Are You a Blue Ray Starseed? 20 Subtle Signs, Mission, Challenges & More

Blue Ray starseeds encompass a vast and incredibly important race of beings. They’re the true empaths, starseed children, and old souls amongst us, fully dedicated to transforming the ‘broken’ or ‘damaged’ into works of art, innovation, and beauty.

They are the feelers and harmonizers in our society, more so than any other starseed type. I’ve always believed these wonderful souls to be the long forgotten, original lightworker. 

For hundreds of years, Blue Rays have been the guiding light for other starseed beings to incarnate on Earth and beyond.

They have been fundamental in shifting humanity’s level of consciousness and vibration so that other beings could emerge, and bring their much needed spiritual gifts to light.

But, here’s where Blue Rays differ from other starseeds; they’re not from a particular light system, galaxy or planet.

Their energy is wholly pure and can travel through many different dimensions and time-space realities. Blue Ray beings are like the intergalactic travellers of the starseed races.

They can be a mix of many starseed types; Pleiadian and Sirian, Orion and Andromedan, Arcturian and Lyran, a mix of all of the above even – they rarely call one place home as the entirety of the universe is their home.

In this post, you will discover:

  • Your true soul origins
  • Signs that point to you being a Blue Ray starseed
  • Your collective soul mission
  • Challenges a Blue Ray must overcome
  • Resources to help you heal, evolve and grow

I hope this article will provide some comfort and perhaps answers you’ve been seeking. 

What is a Starseed?

A starseed is a beautiful, multi-dimensional light being whose soul has origins in distant light systems, galaxies and constellations.

As part of their soul’s growth and evolution, they sign a soul contract agreeing to experience energy or ‘life’ elsewhere within our universe.

Starseeds wholly and fully volunteer to be on Earth, and usually carry a deeply personal individual soul mission within their DNA.

Many also have a collective soul family mission encoded within their DNA too, ready to activate once they’ve had their starseed awakening on Earth.

20 Signs You Are a Blue Ray Starseed on Earth

There are many, many signs that you could be a Blue Ray being, but from my experience, these are perhaps the most common.

Please don’t feel disheartened if some of these traits don’t resonate with you. You could still have Blue Ray roots.

Our intuition is often the best source of information when it comes to confirming our suspicions about our soul origin.

are you a blue ray starseed on Earth?


Blue Rays rarely suffer from homesickness, or a longing to be anywhere but here. If anything, they look up at the stars with a sense of wonder and awe. A child-like curiosity, if you will.

They know that anywhere in the universe can be home.

Similar to Lyrans, they see this world as their playground, a place of divine creation, imagination and healing. It’s a rare and beautiful thing to experience.

Blue Ray starseeds might feel a pull or draw to one particular planet, constellation or galaxy, but this is likely because their last incarnation was close to or within that system. 


Blue Rays are some of the most sensitive and empathic starseeds there are. They are quick to transmute and soften negative energy and lower vibrations in and around them.

This is one of their many spiritual gifts, although it often goes unnoticed by many.

If you’re a newer incarnation on Earth, you might struggle with handling other people’s energies and so often take them on as your own by mistake. This leads to confusion, anxiety and often a sense of feeling lost. 


Blue Rays are often mistaken for Indigo Children, a generational wave of Starseed. This is mainly because their aura has strong blue and purple colors smattered throughout it.

Whilst you are not likely an Indigo child, Blue Rays do feel strong attachments to Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow starseed children because of their ultra-sensitive, intuitive and empathic qualities.

Meeting these souls on Earth is likely to trigger some sort of awakening, a sense of finding a part of you that was long missing. These people are likely members of a close soul family or divinely fated meetings to help you on your journey.


Animals of all kinds, including wild ones are attracted to you. You feel as though they understand you and vice versa. It’s as though you are communicating directly with their soul.

These animals can sense that you’re different. It’s highly likely you draw injured, sick and wounded animals into your care too.


Zodiacly speaking, Blue Rays tend to be water and earth signs, or at least have strong water and earth markings in their natal chart.

Water signs are cancer, scorpio and pisces whilst air signs are gemini, libra and aquarius. It’s possible you have virgo influences in your chart too.


Part of you yearns to lead a creative life full of inspiration and softness. In a world that holds predominantly masculine energy, you hold communication and self-expression close to you.

Creative arts, alchemy and ethereal work all come natural to you.

If you’re out of alignment with your true self, you may feel reserved about boldly expressing yourself – this is normal, and will shed with time.


You are free-flowing, emotional, spiritual healers with strong psychic and intuitive abilities.

Your gut feeling is strong, and often, you can’t explain how you know something beyond a feeling of ‘just knowing’. 


Some Blue Ray beings are born to spiritually unaware parents who harboured negative beliefs, traumas and conflicts, others had consciously evolved parents but faced childhood trauma through the form of bullying, the death of a loved one or through the witnessing of abuse. 


Because of your upbringing or what you experienced, you took it upon yourself to heal and repair what was damaged, be that family relationships or your own sense of self.

