On the hunt for a super fun, but low prep indoor activity for your kids? This indoor scavenger hunt is perfect for high energy, hyper kids who love to play games!

Kids will love checking off each of the items when they’ve found them. It’s like a hide and seek for objects.

We’ve made sure to include items that are commonly found in most households, so no expensive or time costly shopping runs.

This indoor scavenger hunt is perfect for all ages, and features rhyming riddles, find and go discover activities and a traditional item checklist.

We’ve created three versions of the indoor scavenger hunt so you don’t have to hear ‘I’m bored!’ anymore!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt For Kids (Golden Treasure List)

Kids love ticking off these items once they’ve found them! We called it the golden treasure list. You can even have a star prize for when your kid finds all of them. Some ideas for this include a soft toy, a treat or an activity pack.

Kids simply roam around the home, searching high and low for the ‘treasure’ items!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt For Kids (Find & Go Discover Activity)

Kids love a challenge! And this indoor scavenger hunt ‘find and go discover activity’ is no different. Simply print the checklist, clip to a clipboard, or glue to a paper bag and watch them hunt for the ‘unknown treasure’ items!

Indoor Scavenger Hunt For Kids (Rhyming Riddles)

Do your kids love puzzles? Your kids will love these simple rhyming riddles! All of the riddles are about common household items e.g. a mirror, a sofa, a coffee pot etc.

Simply write the answer on the blue line under the riddle.

Whether you’re hosting a kid’s party, or your bouncing bean wants to play a super fun indoor game, these indoor scavenger hunt activities are sure to be a hit!

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