Are You a Polarian Starseed? 29 Signs,Traits, Soul Mission & More

Polarian starseeds are one of the most mysterious starseed types to exist. They don’t follow the typical starseed characteristics, and their collective mission is wholly unique.

Very little was previously known about them. That’s why in this in-depth post I’ve decided to tell all based on hundreds of Polarian starseed natal chart readings I’ve done over the years.

Before you read any further, it might be worth familiarising yourself with my other post, ‘Am I a Starseed on Earth?’ which shares the 32 surefire signs you belong to this soul group.

Who Are the Polarian Starseeds?

Polarian starseeds are the divine creators, transformers, and explorers of this world. They’re some of the most gifted healers I’ve ever come across, being able to heal with just their words, thoughts, intentions, and physical creations.

They bring a deep sense of peace, harmony, and balance to this chaotic world.

But here’s where it gets super interesting, they’re not like many other types of starseed. In fact, they stand out as a true anomaly.

They blend in, working in the shadows to complete their mission. They’re not the charismatic, fiery personalities that we sometimes see in other types such as the Lyran, Sirian, Arcturian, and Martian starseeds.

It’s partly why they’ve remained ‘undetected’ for so many decades. Another quirk is that their energy is guided by the North Star aka Polaris, hence the name.

Polarian Starseed Soul Origin

Polarian starseeds draw their beautiful energy from Polaris, a supergiant star approximately 430 light years from Earth in the constellation of Ursa Minor. You might have heard this star system being called the Little Bear or Little Dipper.

polaris north star in the night sky

Polaris is 2,500 times brighter than our Sun! Discovered roughly 4,700 by Ancient Egyptian astronomers, Polaris is now better known as the Earth’s true North Star.

18 Polarian Starseed Traits and Characteristics


Are you drawn to the bright North star in the sky more so than any other system or constellation? Does it have a specific pull over you? Do you want to learn more about it, even if you’re not sure why?

This is a very strong sign of Polarian starseed origin, or at the very least, a past life incarnation in this system.


Polarian starseeds always seem to be searching for their purpose and meaning on Earth. They’re longing to find their ‘guiding North Star’ if you like.

Oddly, Polarians tend to think they’ve found their mission and purpose only to then feel flat and deflated after a few weeks or months of following this path.

The cycle of searching, trying, and rejecting then continues. Many Polarians feel directionless or lost on Earth.


Do you crave meaningful experiences over possessions and material wealth? Polarians see the value in time and memories. These are the type of starseeds to have bucket lists, a list of things to do and see before they leave their physical 3D body.

They also have strong family and friendship values, though this doesn’t prevent them from feeling isolated and alone throughout their life.

Just because they value it doesn’t mean relationships are easy for these starseeds. Many face envy, jealousy, and copious amounts of hate in their lives.


A kundalini awakening is a form of divine feminine energy that originates at the base of the spine. It awakens when there are sudden changes in your body, mind, and spirit.

You can think of it as a mass activation of every cell in your body, though this is much stronger than your average spiritual awakening.

Polarians typically go through deep and rapid awakenings as they progress on towards spiritual enlightenment.


Polarian starseeds are loyal, almost to a fault. They make the best partners in relationships, and will always have someone’s back when they need them most.

They hold the people around them in unconditional positive regard, showing complete acceptance and support.

That is until someone crosses them. Whilst they struggle to cut people out of their lives, they will do so if they’re harming their emotional wellbeing. 


Polarians are always searching for the next answer, the next venture, the next opportunity, and with that comes confusion.

Which path should they take? Which decision is best? They might spend hours, days, or even weeks weighing up the pros and cons before making a choice.

Analysis-paralysis is a Polarian’s middle name.


Did you have a difficult childhood? Did you feel alienated based on the experiences that happened to you?

Polarian starseeds have an unusually triggering background that results in a lot of stuck trauma in adulthood. This can cause all sorts of somatic symptoms and even result in mind-body connection issues. 


Do you suffer from all or nothing thinking? Is something either a complete success or a complete failure? Does everything seem very black and white?

This is a classic Polarian trait and comes from their perfectionistic side – usually a sign of high self-criticism in an attempt to prove themselves worthy. Worthy to who? It’s not always obvious.

Sometimes, it starts as a simple feeling to reach their full potential and so they push themselves really hard to achieve. 


You’ve started one project only to find another one has already piqued your interest. Before you know it, you’ve ditched the other one entirely.

Polarians are highly intelligent beings and have a deep thirst for knowledge. They’re true multipotentialites!

They maintain lots of interests and passions at once. If an unawakened or ‘unconcious starseed’ they might even suffer from ‘interest burnout’. This is a trait shared by Sirian starseeds too.


Polarian starseeds have incredible imaginations and love anything mystical, magical, and fantasy related. You’ll frequently find them reading fiction, immersed in fantasy games, and exploring unusual theories.

