Lemurian Starseed: Are You One? 13 Classic Signs, Soul Mission & Characteristics

Do you look up at the sky with awe, and wonder why you can’t seem to find that one place that feels like home?

Do you have a deep inner knowing – a niggling feeling – that you have a special mission to fulfill on Earth?

Are you drawn to the mystical Mount Shasta in California but have no explanation why?

If so, you could be a Lemurian starseed, or at the very least a hybrid starseed with a past life in Lemuria.

As one of the rarest and most ancient types of starseeds, Lemurians are heralded as the true wisdom keepers of the planet.

In this in-depth guide, I’ll deep dive into the main characteristics of these incredible souls, their increasingly important soul mission on Earth, and how to connect with Lemurian energy if you believe you are one.

First thing’s first…

What on Earth is a Starseed?

A starseed is a human being who exists on earth in a physical body, but whose soul has origins elsewhere in the Universe. But what does that really mean?

In simple terms, starseeds describe people like you and me who have a deep (very deep) inner knowing that their soul has previously incarnated on Earth from other star systems, planets, or dimensions.

It usually starts with a feeling from a young age that they just don’t ‘fit in’ with society in general. 

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Their missions are vast, varied, and are wholly good by nature. For some, this might involve in-depth and complex healing (hello Pleiadians), for others, like Lyrans, it involves freedom-seeking and creating a life that allows for complete self-discovery.

Each loaded with their own ‘soul family mission’ and ‘individual soul mission’ starseeds come to Earth to help raise the planet’s vibration and assist in the transition to a higher state of consciousness.

Whilst no one’s truly certain how many Starseeds there are on Earth, it is estimated that they make up less than 5% of the global population.

Who Are the Lemurians? Their Unique Origin Story

A peaceful, loving, and compassionate race, Lemurian Starseeds are said to be the reincarnated souls of ancient Lemurians –  a spiritual, benevolent, and highly advanced civilization that once lived on Earth.

According to legend, Lemurians chose to leave their physical bodies behind and ascend to a higher dimension before their continent sunk beneath the waves.

Many stories speak of a cataclysmic event or war with Dark Reptilians (not to be confused with Light Reptilians) that caused the ultimate ending and destruction of Lemuria, though no one can truly confirm or deny this.

When this happened, the Lemurians fled, but not before they could call for help.

Using their innate powerful telepathic abilities, they sent out a frequency that attracted other starseeds from distant galaxies to help save them, their teachings, and technology from destruction. 

A small portion of their population went into the ocean and morphed into dolphins, whales, mermaids, and other beautiful marine creatures.

Some went underground in an attempt to survive and eventually integrate with the rest of the world. Others fled to the stars and distant galaxies.

In many ways, Lemurians (alongside Mintakans) are the ones who are most likely to feel disoriented on Earth, because they’re effectively ‘the lost or adopted starseed with no true home existing anymore’ which is what makes their lives unlike any other starseed on Earth.

Lemuria- A Tropical Paradise or a Lost World?

There are many theories about the lost continent of Lemuria or Mu (better known as Atlantis). Some believed it was a continent located in the Pacific Ocean, others believed it was part of the Atlantic Ocean, hence the alternate name of Atlantis. 

But one thing’s for certain: 

Lemuria was a literal, living breathing paradise full of beings who were compassionate, knowledgeable, and who encompassed the true definition of loving.

It was said to be a place where crystal clear waters lapped upon the shore, amidst the backdrop of rugged, moss-covered mountains. A place where the sun never stopped shining. 

In Lemuria, life existed in harmony, all beings (big or small) were seen as equally valued and were deeply admired by Mother Earth. A tiny fly was seen as neither worse nor better than the mighty Sun.

Since the early 19th century, Lemuria has been claimed as the homeland of human ancestors. As the continents drifted, it’s now believed that pockets of places such as Hawaii, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, and the South Pacific Islands still hold the original Lemurian frequency. 

Are You a Lemurian Starseed? 13 True Lemurian Starseed Characteristics

There are certain characteristics that Lemurian starseeds tend to possess, though you don’t have to resonate with all of them.

If you can relate to most of the following, it is highly likely that you are a Lemurian starseed.


Perhaps the biggest and most tell-tale sign of all. For Lemurian starseeds, there is really nothing more heavenly than spending time near the ocean.

