Ever wondered what types of spirit guides you have around you? This in-depth guide identifies the 11 most powerful spirit guides on your team.

What are Spirit Guides?

In Western Spiritualism, Spirit Guides are beings that remain as an energy being long after they have served their ‘life purpose’ to act as a guide or protector to a living, incarnated human being, imparting their knowledge when needed.

‘Spirit Guide’ is a general term that covers all types of guides including, but not limited to; guardian angels, archangels, ascended masters, enlightened beings, starseeds, shamans, goddesses and more.

These guides may or may not have spent time on Earth before. Some may have originated from extra-terrestrial systems, others may only exist in the light planes or guardian angel orders.


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How many types of Spirit Guides exist on my team?

We all have one main spirit guide, some may call this their guardian angel, who heads up the spirit guide team and stays with you from birth to death. This main spirit guide is considered to be your life guide or spiritual protector. They were assigned to you long before you were born.

You do, however, have access to many other spirit guides, all designed to help you achieve a specific and dedicated purpose in your soul’s lifetime. You will encounter these as when needed in your lifetime. Spirit guides may come and go, and only stay when they are most needed.

It’s a bit that like scene in Nanny Mcphee, when she says, ‘when you need me, but do not want me, I must stay, but when you want me but no longer need me, then I must go’.

Any there any types of spirit guides I need to avoid?

Yes and no. Not every spirit guide is made equal. Just like you wouldn’t listen to and take advice from just any person on the street, there are some spirit guides you may not wish to take advice from.

These are low vibrational beings, not necessarily malicious in nature, but due to a mismatch between yours and their energy frequency, they may not know how to serve you in the best way possible.

It’s best to use your own intuition when interacting with beings from the spirit world. If you feel as though they’re a negative being or possess a frequency or vibration lower than yours, disconnect from their guidance and wish them a quick, but respectful goodbye.

The 11 Most Powerful Types of Spirit Guides on Your Team

1) Life Guides and Guardian Angels

Life Guides and Guardian Angels are with you from death to birth, and chose to be with you specifically to help you achieve your life purpose.

These guides offer us pure, unconditional love, and are high vibrational beings. They operate at a much higher frequency than us, so as to be in a position to impart their knowledge and wisdom when needed.

They never leave our side, unlike other guides. If you’ve connected with your life guide or guardian angels before, you may know their name, their appearance as well as more about their background as a spirit.

Your life guide in particular is like the office manager of all of your spirit guides. They’re pretty organised and make sure nothing is too chaotic at once.

2) Divine Timing Guides

Divine timing guides hold the masterplan or blueprint to your life. They allow your wishes, desires and plans to unfold at the right time.

That doesn’t mean you should get angry or annoyed at them for not giving you what you want though – they are always working to present the best and only the best opportunities to you at the right time depending on what you are ready for.

These are also the guides who oversee synchronicity, so if you’ve been seeing repeating numbers or patterns, you’ve got these guides to thank.

Now would be a great time to look up the meaning of these numbers if you haven’t already done so – there’s a message in there for you!

3) Warriors and Protectors

Warrior or protector spirit guides act as your own personal bodyguards. Their mission is to protect you physically, mentally and spiritually, though often more the latter, protecting you against psychic and spiritual attacks.

Warriors are incredibly enlightened beings who assess all of the spiritual guidance you receive and help you to filter out advice or guidance which may lead you astray from your higher purpose in life.

These are the guides most likely to send you that awkward gut feeling ‘something’s not right’ instinct.

These protectors may take a literal form of a warrior; a soldier or another being in the form of defence. My grandmother had a sumo wrestler as a spirit guide, so don’t think you’re making it up if you see some weird and wonderful things!

4) Creative Guides

Creative guides are artistic geniuses. Helping to open up your imagination and creativity, creative guides encourage you to recognise and use your soul’s talents, skills and abilities for the greater good.

This doesn’t just apply to artists, writers or traditional creative roles, they can help you to find creative solutions to almost anything.

If you’ve been wanting to make a career out of your passion and artistic abilities, they’re great for giving you practical ideas on how to do just that too.

5) Gatekeeper Guides

These guides are incredibly important as they hold your Akashic Records (everything to have occurred in the past, present and potential future) and act like a second bodyguard after the warriors.

Gatekeepers offer psychic and physical protection to all spirit communicators.

You can think of them like a bouncer at a club with a checklist, only allowing high vibrational, loving energy into your life.

