50 Fun Indoor Activities For Toddlers [Stay At Home Activities For Young Children with High Energy]

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It can be super hard to find suitable indoor activities for toddlers when it’s raining, it’s cold outside or you’re just stuck at home. It’s even harder when your toddler won’t sleep unless they’re worn out!

So, we’ve put together a list of high energy, low prep toddler activities to keep your little bouncing bean happy!

These activities help to develop their motor skills, their imagination and even their cognitive function.

Plus, they’re super fun and help to burn off all that excess energy!

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50 High Energy, Low Prep Activities for Toddlers

1. Paper Plate Faces

Quick and easy to make, paper plate faces are a firm favourite with crafty toddlers. Simply grab some crayons, pens and paper plates and let their imagination do the work!

2. Giant Self Portrait

Grab a piece of large paper (big enough to fit your toddler), and draw around them. Let them design and colour in their giant self portrait. Kids LOVE this idea!

3. Chocolate Cornflake Cakes

Easy to make in the kitchen and requires common household ingredients e.g. chocolate, cornflakes and some edible decorations.

4. Play-Doh

5. Finger Paint Butterflies

Using some kid friendly paint, help your toddler use their fingers to create butterfly shapes. Once dry, you can even draw on them with felt tip pens.

6. Finger Paint People

This one is super easy and young toddlers will love this! Using some paint (ideally kid friendly just in case they try to eat it!), help them press their fingers against paper. Each blob is one person. Once dry, you can draw on faces, legs, arms etc.

7. Paper Airplane Races

8. Build A Fort

9. Movement Songs

You will already know some of these – they’re real ear worms! Toddlers love to wiggle to these movement songs.

‘Baby shark’, ‘Boom Chicka Boom’, ‘We’re going on a lion hunt’, and the ‘Duck Song’ are loved by toddlers everywhere and can be found on Youtube.

10. Rock/Leaf Painting

Have access to a few rocks or leaves from your garden? Then why not try nature painting!

11. Animal Impersonations

Toddlers love animal sounds! If you have an Amazon Echo/Dot, ask Alexa to play animal sounds. Mimicking the animal sounds make for a great indoor toddler game.

12. Hide N Seek

13. Musical Statues

Ideal for older toddlers. Play some music. When the music stops, your toddlers should freeze and strike a pose.

14. Alphabet Hunting

This is a great game for toddlers learning the alphabet. Simply hide and scatter some flashcards with A-Z on them. Your toddler must then find them and read out the letter.

15. Scavenger Hunt

An oldie, but goodie! We don’t need to wait until Easter to organise a great scavenger hunt. It’s like hide and go seek but with objects. You could hide stickers, treats, fruit, or toys.

16. Stickers

This may seem like a cheat, but toddlers love playing with stickers and can play with them for hours on end.

17. Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

18. Card Making

Have some card? Grab some pens, pencils and get decorating? Close to Easter?

Here are 9 easy to make Easter card craft ideas for kids that are cute as bunnies!

19. Hot Lava Game

I’m pretty sure kids invented this game! The aim of the game is not to touch the floor because it’s lava. Throw some pillows and blankets on the floor and watch them hop around, giggle and laugh to try to avoid the lava!

20. Shark Attack

Similar to the hot lava game, the floor is the ocean, and your toddler must avoid falling in with the shark. Again, pillows and blankets are needed. If you want to join in, you could even play the shark for added fun!

21. Play an Active Board Game

Busy Town: I found It!, Cat in the Hat I can do that Game and Wiggle and Giggle Balancing Game are all good active board games.

22. Parachute Game

Grab a parachute (or a non-fitted bed sheet), throw some ping pong balls into the middle of the sheet and try to get them off the sheet as quick as possible by wafting it up and down.

23. Create a Playlist and Have a Disco

24. Pillow Fight

25. Bubble Blowing

If you don’t want to manually blow lots of bubbles, you can buy a bubble blowing machine.

26. Relay Races

Toddlers will love this one! If you have more than one toddler, this works well too. Simply get them to crawl, walk, skip across the room holding an object e.g. a baton, a sticker, a ball etc.

27. Fake Hockey

Grab some pool noodles and a balloon and bat the balloon back and forth like a hockey puck.

28. Simon Says

29. Dress Up Parade

30. Put on a Show

Toddlers love to be the centre of attention! Have them put on a show e.g. a dance, music show. Or maybe even a trick/talent show. Have them practice in another room if you would like some peace and quiet.

31. Twister

An old favourite! If you don’t have the official Twister board game, you can make your own version. Draw some coloured circles on a sheet and place on the floor. Or label some paper plates with the colours.

32. Obstacle Course

Crawl across the floor. Skip through the hallway. Tiptoe through the living room. Indoor obstacle courses are super fun and easy to create.

33. Indoor Mattress Slide

Prop a mattress against the sofa and watch your toddler slide down it again and again for hours and hours of fun!

34. Play Duck, Duck, Goose

Have more than one toddler/child to entertain? Play Duck, duck, goose. Walk around tapping each child on the head calling out ‘duck’ until you decide one of them to be the ‘goose’. This goose must then chase you around before you manage to steal their seat.

35. Get an Animal Bouncer

Younger toddlers will have loads of fun with these animal bouncers. Side note: I wish they had one in my size.

36. Play the Cleaning Game

Cleaning? Yes really. If you do it right and don’t call it cleaning, toddlers love it. Simply gamify cleaning by timing your toddler to see how fast they can do it. Every toddler loves a challenge.

37. Yoga For Young Kids

Older toddlers will love Cosmic Kids Yoga. It’s like watching a cartoon with lots of colours and fairy like creatures. But it’s a great workout for toddlers!

38. Ribbon Wand Dancing

Have some spare fabric lying around the house? Or better yet, some ribbon wands? Toddlers love swirling and whirling these in the air.

39. Follow the Leader

40. Play Tag

41. Play Catch

42. Pillow Diving

Throw some pillows on the floor and watch them dive into the cushiony softness.

43. Ornament Bobbing

Fill a plastic tub with water, throw in some Christmas tree ornaments (waterproof ones!), and give your toddler a kitchen ladle. Get them to scoop the ornaments out and put them into another tub. Great for improving motor skills and hand eye coordination.

44. Hopskotch

45. Have an Indoor Picnic

Toddlers and even older children will love this one! Have them help you to create the picnic. You can even transform a normal picnic into a teddy bear’s picnic by propping up some teddies with you.

46. Baking/Cooking

47. Biscuit Decorating

48. Play Grocery Shopping

Grab some food from the kitchen and make some ‘beeping’ sounds. You can either pretend to be the cashier or your toddler can!

49. Dot-Dot/Colouring Books

50. Eye-Spy

Easy to play, and an old favourite!

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