How to Attract a Specific Person Using the Law of Attraction

With this guide, you’ll be able to manifest a specific person into your life; be it the partner of your dreams, a lifelong friend or even a new client.

We work with the power of energy and magnetism all day, every day, often unconsciously, but for some of us, trying to draw people to us can seem like a mystery, especially if we’ve never met this person before. Despite what many tell you, this is just as easy if not easier than bringing someone you already know back into your life.

Think about it, this person can take many different shapes and forms. There are many people the universe can send your way, whereas trying to attract someone you’ve already met…well, there’s only one of them. So, inevitably, it’s harder.


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‘How to Attract a Specific Person’ using Law of Attraction

My (brief) personal success story so you know it works:

When I was just getting started with applying the Law of Attraction to my life, one of the first things I ‘wished’ for was a great group of friends, but I was looking for 2 specific personalities.

I wanted to attract 2 specific personality types;

Personality 1) Outdoorsy, adventurous, loved travelling, was probably single so didn’t have lots of ‘ties’, in some type of profession where they could travel frequently, easy-going, early to late 20’s.

Personality 2) Career-driven, female, 20’s to early 30’s, great to go on nights out with, no preference in relationship status, didn’t like to drink lots of alcohol (I’m not a big drinker), adventurous, friendly, has a similar sense of humour to me (I find the weirdest things oddly hilarious…). Must like animals…dogs in particular.

So, they’re prettty specific when it comes to personality types. Now, I didn’t even know if this type of person existed or lived near me, let alone being able to meet them in person.

Out of the blue…A week later, completely out of the blue, a person who I was in contact with OVER A YEAR AGO emailed and asked if I was interested in taking part in a business event. I was invited to attend a ceremony for an event which relates to my business. This involved meeting a film crew, a few journalists, PR people, and a few external organisations.

I said yes. I met loads of people that night, but there were 2 people in particular that I got on with pretty well (way more than I normally would at networking events).

What would you know?

Person 1 – He was super outdoorsy, travelled the world, ran his own business so had time to travel, was mid 20’s, was single and bonus – loved dogs.

Person 2 – She was pretty career-driven, worked in a media agency as a journo, early 20’s, EXACT same humour as me, very friendly, loved nights out but didn’t drink too much. She was also a vegetarian and loved animals like me.

I saw person number 2 a few times after that event and we’ve kept in touch ever since. I had some contact with person number 1, but I realised that whilst we shared similar qualities, we weren’t a great friendship match.

That’s another key point, what you ask for isn’t always what you need.

Pro Tip: Be careful what you ask for because you will get it!

So do you attract & manifest a specific person using law of attraction into your life?

1) Think about the qualities you want this person to have

I like to call this the ‘essence’ of what you want. Focus on the qualities you want this person to have and why. Try not to leave anything out.

Here are some ideas to get you started;

  • What attitude do they have to life?
  • What are they skilled at?
  • Where do they work?
  • Do they share the same qualities as you or are they different?
  • Do they travel a lot?

Be as specific as possible.

Pro Tip: Make sure you think about the ‘why’ – why you want them to have these qualities.

I made the mistake of just listing qualities and not saying why I wanted them to have these, hence person number 1 wasn’t a good fit for me.

2) Visualise with senses

Let’s be honest, there’s a lot of fake info out there when it comes to Law of Attraction and Manifestation.

Sometimes people freely give advice when they haven’t been able to practice it themselves, and one of the worst pieces of advice I see is ‘play the scenario in your head and live it as though you’re a spectator.’

LOA doesn’t work if you’re an observer watching your life play out like a movie. For LOA to work, you need to physically activate your senses during visualisation.

To make something real, you need to make it seem as though it’s already real and in front of you.

Example: Let’s say you’ve always dreamed of going on a camping trip with a new friend.

To visualise this, you will want to close your eyes, and picture already being at the campsite.

  • What can you physically touch? What can you feel? What is the texture like on your hands?
  • Can you smell the wet, earthy soil, or can you feel how dry and scorched it is from the overbearing sun?
  • Can you feel the sun on your back? Can you hear the river flowing down the creek a couple hundred yards away?
  • Are you and your friend roasting marshmallows on the fire? Do you tell spooky campfire stories? Do you recount happy, old memories? Are the stars out or is it foggy?

When you feel as though your visualisation is actually a reality, you’re doing it right.

Pro Tip: Imagine lots of different scenarios with this person.

3) Forget the ‘how’ and focus on the ‘when’

Don’t focus on how you’re going to meet this person. You’ll never be able to second-guess what the universe has in store for you.

I would never have guessed that someone from a year ago would randomly email me asking me to attend an event, and that’s when I met my 2 personalities.

Focus on the idea that it’s only a matter of when you will meet this person, not if you will meet them

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