From zoos to museums, landmarks to famous wonders of the world, with these virtual field trips for kids, your kid can explore the world right from the living room couch!

Have a curious kid on your hands? One way to nurture and foster that curiosity and love of learning is through travel. The culture, the sights, the sounds, all of it encourages a child to expand their horizons and think bigger picture.

Of course, first hand experience is great, but you know what’s just as good? A virtual field trip. As a former educator, one thing I do know is that kids LOVE going on field trips (even if it is from the comforts of their own home).


To expand on the learning potential of these field trips, we’ve also included a few ‘on mission’ activities to get those grey cells working! You can use these as a home school activity or a stand alone educational tool.

Google Earth is also a great tool for kids to use to explore the world around them. In a couple of seconds they can be transported anywhere across the globe, like the Nevada Crop Circles or Australia’s famous Red Rock!

Google’s Art & Culture Program is another fantastic tool for kids to explore. Google’s World Wonders Project offers virtual tours of over 132 famous sites. Everything from museums to world heritage landmarks!

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50 Fun Virtual Field Trips For Kids

Ready to spend a little more time exploring this amazing planet we call home? Let’s jump right in. Here are 30+ virtual field trips kids will love to explore!

Virtual Tours of Wonders around the World

Great Wall of China, China (This tour even plays local music to add to the atmosphere, so make sure your sound is on!)

Roman Colosseum, Italy

The Lourve, France

The Pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Palace of Versailles, France

Buckingham Palace, UK

Houses of Parliament, UK

Taj Mahal, India

Virtual Tours of Ancient Lost Civilisations

Petra, Jordan

Machu Picchu, Peru

City of Pompeii, Italy

Rapa Nui, Easter Island

Temples of Angkor, Cambodia

Virtual Tours of Natural Wonders

Amazon Rainforest (Have a Virtual Reality Headset? This tour is made for that, but you can still explore the rainforest without it!)

Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Grand Canyon, USA (There is a guided and non-guided, ‘discover by yourself’ option).

Icelandic Lagoons and National Park, Iceland

Jokulsarlon Glacier and Ice Lagoon, Iceland (This tour also plays music!)

Virtually Impossible Places to Visit (Off-Limits)

These are probably our favorite list of virtual tours to include. There’s something mysterious and fascinating about taking a peek inside places we shouldn’t be, or have virtually no chance of seeing ourselves!

International Space Station

Scott’s Hut, Antarctica

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway (This is a super interactive and fun tour to take! A lady narrates and talks about the vault whilst you ‘walk’ through it. Highly recommend).

Virtual Tours of US Landmarks

Empire State Building

Ellis Island

Monument Valley

Yellow Stone National Park

Hidden World of National Parks

Glacier National Park

Yosemite National Park (Highly interactive and fun tour to take!)

Virtual Tours of Space

The Moon


Space Shuttle Discovery

The Sun

Animal Virtual Tours For Kids

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Atlanta Zoo – The Pandas

San Diego Zoo

Smithsonian National Zoo

Georgia Aquarium

If your child doesn’t like animal captivity or you don’t want to support it, here are a few ideas for watching animals live in the wild.

Live Bear Watching Webcam, Transylvania

Decorah Eagles Nest Cam, Iowa

Cayman Reef Fish Cam

Grace Gorillas Forest Cam, Africa

For more live webcams of animals, check out Explore Africa and Explore Live Nature Cams; both of which are popular Youtube Channels.

Virtual Tours of US History

The White House

Mount Rushmore

Liberty Bell

Mount Vernon

Colonial Willamsburg

On Mission Virtual Field Trip Learning Activities From Home

Once you’re back from your fascinating tour, why not try…

1. Drawing a picture of your favorite landmark or sight.

2. Coloring in your favorite art piece from a museum. This website lets you download coloring pages from over 100 museums around the world!

3. Creating a fact journal about what you learned during the trip.

4. Creating a quick presentation about the things you learnt and found fascinating.

5. Scouting an encyclopaedia or book to dig even deeper into your chosen location.

6. Finding an online quiz and test your sleuthing skills. See how much you can remember!

7. Cooking a yummy dish from that local region!

8. Creating a craft that represents the area you visited.

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