaxite – a crystal that helps you to attune to the frequencies of the universe
  • Rose Quartz – facilitates emotional healing, opens the heart chakra, and allows for self-love
  • Lemurian Quartz – maintain your spiritual connection and align yourself with your true cosmic identity
  • Libyan Desert Glass – helps old souls connect with their ancient wisdom (especially Lyran starseeds)

How to Use Crystals to Connect with Your Cosmic Ancestry

Crystals hold an incredible amount of power, both in terms of healing and energy work.

By using strategically placed crystals on the body or through the use of crystal grids, starseeds can amplify their connection with the cosmos and access information that is hidden to most people.

To get started, choose a crystal that resonates with you and hold it in your hand. Then, close your eyes and focus on your breath.

As you inhale, imagine breathing in the energy of the crystal. As you exhale, visualize the energy flowing through your body and connecting you to the cosmos.

Continue this breathing exercise for several minutes. When you feel ready, open your eyes and take some time to journal about any insights or images that came to you during the meditation.

By regularly working with crystals, you can deepen your connection to the cosmos and gain a greater understanding of who you are and where you come from.

I hope this article has been helpful in identifying some of the best crystals for starseeds. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to working with crystals, so trust your intuition and go with the stones that resonate most strongly with you.

Which ones did you feel most drawn to? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Love and light,


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