You were/are the one to break generational trauma, damage and conflict. You learnt that you had to depend on yourself from a young age.


You feel a deep connection to the terms ‘lightworker’, ‘starborn’, ‘celestial being’, ‘Pleaidian’, ‘Sirian’, ‘Andromedan’ and ‘Lemurian’.

You feel connected to the world of esotericism and alchemy, as well as to the other evolved races on Earth.

Lemurians in particular fascinate you – most Blue Rays have some energetic alignment to Lemuria, the original paradise on Earth. 


Deep down, you know you’re a guest on this planet, a being meant to walk here for only a few decades. This doesn’t scare you as you realise it’s a part of the eternal nature of consciousness.

If anything, you feel a sense of relief and awe when thinking about the gift you’ve been given; life.

You acknowledge that you’re a cluster of universal energy streamed into a 3D format, ready to experience everything life has to offer.


This is perhaps one sign you weren’t expecting, but it’s very common. Blue Ray starseeds can generally only eat pure, whole, healthy foods, otherwise they experience allergies, intolerances and rashes.

Similarly, most skin products do more harm than good to your skin.

Chemicals, noise and electricity significantly affect your energy balance. Less is more when it comes to your body and skin.


  • You are a peacemaker amongst your family and friends.
  • You have a knowing that you’re different from your biological family.
  • You feel as though you have many gifts and abilities just waiting to be discovered.
  • You carry the wonderful trait of persistence. Whatever you set your mind to, comes to fruition.
  • You feel very connected to water bodies such as the ocean, fresh springs and lakes.
  • You are capable of hiding your abilities and gifts from those who are non-believers of the spiritual and divine world. You recognise that they’re not ready to experience and understand this world just yet.
  • You feel like an old soul in a young body.
  • You are more reserved and quiet than most people you know.

What You Came Here to Do – A Blue Ray’s Collective Soul Mission

Blue Ray starseeds are multi-faceted, meaning they house a wealth of knowledge and ancient wisdom within their very being; they came here to perform many different missions.

Some of which are to do with healing, others involve pure enjoyment and pleasure.

From my experience, Blue Rays core, collective soul mission entails paving the way for new starseeds to enter Earth. This involves raising the vibrational consciousness of humanity, transforming the dark into the light and bringing balance to the world order.

This sounds overwhelming, but you should remember that one small good deed creates ripples in the ocean that is life. Also known as the butterfly effect.

Similar to Lyrans, some Blue Rays came here to just experience and enjoy this world, not necessarily to heal and transform.

We don’t always need to be healing or changing something to grow spiritually, sometimes we only need to ‘be’.

Challenges a Blue Ray Soul Faces on Earth

  • Creating wild fantasy scenarios as a way to escape the sometimes mundane nature of life on Earth
  • Isolating themselves from others because they feel misunderstood or underappreciated
  • Unknowingly absorbing negative energy from others and trapping it within their own energy field
  • Chronic fatigue and exhaustion from constant transforming of dark energy into light
  • Too empathic at times, and therefore willing to stay in a dysfunctional and toxic relationship
  • Too eager to help and heal others before themselves
  • Spirits (both loving and less evolved), entities and hindering thoughts forms easily flow to you, not because you are purposefully attracting them but because they know you will show them the light. They mean no harm, but feel drawn to your presence. 

A loving and benevolent soul, a Blue Ray faces many challenges on Earth.

These are intrinsic to their very nature and being, but with time and practice, they can learn to transform these challenges into opportunities for growth and expansion.

The key to overcoming these challenges is to recognise their own energy field first. Acknowledge it as pure, loving and full of wisdom.

Anything else they feel or attract is purely energy that has been absorbed from others. 

Resources that Allow a Blue Ray Starseed to Heal

Blue Rays are givers. It’s who they are. But, to give you must remember to take from time to time. You can only give from something that is full or whole.

As someone who resonates with beautiful energy, I can wholeheartedly recommend these resources.

Sound healing, affirmations and journaling have been incredibly useful to me. 

Please feel free to listen to what resonates with you, and leave the rest behind.

If you’ve been struggling to find your purpose in this lifetime (on a practical, human level), I recommend applying the Japanese concept of Ikigai to your life. It involves looking at your life holistically, and seeing where improvements can be made.

A Message From One Soul to Another

You’re never alone, even if at times you feel like you are. Your soul family is always reaching out to you, gently guiding you to a better world, better place and better way of feeling.

You only need to look up at the stars to realise you’re never alone.

Become a beacon for that wonderful intergalactic Blue Ray energy and you’ll achieve wonderful things in this lifetime.

Don’t be afraid to recall and remember who you truly are. You are here at the exact time you were meant to be.

Trust the wave you came in on.

Love, blessings, and light,

Charlotte x

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Charlotte Kirsten

Charlotte is a renowned Trauma Psychotherapist, Astrologer, and Founder of Typically Topical. With a background in psychology, astrology, and esoteric practice, her soulful guides are read by over 300,000 people every month.