The sound of the waves crashing against the shore, the warm salt breeze in their hair, and the endless expanse of blue water stretching out before them all combine to create a sense of deep peace and tranquillity.

Some have even said that simply being by the ocean helps to energize their spirit and bring them closer to their true nature as celestial beings.

Perhaps this feeling is one reason why they always long to be near the ocean – no matter where life might lead them.


Lemurian Starseeds come from a long line of powerful healers, spiritual warriors, and shamans. They are deeply connected to nature and the animal kingdom, and they often find themselves drawn to animals in need and vice versa.

Not only do they have a natural ability to communicate with animals, but they use their gifts to help heal sick or injured creatures of the land.

In addition to their work with animals, Lemurian starseeds also have a strong connection to the plant world. They treasure plants for their healing properties and medicinal purposes – using them for practices such as herbalism, green magick, and gardening.


Mount Shasta is a sacred mountain; one you’ve likely spotted on your Instagram feed full of orbs and unidentified objects. For centuries it has been a place of pilgrimage for Native Americans.

Today, the mountain continues to draw people from all over the world, including those who identify as Lemurian Starseeds. Many believe that the spirit of Lemuria is alive and well in Mount Shasta, and that the mountain is a portal to this mystical realm as well as the fifth dimension.

For Lemurian Starseeds, Mount Shasta is a powerful place of healing and self-discovery. It is a place where they can connect with their spiritual ancestors and access the wisdom of the ages.

When they visit Mount Shasta, they feel a deep sense of peace and connection to all of life.


Known for their unwavering intuition and their ability to deeply connect with others and the energy around them, Lemurian starseeds are arguably the most skilled readers of human nature in the world.

Due to their deep connection with both human and cosmic energies, they have an innate understanding of how people work – both on a physical and spiritual level.

This allows them to sense what someone is feeling or thinking almost effortlessly, and makes it easy for them to navigate interpersonal relationships with ease and confidence.

Can you tell when someone’s lying? Do you just know when someone’s upset, or something’s ‘off’? Do you get strong gut feelings you just can’t ignore?


Lemurians are deeply in tune with themselves, constantly exploring their inner worlds and tapping into their deeper wisdom. They also possess other key traits, including kindness, mindfulness, and understanding.

Because they are so in touch with themselves and others, Lemurian starseeds make wonderful leaders and teachers. They can help others tap into their own intuitive abilities, and guide them through times of distress with grace.


Wise beyond their years, Lemurians are often the voice of reason in a group, and as such have an incredibly deep understanding of the human experience.

Old souls have a tendency to be introspective, and they are often drawn to solitary pursuits like writing or art.

Lemurians spot the beauty in life’s imperfections, and they believe that everyone has the potential for greatness. In many ways, they are the idealists of the world, always striving to make it a better place.

Having said that, they also know when someone or something is beyond help, and know when to let a soul explore its own path.


Known as the golden healers of the planet, these beings possess beautiful gifts that they can use to help others heal physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Lemurians tend to be very compassionate and empathic beings. They are very much drawn to helping others and making a difference in the world.

Reiki. Astral projection. Sacred Geometry. Mediumship. Angelic channeling. Crystal work (this is a big one – it’s believed that Lemurians coded much of their knowledge in crystals and stones).


Lemurian starseeds often feel like misfits on Earth. They may feel out of place and disconnected from others. Many also feel a strong pull to return to the stars or at least have a strong desire to return ‘home’.

There are many reasons why Lemurian starseeds may feel this way. First, they are cosmically sensitive souls who are attuned to the energies of the Universe and are also closely connected to their spiritual guides and ancestors.

As a result, they often have a deep understanding of the Universe that goes beyond what is known on Earth, making them feel lost and alone in their pursuit of spiritual knowledge.


Lemurian starseeds are said to be some of the most telepathic beings on the planet.

One of their most powerful skills lies in their ability to connect with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are a compilation of all human knowledge and experience, and these wondrous souls have the know-how to access this vast store of information.

Other gifts might include: 

  • Astral travel and connecting with other planes of existence. This allows them to gather information and experiences from other realms that they can bring back to our world.
  • Ability to influence the thoughts and emotions of others. 
  • Some believe that Lemurian starseeds have the ability to control the weather and even create earthquakes (though this has never been confirmed).