They love supernatural characters and make-believe worlds. They might have even had many imaginary friends as a child.


Like many starseeds, Polarians are caring, compassionate, and empathic in nature.

They can read other people’s body language and can easily put themselves in someone else’s shoes. They’re incredibly understanding of other people’s needs. 


Do you feel a special connection with animals? Do you feel grounded surrounded by Mother Nature? Do you feel at peace amongst greenery?

Polarians make some of the most incredible animal communicators, drawing upon their ancient knowledge and wisdom to bring all types of healing to the Earth.

Ecology, conservation, and dendrology are potential topics of interest.


This might not apply to all Polarians, but generally, they like routine, order, and structure.

Though, they’re very happy to shake things up when their life feels stale and stagnant. They generally hate chaos and have perfectionistic tendencies.


With so many ideas floating around their head, they struggle to know what to do and when to implement a new reality.

They might follow many different paths before hitting on a handful of ideas they believe could change the vibration of Earth.


These beautiful souls are very expressive and make for brilliant writers, designers, and artists.

They tend to be introverted with these gifts, very rarely sharing them with others. It’s more of a self-healing practice.

They are great at coming up with new ideas and lines of thought, often finding out-of-the-box solutions.


Polarians generally struggle to maintain social relationships, through no fault of their own though.

Because their light is so bright, they act as giant mirrors to others, reflecting back what others choose not to see within themselves.

This can cause others’ core wounds to be triggered, causing all sorts of negative emotions to rise; envy and jealousy being the most prominent. 


Polarians aren’t the most spiritual starseed type, but they are highly gifted with many, often undiscovered spiritual gifts and abilities.

They’re especially skilled at clairvoyance, shamanism, herbalism, energy medicine, automatic writing, and tarot.


Polaris, their guiding star is in the same location every night from dusk to dawn, neither rising nor setting. This is what makes Polarian energy so unique.

But it’s also what keeps their energy so spiritually high. This is why they carry the energy of the sage, or wisdom seeker, and have a deep desire to learn and know more about our universe.

Other Traits Might Include;

  • A love of travel and other cultures
  • Frequently spotting animal symbolism and synchronicities
  • Receiving many messages from the divine all at once
  • A deep connection to spirit guides, even if they don’t know what they look like
  • Very intuitive, has strong gut feelings about situations and people
  • Can communicate with the deceased
  • Has visions of an ancient civilization, as though they’ve lived there in another life
  • Can develop a strong aversion to humans if mistreated in this lifetime
  • Has a desire to become a leader or teacher (in any field)
  • Gets on well with Lyran starseeds in particular
  • Might also be drawn to work with Draconians (the light kind – there’s a huge misconception surrounding this type).

The Polarian Starseed Mission

Similar to Hadarian starseeds and Venusian Starseeds, Polarians carry unconditional love deeply encoded within their DNA, and so naturally are here to raise the consciousness of the planet collectively.

But something that’s never talked about? Their just as important, yet often forgotten sub-mission; to discover new knowledge and present it in a new light.

These are the quiet explorers, nomads, and adventurers of this time. The kind that will break boundaries and advance new frontiers whilst still remaining humble.

They inspire through their own actions, and are pioneers in their own right, even if they don’t typically fall under that typical definition.

I’ve always seen these souls as true beacons of light, knowledge, and above all else, understanding. They make wonderful scientists, researchers, librarians, teachers, and therapists.

Polarian Physical Apperance

Many articles cite Polarians as having humanoid, strong facial features, very fair pale skin, and greyish silver hair. Occasionally, you might see reference to them having brilliant, deep blue or gold eyes too.

Just to clarify, this isn’t their physical Earth description.

Polarian starseeds can be tall, short, fat, thin, have pale skin or dark skin, be any race, have brown, blue, or any other color eyes etc on Earth.

A soul looking for growth and expansion won’t pick a body based on its physical appearance, but instead, it will choose based on its energetic blueprint. 

The description above was likely channeled by someone who experienced a Polarian energy visitation. In other words, they experienced Polarian energy in a form that was suitable to them as an individual.

Very similar to Avian or Pleiadian starseeds, some people will describe visitations from them as a ball of blue or white energy, whereas others will see tall, slender beings. You never truly know what you’re going to see or experience!  

Challenges on Earth

  • They’ve got to be careful to not put other people first all the time. They’ve got to learn to prioritize their own needs too.
  • Being easy on themselves whilst they’re going through an intense starseed awakening.
  • Learning to say no when they really want to
  • Taking action towards the reality they wish to create. Moving in any direction is better than being stuck.

What Zodiac Sign is a Polarian Starseed?

Polarian starseeds can be any zodiac sign, though they typically fall under the water or earth elements e.g. Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus, or Virgo. Capricorn, though still an earth element, is less common amongst this type.

What Markings do Polarian Starseeds Have?

I’ve written a full post on starseed birth chart markings, which includes notable Polarian aspects to watch out for.

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