5 Sure Fire Reasons Why The Law of Attraction Isn’t Working For you

The Law of Attraction can bring you so many beautiful gifts, intense transformations and spiritual lessons, but what happens when it just isn’t working for you? Or seems like it isn’t working for you?

I’ve been in a similar situation myself, and honestly, am in one right now as I’m writing this. I got so angry with the universe over some recent events that I even threw my tarot decks and spiritual books in the bin. Not the best move, but I think everyone goes through times when they just feel like the universe is against them.

The truth is, the universe ISN’T against you, but you’ve got to know the rules of the game, and understand why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you as well as it should.

If you’re starting to doubt your own manifestation abilities or even doubt if your dreams are possible, there’s are 5 key things you’ve got to know.


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1) You’re Not Prepared to Receive What you Asked For.

This is a funny one. You would think that by asking for it, this means you’re automatically ready for it, but not quite.

Many people ask for $1 million for example, but when asked, they often don’t know the first thing they would spend it on. What would they do with it? Where would they store it? What bank account? What would you need to do to set that up?

If you would spend some of that money on a holiday, where would it be? What would the holiday entail? What activities would you do? Where would you stay? Who would you travel with? These questions all help you to think about the money in real terms as opposed to a potential wish or pipedream.

You will speed up the process of Law of Attraction and Manifestation if you’re prepared to receive what you asked for.

2) You’re Not Clear on What you Want.

Not being clear on what you want could be THE reason why you’re not getting what you want. Think about it, the universe can only send you what you ask for.

If you don’t know the specifics, it might either send you nothing (knowing full well you’re confused), or it might send you something it thinks you need, but it’s not what you wanted.

If you don’t know exactly what you want, get clear on the essence of what you want. If you want a new car, what features do you want it to have and why.

The why is important too – you’ll have a hard time attracting something if you don’t know why you want it. If your current car breaks down a lot, you might want the new car to be more reliable as opposed to luxurious. If you have kids, you might want to ask for a 4 seater car with multiple safety features, as opposed to a snazzy 2 seater sports car.

Get specific on what you need and why you need them.

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3) You Don’t Release your Desire to the Universe

Attachment is the killer of Law of Attraction. I totally get it, you really, really want this desire to come true, but here’s the thing, if you desperately need something, you’re not likely to get it. Why? Because you’re noticing the lack of not having it, and you’re holding onto it too tightly.

The universe can only do something with your desire if you let go of it, and allow it to work its magic.

Feel free to WANT it, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking ‘I NEED this to happen or else [fill in the blank with worst case scenario]. This desperation is repelling the thing you desire the most.

4) You Don’t Believe you Can Truly Have it (Subconsciously)

This is more of a mindset issue and surprisingly it’s one of the easiest things to overcome. This is a HUGE barrier in attracting your desires. If you can believe you can have it, you’re halfway there. I’m a huge fan of thinking about my desires in terms of ‘when’ they will happen, not ‘if’ they will happen.

Often these pesky little gremlins have originated from past teachings either from childhood or from being influenced by societal behaviour as a whole.

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If other people’s opinions, beliefs and thoughts influence you, ask yourself ‘am I willing to trust their guidance over my own inner guidance?’. The answer should always be no. Let go of the ego part of the brain telling you it’s not possible for you to have what you want, and trust yourself.

5) You’re Attracting the Wrong Things!

Many people forget this, but you’re manifesting all the time. ALL THE TIME. Manifestation isn’t a switch that you can turn on and off. Your thoughts, beliefs and feelings dictate your reality 24/7.

If you spend 80% of your day feeling negative, dwelling on past experiences, or even living in the future, but only 20% of your time in this happy, spiritual place, Law of Attraction is unlikely to work for you as you’ll just attract more of the same thing (or even worse).

You see, the Law of Attraction is a way of life. To allow for radical transformations and ‘miracles’, changes need to be made to your life to allow that to happen. Instead of thinking about all the reasons you can’t have something, think about why you can have it. Instant mind reversal trick.

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