Are you drawn to certain crystals, including amethyst, clear quartz, and tourmaline? These stones are said to represent the high vibrational energy of the Lemurian realm, and they are believed to help starseeds connect with their past lives and Lemurian heritage.

Amethyst is thought to promote peace and calm, while quartz is said to enhance psychic abilities. Tourmaline is said to be a powerful stone of protection, and it is also thought to help ground starseeds in the present moment.

Each of these crystals can help starseeds to connect with their Lemurian roots and tap into the wisdom of the ancients.


Are you easily overwhelmed by stimulation? Are you very aware of the subtleties around you, and often deeply affected by the emotions of others? This is a classic Lemurian trait.

Highly sensitive people often have a rich inner life and a strong need for solitude. They typically find large crowds or chaotic environments to be overwhelming and crave quieter, more orderly settings.

While they are sometimes seen as shy or introverted, highly sensitive people are capable of great insight and compassion. In a world that is often overbearing, these souls offer a brighter, fresh perspective.


Lemurian starseeds are extremely likely to experience a sense of wanderlust, as they long to explore the world and experience new cultures that resemble the fragments of their own.

Traveling to spiritual places such as Sedona is likely to give these beings a whole new sense of self. Whilst they might feel a deep connection to the stars, they generally feel more akin to the grounding energy of Gaia. 


You have a niggling feeling you came here to do something special, unique, and significant. You have a vision coded deep within you that you wish to bring to life.

This is likely a heart-based or driven initiative, that won’t only benefit your life tremendously, but will light up the lives of others too. This could take the form of a business, a new career path, a hobby, an orgnization, or even volunteer initiative. 

Lemurian Starseed Soul Mission

The Lemurian starseed soul mission is complex and vast, to say the least. Though what’s even more fascinating is the depth of a Lemurian’s soul mission and life purpose; there are many, many layers to it.

Their collective soul family mission is two-fold, not only helping humanity heal from the wounds of the past and assist in the evolution of the planet (namely helping Earth shift into the Age of Aquarius), but also helping others remember their connection to nature, Spirit, and all living things.

But, on a personal level, each Lemurian starseed will have their own uniquely distinctive mission to carry out; one that only ever calls to them.

Thanks to their natural healing abilities and their strong connection to the Universe, they may feel drawn to careers in medicine, energy healing, or environmentalism. Lemurian starseeds often feel a strong sense of responsibility for the planet and its inhabitants.

Lemurian Quartz Crystal: What Is It and How Do I Connect With Its Loving Vibraiton?

Lemurian quartz crystals, or Lemurian seed crystals, are an amazing natural phenomenon and a wonderful source of spiritual energy for Lemurian starseeds.

Mined from Minas Gerais in Brazil, these crystals are known for their distinctive point structures, as well as their powerful healing properties and ability to facilitate deep connection with the Divine realms.

To connect with their loving vibrations, it is important to clear your mind, find a quiet space, and dedicate time to sit in meditation with your Lemurian Quartz Crystal by your side.

As you focus on your breath and quiet your thoughts, try to visualize yourself connecting with the crystal’s energy. With each inhale, invite its healing light into your body; with each exhale, send this light flowing out through every part of your being.

As you do this, you may even notice subtle energetic shifts within yourself or become more aware of messages from spirit or signs in your everyday life. With patience and practice, you will be able to call upon these loving vibrations whenever you need them most!

What to Do Now That You’ve Discovered You’re a Lemurian Starseed

At first, you may feel completely overwhelmed or confused when you discover that you are a Lemurian Starseed.

After all, this race of being’s power exists on an entirely different plane of existence than we do here on Earth, and their powers and abilities seem almost incomprehensible to many.

But the important thing to remember is that you are not alone. There are countless other Lemurian Starseeds out there in the world, and together, we can harness our tremendous potential to make positive changes in this beautiful world!

Some ways you can begin exploring your Lemurian roots include reading books about this ancient civilization (I highly recommend The Lemurian Way by Lauren Thyme), and trying some of the spiritual practices that are common among Lemurians, such as energy healing, channeling, and crystal work.

Above all else, never lose sight of your own unique gifts and abilities – together, we have an incredible journey ahead of us!

If you believe that you may be a Lemurian starseed, know that you are here for a very important reason. You have a powerful mission to help heal the planet and its people. Trust your intuition and follow your heart.

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Wishing you lots of love, light, and healing on your journey,

Charlotte x

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