With more rainy days on the horizon, we’ve put together a list of creative indoor activities for kids so you don’t have to hear ‘I’m bored’ for the millionth time!

In the warmer summer months, it’s easy…or at least easier to keep your bouncing beans entertained. But when the weather turns gloomy and the storms hit hard, it becomes more of a challenge to keep the little doodle-bugs happy.


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To help you out, we’ve put together a list of creative indoor activities for kids of all ages (and don’t worry, they’re all super fun and screen-free!).

They’re sure to be a hit with toddlers right through to early teens, so you don’t have to hear ‘I’m bored!’ for the millionth time. Let’s jump right in!

Super Fun & Creative Indoor Activities For Kids

We’ve made sure to include activities that are low prep, using items you already have in the house, as well as some ‘plan ahead’ activities for when you have some ‘extra’ time on your hands.

1. Make a life size portrait for kids to paint. Simply have your kids lay down on a piece of paper that will fit their body, draw around their outline, and let them colour it in!

2. Host an Indoor Scavenger Hunt. Psst, we’ve done the legwork for you! Check out this post for 3 free printable hunting checklists and activities using only common household items!

3. Make Finger Print Paintings. Using kid-friendly paint, help them to make fingerprint butterflies, people and stick figures using their very own thumbs! Check out Easy, Peasy and Fun’s Alphabet Art for toddlers.

4. Make a DIY Mini Sand Easel. Add some sand and a piece of craft paper to a transparent ziplock bag, seal it up and with their finger (or something soft), they can draw shapes over the top. Mess free activity, ideal for younger tots!

5. Make a fort.

6. Pretend to be a Model in a Photoshoot. Kids love playing dress-up, so why not put on a mini model cat-walk?

7. Put on a Show. Talent show. Musical show. Magical tricks. Your kids can practice in another room if you’re busy working too!

8. Write a creative story.

9. Write a play.

10. Make Sock Puppets. With a bit of glue, colorful card and googly eyes, they can make their very own sock puppets.

11. Card Sorting Game. A fun ‘educational’ game so entertaining that it doesn’t see like learning. Ideal for toddlers. Simply shuffle a pack of cards, and let them sort the cards into piles e.g. Red versus Black, Hearts vs Spades vs Diamonds vs Clubs.

12. Play the Shadow Game. Place some objects at the top of a piece of craft paper e.g. dinosaur figurines, shine a lamp at the right angle so their shadows hit the paper. Kids can trace around their outlines.

13. Make Potato Stamps.

14. Play Charades.

15. Make ‘My Favorite’ Collage. Have some old magazines lying around? Kids can cut out pictures of their favorite animals, favorite foods, favorite colors etc and create one giant collage.

16. Send a Drawing Hug! We LOVE this idea. Can’t visit a friend or relative? Kids can lay down on a piece of paper with their arms spread open, whilst you draw around their outline. Kids can then decorate this ‘person’ and mail it to who they want to send a ‘virtual’ hug to!

17. Make an Animal Sanctuary. Gather all of the stuffed toys in the home, and using baskets and boxes, they can make their own ‘animal sanctuary’. Perfect idea for animal lovers and future veternarians!

18. Start a Journal.

19. Write a Letter.

20. Have a Tea Party or an Indoor Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

21. Make a Memory Book. For older kids, collect all of their school achievements, certificates, pictures and artwork and collate it into a memory book.

22. Indoor Bowling. Stack some plastic cups and use a tennis ball to play.

23. Play Dress Up.

24. Make an Indoor Obstacle Course.

25. Make Non-Toxic Slime. You can use all-natural food coloring to dye the slime.

26. LEGO Hunt & Stack. Find all of the LEGO building blocks around the home and try to build the tallest or largest structure possible.

26. Camp ‘In’ For Kids. Set up a tent inside the home, grab some sleeping bags, make some hot chocolate and tell campfire stories. Better yet, turn out the lights, flick on your torches and ask Alexa to play crackling fire sounds!

27. Bake some Cupcakes! Check out these adorable cupcake ideas for kids.

28. Make Macaroni Necklaces. Color/paint some macaroni pasta and string onto some yarn.

29. Act out a Scene from Your Favorite Movie.

30. Grow an Indoor Herb Garden.

31. Create a Sensory Bin. Plant and hide some small objects in oats or rice for younger children to discover and find.

32. Play What’s In the Box! Kids LOVE this game. Place some items in a shoebox. Cut out a hole big enough for your kid to put their hand through. They have to guess what the objects are based on their shape and texture.

33. Make Kid-Friendly DIY Bath Bombs.

34. Make Non-Toxic Play-Doh.

35. Indoor Golf. Using a large cardboard box, cut out various sized square ‘doors’ from one side (big enough for a golf ball to fit through). Kids can see how many times they can get the golf ball in each ‘hole’. The smaller the hole, the more points they get!

36. Fake Hockey. Grab some pool noodles and an inflatable balloon or a soft ball. They know have two hockey ‘sticks’ and a ‘puck’.

37. Balloon Tennis. Noticing a sporty trend here? Using either their hands or a plastic spatula, kids can hit a balloon back and forth as though they are playing tennis. But watch out! The moment it hits the floor, you’ve lost the point!

38. Make some Bird Seed Ornaments.

39. Pom Pom Sorting Color Tray. Perfect for toddles and young children, fill a tray with multi-colored pom poms and using some cups. Kids then sort each color into its own cup. Surprisingly, toddlers can’t get enough of this!

40. Make your own Dot-Dot Activity. Don’t have a dot-dot book in the house? Place some circle colored stickers on a piece of paper or simply draw some circles and watch them join them up! You can use an outline of a simple cartoon or animal drawing if you want to give it some shape!

41. Paint a Picture. Oldie, but goodie.

42. Invest in some Kinetic Sand. Kids go crazy for this stuff! Plus, it’s no mess and low prep. We love this kind.

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