Angel Number 1717 Meaning: 5 Amazing Reasons You’re Seeing It!

Seeing angel number 1717 everywhere you look? Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy! In fact, your angels have a beautiful and quite rare message to share with you.

A highly fortunate and spiritual sequence, 1717 signals bright new beginnings, deep inner healing, positive forward movement and even hints at your unique soul mission on Earth!

Let’s dive right in.

What is the Meaning of Angel Number 1717?

Angel number 1717 means you’re going through a huge spiritual upgrade! This is the kind of transformation that’s subtle, meaningful, yet oh so powerful. The kind that lets you see yourself clearly for the first time in forever.

Your angels are letting you know that whatever you wish to do, have or become is possible for you.

So much auspicious and free-flowing energy surrounds you right now, so don’t doubt the magnificent vision you carry within your heart.

Your idea, your dream lifestyle, no matter how absurd others may deem it, demands creative expression.

You have absolutely everything it takes to get to where you wish to be! Trust. I think you’ll be surprised just how quickly things start to fall into place after seeing this number.

What is the Spiritual Meaning of Angel Number 1717?

Here’s where it gets super interesting. Angel number 717 is what I call a double mirror number and so spiritually means you’re finding your way again.

This is especially true after a mentally, emotionally or even physically difficult time. 1717 is a deep call to return back the thing that matters most; you.

It doesn’t matter what has happened in the past or continues to happen right now, know that your future doesn’t have to look the same.

Things can change in an instant, even when the path ahead seems impossible to navigate.

5 Major Reasons You’re Seeing Angel Number 1717


I absolutely love this message! Seeing angel number 1717 can mean you’re a benevolent lightbeing who has cosmic or Earthly origins, here with the mission of weaving more light.

Consider it a gentle nudge from your soul family, awakening to your truest, and highest potential.

It’s possible you’re a starseed (of which there are many types), a shaman, a seer, a witch, an Earth Angel or a similar channeler.


Angel number 1717 sweeps in to let you know that whatever has been troubling you, it’s now time to put it to bed.

This is the time to release your past mistakes, judgements and worries and finally let your soul soar and be free.

You’re not any of the labels other people have put onto you, nor the ones you unknowingly put onto yourself either.

Without re-traumatizing yourself, take some time to work through your triggers and heal your nervous system.


This is a fairly unusual message, but because of the deeply spiritual nature of 1717, you’re being granted a personal divine manifestation portal. And boy, is it powerful!

This is a free-flow of highly fortunate energy created by your guardian angel specifically for you to use to hone in on your desires and begin to make them a reality.

This is the kind of energy that shifts us being perpetually stuck to picking up speed again.

You might sense a change in your energy and thinking patterns over the next few weeks – use it to your advantage. Consider this energy just as powerful as a new moon rising.


Now’s the time to leap and make those all important changes! Bright new beginnings are on the horizon for you and they’re much, much closer than you think.

And here’s the great news, you only need to take baby steps forward to meet them.

Your manifestations or rather desires are just waiting for you to meet them, for you to arrive. They already exist in this physical 3D world!

Take that leap of faith, even if it seems scary, even if it seems daunting. You’ve got this! Most of the time we come to realize that 99% of the fear was in our head.


Here’s where it gets super interesting, there’s a slow moving energy to angel number 1717 (I know, I know, it doesn’t seem right given what I wrote above, but it’s true).

Angel number 1717 is the number of the deep thinker, the scholar, the intellectual – and so with that comes a tendency to get inside our heads too much..and worse still, spend a long time getting out of it.

The message here is clear, release what you cannot control. Don’t allow the overwhelming feelings of the situation to trap themselves in your body so much that they then extend to the mind. Control is but an illusion.


I very rarely channel this message. In fact, I don’t think I ever have. The double 7 and double 1 here lends to a very unique energy blend.

You’re a highly sensitive soul with incredible empathic abilities! You carry a very idealistic, humanitarian view of the world, but I should clarify, this doesn’t mean naive.

You’re deeply in tune with your physical and spiritual environments, realizing that the path to inner mysticism is activated through childlike curiosity, play and adventure.

You’re most certainly on a path to finding your own inner truth and wisdom!

Additional Hidden Meanings to Note:

  • You’re progress forward even if you cannot see it (I saw a reptile slowly creeping forward during visualization, could also be a link to Reptilian/Draconian roots too)
  • Follow what sets your soul alight and makes you happy (even if it’s not for a career)
  • Huge ties to music, creative arts, and writing! You’re a visionary creator
  • You’re an old soul
  • You’re a truth seeker, it’s time to being more curiosity and play into your everyday life
  • You’re an indigo child on Earth
  • Things will start working out in your favor
  • Practice connecting your mind, body and soul for even greater healing
  • You’re going through a profound and deep spiritual awakening
  • Work with Sunstone, Malachite and Amethyst crystals (I felt very pulled to recommend these specific stones)
  • A great time to go back to school/higher education and learn something new or become an apprentice
the meanings of angel number 1717


Now’s the time to lean into your intuitive instincts and gut feelings. Push your anxiety aside for a few moments and connect with your higher self and inner being.

