9 Major Signs The Law Of Attraction Is Working For You

Whilst it’s nice to know that the universe is on your side, it’s even better to know that the universe is actively working for you. Here are 9 soulful indicators and signs that show the Law of Attraction is working for you, and that it’s super close to delivering the goodies you desire.


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1) You See Repeating Numbers Everywhere

Ever noticed every time you’ve looked at the clock, these numbers appear? It’s almost as though you’ve been silently told to look at this exact moment in time. The truth is, you have.

These beautiful angel numbers are letting you know that you’re in alignment with your wishes and that everything is flowing as it should. These numbers, 111, in particular are used as a powerful form of communication between you and the universe.

Now is the time to practice gratitude and say thank you to the universe for what has come and what is coming.

Pro tip: You can see these numbers anywhere – it doesn’t have to be on a clock. You can see them on receipts e.g. ($111), license plates, book page numbers etc.

I tend to see this number a lot on clocks and even Youtube video comments and likes.

Angel numbers 444 and 777 are also ones to watch out for. They mean your angels are surrounding you and that your ultimate wishes are in the process of coming true.

2) Your Spirit Guides Make an Appearance.

This is a very personal experience that is different for everyone, but if you start to see more of them or are being introduced to them for the first time, know that this is a good sign that your desires are coming to fruition.

As your vibration rises higher and higher, your special guides will be there to show you that you’re on the right track with the Law of Attraction.

Often, they will show you via dream work what the next steps are for you to take to manifest the life of your dreams.

These dreams may be vivid, abstract and fleeting, so it’s best to keep a dream journal by the side of your bed so when you wake up you’re ready to decrypt your guide’s message quickly.

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3) Your Intuition is on Fire.

When you know, you know. As your connection with this beautiful universe grows, your sense of intuition or gut feeling will increase exponentially.

You might be able to predict or feel when you will receive that all important email, call or message. You might know not to take that seemingly good job offer or not relocate to that new city.

You might instantly get bad vibes off someone or something, and notice that something’s not right about this person, and hold your distance. You also might just instantly find a solution to a long lasting problem out of the blue.

Your intuition is a gift. It is given to you by your higher self; something we rarely understand here on Earth. Not everyone experiences gut feelings, emotional sensitivity, and such a beautiful connection with the universe.

Trust that your intuition is guiding you to the best possible outcome, and that it’s always right.

4) Synchronicity is Uncanny and a Little ‘Coincidental’

As more and more good things start to come your way, you will notice patterns emerging. You might see more number patterns (e.g. 22, 33, 44 etc), and things that you wished for suddenly appear.

If you wondered how you were going to pay for something, you might just find an email sitting in your inbox offering you a discount on that very item (happened to me all the time when I launched my first business).

Or if you were longing for a cozy drink on a cold winter’s eve, you might just find someone offers you a hot chocolate for free. Law of Attraction ‘wins’ don’t have to be huge.

Weirdly enough though, you might also notice obstacles coming your way. Despite this sounding counter-intuitive, this is the universe’s way of testing you, checking that you’ve grown enough spiritually to accept what you’re about to receive. There’s truth in the old saying ‘the sun always shines after a storm’.

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5) You Feel a Literal ‘Buzz’ of Energy

You know that feeling you get when you’ve just received some good news? We tend to get a surge of adrenaline or a feeling of butterflies in our chest. When you feel this even though you haven’t got what you’ve manifested yet, this is a sure-fire sign that it’s already yours. Even better, if you feel generally happier than unusual but aren’t sure why, this is an even greater sign the universe is about to gift you with something incredible.

6) You Can Almost Grasp your Desires

Do you get a gut feeling that what you’ve asked for is coming? As though you can feel it in your bones? You might feel a little on edge at this time. Perhaps jittery or even nervous. The kind of energy where you can’t sit still.

As you become more confident in your manifesting abilities, any feelings of anxiety will fade as you realise what you desire will always come to you as long as you’ve followed your inner guidance and released any attachment to the outcome.

Pro-tip: You’ll know when you’ve sent out just the right amount of energy to attract something into your life because it will feel easy, natural. There will be no strain or force. You may even see a bright white light if you use meditation as a manifestation technique. You know it’s guaranteed to come. It becomes a matter of when, not if.

If you feel as though nothing’s budging, and you’re putting in a lot of energy for nothing in return, you could be trying too hard. Remember, for the universe to act upon your desires, you have to release them first! Gripping on too tight will repel your desire. Manifestation should never be exhausting.

7) Good Things Start Coming Your Way Naturally

This is a sign that your energy has aligned with what you want, and that it’s vibrating on a higher frequency than it once was.

This turn-around might feel like a relief if you’ve had a bad few months or even years. If you’re starting to receive good things, no matter how small, keep at what you’re doing!

Don’t be disheartened that only small things are appearing at the moment, because small things pave the way for huge changes in your life.

Consider this as the universe making sure you’re ready to receive bigger and better things in your life. After all, if you had everything all at once, you probably wouldn’t know how to handle it. Make sure you’re grateful for everything and anything the universe gifts you.

8) You Feel Open to Change, But Less in Control

To have what you’ve never had before, you must do something you’ve never done before’’. Learning to move with the flow, and accept whatever may come your way is a sure sign of spiritual growth.

Putting up walls, becoming flustered, and shutting out new experiences tells the universe that you’re not ready to move onto the next level of your higher path, hence it’s likely to keep sending you the same lesson to learn just in different situations.

For example, if you wish to attract a partner, but don’t practice self-love, the universe may send people into your life who aren’t great matches for you as a partner, but will teach you lessons about loving yourself first. The hard way. Ask what is this trying to teach me, accept the lesson and move on to bigger and better things.

Feeling more open to change but less in control is a sign you’ve put your trust and faith in the universe to support you and that’s a good thing.

If you’re a perfectionist or recovering perfectionist (like me…), this may feel wrong and scary to you, but letting go of the need to have everything planned out, and for everything to seem logical before you act is a step in the right direction.

9) You Feel More Positive Energy in Your Life.

During the day, you feel happy, light and excited even if you’ve got nothing major planned, even if you’re doing the exact same work each day. As you notice the difference, you might even question ‘why do I feel so happy?’. Releasing old habits and negativity becomes easier, and things that once bothered you no longer seem to matter.

If an obstacle enters your life, you no longer fret or worry for you realise it’s here to teach you something, and guide you onto a better, even more fulfilling path.

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