For her work, she's been named UK Womenspire Woman of the Year, awarded the title of Yale Young Global Scholar, and featured as an expert across major networks such as, Best Life, Oprah Winfrey Network, BBC, Soul & Spirit, Psychology Today, Pop Sugar, Well & Good and Cosmopolitan. You can find her on Twitter.

16 thoughts on “Are You a Blue Ray Starseed? 20 Subtle Signs, Mission, Challenges & More”

  1. Thanks for this nice article to read. It resonates with me and makes me feel like I am headed in the right direction and it all is how it should be. C.c.

    • Thank you so much, Claire! Blue rays are such wonderful souls. I’m glad this post has been of some help to you!


  2. Thank you Charlotte for this beautiful post! I was downloaded with the information of Blue Ray Starseed 10 years ago when nothing in the world made sense and I was desperate for information. Today, I was guided to information about how different light waves behave- specifically when it comes to the colors that butterflies express. Blue is the rarest color in nature and truly the most magical. I love that you mentioned the butterfly effect and in my word memory training today, butterfly was the 8th word. Such a beautiful time of transformation as more and more of us awaken to our Truth. <3


    • Thank you for sharing, Isabella! It’s lovely to hear from you. Isn’t it amazing how the universe sends us signs and messages when we need it most?! I’m glad this post was helpful to you.


  3. I can’t thank you enough for this article and these resources. I have been looking for something to guide and ground me in my new realisations. As soon as I listened to White Light Frequencies my whole being responded with resonance.

    Can I ask a question about the throat chakra?. Is it common for Blue Rays to experience blockage here, and why is this? I have experienced this all my life, sometimes even in a painful way, and it has always bothered me.

    I also really resonate with this throat chakra healing resource, and the Andres Holt meditation has always been one of my utmost favourites. Thank- you again for this wonderful article.

    Blessings to you.

    • Wow, that’s amazing Kristina! You’re absolutely right with the throat chakra. Blue Rays tend to have a hard time expressing themselves and setting boundaries through verbal communication. It’s caused by the mismatch in frequency between this 3D world and the higher dimensions Blue Ray energy naturally comes from. It’s a spiritual challenge for sure. It’s mainly why I recommend Blue Rays work with throat chakra healing meditations.

      I’m glad my article was of some help to you!


    • Thanks very much for this information Charlotte it is extremely informative and resonated with me a lot. I was wondering if you could also point me to any resources that details diets, lifestyles and careers most suitable to blue rays? I have had many sensitivities to foods and medications since I was born and have had challenges managing my weight in the last 10 years which I would plike to get control of soon.

  4. Hi Charlotte!
    I’m so thrilled I found this article! This deeply resonates with me like nothing else I read ?
    Would love to connect on FB, because at times this journey does seem so lonely!
    Peace and light,

  5. This article is delivered with such gentleness <3 this made my day

    I feel learning self-love/hyping oneself up is sooo key for blue-ray beings.
    Matt Kahn talks a lot about that. For the people that resonate with this article, you'll very likely resonate with him too. His youtube channel has "All for love" in its title, isn't it beautiful ? <3

    Some points clicked so much for me in your article, like being at peace with living on earth. I did feel very lonely at some point in my life, but i've never been homesick. I've just been craving a sense of belonging/connection, but not a place.
    Also, i have sun (and mercury) in libra, gemini moon, pisces rising and venus+mars in scorpio. I'm basically made of water and air haha. All the points you talked about were true for me, but i thought this one was funny

    Anyways, thank you for writing this article ! It came in a beautiful timing for me <3

  6. This is the most emotionally engaging, and home coming moment I have ever had. I have never felt or resonated with something so strongly, and every person who I have met with spiritual inclinations, have told me my aura is unlike any they have ever seen, and it is primarily blue! So I feel it in my adenoids that I am a blue Ray soul! Thank you Charlotte you are a diamond for writing this article.

  7. Thank you so much for this wonderful article. It has given me such clarity and hope of embracing my true being. Blessing to you Charlotte from Angelina x

  8. Thank you so much for this helpful article. I know I am one from the stars, but for the first time I have found something written that highly resonates with me. Blessings and love to you!

  9. I’m so incredibly thankful that i was lead by spirit to find this article today. I’ve known that I’m a starseed for many years already and even as a child just knew that I did not originate from earth. My old soul had many incarnations throughout the universe, one of the first ones origined in the Andromeda Galaxy which is why I’m always drawn to the constellation too, other ones being Hadar and Polaris. This post gave me the revelation of why I never really knew where I came from or felt 100 % sure I originated from another planet / star system. All of the above signs resonate so much with me and I feel as if this is the start of truly stepping into my starseed power. Thank you so so so much. Sending love and light your way.

  10. I truly resonate with a lot of the signs. whenever I meditate close to water there are always fish close to me , staring at me. Thank you for helping me understand this behavior. As a child there has always been a special connection between myself and fish, birds and mammals. My vision is different than others. I see rainbows encircling many things. I’ve seen a group of multicolored dots that are near me all my life. Ater reading your article I feel better about the unusual happenings and sights. Thank you !!!


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