  • Where is it leading you?
  • Where is it telling you to go?

Positive new beginnings are highly likely right now, especially where promotions, solo-businesses and career switches are concerned.

Take some time to really hone in on your desires and take angel number 1717 as a giant spiritual greenlight to do what your heart wishes!


For health, 1717 carries a message of mind, body and soul reunification.

  • What can you do to start healing your nervous system?
  • Do you understand which state your nervous system is operating from (fight, flight, fawn or freeze?)
  • Do you allow uncomfortable feelings to come up or do you bury them in fear of being re-triggered?

Angel number 1717 encourages you to be honest with yourself.


1717 is definitely one of the better angel numbers to see for wealth and monetary gain! Number 7 is deeply linked with abundance, prosperity, and financial progress.

But here’s the best part, 1717 is linked to steady and stable gains too; no house of cards that can topple at the slightest obstacle.

Align your financial goals with your inner wellbeing, and you’re sure to create a meaningful, well-balanced path moving forward.

What Does Angel Number 1717 Mean for Love and Relationships?

Single? Number 1717 brings an interesting message. Whilst a powerful, potential connection is just around the corner, it reminds you to take it slow before entering into any sort of super deep commitment.

Remember 7 is the number of the intellectual, someone who sees things through logical eyes before blindly leaping.

  • Ask yourself do you see yourself with this person long term?
  • Do they add to your peace?
  • Do they take away from it?
  • Are they supporting your needs and vice versa?

If not, it might be time to remind yourself of what you bring to the table and take a step back to observe.

In a relationship and feel it’s heading in the right direction? Now’s the time to get to know each other on a much more profound level and deepen this connection (without being too invasive of course!)

With numbers 1818 and 1919 appearing after this sequence (both of which represent a long-term, loving commitment), 1717 is the stepping stone to them.

Take time to understand each other’s values, love languages, future goals and ambitions.

If it feels right, now would also be a good time to test the water and do a ‘first’: first time moving in, first time getting a pet, first time taking a cooking class together – the possibilities are endless!

In a relationship and not sure where it’s heading? Number 1717 encourages you to take a slow and steady approach here.

If you were super unsure of this person, there’s a good chance you would have already let them go by now, so what are you holding onto to?

  • Is it a fear of being alone?
  • Is it because this person genuinely loves you?
  • Is there a time pressure such as age thrown in here?

Take some time to get to the root problem.

Angel Number 1717 and Twin Flames – Is There a Message?

Yes! 1717 is a beautiful sign of a twin flame reunion and one that pops up out of the blue.

Whilst this might be unexpected, 1717 lets you know that this person is a mirror soul; someone who will mirror back all of your hopes, dreams, desires and even fears.

I see this as being quite a tricky relationship to navigate at times, certainly one with its ups and downs, but one that ultimately comes back into harmony and balance should both partners choose to do so.

On the whole this is a spiritually compatible, divinely timed relationship filled with love, adoration and honesty (though perhaps sometimes, a little too much!)

Experiencing a twin flame separation? 1717 asks you not to worry! This mirror number means you’ll reconnect with your twin flame again, or at the very least a highly compatible soul mate companion.

Small side note: this might not be the same twin flame you’ve encountered previously. I believe we have multiple twin flames open to us at any one time, depending on ours and their spiritual growth and evolution.

Try not to pin all hopes on one person coming back. Very often, there’s a much more suitable energetic match just waiting for your permission to enter your life.

Numerology and Symbolism Breakdown of 1717

I always find it helpful to break the individual digits of a number down to understand its deeper core meanings.

Number 1 – signifies new beginnings, awakenings, independence, autonomy, being your own creator, accepting responsibility for your decisions and life path, trailblazing and freedom.

Number 7 – relates to enlightenment, knowledge seeking, the inner vision quest to find our purpose, empathy, psychic gifts and skills, higher learning, accessing the subconscious mind and alchemy. 

Seeing 17:17 on the Clock?

17:17 is what is known as a mirror hour and often appears on the clock as a message from your guardian angel that you’re safe, protected and are being guided at this very moment in time!

You can consider this a gentle nod or wink from your angel, offering you one of (or many of) the key messages above.

What to Do After Seeing Angel Number 1717

Here are some other simple and easy ways to connect with the loving guidance and energy of this sequence:

  • Create a manifestation board
  • Look into shadow work journaling as a way of healing your past triggers
  • Hone in one the goals, ambitions, and dreams you want to manifest right now
  • Take giant leaps of faith forward and trust in yourself
  • Lean into your gut instinct and make decisions based on what feels right to you
  • Practice self-compassion as you expand outside of your comfort zone

I also highly recommend keeping an angel number journal! Angels rarely send just one message or number at a time, and often they form part of a much bigger and wider message.

Watch out for harmonious angel numbers such as: angel number 0707, 717, 727, 737, 797, 77, 7777, 707 and 0101.

These will provide you with more information and guidance on your journey.

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