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For your own sanity this season, here are 50 indoor activities for kids that burn lots of energy. Perfect for stay at home days or if you have a kid that will only sleep after being worn out!

These activities also involve single play activities so you don’t need to always be with them for them to have fun!

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High Energy Indoor Activities For Kids

1. Leap Frog

Leap frog is a great energy burner and a fast way to get your kid’s heart rates going.

2. Virtual PE Lessons

Youtube offers a great selection of virtual PE lessons for kids. The Body Coach has now started offering quick, get fit, fun lessons for younger children.

3. Hot Lava Game

A classic game! The objective is to make sure kids don’t touch the floor (because it’s ‘lava’). Simply throw a few pillows and blankets down and let their imagination do the work.

4. Alphabet Hunt

Toddlers and preschoolers will love this one. It’s great for those learning the alphabet. Simply hide flashcards around the house, and when your child finds it, they must read out the letter.

5. Dance Party

We love dance parties! And kids do too. We use the Wii’s Just Dance For Kids, but you can create your own playlist and let your kids let loose!

6. Build A Fort

7. Hide N Seek

8. Simon Says

Simon Says is a perfect game for kids. It can be fun and easy for parents to yell out commands and for children to follow them. You can get them to walk, crawl, run on the spot etc.

9. Obstacle Course

Wiggle under the dining room table. Crawl over the sofa. Tip toe through the living room. Easy, simple and fun.

10. Movement Songs

Kids love those popular movement songs such as ‘Baby shark’ (eventually you will love? them too!) Other catchy songs to wiggle to include ‘I know a chicken’, Pop See Co and The Banana Dance. Total earworms!

11. Balloon Tennis

Kids can use their hands as the tennis rackets and bat the balloon back and forth. Children on their own can play this game too.

12. Hopscotch

13. Balancing Activities

Improve your kids’ balancing skills whilst getting them to become more active. Some ideas include seeing how long they can stand on one foot, playing musical statues, dance freezing when the music stops.

14. Nerf ‘Shooter’ Wars

This one can be a lot of fun. Just make sure to lay down some ground rules when using the Nerf ‘guns’ e.g. no aiming for the face, objects, windows etc.

15. Charades

Always a firm favourite with the whole family. Simply act out books, films etc that kids would know and get them to act it out too.

16. Pillow Diving

17. Fake Hockey

Grab a few pool noodles and a balloon and voila you now have a safe, indoor version of hockey.

18. Put On A Show

Kids love to put on a show. If they play an instrument, put on a music show. If they love to dance, put on a dance show. Or throw a trick/talent show. Have them practice in a different room to give you a few moments of peace!

19. Relay Races

Pass the balloon. Skipping sideways. Crawling across the floor. Hopping. Kids love these quick and easy relay races and they’re great for their fitness too.

20. Mop ‘Wars’

So this might work for younger kids (maybe!). Give them a wet mop, put on some music and maybe, just maybe they will mop the floors for you!

21. Wii Games

There a LOTS of wii games which are perfect for high energy kids! Just Dance For Kids, Just Dance Disney Party, and Mario Party are ideal for those busy days when you need some quiet time.

22. Balloon Tapping

Simply tape a balloon to a high reach place, and see how many times your kid can tap the balloon.

23. Marble Toe Race

Kids have to pick up some marbles (you can also use cotton wool balls if you prefer a safer, softer option) with their feet and place them into a container over the other side of the room.

24. Cleaning Game

In 30 seconds bursts, get the kids to pick up and put away as many clothes/objects as possible. The timed aspect makes cleaning seem like a game.

25. Dress Up Parade

26. Gamify Chores

Have stickers? Do your children love shiny gold stars? This is a great game for you and them! Get them to do their chores by timing them.

Challenge them to do it as fast as possible, then give them the stickers. You could even create a chore chart to place the stickers.

27. Toss The Ball

28. Action Tic-Tac-Toe

Fill a normal tic-tac-toe grid with actions (e.g. act like a monkey, crawl like a crab etc). Your child must complete the action before placing a X or O in the grid.

29. Follow the Leader

30. Parachute Game

Fun for the whole family! Get a parachute (or a non-fitted bed sheet), fill the center with ping pong balls and move the sheet up and down. The idea is to get the ping pong balls off the sheet as quick as possible.

31. Sumo Wrestling

Stuff some towels down the kid’s clothes and allow them to ‘wrestle’ with eachother. A safer way to play.

32. Sort the Laundry

Anyone who sorts the laundry knows how high energy this task is! Get the kids to help you sort the whites from the darks etc.

33. Animal Impersonations

Fun and easy to do! Kids love making impersonations of animals. If you have an Amazon Echo/Dot ask Alexa to play animal sounds. Your children can them try to mimic them!

34. Pillow Fight

35. Make a Playlist and Have a Disco

36. A-Z Activities

Using the alphabet, make your own A-Z activity list e.g. C for crawl, P for Put on a show, W for Walk etc.

37. Twister

You can either play the floor game, or if you don’t have the official Twister game, then you can either paint some spots on a bed sheet, or place some paper papers on the floor and label them with the colours!

38. Musical Statues

Play some music. When the music stops kids have to freeze and strike a pose. Younger children love this game!

39. Yoga For Kids

Believe it or not, kids love yoga (when you don’t tell them it’s yoga!). Cosmic Kids Yoga teaches children mindfulness whilst playing like a fantasy cartoon with lots of colour!

40. Roll on Exercise Ball

I’m pretty sure kids invented this game! Grab an exercise ball and let them roll over it, on it. Kids have loads of fun with this simple activity. For younger kids, hold their ankles whilst they try to grab the ball.

41. Red Light, Green Light

A classic game to play with kids! Simply use stop and go commands when shouting out activities e.g. walking, running on the spot, crawling, jumping etc.

42. Scavenger Hunt

43. Activity Stations

Not all kids will need to burn lots of energy all the time. Activity stations are perfect for those times when they want to have fun and you need some down time. Set up some drawing, painting, crafting stations, and let them get creative!

44. Use Your Rooms Wisely

Have a basement or spare room? Some outdoor activities e.g. rollerskating, basketball, hopskotch etc can take place in these rooms depending on their size.

45. Colour Scavenger Hunt

Give kids a colour. They then must find 5 items or as many items as possible of that colour in the home.

46. Mattress Slide

Lay a mattress against the sofa and watch your kids have fun sliding down it for hours!

47. Paper Airplane Races

48. Cooking/Baking

49. Mirror, Mirror

One person does an action, then the other person must mimic it. Preschoolers love this simple game.

50. Shark Attack

Similar to the hot lava game, the shark attack game is played on the floor. The floor is the water where it isn’t safe to step. Kids must stay on the pillows and blankets to be safe from the sharks. Mom and dad can even get involved by pretending to be the shark.