15 Genius IKEA Hacks Your Kids Will Love!

IKEA Hacks are great for all areas of the home, but I especially love IKEA Hacks for kids – they’re just so pretty, and easy to make! Plus, they’re super creative and won’t leave a massive dent in your finances either.

I’ve included the links to the full tutorials so make sure to check them out!

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1. Stunning Kallax Dollhouse

Would you believe this cute dollhouse only involves an IKEA Kallax, two shelves and some ply wood? Simply angle the selves and cut accordingly. Add some wallpaper to finish the rooms off. Simple, fast but so beautiful.

2. Cute Book Holders

This brings a whole new level of cuteness to bedtime stories! Transform the Bekvam Spice Rack into cute little book holders in a matter of minutes.

3. Ultimate Play Kitchen Makeover

Have a budding chef in your home? This IKEA Hack is perfect for them. I love, love, love how personalised you can make these kitchens. Styling your own Duktig IKEA Kid’s kitchen has never been easier.

4. Animal Stools

How cute are these?! I absolutely love these stools, and if they were higher, I would totally have these in my house (maybe that’s a possibility…). These were made using the IKEA Flisat stool.

5. Magnetic Maskros Lights

These will add a little light to any kid’s room. Super creative and decorative, these light decorations look stunning.

6. Morning Motivation Job Chart

Struggling to get your kids to do the chores? Maybe a pretty list will incentivise them to help! A fantastic idea to start teaching responsibility at a young age.

7. Animal Sensory Play Table

Have an inquisitive child on your hands? Maybe they love visual learning. This IKEA Hack is perfect for them. This hack makes full use of sensory play.

8. Toddler’s Wardrobe

I love how this wardrobe is actually kid-sized! Most toddler’s wardrobes are really box cupboards for adults.

9. Kid’s Table Play Makeover

Using the IKEA Latt kid’s table, you can transform their play area into a play kingdom. I love the added detail with the decorative paper under the glass.

10. Kid’s LEGO Storage Table

Have a budding architect in your house? They’ll love this. You’ll love this too. It hides the mess that LEGO can bring into a sleek, modern storage container. The author’s post is definitely worth a read too!

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11. Make Believe Sweet Shop

This sweet shop IKEA Hack is so simple you’ll wonder if you missed something. The main frame is just an IKEA Kallax. All of the delicious looking cupcakes, frosting and sweeties are added extras made from styrofoam, felt and clay.

*I wish I had this as a kid*

12. Kallax Kid’s Reading Corner

This quaint little reading corner will have your kids reading in no time, and they’ll love it! This design uses the popular Kallax unit.

13. Block Colour Storage Units

These block colour storage units won’t just keep your child’s room tidy, but it will also make it look absolutely stunning. To tie the design together, why not colour the doors the same as other objects in the room.

14. DIY Balloon Lamp

Your child will love this one! I LOVE it too, and I’m an adult (use this term loosely). Using the simple Regolit IKEA lamp, you can transform nighttime into a finger puppet dream.

15. Train and Activity Play Table

Have a train enthusiast? Not only does this neat little hack keep things tidy, but it also keeps the kids busy! Win win.

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