Angel Number 1122 Meaning: 5 Major Reasons You’re Seeing It!

If you’re seeing angel number 1122, you might be tempted to believe you’ve been shortchanged, being only two numbers away from seeing the magnificently powerful angel number 1111, but trust me when I say you’re immensely blessed!

Angel number 1122 sweeps in to bring bright, new beginnings, opportunity, growth, progress, adventure, and so much love and joy into your life. Let’s dig a little deeper to unearth exactly what your guide wish you to know.


Beautiful soul, you’re being set free! Angel number 1122 means you’re being granted the gift of freedom on all levels (emotionally, mentally, financially, and spiritually).

Right now, anything and everything is possible for you, so take whatever doubt you’ve got in your heart and graciously hand it over to your loving angelic team.

This is the time to go all out on your dreams and goals. You have everything (and I mean everything!) within you to make the visions in your mind a glorious reality. 


This is a super interesting message. Because of the double master numbers in this sequence (11 and 22), it might seem as though it’s taking forever to get to where you want. Either that, or it seems as though you’re taking 2 steps back for every 1 step forward.

This might seem like a disheartening message, but it’s actually resoundingly positive! Spiritually, angel number 1122 wants you to reframe your perspective and lens of life.

You’re likely comparing your chapter 1 to everyone’s else chapter 10, let your path unfold naturally instead of putting an arbitrary timeline on it.

Also, small side note, what you *think* is a step backward is actually just the Universe readjusting a misstep. It’s giving you another chance to correct before you leap again.



A whirlwind of change is on the horizon for you and it’s coming much, much sooner than you think.

Angel number 1122 calls you to get uber clear on your intentions.

  • What do you want to become a reality?
  • What story do you want to be telling in 5 years’ time?
  • What narrative makes your heart soar and soul sing with glee?

Chase after that, or better yet, make it come to you. If you’re seeing number 1122 in combination with number 1111, know that you are an effortless manifestor in this lifetime.


You might not have been expecting this one, but angel number 1122 is closely linked to the energy of a lightworker; a soul who came here to pave a new order, and shift in a new paradigm, if not for others, but for yourself.

Angel number 1122 could be a subtle nudge from your loving guides that you’re ready to explore this path and come into contact with your true potential.


I take a special stance on life purpose. There are many spiritual teachers and ‘gurus’ who will tell you having a purpose doesn’t exist and it’s ‘weak’, but this is just a form of nihilism – a complete surrender to the belief that ‘life is meaningless so what’s the point’.

I completely disagree. Life is meant to be and can be filled with joy, happiness, peace, abundance, and wonder! When you tap into the energy that you came into existence with, everything starts to make sense.

You see why following others’ guidance and paths never worked for you. You see where you were resisting your own potential for so long. You see the path, avenue, and legacy you were always destined to take in this lifetime.

Angel number 1122 lets you know that you do have a beautiful and sacred purpose.


Our shadow side, the parts of us we have suppressed for so long in fear of judgment, criticism, and doubt, deserves to be seen.

Setting yourself free means validating all parts of you, including the light AND the dark.

When you come face to face with your traumas, your limitations, your deepest challenges, you can nurture them into something beneficial, into something you can use for forward progress.

By seeing angel number 1122, your angels want you to integrate with your shadow side.


As a qualified trauma therapist myself, I know just how hard it can be to shed past traumas, but know that you’re never alone on this journey. Angel number 1122 invites you to pause and reflect on your actions.

  • Are you stuck in a never-ending loop of past habits?
  • Are you frozen in a place in time because of something traumatic?
  • Is your nervous system constantly stuck in the ‘on’ position and sees danger in everything?
  • Are you really a scared little child hiding in an adult’s body?

1122 calls you to consciously release what’s plaguing your mind, soul, and body.

Additional Hidden Meanings to Note:

  • You’re navigating into unknown waters, and it’ll feel scary at times, but you’re always being guided forward! (I saw a dark lake with a reflection of the Moon on the water during visualization)
  • A call to let go of ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’, whatever is being projected onto you by others
  • You’re making so much progress!
  • Take time to reflect on your achievements before blindly chasing the next
  • The world needs your light and creativity, but YOU also need YOU
  • Have complete and utter faith in yourself, you can do this!
  • Baby steps are key, you don’t need to be able to see the entire path
the meanings of angel number 1122


Now’s a brilliant time to go all out on those changes you’ve been desperate to make. 1122 is promising as far as career switches, promotions and networking go.

