40 Magical Heart Chakra Affirmations to Heal Your Heart Chakra

If you’re here it’s likely you’ve read about heart chakra healing and are wondering how to unblock and re-open your heart center using a trusted technique known as affirmation reinforcement.

Heart chakra affirmations are like a warm hug on a winter’s day – they can make everything seem that little bit better. If you’re new to the world of affirmations, they’re simply positive statements that help you challenge and reframe beliefs you have about yourself and your circumstances.

In this post, you’ll discover 40 of the most powerful heart chakra affirmations to revitalize, heal and restore that vital energy source so you can welcome new waves of love, self-compassion & peace into your life.


The heart chakra is the fourth chakra, or energy center, within the body. Known as Anahata in Sanskrit, it’s believed to look like a disk or wheel of energy located just above your physical heart.

For thousands of years, this wondrous chakra has been known to serve as a vessel for compassion, empathy, forgiveness, and unconditional love.

Not only that but the heart chakra works to unify the lower chakras (root, sacral, solar plexus) and the upper chakras (throat, third eye, crown). It’s easy to see why balancing and opening the heart chakra is extremely important!


These heart chakra statements are a powerful way to start shifting any blockages you may have. I use them in my daily journaling practice – and I’ve noticed such a difference in myself and my ability to connect with others in just a few weeks.

At the beginning of your journey, you might struggle to connect with some of these affirmations simply because your mind doesn’t believe them to be true.

This is normal and can indicate a very blocked or closed heart chakra. In this case, I’ve made sure to note alternatives that might feel more natural to this at this moment in time.

  • I love myself unconditionally (or ‘I choose to love myself regardless of how I falsely see myself’)
  • There is nothing I cannot have or be
  • There is an infinite supply of love and it always surrounds me
  • The inner critic is only there to protect me, but it doesn’t mean what it says is true
  • My emotions are valid, but that doesn’t mean they’re facts (great for when you’re having a tough day)
  • I forgive myself for my mistakes and I grow from them
  • Regardless of how anyone else feels about me, I am going to choose to be happy and completely love myself today
  • I choose not to worry about things I have no control over
  • I am loveable
  • I attract healthy, stable, and nurturing relationships
  • I am kind, generous, and compassionate
  • Blessings are always coming my way
  • I am one with all
  • I have the courage to follow my heart’s guidance
  • I am open to fully receiving and giving love
  • It is safe to love
  • I am worthy of the purest form of love
  • I embrace each and every day with joy and gratitude
  • I grow and expand in positive ways each day
  • I choose compassion over judgment
  • I accept things as they are
  • I am open to intimacy
  • I choose love over fear
  • I accept myself as I am
  • I release all bitterness and resentment towards myself and others
  • I do not allow others to mistreat or hurt me. I simply wish them a swift goodbye
  • I choose to connect and not retreat in times of hardship
  • I love myself a bit more everyday
  • I am thankful for all my blessings
  • Past pain and suffering has been removed from my heart
  • I make strong, caring and empathetic relationships
  • I know my worth and when to walk away
  • My heart is wide open and I cannot be hurt
  • I live by the universal truth of love, and the joyous feeling it brings
  • I am a powerful force in the world
  • I trust in my ability to create positive change
  • I choose to see things in a more sympathetic light
  • My heart is bursting with appreciation and gratitude
  • I gracefully allow myself to be imperfect
  • Evering fibre of my being is radiating at the frequency of universal love


So you’ve got the affirmations, now what? How do you use them? Super simple. To get the most out of an affirmation practice, it’s best to speak affirmations out loud as many times as you possibly can.

The spoken word is extremely powerful because it allows your chosen affirmations to be carried out into the vibrational fabric of the universe.

And as it’s a universal law that what is put out must come back, everything you speak MUST come true. You only need to look at how many times have you spoken something into existence to see this effect.

If you’re like me and love to journal through prompts, thoughts & feelings, you can write out your affirmations too. Some people recommend writing them out 100 times or more but I have never found this necessary.

It’s the energy and intention behind the writing that matters – 10 times with belief and meaning will manifest much quicker results than rote writing on auto-pilot.

The key to stick with – if you’re beginning to lose focus, feel bored or lose a connection with what you’re writing, don’t do anymore.

The universe is smart and always has your back – it knows what you’re wishing for. As long as you’ve put out just enough energy, it will feel it and mirror back. Beautiful, when you think about it.


Did you also know there are heart chakra frequencies you can listen to? Aside from affirmations, they’re one of the most effective ways to heal a heart chakra. Simply head to youtube and look for either 341Hz, 639Hz, or 528Hz (the self-love frequency), and listen for 5-15 minutes.


Usually, not very long, but everyone is different. Everyone’s heart chakra is also in a different stage of blockage or healing which makes it difficult to predict just when you’ll see changes.

Don’t expect butterflies and angels to flock to you though – the shifts in our awareness are very subtle. The biggest sign your heart chakra is healing is when you catch yourself responding differently to a situation or scenario that you know would have previously triggered an emotional response.

Another sign is a sudden feeling of lightness in your chest. When you notice these responses happening,you can be sure the affirmations are working to open your heart chakra.


Surprisingly, yes! There’s a well-known psychological theory called ‘positive affirmations theory’ founded by Claude Steele in 1988. This theory states that when our self-worth is questioned through negative thoughts, patterns & beliefs, positive affirmations reduce the perceived threat at a core level.

In other words, simple sentences have the power to change how our bodies physiologically and chemically react to hurt, pain, and suffering. Clever, really.


Keeping the heart open is a lifelong task and one that requires some serious dedication and practice, but with these powerful heart chakra affirmations by your side, you are equipped to start shedding and purging some of the energy keeping you stuck.

I can’t wait to see how much love, positivity, and joy you bring into your life with this simple practice.

Wishing you lots of light & love,

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Charlotte Kirsten

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