How to Cleanse Crystals (Starlight, Forest Bathing, Smudge & More!)

The energetic potency of crystals is certainly no secret. They have a rich history of use, with some practices predating ancient Egypt. Crystals have the ability to absorb, release, and cleanse energy unlike any other substance on the planet.

Because they are so permeable, energy tends to cling to them in a truly uncanny way.

If you are planning to use them in a healing or spiritual practice, it is important you know how to cleanse crystals of any lingering energy first.


There are a wide variety of methods for cleansing your crystals. From the known and popular, to the ancient and hidden, have a read through these clearing practices and consider which ones could work for you!

how to cleanse crystals 101


A little-known crystal cleansing method, but an incredibly powerful one! If you don’t have the luxury of waiting until the next Full Moon to cleanse your stones, opt for a starlight bath instead.

Starlight baths are just as magical as they sound. They are said to work with your crystal’s unique and delicate crystalline structure, helping to strengthen and reinforce its naturally existing energy field.

If you use certain crystals to work with the energy of specific planets e.g. Celestite (Venus energy), Rainbow Obsidian (Earth energy), Moonstone (Moon energy) etc, this is probably the best way to cleanse and recharge them!

On a clear night, place your crystals somewhere dry outside and leave them sit overnight so they may receive the restorative powers of the stars’ light. Remove them up to 1 hour after sunrise for best effects.

All crystals can be cleansed and reprogrammed under a starlight bath.


Forest bathing is one of those methods that holds major benefits to both the crystal and owner, yet many people are unaware of it.

Whenever you walk barefoot through a forest clearing or step onto a bed of thick, luscious grass, negative ions from the Earth are directly transferred into your body through the soles of your feet.

These ions are said to be extremely healing, and are responsible for the mood boost you experience in the great outdoors. Your crystals can also experience the benefit of these ions.

In the Spring or Summer time, take your crystals to a remote, preferably dense forest (though any will work!), and when you come to a place to rest, allow your crystals to bask in the vitality of the life that surrounds you.

The crystals should be touching the Earth directly. This will remove any energy from the crystals (and you) and recycle it back to the Earth.

All crystals, except those that can’t get wet (see a list below), can be cleansed via this method.


The sun’s bright, bold and intense rays are naturally purifying. They work to clear even the most stubborn of energies from crystals.

For this practice to work, simply leave your stones in direct light of the sun at least 1 hour. Remove before sunset and store somewhere cool after.

If you like to be involved in this practice, you can harness some of the sun’s energy within yourself by placing your palms up towards the sun – then, guide your hands over your crystals in a sweeping motion to cleanse.

Crystals that can’t be cleansed in the sun: fluorite, amethyst, all types of quartz, citrine, opal, topaz, aquamarine, celestite and more. This list isn’t exhaustive so please be sure to check first!


Harvesting the power of the moon’s light is an extremely safe and potent way to drain any negative energy from crystals (even if it is just the sun’s rays reflecting back).

Place your crystals in the beams of a Full Moon over night to receive a potent energetic cleansing. They can be left until morning or removed up to 1 hour before sunrise to preserve their purified state.

The light from the Full Moon also works to magically reprogram and charge crystals too.

All crystals can be cleansed under moonlight energy. Completely safe.


Smudging your crystals is a quick yet effective way to rid them of unwanted energy. For this method, you will need smudging stick (a bundle of cedar, lavender, or rosemary) or a stick of Palo Santo and a match.

Light the stick and allow the crystals in bathe in the smoke, making sure to fully coat and swirl the crystal in the intoxicating wisps of smoke.

These herbs have been used in ancient ritualistic clearings for many centuries and are well known for their purifying properties.

All crystals can be cleansed via the smudging and palo santo method.


Using other stones to cleanse crystals is an efficient way to get the job done. Selenite is self-cleansing and highly absorbent crystal that takes the energy of the other crystals it is near.

Simply place your selenite next to the crystal you are trying to cleanse and let the selenite do its magic.

Don’t have selenite? Citrine, Galaxite, kyanite, and black obsidian are other self-cleansing stones that have the same effect.

All crystals can be cleansed with selenite and similar stones.