If you need a partner in business or someone to rely on to get to your desired outcome, 1122 promises a successful result (and a fortunate partnership!).

Whatever you’ve been procrastinating on, now’s the time to go all in.


A super simple message here. Simplify. Are you overcomplicating your fitness regime? Are you running on stress hormones? Are you trying all sorts of odd diets and fads in the hope of returning to a sense of normality?

99% of these programs are gimmicks (and are often rooted in fear!).

1122 asks you to take small baby steps in the right direction, and let go of a need to see instant results. Take time to declutter your mind, your body and ease back into a state of natural flow.


You’ll be pleased to know that 1122 is an indicator of steady, but assured growth. Whatever seeds were germinating last season, they’re going to continue to grow throughout this one.

That doesn’t mean they’re quite ready for harvest yet though. The ideas and visions you have will lead to increased financial prosperity, but now’s the time to nurture what you already have.

This isn’t an ideal time to chop and change your strategy every 5 minutes.


If you’re in a relationship and like where it’s heading, know that angel number 1122 is an overwhelmingly positive sign for you and your partner! This number speaks of continued growth, harmony, and taking things to the next level.

However, because we’re working with the lower single-digit numbers i.e. 1 and 2, this isn’t fast growth. Try not to rush anything here or one person is likely to call it quits over a fear of being trapped in. 

If you’re in a relationship, but aren’t sure of it, number 1122 calls you to take a step back, pause and reflect.

  • What do you really want out of this relationship?
  • Why are you truly with this person?
  • Are your needs being met?
  • If not, are you staying out of fear of not finding someone else?
  • Are you failing to see what you bring to the table?

This isn’t a call-it-quits-and-be-done-with-it-with message, but it does invite you into some serious contemplation about your inner desires.

If you’re single, number 1122 brings a welcome message of bright, new beginnings. You might suddenly find yourself in unity with a loving partner who sees you for who you are, respects you, and adores you.

Though, I sense that this isn’t someone that would normally be your type, so try not to dismiss them too soon during the first interaction.

Because of the nature and energy of this sequence, this is a relationship that’s going to come sooner rather than later.


Yes! For twin flames seeking a reunion or twin flames who are currently reunited, number 1122 speaks of a powerful, yet light-hearted and jovial reunion, one rooted in love, adoration, laughter, and adventure.

But more interesting than that, 1122 is a mirror number.

This means that this flame, this beautiful soul, is going to mirror your deepest desires, wishes, dreams, hopes, and even fears back to you. They’re going to unravel parts of yourself that you never even knew existed.

They might even teach you what it means to love again; this is especially true if you’ve faced many heartbreaks over the past few years and have sealed off the most vulnerable aspect of your identity in the hope of never getting hurt again.

I will say, this relationship isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s intense, but oh-so magical.


There are lots of beautiful ways to connect with this angel number’s beautiful energy. Here are a few of my favorite:

  • Keep a journal to note down what you thought and felt at the time of seeing it
  • Create a picture-themed vision board to inspire you into creating a future beyond your wildest dreams
  • Get super clear on your intentions for the next 1-3 months
  • Practice culminating self-love and compassion
  • Discover what truly lights your soul on fire (what would you be doing if fear or ‘getting it wrong’ didn’t exist?)
  • Reconnect with the inner child within, the one who needs nurturing, and love, and their unseen, unheard needs to be met

Secondly, make sure to watch out for harmonious numbers such as: angel number 1001, angel number 2211, angel number 0202, angel number 0101, 2323, 1616, 1110, 1212, as well as 1234 and 123.

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These numbers will provide you with the extra guidance and knowledge you seek about your journey ahead.

It’s also worth looking at angel number 6! When we break down 1122 numerologically (1 + 1 + 2 + 2 = 6), we end up with the core vibration of 6, a number associated with divine harmony, creation, peace, inner balance, teaching, and wisdom.

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