6) Teacher Guides

As their name implies, teacher guides are here to teach you a lesson and guide you along your path. Teachers are typically very wise and practical.

They might come to you in dreams, meditations or leave subtle signs around for you to pick up on.

People often fear teacher guides, not because they are harmful or malicious in nature, but because they are the ones who bring what we traditionally think of as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ experiences.

Those ‘bad’ experiences are given to us to either change path, to reassess our current situation or to bring us a new perspective. If we’re not following the path that’s best for us, these experiences may appear until we ‘learn the lesson’ and change course.

7) Happy or Joy Guides

Joy guides are like children, in a good way. They’re incredibly imaginative, creative and well, happy.

Often spurring up in times of intense emotion, these spirit guides encourage you to see the joy in every day and be present in the moment.

They also encourage you to find hobbies that bring you joy. If this guide had a motto it would be ‘laughter is the best medicine’.

8) Healing Guides

Healing guides help us to heal during stressful times, and connect us with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

Healing guides were and will always be healers (think of it like a career designation), whether they’ve lived a life on Earth or not – think ancient monks, medical professionals, old world shamans, traditional reiki masters, and spiritual healers.

Healing guides may come to you in the form of an ascended master such as Jesus, or an archangel such as Archangel Raphael or Michael, amongst others.

It’s highly likely you’ve already encountered a healing guide in your life without even knowing it. Healers are very humble and may never reveal their true self or form to you.

9) Spirit Animal Guides

Sometimes called Power Animals, spirit animal guides are ascended beings with high vibrational qualities of protection, assistance and general guidance.

As they are a being of Mother Earth or Gaia, they are incredibly grounded with nature and help your energy to stay grounded.

10) Helper Guides

Helper guides are there to assist you on something specific. They are free spirits who are quick to move on once they’ve helped with your situation or project.

11) Ancestor Guides

If someone in your family has passed away, it’s common for them to want to guide and help younger members in their family. Ancestor guides don’t necessarily have to be someone you knew personally, they could be an ancestor from a few generations ago.

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Are there any other types of spirit guides?

Of course! Other spiritual helpers you may work with include; Archangels, Elementals, Ascended Masters, Saints and Star Beings, although you may not know you are working directly with these beings.

How are spirit guides assigned?

Good question! There are many factors that determine who you get on your spirit team, but there are several that are widely accepted. These factors are;

  • Your energetic blueprint
  • Your ascension level and soul age
  • Pre-incarnation agreements

1) Your energetic blueprint

Your energetic blueprint is like your soul’s DNA, it’s what makes you identifiable to the spirit world.

It includes your strongest chakra, the birth element e.g water, fire, earth, air, aura colors and much more. It’s what makes you, you.

For example, I’m drawn to the crown chakra the most, my birth element is water, my sign in Cancer and I’m heavily drawn to the moon and the term ‘moonchild’. I consider myself creative and have a flair for creative writing. I’m also drawn to other water signs. All these things contribute to my personal energetic blueprint.

It’s this energetic blueprint that attracts your spirit guide team.

2) Your ascension level and soul age

The types of spirit guides you get depend on your soul’s age and your ascension level.

If you’re an old soul who has lived many lifetimes, you won’t receive the same lessons as a soul that is ‘new’, and so will need different guides to accompany you on your soul’s journey.

It’s like reading advanced tutorials on something, knowing you’re only a beginner and needing a tutorial – it doesn’t work, so guides are matched to you based on your soul’s age.

3) Pre-incarnation agreements

Some guides have made agreements with us in past lives to help us along on our soul’s journey. These could be past life friends, star beings or healers.

This is a soul contract signed before you were even born, maybe even many lifetimes ago. on earth.

How to meet your spirit guides

Spirit Guides will never interfere with your free will. It’s up to you to ask for their help. They won’t offer advice or guidance if you don’t ask for it (consciously or unconsciously e.g. dream form).

If you’re in need of assistance or want some guidance, why not ask for a spirit guide to help you, or if you prefer to ask the universe in general, feel free to do that.

There’s a best-selling book called ‘Opening to Channel: How to Connect with your Guide‘ by Sanaya Roman that I highly recommened reading. All of her books are great, and easy to follow.

You can also try a spirit guide meditation. There are loads on Youtube, running from a few minutes long in length to an hour. Try this one, or this one to meet your spirit guides.

Making the decision to let them into your life will be the best thing you’ve ever done, I guarantee it!