The light emitted from the flames of a candle is a great means of burning away excess energy. Simply place your crystals within the range of a candlelight beam.

A couple of seconds if enough to fully clear away any stuck energy. Opt to complete this practice in a dark room as no other light sources should be touching the crystal for this method to work.

All crystals are safe to cleanse using this candlelight method.


The vibrations emitted from Tibetan singing bowls or Gongs can prove highly restorative. If you allow your crystals to bask in the reverberations of these instruments, your stones will shed their lingering energy with the flow of the sound.

Place the stones within close range of a healing instrument for best results.

If you use your crystals for chakra, reiki or body work, try creating the frequency of 582hz which is known for its healing, cleansing and rejuvenating properties.

All crystals are safe to cleanse with vibration/sound.


Perhaps the most obvious cleansing property available to us, water can work wonders with its revitalizing nature.

Bathing your crystals in sea salt water or distilled water can pull any unwanted energy from them within a matter of minutes.

Please note, highly metallic or porous stones will erode or change in water. Some even turn toxic.

Fluorite, black tourmaline, malachite, selenite, moonstone, opal, pyrite, turquoise, hematite are just some examples of crystals not safe to cleanse in water.


Learning how to cleanse crystals can seem overwhelming at first – there are so many options! Rest assured, there is no one universal best method for cleansing crystals. One method does not supersede the other.

Instead, connect with your intuition and explore what feels most in alignment with you and your values. You may want to consider your own spiritual practices and the types of crystals you are working with.

Personally, I love starlight, forest bathing and moonlight – I have lots of water and earth elements in my natal chart and so I think it makes perfect sense why I’m drawn to those methods.

There are no wrong ways in which to cleanse your crystals, just be sure that you try a method that you feel an intuitive link to.


Good question! Crystals need to be cleansed so they can receive full and clear direction from you. Lingering energy will only serve as a block between your intention and the true power of your stones.

Think about it like this: you wouldn’t cook with a dirty pot! Your dish will contain remnants of whatever was cooked in before you used it. Crystals work the same way.

When they are full of cluttered, tense and often chaotic past energy, they lose their effectiveness. When they are clear, they are ready to work to their fullest capabilities.


Typically, the more often you use a crystal, the more energy it collects. When crystals hold onto energy, they become both vibrationally and physically heavier.

If you find that your crystal work doesn’t have the same potency as before or if you sense a difference in your stones, that means it’s time to clear their energetic fields.


Your stone should feel lighter and cool to the touch after cleansing. It should seem as though the stone’s density has lessened.

It’s an odd sensation, but the more you do it, the faster you’ll realize when a crystal has been cleansed.


With your crystals newly cleared and ready to go, you might consider some of the following practices to get the most out of them:

  • Take a crystal bath.

Next time you take a bath, bring your crystals with you (as long as they are safe to go in water!). In the past, I’ve purchased a Goddess Bath Kit from Etsy and used it as a way to reprogram my stones with loving affirmations.

Plus, it’s an incredibly effective way for you to quickly absorb the stones’ benefits as water serves as a strong energetic conduit here.

  • Hold them in your palms during meditation.

When we meditate, we open our bodies to higher states of consciousness. Using crystals during meditation elevates your vibrations, connecting you to the divine and the crystal’s powers effectively.

  • Practice yoga with them.

Yoga is a deeply spiritual tradition that aims at connecting us to our bodies and the present moment. Raise your Yogi vibrations by opting to include crystals in your regular practice.

Dot them around your mat or leave at the top of your mat for some crown and third eye work.


Charging your crystals is best done with a visualization ritual. To accomplish this, sit in meditation (preferably in a sacred space) and visualize what you would like the stone to bring into your life.

When we focus and picture what it is we want, we are raising our vibrations to meet it. For this method to be effective, focus on how you feel, what you see, hear, touch, smell, and taste when you have what it is you desire.

Your crystals will become imbued with the vibrations of your visualization and work to your manifestations to light.


I really hope this guide has been helpful to you! If you have any questions surrounding crystals, cleansing, reprogramming or charging, be sure to drop them in the comment section below. I’ll answer as soon as possible.

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